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Grigory Garin

Known to only a few

Villain/Russian (Soviet)










Comrade Chernobyl

Soviet Guard



Don "Major Deej" Finger

12 Nov 2011


  • Yvyne Garin (wife, deceased)




Nuclear engineering mechanic Grigory Garin was a certified nuclear engineer aboard two Russian/Soviet-era submarines between 1975 and 1984.  As a nuclear engineer, he maintained and repaired any reactor-related and/or steam power-plant repairs and equipment and was cited many times for his efficiency, duty and dedication to the Soviet military system.  Grigory had always been a die-hard communist and truly believed in the power and strength of the Soviet Union.  He hates the 'west' and its decadent ways, mostly its corruption and 'loose' ways of life.  In 1984, Grigory was asked to server the Soviet Union better by replacing one of their nuclear emergency repair team members at the Chernobyl plant in the Ukraine region.  Grigory happily accepted and was transferred in less than a month from the time of request.

At Chernobyl, Grigory quickly earned a reputation as a hard worker and an excellent engineer.  He was always learning, researching and applying his new found knowledge to his work practices.  The only issues he had was the poor safety conditions of the plant as cited in a 1984 report; a report that identified several major deficiencies, but were not addressed due to the deteriorating economy and resources of the new Russian Federation.  Vocal and adamant about the need to fix the deficiencies identified in the report, he instead received the ire of the plant supervisors and was placed on a late night shift...up until 26 April 1986.

On 26 April 1986, through a series of miscommunications and unsafe practices, Reactor #3 of the Chernobyl plant had a power spike that eventually exposed the radioactive core and creates a series of steam explosions and fires in the plant.  To save the plant from the so-called "China Syndrome" that was occurring, cooling water had to be pumped and moved to prevent an additional steam explosion as well as continue cooling down the exposed core.


Grigory was one of the men tasked to don an experimental robo-suit that used circulated liquid metal as a means of protection to the wearer. Never tested, the results of the suit's protection were completely theoretical.


Grigory volunteered to be one of the aptly named "liquidators" that entered the based of the reactor to open valves and move water to prevent the forthcoming enormous steam explosion; an explosion that would have disintegrated the other neighboring reactors and shoot even higher concentrations of radioactive materials into the air...and down under the reactor into the ground.  The other two men that joined him wore traditional robo-suits.  Through the action of the three, the steam explosion was prevented, but Grigory unfortunately never returned with the other two.  Grigory instead had been caught behind a vein of lava like ooze the emanated from the reactor; an ooze the eventually formed a completely unique crystalline  byproduct  called "Chernobylite".  This vein of super-heated radioactive lava poured across Grigory and his suit.  The liquid metal in his suit fused with the molten mass and covered Grigory's body.  Normally, this would have killed any living things in mere seconds, however, Grigory didn't burn; instead, thanks to the chemical interactions of the liquid metal suit, the molten reactor core and the Chernobylite, he was encased in the thick molten ooze and left for dead.

Months later, while performing an analysis of the area under the reactor, they found the hardened radioactive lava mass and Chernobylite located where Grigory once stood.  Scientist had the entire mass moved to a special lead-sealed lab mere hours before the reactor void was sealed in hundreds of tons of concrete in Reactor #3.  While examining the solidified lava at the offsite location, they found Grigory...

...still alive.

He had transformed into a living radioactive humanoid.

The transformed Grigory was removed from his mummified state by remote controlled robots.  After three days of carving him out, the scientists reported their find of Grigory to the Kremlin.  Immediately, the Russian KGB destroyed all information about Grigory, including his involvement as a 'Liquidator' to prevent anyone asking questions about him. They then put him in a protective lead container and transported him to a facility deep in the northern Siberian icy wastelands.  There he was probed, experimented on and detained, all the while Grigory grew more impatient day by day to be released and to told what was happening to him and the fate of the Chernobyl plant and his co-workers.

After two months of probes and testing, a late-night technician had one of the robot rovers bring in a service medal for Grigory. It was the "Liquidatior" national medal; a medal awarded to any and all that helped to stop the further damage and exposure of radiation to the neighboring regions.  Because Grigory had been 'deleted' from the national archives, the technician thought it would be a good gesture to give Grigory a medal as well, even though it wasn't official. The technician spoke to Grigory (which was unauthorized) and explained all that had happened to Grigory's co-workers and the Chernobyl reactors.  After the technician updated Grigory, Grigory asked one simple question, "was it my fault that all this happened?", to that, the technician said, "No.  It's the new government's fault.  If we'd stayed the strong Soviet Union we'd always been, we'd never had been in this situation.". Although not entirely true, the technician's words sank into Grigory's thoughts.  Grigory reacted by erupting his newfound radioactive powers in his contained space, not trying to control the intensity of the power's upper limits.  In seconds, Grigory had 'melted' his lead-lined prison and escaped, telling the irradiated and dying technician that he'd 'make the world right again and bring back the Soviet Union "no matter the cost".   As Grigory escaped the facility, it caught fire from the molten metals and burned to the ground, leaving only one witness, the dying technician, to tell of what happened amidst the radioactive ashes and molten concrete. The technician died mere hours later.

