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The CallingZack Hemsey
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Piese Klasvinsky


Villain/Russian (Soviet)











Soviet Guard



Don "Major Deej" Finger

23 March 2017


None revealed




Piese Klasvinsky was originally a farmer on a successful collective farm in the Ukraine. At age 18, after years of following the hyped Soviet Union's powerful propaganda machine, Piese signed up for the Soviet Union's Red Army. In 1991, the Soviet Union disintegrated, leaving their military in shambles, unable to pay them or feed them or their families.  A few months after after the fall of the Soviet Union, the Soviet military and it's troops were basically starving.  With the officers abandoning their units, the troops and their families created their own 'collective', and with the masterful farming skills of Piese, he and several others (including a man he'd later work with now known as Molotok), took the old exercise and drill fields and planted crops there instead. Times were still very tough, but thanks to Piese, for the most part, no one went starving in their collective...that is until the newly created Russian Federation officers returned, looking to take the collective's food.


The officers ordered the troops on the base to take ALL of the food they'd grown, harvest the rest, and load it up onto trucks for 'redistribution' to others.  Since this seemed to be in-line with the tenets of Soviet socialism and communism, the troops did so - for the good of the people. 


While getting tools to do the reaping, Piese overheard the new Russian federation senior officer cackling about the 'old dumb Soviet troops' that just grew all these crops so that he (the senior officer) and his fellow officers could live fat and happy with prostitutes over the forthcoming harsh winter while they (the troops and their families) starved to death instead. Days before, that same senior officer had arrested another man (Molotok again) for speaking out against the new Russian Federation; now these officers were basically 'stealing' from the collective and the people - a crime punishable by death back when the Soviet Union was a world power.

Piese was furious.

IN a fit of rage, Piese went to the other troops of his community and told them what he'd heard. With no bullets or guns left (the troops sold all their weapons to help feed their families), the only weapons the troops had were small, hand-held reaping scythes.  Armed with those reaping scythes, the troops killed the seven Russian Federation officers and buried them in the deep in the woods. Sadly, one officer got away and reported the whole event.  The troops within hours were surrounded and arrested by new Russian Federation soldiers, leaving the families to die while their men incarcerated...and with no food (the crops and all the collective's food were taken anyway; all of it).  The women and children remaining in the collective farm died by January of that winter. Half of the men were executed, while the others, including Piese, were interrogated daily as to where their weapons and ammunition were, not believing they'd sold them (the Russian Federation interrogators, most ex-Stasi, were attempting to see if Piese's military collective were arming revolutionary troops or not).

For weeks, Piese and his fellow troops rotted in prison, barely being fed.  To keep up spirits, Piese would break into old Soviet propaganda songs and get most of the prisoners singing along with him...that is, until the guards arrived and beat the prisoners up. One day, Piese was told to help with a massive jail break that was about to occur the next day. Since Piese was working in the prison kitchen, they wanted him to try to poison the guard's food...which he did, getting them just sick enough to be immobilized, but not dead. When the jail break started, Piese was ushered along with the other escapees onto armored personnel carriers and whisked off to one of several safe houses where he was able to immediately put his skills to work and make meals for the famished escaped prisoners, as well as some emaciated troops that had come to their rescue.

Within a day, Piese was able to find food out amongst the property of the safe house and created a banquet from nothing. The jail break leader was the famous Soviet General Semyon Budennii AKA the GeneralissimusPiese knew this man's reputation and offered up whatever help he could provide to his troops and those they'd rescued.  Impressed with Piese's skills, the Generalissimus simply said, "a strong army travels on its stomach; a powerful soldier fights to ensure his family is fed and taken care of.  I think you might be a solution to my biggest problem - feeding our army...and our families. Will you help me help them, and help bring back the true power that is the Soviet Union?".


Piese happily said yes.


For the next few years, Piese did just as he swore to do. Planting crops, harvesting food and feeding the masses of troops and family members in, of all places...Greenland.  In this barren, inhospitable location, at a secret abandoned ex-Soviet listening post in Northern Greenland, the troops and families that were now making up the new Red Guard, had practically no chance of surviving there without food coming from outside of Greenland.  Piese not only found solutions, he also built a massive underground farming network in caves with thermal vents, rich soil and reflected light, growing more than enough food for all the Red Guard and their families to ever enjoy.  Some even got a little fat as a result of the volume he was able to produce. In time, he was able to practically automate the whole process.  When it was harvesting time, the Generalissimus called upon all living there in their secret location to 'pick up a scythe, as Piese did, and harvest a new future and to help reap their abundance of food on a day that would, from that day forward, be called "Piese Day".  By day's end each season, the collective of Red Guard troops, heroes and families picked and reaped enough food for the coming months, all from a location on Earth that should not grow anything more than tundra grass.  Piese was praised and awarded as a 'hero of the Soviet Union' for his efforts...that is, until the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth in 2000.

