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A Man's WorthZack Hemsey
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Mikael Vistudo


Villain/Russian (Soviet)










Starshina Vistudo

Soviet Guard



Don "Major Deej" Finger

5 Aug 2015


lllynia Vistudo (wife, deceased)

Twin sons (both died during birth)




Mikael Vistudo was raised by his parents, both of whom were officers in the Soviet Union's Red Army. As a military child going from military base to base, he easily became a devout communist and an avid believer in the Soviet propaganda, Mikael joined the Red Army at age of 17, just a few years before the Soviet Union collapses.  A few months after after the fall of the Soviet Union, the Soviet military and it's troops were destitute, unpaid and starving.  Most stole things from the military bases only to be shot...which provided Mikael two promotions for 'stopping' treasonous looting troops.  Sickened by having to kill his own people who were only trying to find a way to get money to feed their starving families, Mikael, as well as several other senior enlisted leaders, brought their wives and families to the base.  There, everyone worked together to try to raise their own crops, grown on what was once the exercise field for calisthenics, and enlisted barracks that now became family communes. The winters were tough and Mikael's new wife, Illynia, was pregnant with twins.  No matter how hard he tried, he could not get a doctor to see her, or for that matter, help with his sons' births.


Sadly, Mikael's wife, Illynia, died of complications while trying to birth to the two sons.


Disillusioned and grief stricken, Mikael got terribly drunk and raged against the current government and its 'democratic revolution' and how it caused the conditions that led to his wife and childrens' demise. Their communal living area, who hadn't seen an official or officer in over a year, of course, showed up just in time to hear Mikael's tirade.


Mikael was promptly arrested and imprisoned. While in prison, he met several others who had similar stories related to being let down by the 'west-loving' government currently in control.  In their discussions, it was mentioned that a jail break was planned to free a band of troops loyal to the famous Soviet General Semyon Budennii AKA the GeneralissimusMikael knew this man's reputation and offered up whatever help he could provide them to escape.


Days later, the jail break occurred and the Generalissimus' Red Guard troops and super-powered team broke in and began extracting the prisoners loyal to the Red Guard and the GeneralissimusMikael offered to keep one of the guard towers busy from shooting at the escaping prisoners, hoping he'd get a chance to escape as well. After tossing several guards from the tower (none died), Mikael saw that one guard had a bead on the Generalissimus and was about to shoot him.  Mikael yelled out to the Generalissimus to duck all while Mikael ran into the path of the bullet, getting shot in the shoulder in the process. The Generalissimus shot the guard (didn't kill him either) and broke ranks, running up the tower and dragging a severely wounded Mikael down the flights of stairs into a waiting armored personnel vehicle, the last one that stayed behind for them.  They got away and Mikael, the Generalissimus, the Red Guard and the escaped prisoners, numbering in the hundreds, all safely made their way to a secret safe-house where everyone was fed a good meal, provided medicines they all vitally needed and tend to the wounded.  The Generalissimus, for the most part, stayed beside Mikael's bed after his surgery to remove the bullet, hoping Mikael would recover.  12 hours later, Mikael awoke to see the Generalissimus asleep in a chair besides Mikael.  He had never been more impressed of anyone ever in his life like he was for the Generalissimus that day.  Mikael swore to himself that from here on, no matter what, he owed his life to the Generalissimus and to the reinstatement of the Soviet Union.


For the next few years, Mikael did just as he swore to do. Training and leading troops, leading raids and prison breaks, stealing 'back' the military equipment that was that of the Soviet Unions (in their point of view), and being the Generalissimus' right hand man whenever anything was needed. On several occasions, Mikael did get wounded or shot, and each time, the Generalissimus was there at Mikael's bedside whenever Mikael awoke in his hospital bed.

In 2008, as Mikael was beginning to slow down and was getting older and more battle worn, the Generalissimus had Mikael join him in a special room at their secret Greenland base; a room that was overflowing with magical and arcane relics. One such item was a massive metal golden-colored hammer with runic imprints on the surface.  It almost seemed to glow as it sat on a sole table next to where Mikael was motioned to sit.  The Generalissimus stated he had a great gift to bestow upon Mikael should he chose to accept it. Without hesitation, Mikael accepted whatever gift that was about to be bestowed upon him, even if it was death. Instead, he was told he was about to become the next super-powered member of the Red Guard: "Hammer" AKA "Molotok" in Russian.

Through the team's powerful witch, Mystyck, the Generalissimus had Mikael magically transformed into an incredible powerhouse of a man, capable of wielding the massive 1300 year old hammer that sat on the table next to him.  For the next 14 hours, Mystyck performed a severely complex series of arcane spells, incantations and rituals, all of which (painfully at times) empowered and enhanced Mikael to a super-powered man. When Mystyck finished, she was so exhausted that it took her four months to recover once she come out of her 6-month coma. In that time, however, Mikael, now simply called "Molotok" trained with his new powers and hammer with the other Red Guard's super-powered ex-Soviet heroes. As such, a fellow hero named Serp, who'd received his powers that same way as Molotok, both quickly became friends and eventually a duo of a team as "Hammer and Sickle" - "Molotov i Serp".


