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Madame Cirque

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Ivana Marfa

Known to only a few











Madalina Cirque (possessor)

Soviet Guard



Don "Major Deej" Finger

7 April 2012


  • Ivan Marfa (father, deceased)

  • Marta Marfa (mother, deceased)

  • Generalissimus (godfather)




Days after she was born in Moscow, Russia, Ivana Marfa, daughter of the famous ex-Soviet Red Army Colonel Ivan Marfa (retired), became an orphan.  Her parents, while driving back from the hospital with the newly born Ivana, were killed in the initial Soltan Invasion of Earth in 2000Ivana survived the incident. Paramedics took her to safety and attempted to find her next of kin to only find one person listed as an Emergency Contact: the infamous ex-Soviet General Semyon Budennii AKA the "Generalissimus".

The Generalissimus was considered a famous Soviet General from World War I and II, as well as a Russian national terrorist due his plot to overthrow the new Russian Federation government created by the new Russian President, Boris Yeltsin. The Generalissimus attempted to overthrow that government and re-establish a new order of the Soviet Union, but was instead stopped and jailed for his acts of treason.  He broke out weeks later and was, as stated by the media, hiding in a secret base somewhere in the world, building up his new Red Guard Army to once again take over the Russian Federation once and for all.


As for Ivana, the paramedic had no idea where this Generalissimus was, but he did put out several reports on the airwaves, internet and even through the 'dark web' (the paramedic was also a computer hacker; a skill he used to earn extra money from scamming Americans and Europeans) mentioning of Ivana and that she'd be placed in Moscow Orphanage N.22 if the Generalissimus wished to 'retrieve' her. He didn't care one way or another for the Generalisimus' politics; the paramedic only wanted to ensure Ivana was safe with family (of which the paramedic, in his youth, lost his parents and was kept from other relatives due to their distance across Russia). Sadly, thanks to the Soltan invasion, no one came to claim Ivana until three years later in 2003.  One night that year, the orphanage put her to bed and the next morning, found a note on Ivana's bed pillow instead of Ivana. The note said "Thank you for caring for her. He godfather will now take to those duties with great pride and care. You should be commended for keeping her safe. Long live the Soviet Union and the caring staff of Orphanage N.22", signed by the 'Generalissimus'.


Generalissimus had a team of his highly trained Red Guard special operations soldiers extract Ivana from the orphanage and bring her to his his and the Red Guard's secret base of operations in northern Greenland.  There, the Generalissimus raised her like a daughter, teaching her the ways of a Soviet communist lifestyle and rhetoric, as well as teaching her how to fight, training with the troops and eventually becoming one of the best teenage combatants being raised in the Red Guard's community.  She eventually went from a cadet Starshina (Sergeant) to that of a Cadet Captain in the Red Youth Brigade for teenagers in record time compared to the other teens being raised in the Generalissimus' secret Greenland base.


One day in 2018, Ivana was tasked with inventorying the secret weapons vault and identifying if any crates or packaging of the weapons needed replacement to ensure they didn't rust or become exposed to the elements.  As a 17-going-on-18 year old teenager, her curiosity got to her when she saw a crate labeled "Cirque Masque".  Knowing the words were French for 'Circus Mask' (and thinking to herself 'what could be so secretive or dangerous about a circus mask?), she opened the crate to see a carefully protected, old, hand-crafted half red, half black face-mask.  Is was in a lead box, in a steel case, all lined with a special glowing series of rods with strange mystical looking marks on the rods.  Nonetheless, she had to see it.  She opened up all the cases and boxes and removed the mask. Feeling whimsical, she placed the mask on her face.


That was the last time Ivana Marfa was in control of her own mind and body

Ivana was possessed by the amazingly powerful mystical essence and soul of an ancient evil French mystic witch named Madalina Cirque who fancied herself an acrobatic sword-fighter, a premiere dancer, a master performer, a masochist, a skilled lover, and the greatest witch in all of France from the 1600s.  Ivana's 'essence' was trapped deep in the dark recesses of her mind, unable to know what was happening or where she was.  As far as Ivana knew, she was dead; trapped in a world of pure darkness and nothingness, with no way to communicate with anyone else...ever.  That is the state Ivana continues to be in to this day.