Initially, the Soltans didn't even care about the Red Guard in Greenland...until the Red Guard's resident arcane witch, Mystyckused her magical powers, unwittingly drawing the Soltans to attack the Red Guard's secret base in Greenland. For the next few months, the Red Guard fought tenaciously with valor and honor against the Soltans. In August, when the Soltans were finally driven off the planet by the combined Earth forces, the Red Guard was left with a devastated community; most of their troops dead, half the families killed....and the crops all destroyed. To top this off, Piese had been severely injured in a fight with the Soltans; injuries that he was not expected to survive from.


In a bold move, the Generalissimus and Mystyck came up with a plan. With Piese being the best (and only) farming genius amongst them, saving his life was paramount.  To top that off, the Soltans wiped out a large part of the group's super-powered/technologically enhanced heroes. As such, Mystyck agreed to perform a rare and complex magical act used heal as well as potentially empower Piese to be a magically enhanced super-powered juggernaut allowing him to survive any future attacks or damage. That, coupled with the over-energized Ley Lines around the Earth (resulted from the the Soltan Invasoin), gave Mystyck an opportunity to perform something that hadn't been performed in arcane magic circles for centuries. For the next 14 hours, Mystyck performed a severely complex series of arcane spells, incantations and rituals, all of which (painfully at times) empowered and enhanced Piese to become a healed...and a super-powered man. When Mystyck finished, she was so exhausted that it took her four months to recover...once she first came out of her 6-month coma. In that time, however, Piese, went right back to work and rebuilt the Red Guard's collective farm like a one-man army. In less than 2 weeks of unstoppable work, Piese was able to get the farm back online to at least keep people fed through the harsh Greenland winter. As it turned out, Piese, using some of the stolen Soltan technology, figured out new ways to grow food and plants using the alien tech, and as such, by February, the surviving Red Guard and their families had full bellies when they went to bed every night. Piese pulled off nothing short of a miracle.  As such, when the next "Piese Day" occurred, the Generalissimus awarded Piese with a pair of golden Scythes that were painstakingly created from the strong alien metal the Soltans used to armor their spaceships and ground assault tanks. The metal was virtually unbreakable (except against diamond cutting blades, which required over 3 dozen such blades to make the scythes).  With his new 'golden scythes', Piese was renamed "Serp" (Russian for Scythe".  With his super-powers, Piese led off the harvest with a ceremonious massive swath with his new golden scythes, cutting down an entire row of wheat in one fell stroke with both golden scythes.  Piese was later brought to the super-powered team to start training with them in the off-harvest seasons.


If didn't take long before Serp learned that his golden scythes were incredible weapons unto themselves. Thanks to a recovered Mystyck, she also enchanted the scythes with even more powers and abilities.  While training with the rest of the Red Guard troops in 2008, another fellow superhero named Molotokwho'd received his powers that same way as Serp (from Mystyck), started training together and quickly became friends, eventually becoming a duo of a team simply calling themselves "Molotov i Serp" - "Hammer and Sickle".


In 2010, the Red Guard invaded Lithuania at the command of the Generalissimus. There, Serp was ordered to use Lithuanian citizens as slaves to do hard farming labor (many of which didn't even know how to farm), while also rounding up children to be loaded out with remotely detonated bomb vests to keep the west and any resistance fighters from trying to free the Lithuanians. Serp felt bad for the Lithuanians, but he also remembered that his job was to feed those that needed to be fed.  He justified his cruelty towards the Lithuanians by stating that if they didn't work hard, many would starve to death, and the Red Guard doesn't want that.  Nonetheless, as always, Serp outperformed himself, such to the point that he sent loads of crops back to Greenland to feed those left behind there while he was working in Lithuania.


One such crop shipment had bombs planted in them by the Lithuanian Resistance; the bombs went off on one of the Red Guard's subs, destroying the sub, its crew of 70 and enough food to have fed a thousand people for months. Serp was furious at the resistance for doing what they did.