In 2010, the Red Guard invaded Lithuania at the command of the Generalissimus. There, he was ordered to collect Lithuanian citizens as slaves to do hard physical labor, while also rounding up children for re-education camps and loaded with remotely detonated bomb vests to keep the west and any resistance fighters from trying to free the Lithuanians. Although Molotok's soul was sickened for doing what he was ordered to do, he still followed orders.  On a couple of occasions, he secretly allowed several slaves to escape and a few children to 'not be gathered up', helping, in his mind, to alleviate his soul of the darkness he was now carrying as a result of his compliance in performing the hundreds of evil tasks done against the Lithuanians.  In August, the Lithuanian Resistance fought back against the Red Guard with a vengeance.  Molotok was severely injured taking several anti-tank missile hits to his body.  He had to be hauled unconscious to the retreating Red Guard submarine.  He made it back with a handful of others that barely escaped the advancing Lithuanian Resistance troops (and a few 'unofficial' American and European superheroes).  This time, when he awoke in the hospital, the Generalissimus was not there sitting in the chair as he had been many times before. Instead, the Generalissimus was found mulling about the command center tralking to himself, trying to figure out what went wrong. The Generalissimus blamed many, including Molotok, but quickly backed off and instead called them all 'heroes of the Soviet Union' for their actions and sacrifices.


After the failed invasion, Molotok still did what he always did to get better using his own powers and be a good Soviet citizen, however, the darkness in his soul never truly left him.


Today, Molotok, is still a valued and highly respected member of the Red Guard, now named the Soviet Guard. He is not as exuberant as he once was and seems to be drinking more each month. He has stopped visiting the Soviet Guard family's children to tell them stories of Soviet glory as he'd done in the past and seems to have a dark cloud over his head wherever he goes. In battle though, Molotok is 100% engaged and focused, ready to fight for the return of the Soviet Union its proper place - back in mother Russia.




Power Origin: Magic (Arcane)


  • Magically-Enhanced Physical Capabilities

    • Remarkably strong, capable of lifting over 1/2 a ton

    • Incredible stamina and endurance, requiring only a couple hours of sleep each night

    • Can run up to 42 mph sustained for hours or swim 36 knots for the same duration

  • Dense Skin

    • Can take amazing damage against radiation attacks

    • Can take incredible damage against magical attacks

    • Can take remarkable damage against all other forms of attack except mental/psionic

  • Improved Senses

    • Has good hearing, vision and smell, even at his advanced age



  • Mystical Warhammer

    • Hammer is magically indestructible; no one has been able to do any damage to this hammer

    • Over thirteen centuries old with an unknown origin

    • The writing and symbols engraved on the hammer are untranslatable

    • When used by Molotok, it can produce incredible physical or magical melee damage, depending on the hammer's 'analysis' of which defense/armor is the weakest to destroy, but not both forms of damage at once.

    • Hammer is enchanted to be drawn from a pocket void by just thinking about having it (done by Mystyck)

    • +2 Level Physical/Magical Damage with a Magical Charge

      • When charged with a rank level magical power, it can produce the same level +2 additional levels of physical/magical damage (i.e., if charged with incredible magical power, if can produce a single melee impact to a fantastic rank)

      • This can be done up to a maximum magical charge of unearthly (resulting in over 200 units of physical/magical damage)

  • Gauntlets

    • Provides amazing physical, temperate, energy, toxic, toxin and radiation protection

    • Provides incredible magical protection

  • Ushanka Psionic Helmet​

    • Located inside of his hat (Ushanka) is a complex psionic helmet

    • Provides excellent psionic protection and prevention of being mentally controlled or confused

    • Stolen tech from GUARD

  • Earwig​

    • Encrypted communications transceiver for radio communications up to 100 miles away​

    • Batteries last 2 months at a time

    • Excellent material (can be damaged in battle)

  • Uniform

    • Provides typical temperate protection​

    • Provides poor physical, toxin and toxic protection

    • Provides remarkable radiation protection



  • Military (Expert)

  • Martial Arts: Fighting (Professional)

  • Mystical Warhammer (Master)

  • Martial Arts: Holds/Escapes (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stuns (Professional)

  • Military vehicles (Professional)

  • Military weapons (Professional)

  • Leadership (Professional)

  • Soviet/Russian Lore/History (Professional)

  • Logistics (Professional)

  • Administration (Professional)

  • First Aid/Triage (Proficient)

  • Finances (Proficient)

  • Computers (Proficient)

  • Arcane Weapons (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • Russian (Expert)

    • English (Professional)

    • German (Proficient)

    • Danish (Proficient)

    • Polish (Professional)

    • Slovakian (Proficient)

    • Serbian (Proficient)

    • Dutch-German (Proficient)

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