Madalina, who instead called herself "Madame Cirque" found herself now 300 to 400 years in the future.  She was amazed at the impressive quality and use of technology at the secret Greenland base (which was more like old 1970s and 80s tech). She sauntered around the base in her mask, swaying her hips left and right, completely unlike Ivana.  Eventually, a trooper asked if Ivana was ok, to which 'Madame Cirque' quickly seduced the trooper, had sex with him and used her magics to make him do whatever she wanted him to do for her, especially in getting food, new clothes (aka her current costume), information about 'everything' going on in the last few centuries, and most importantly, who or what Ivana was supposed to be.

After going missing for over 20 hours, the Generalissimus put out a search party for Ivana, eventually finding "Madame Cirque" in the troopers quarters. Nonetheless to say, the trooper was placed in a holding cell for 'interrogation' later, while Madame Cirque, in Ivana's body, introduced herself to the Generalissimus, telling him that Ivana's body and soul were hers to do with as she pleased. The resident witch/mystic of the Red Guard (by this time now called the Soviet Guard), Mystyck, attempted to magically remove the mask and separate Madame Cirque's essence from Ivana's body and/or mind only for Mystyck to instead receive a massive psychic backlash that almost killed MystyckMadame Cirque's essence (psyche) was too powerful for the Generalissimus' mystical mistress.  Generalissimus did everything he could to get Madame Cirque to leave Ivana's body using knockout gas, physical fighting, sonics, extreme temperatures...everything, yet instead, it just made Madame Cirque want to punish the Generalissimus all the more. Instead, Madame Cirque relished the pain and the suffering being wrought on Ivana's body, thanks to her tendencies from her sadomasochistic ways in the 1600s. As such, Madame Cirque was not about to leave Ivana's body and mind anytime soon.


 Generalissumus finally held a 'parlay' with Madame Cirque, asking her what she wanted.  To that end, Madame Cirque said she wanted what he wanted - power...but with slaves, wealth and people to kill and maim at her whim...all from a palatial palace; somewhere in Russia where she could 'keep an eye' on the Generalissimus.  As such, she eventually agreed to work 'with' the Soviet Guard and Generalissimus until such time as the Generalissimus was able to take over the Russian Federation and make it 'whatever pathetic nation-state you want it to be', but she, on the other hand, wanted the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg all to herself with slaves, cooks and people to 'punish and torture' again and again. Once she was in possession of this, with the Generalissimus' help, Madame Cirque would THEN agree to take over some other woman's body (other than Ivana's) and give Ivana 'back' to her godfather, the Generalissimus. She also noted that if the Generalissimus ever tried to 'remove' Madame Cirque's 'essence' unwilling again from Ivana's being again, Madame Cirque said she'd start 'chopping off pieces of' and/or permanently maiming Ivana until she was nothing more than a mutilated which time, Madame Cirque would instead inhabit another body and start to destroy the Soviet Guard and their families with LOTS of pain and suffering.  As such, the Generalissimus had little choice. He agreed to Madame Cirque's demands, much to the chagrin of the Soviet Guard...and especially to the Generalissimus. They did also agree that in order to do this 'deal', the Generalissimus' super-powered group and he himself had to be free of her mental controls, otherwise their 'skills and experience' wouldn't be available to be of use to their goals; Madame Cirque did, however, add on that the rest of the troops, however, were fair game, so long as they 'agreed' to do what she wanted them to do.

Today, Madame Cirque continues her hold control over Ivana's body and mind. She has never once let Ivana out, not even for a second. Madame Cirque doesn't do much else but 'pleasure' herself, watch violent movies, play violent video games and insist on sex with whichever man 'agreed' to her desires. To assuage her lust, she requested for the Soviet Guard to abduct ' hot celebrities' to bring to her to have her way with...after which she'd either kill or torture them, depending on the quality of the time she had with said celebrity/celebrities.  As it is, Generalissmus can barely tolerate Madame Cirque's hedonistic ways and attitude and has done all he can to protect his troops and the Guard's family members from interacting with her as little as possible. The Generalissimus has also concocted several plans to attempt to remove Madame Cirque from Ivana's body/mind, but the opportunity has not presented itself yet for him to implement these plans (most of them require Mystyck who is scared to attempt any attack against Madame Cirque).  Madame Cirque does, however, do what she can, doing as little as possible, to help the Soviet Guard so long as whatever tasks she's requested to do are  easily identifiable as tasks that actually get the Soviet Guard one step closer to taking over the Russian Federation...and one step closer to her getting the Winter Palace...and the corresponding demands and desires she's previously mentioned.