Grigory walked nearly 70 miles in freezing temperatures throughout a long Siberian snowstorm.  Although the cold didn't affect him, he was still weak and unbalanced from the surge of power he'd used earlier.  Grigory eventually came across a remote concrete facility deep in the Siberian wasteland.  It was one of a few secret bases of the powerful Soviet renegade army known as the Red Guard (eventually to become the Soviet Guard).  There, Grigory encountered the fully armored Soviet superhero known as the "Soviet Guardian (III)".  The Soviet Guardian's suit  blocked the radiation pouring out of Grigory's.  The Soviet Guardian told Grigory that they'd take care of him no matter what his condition was.  With that, Grigory collapsed from exhaustion and passed out in the Soviet Guardian's arms.  Grigory was then taken to one of the thick concrete bunkers on the edge of the facility.

When Grigory eventually woke up, he saw the famous Soviet war hero, the Generalissimus through a six inch thick lead window across his concrete room.  The Generalissimus knew all about Grigory and his heroism, as well as what had happened to him.  He offered Grigory to join his team of 'superheroes' to help bring back their old Soviet Union and help in creating a new Soviet Union.  Grigory was ecstatic to be offered any opportunity to join the Generalissimus and the Red Guard, especially since their goals were now his matter what.

Over the next few months, the Generalissimus' team devised a powerful radiation containment suit for Grigory to wear.  With his new suit, Grigory was able to contain 100% of his radiation powers no matter how powerful he ramped his powers up to.  The suits design also provided excellent physical, heat and cold protection as well as its purposed unearthly internal radiation protection.  The suits design was a scientific breakthrough in decaying the radiation within the heavily cladded suit's layers, thus leaving no radiation trail for others to follow or track.

After he learned to don and use his suit, he trained with the other members of the Red/Soviet Guard and learned to become a super-powered combatant. During this time, Grigory grew to hate the new Russian Federation and its government. Fueled by the rhetoric and propaganda the Generalissimus was spouting, coupled with his desire to bring his old nation back, Grigory, now code-named "Chernobyl", committed himself to his new teammates and the General.

Now a member of the new Soviet Guard, Chernobyl intends to fight to get back his nation, the USSR,  by any means necessary.

He never sleeps, is quite a bit more 'upset and angry' than the average Russian, and has no problems with letting others die as a result of radiation poisoning by his own powers.  As far as he is concerned, he has to make 'sacrifices' to get back to where the strength of the Soviet Union once was in order to save more lives.




Power Origin: Science


Radiation-based Powers

  • Radiation Melee

    • Can produce excellent levels of radiation damage per punch or grapple including typical heat/temperate damage

    • With focus for several seconds, he can accumulate enough radiation energy to create a remarkable level punch/impact with additional good heat/temperate damage

  • Radiation Explosion

    • (Without suit) After about 20 seconds of build-up, can create an unearthly level radiation burst in his area (including remarkable heat/temperate damage), with associated adjacent area damage outward from his location.  Radiation damage continues for the next 30 seconds, with radiation damage decreased by a rank/level each several seconds thereafter until it becomes his standard feeble radiation based on his enhance physiology (see below)

    • (With suit) After about 20 seconds of build-up, can create a spectacular level radiation burst in his area (including excellent heat/temperate damage), with associated adjacent area damage outward from his location.  Radiation damage continues for the next 30 seconds, with radiation damage decreased by a rank/level each several seconds thereafter until it drops to zero against his Radiation Armor (see Equipment below)

  • Enhanced Physiology

    • Physical Protection

    • Has a gooey, gelatinous body, providing him with amazing physical, unearthly energy/temperate/toxin/toxic and a shift x level of radiation protection

    • Can produce remarkable strength feats

    • Has monstrous levels of endurance and stamina

  • Radiation Exposure (without Radiation Armor)

    • With focus, he can emit feeble radiation over time, however, enraged or out of control, he can leak good levels of radiation over time

    • Has Radiation Armor to protect others (see Equipment below)




Radiation Armor

  • Provides unearthly radioactive protection

  • Provides amazing physical, temperate, toxic/toxin, energy and/or plasma protection

  • If his suit or helmet are removed or damaged, he'll expose his enhanced physiology's feeble levels of radiation to those within 20 feet of his location over time.

  • His suit is self contained and can reseal itself within seconds, so long as the breach is not over 5 inches in length or width.

  • Repairs over 5 inches in length required a resin-based sealant be mixed and applied (keeps these on his suit), requiring over 30 seconds to apply and seal



  • Nuclear Engineer (Expert)

  • Nuclear physics (Professional)

  • Submarines (Professional)

  • Nuclear Naval Reactors (Professional)

  • Military/Soviet Navy (Professional)

  • Radiation suits/armor (Professional)

  • Marksmanship (Proficient)

  • Soviet Lore/History (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • Russian (Expert)

    • English (Professional)

    • German (Proficient)

    • Lithuanian (Proficient)

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