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Count of Garlawa

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Soviet Guard



Don "Major Deej" Finger

27 May 2018






At this time, not much is known about the 'Count of Garlawa', other than his recent appearances in the last couple years and the historical referencing and possible association to a Lithuanian man who once called himself by the same title.

Back during the time of World War I, between 1914 and 1918, Lithuania was attempting to produce its own independence.  A man by the name of Antanas Smetona eventually became the nation's first president, however, a competitor for the position and a very influential political figure of the time, Juozas Gabrys (also known as Juozas Gabrys-Paršaitis). Jouzas manipulated the media, Poland and even the Germans to help him get what he wanted, but thanks to Smetona's deeper connection with the people, Smetona won the presidency.  It's to note that Juozas, in his writings, eventually started referring himself with an unofficial title as that of the 'Count of Garlawa'.  Sadly, the Smetona presidency ended at the start of World War II when the Smetona family had to escape Nazi occupation by being secretly shuttled and safely placed in Cleveland, Indiana, where eventually, he died in exile.  As for Gabrys, he became a Lithuanian 'unperson' even though he continued to opt for the national leader role up to 1919. Gabrys eventually left for Switzerland and reportedly died there in 1951 at the age of 71. No references to "Count of Garlawa" ever came up during the rest of the 20th century except in regards to Gabrys' historical correspondences.

In 2018, Lithuania was finally putting itself back together after 50 years of Soviet communist rule, an alien invasion in 2000, and an additional invasion by ex-Soviet terrorists known as the Red Guard (AKA the Soviet Guard) a few years ago.  That was when the first thug-like attacks began in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.  A gang, naming themselves the 'Army of Garlawa' began attacking politicians, political supporters, businesses and even several police stations. In an attempt to stop one such police station attack, the legendary Lithuanian superhero, Captain Lithuania, arrived on the scene.  There, after fighting off a barrage of grenades, gunfire and even missile attacks by the Army of Garlawa, he met their leader, the self-anointed 'Count of Garlawa'.

In mere seconds, the Count shutdown Captain Lithuania's armor remotely and had his troops beat the Captain within an inch of his life. If it wasn't for the timely intervention of Lithuanian Special Forces (LITHSOF), Captain Lithuania would have died.  Weeks later, Captain Lithuania, now recovered, used his resources and his allies, members of the Allied Fighters, to find and shutdown the Army of Garlawa, which sadly ended in the death of over two dozen innocent civilians; deaths that were designed to make Captain Lithuania look responsible for their deaths (basically, it was a no-win scenario for Captain Lithuania; the civilians were already dying of poisoning).  As such the Count of Garlawa got away, but not before raising a social media storm promoting himself as the one who was trying to end the 'vicious cycle' of corrupt political power and the 'sucking-up' to false heroes such as Captain Lithuania.  Over the next few years, the Count and the Captain had several more run-ins, but always with the Count escaping.

Today, the Count is with the Soviet Guard.  He is still trying to take over Lithuania, making himself their 'hero' and Captain Lithuania as a 'false hero'.  As such, the Count still has an army of over 300 disenfranchised ex-communist and neo-socialists that continue to perform attacks on the political structure and police of Lithuania.

On a side note, Captain Lithuania has a new father-in-law...Stevos 'Steven' Gabrys, the supposed great grandson of Juozas Gabrys. Could there be a connection there? Captain Lithuania doesn't think so, since every time he encounters his new father-in-law, Stevos wets his pants in fear.


Only time will tell who this 'Count' actually is.




Power Origin: Normal?

Truthfully, unknown




The following is believed to be the case; it has yet to be proven if these abilities are from powers...or the equipment.


  • Energy Aura

    • Provides amazing protection against all forms of damage except radiation and psionic (magical uses amazingly-charged wards)

    • Provides remarkable incredible psionic protection

    • Provides unearthly radiation protection

    • Operates from suit's power supply

  • Energy Blasts

    • Can produce remarkable energy blasts every several seconds from each gauntlet/hand

    • Can produce amazing energy blasts after a build-up period for several seconds; can only be fired again 30 seconds after previous blast

    • Can emit an excellent area blast effect to all around the center of the Count

    • Can go to 'overload' setting allowing a spectacular energy blast (coupled with good radiation over a 1 minute exposure), however, the gauntlet has a 75% chance of being permanently destroyed in the process (poor damage to the Count as a result if gauntlet is destroyed)

  • Power Supply

    • Sustained energy generator produces spectacular power levels every several seconds

    • Stores up 700 energy units, which can be used in lieu of the sustained energy generator should it go offline

    • Power supply unit housing in monstrously protected from all forms of physical, temperate, toxic/toxin and energy damage

  • Suit

    • Without the energy aura, the suit provides the following:

    • Poor physical and temperate protection

    • Feeble energy protection

    • Good radiation protection

  • Helmet

    • Without the energy aura, the helmet provides amazing protection against all except magical and psionic attacks

    • Contains remarkable computer tracking system that links with a Heads-Up display (HUD) for tactical applications

    • Contains an encrypted communications transceiver at a range of over 100 miles; 2 week long battery life if not hooked to power supply

    • 1080 HiDef Digital video recording/transmission/streaming

  • Personal Teleporter

    • Can teleport to anywhere on Earth within 250 miles of the Count's Teleporter Satellite geospatial Earth location

    • Satellite takes 6 hours to reposition to within 180 degrees of a requested orbital location (less time=less degrees of movement)

    • Can teleport via signal through equivocal of 10 feet of Earth, concrete or 4 feet of steel

    • Good or greater electromagnetic shielding or discharge will scramble the teleporter signal

    • Can only transport one person (himself)



  • Strategic planning (professional)

  • Finances (professional)

  • Leadership (proficient)

  • Electronics (proficient)

  • Politics (professional)

  • Lithuanian Lore/History (professional)

  • Languages:

    • English (professional)

    • Lithuanian (expert)

    • Germany (proficient)

    • Russian (proficient)

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