Power Origin:

  • From the Madame Cirque Circus Mask: Dark (Death) psyche-related Magics (see equipment below)

  • From Madalina Cirque's (Essence's) Powers: Mix of arcane, charm and dark (death) Magic

Madalina Cirque's (Essence's) Powers

The following is related to Madalina Cirque's (and/or her 'essence's') powers that are not associated with the Madame Cirque Circus Mask (for the mask, see in "Equipment" below):

  • Psychic Control

    • Amazing psychic ability to control, influence, dominate or read other people's minds

    • Stays in control of the target's mind for 50 minutes at a time before Cirque has to 're-control' the target again.

    • Range: 200 yards

    • Can only perform this power on one person at a time

    • Cirque must have eye contact with the target to achieve/attempt psychic control

    • If Cirque's psyche waivers, she becomes distracted, or is reduced, Cirque must once again achieve/attempt psychic control

    • If Cirque is knocked out/unconscious, she looses her Psychic Control

  • Psychic Sword/Melee

    • Excellent psychic energy used in the form of a psychic sword (on either arm) or projected from fists, doing psychic damage vice physical

    • With the psychic sword or punch, she can do excellent psychic damage to a target

    • Range: 5-6 feet

  • Telekinetics

    • Can lift and/or move things with her mind up to a good level/rank.

    • Can lift up to 400 lbs with this power

    • Can use this power to 'hover' in the air at a max speed of 10 mph; max altitude: 100 yards above the ground/surface.

    • Pain Domination

    • Excellent dark/death/arcane magical power to heal a target of 20% of their total health in a burst of energy allowed once every 30 seconds

    • Can heal a group of targets within a radius of 10 yards at a good level (10%) of their total health in a burst of energy allowed once every 30 seconds

    • Can induce good (death) magic damage to a target up to 100 yards away allowed once every 30 seconds

    • Can transfer a target's health (10% of their total health) to another target's body (such as an ally's body) to heal at a good rank allowed once every 30 seconds

    • LIMITATION: Cannot perform a Pain Domination power less than 14-15 seconds from the time ANY other power (including Pain Domination powers) is/are used.  

  • Essence's Physical Skill Transference

    • Can increase fighting by 1x level (max: excellent)

    • Can increased agility by 2x level (max: remarkable)

    • Can increase endurance by 1x level (max: excellent)




Madalina Cirque's Circus Mask

The following is related to Madalina Cirque's Circus Mask's functions and features and not associated with the Madame Cirque's (Essence's) Powers (for those powers, see "Powers" above):

  • Unbreakable Material

    • 100% unbreakable versus any form of magic or radiation attack

    • Requires triple an unearthly level of physical, energy, temperate, toxic/toxin damage to be struck upon it before it will even start to be damaged

    • Once the triple unearthly level of damage is done, the mask still requires 1000 units of physical damage beyond that before it can be destroyed/broken

  • Possession

    • Once this mask is physically applied/touched to a human face (and only the face), the mask can immediately attempt an amazing psyche-based possessive transfer of the mask's current essence, that of Madalina Cirque, to take over the bearer's mind,body and soul.

    • If the possession succeeds:

      • The mask adheres to the face with an unearthly level of grafting against all forms of attempted removal

        • Mask will perform most facial movements such as mouth, eyes, eyelids, furrowed brows, cheek movement etc​

      • Madalina Cirque's essence possesses the body and mind of the target body.

      • Madalina Cirque's essence will have endless total control of the target's body and mind (and the target's powers, if they have any) unless:

        • The target's psyche is boosted​ (target can attempt to regain control once per each successful psyche boost)

        • Madalina's psyche is lowered, distracted or unconscious (target can attempt to regain control every several seconds Madalina is in this state)

        • Madelina 'allows' the target partial control (can only be done while the mask is still on the target's face)

        • The mask is removed from the target's face

        • The mask is destroyed

        • Madalina willingly retreats her essence back into the mask

      • The mask still controls the target's body and mind even if the target's head is separated (decapitated) from the body, so long as the mask is still on the face of the target

        • This control lasts only for a maximum of five minutes before the target's mind or body eventually succumb to physiological death

        • If the mask stays on the face/head 5 minutes after a target's decapitation, Madalina's essence will be forced (even against her will) to go back into the mask and the target body can finally die (or maybe even get revived/resurrected...?), wherein the mask falls off the face of the target, going into an inert state until the next time the mask is applied to someone else's face. 