In a fit of rage, Serp went on mindless rampage through the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius, destroying homes, buildings, new democratic landmarks and statues, as well as Lithuanian ships and airplanes with his super-strength and razor-sharp scythes. After a 16 hour 'rage-fest', the Red Guard finally calmed Serp down.  That's of course when the Lithuanian Resistance fighters decided to attack Serp and the Red Guard in Vilnius.  Serp was nearly killed in the attack.  He was taken back to the Red Guard base and loaded on a stealth plane and taken back to Greenland where their best doctors were available.  Serp took 2 months to recover, but by the time he was about to go back to do his duty in Lithuania, the Lithuanian Resistance fighters (with a little help from their American and European friends) kicked the Red Guard out of Lithuania.  The remnants of the Red Guard limped home with a handful of survivors on a sub. Serp was there to greet them when the sub pulled into their Greenland base only for the Generalissimus to scream and berate Serp for not being in Lithuania where they needed him.


Feeling he let down his leader and the people, Serp started drinking heavily. His teammate, Molotok, had also been badly wounded in the final battle in Lithuania. To make things even worse, the planned food shipments from Lithuania were no longer happening, and as such, Serp went back to the farm, working 20 hour days, drunk off his ass most of the time, planting, sowing, reaping and harvesting whatever meager food he could muster for the defeated Red Guard.  As always, Serp came through and no one starved to death. Even Generalissimus saw the effort Serp did and awarded him another "hero of the Soviet Union' medal (his third) as a result, all to great fanfare. 


Today, Serp is still the 2nd half of the "Hammer and Sickle" duo, as well as a veteran combatant of the newly named "Soviet Guard".  He still drinks more than he should, but continues to work the crops if he's not training with Molotok and the other Soviet Guard superheroes. In battle though, Serp is 100% engaged and focused, ready to fight for the return of the Soviet Union its proper place - back in mother Russia, where he dreams, as he does every night, of harvesting vast amounts of golden grains across the vast Ukrainian wheat fields once again.




Power Origin: Magic (Arcane)


  • Magically-Enhanced Physical Capabilities

    • Remarkably strong, capable of lifting over 1/2 a ton

    • Incredible stamina and endurance, requiring only a couple hours of sleep each night

    • Can run up to 42 mph sustained for hours or swim 36 knots for the same duration

  • Dense Skin

    • Can take amazing damage against radiation attacks

    • Can take incredible damage against magical attacks

    • Can take remarkable damage against all other forms of attack except mental/psionic

  • Improved Senses

    • Has good hearing, vision and smell, even at his advanced age



  • Enchanted Golden Alien Scythes (2)

    • Each Scythe is magically indestructible; no one has been able to do any damage to this item

    • The metal was forged by the Soltan Star Empire to be used as impenetrable armor for their starships and tanks (considered greater than unearthly in metal composition)

    • When used by Serp, they can each produce incredible physical edged damage

    • Each scythe is enchanted to be drawn from a pocket void by just thinking about having it (done by Mystyck)

    • each is razor sharp, capable of cutting any material up to unearthly strength (so long as one has the strength to push the blade through the material)

    • He's learned to draw either scythe from a magical void, throw it at a target, and if it misses, gets lodged into something (or someone) or falls to the ground, he uses the magical void again to automatically teleport the Scythe back to his hand in less than 2 seconds' time.

  • Ushanka Psionic Helmet​

    • Located inside of his hat (Ushanka) is a complex psionic helmet

    • Provides excellent psionic protection and prevention of being mentally controlled or confused

    • Stolen tech from GUARD

  • Earwig​

    • Encrypted communications transceiver for radio communications up to 100 miles away​

    • Batteries last 2 months at a time

    • Excellent material (can be damaged in battle)

  • Uniform

    • Provides typical temperate protection​

    • Provides poor physical, toxin and toxic protection

    • Provides remarkable radiation protection



  • Farming (Expert)

  • Military (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Fighting (Professional)

  • Mystical Golden Alien Scythe(Master)

  • Soviet/Russian Lore/History (Professional)

  • Logistics (Professional)

  • Administration (Professional)

  • First Aid/Triage (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • Russian (Expert)

    • English (Professional)

    • Lithuanian (Proficient)

    • Danish (Proficient)

    • Slovakian (Proficient)

    • Serbian (Proficient)

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