      • The target's mind and soul are cast into a deep mental recess that requires at least an amazing level mental/psychic power to even identify or detect the target's whereabouts in the mind.

      • The target's mind and soul still exist, but are in a dark, voluminous void with no sound, sight, noises or direction of up or down or sense of time; most possessed victims think they are 'dead' while in this state, but cannot release their soul from their being no matter how hard they try (almost as if imprisoned).

    • If the possession doesn't succeed:​

      • Madalina's essence is cast back into the mask​ and the mask immediately falls off the face

      • Once a possession doesn't succeed on a target, the target can NEVER be possessed by the mask ever again, no matter how low the target's psyche is compared to Madalina's/the Mask's.

      • Target will know/remember/feel that someone or something was trying to possess them, but that the possession obviously failed

  • Psychic Shielding

    • The essence within the mask cannot be detected by psychics or mental sensors of any type of incredible or below​

    • If detected (by psyche/mental detection/powers of amazing or above), it would required a monstrous detection/power to detect Madalina Cirque's essence and/or mentally 'talk' to her

    • If a target has been successfully possessed (see above), the target now has amazing psychic shielding, preventing mental control and/or manipulations or reading of thoughts/feelings

    • If Madalina's psyche is reduced somehow, the psychic shielding is also reduced to the same level as her new reduced psyche level (synchronized effect).

  • Enhances Arcane, Charm and/or Dark (Death) Magic Spells & Conjurations​

    • Increases these particular schools of magic powers (performed by either Madalina or the possessed host, if allowed) by an entire level.​

    • In some respects, Death magic spells can actually have a 20% chance to be enhanced a whole two levels above the Death-based magical spell/conjuration rank.

Dark Magic Staff​

  • Can detect magic from all levels down to good levels up to 100 miles away

  • Can acts as a typical level 'lantern'

  • Fires off good level dark magical energy blasts up to 100 yards away once every 14-15 seconds

  • Unearthly magical material against all forms of damage

  • Magically appears out of thin air when summoned

  • Can be used to create good level arcane and charm wards

  • Enhances incantations by a level in effectiveness, impact and/or range

  • Translates most ancient languages (up to and before 1600s)

  • Upon contact with a living being or plant, it can draw health away at a feeble rate every several seconds while the staff is in contact



  • Ivana Marfa (Host):

    • Military (Professional)

    • Military Weapons (Professional)

    • Martial Arts: Fighting (Professional)

    • Martial Arts: Holds/Escapes (Professional)

    • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Professional)

    • Martial Arts: + Initiative (Proficient)

    • Marksmanship (Professional)

    • Mechanical Engineering (Proficient)

    • Electrical Engineering (Proficient)

    • Military Science (Proficient)

    • Leadership (Professional)

    • Russian Poetry/Novels/Writers/Books (Professional)

    • Russian/Soviet lore/history (Proficient)

    • Red/Soviet Guard History/Lore (Expert)

    • Logistics (Proficient)

    • Languages:

      • English (professional)

      • Russian (expert)

      • French (proficient)

      • Chinese (proficient)

      • Danish (proficient)

      • German (proficient)

  • Madalina Cirque (Possessor)​:

    • Charm Magic (Professional)

    • Dark (Death) Magic (Professional)

    • Arcane Magic (Expert)

    • 1600s History/Lore (Expert)

    • Sex (Professional)

    • S&M Props/Equipment (Professional)

    • Sadomasochism (Professional)

    • Athletics (Professional)

    • Dancing/Ballet (Proficient)

    • Witchcraft (Professional)

    • Alchemy (Professional)

    • Torture (Professional)

    • Weapons (1600s) (Proficient)

    • Languages:

      • French (Expert)​

      • Russian (Professional)

      • English (Proficient)

      • Germany (Proficient)

      • Danish (Proficient)

      • Spanish (Proficient)

      • Latin (Professional)

      • Slavic (Proficient)

      • Armenian (Proficient)

      • Egyptian (Proficient)

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