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SIlver Sabre

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Pietre Vostol




Late 40s (at death)

Married (Widowed)

30 Aug 2010








Operations Agent  567, Soviet Sabre

Soviet Guard



Don "Major Deej" Finger

1970s; 12 Nov 2015


Olga Vostol (wife)

Dmitri Vostol (Son)

Natalia Vostol (Daughter)




Pietre Vostol was the youngest Russian teenager from the Soviet Union in the 1988 Seoul, South Korea Summer Olympics to ever earn a gold medal in Fencing in Individual Men's Sabre. Not only did he win gold, he obliterated his competition, acing each round. His keen attention to detail and his reflexes, for his age, were considered extraordinary.  Sadly, as part of the first Olympics to test for metahuman DNA, he was quickly disqualified after his win when it was discovered he did in fact have mutagenic DNA.  The Soviet Union objected and lodged a formal complaint, but within the year, the Soviet Union began its eventual crumbling, leaving Pietre without a gold medal...but not without a job.


The Russian intelligence agency, the KGB, also watched the Olympic events...with great intent to recruit those they deemed worthy.  Immediately after the announcement of Pietre being disqualified due to his DNA, a senior KGB recruitment commander decided to run a profile on Pietre. After a clean record review, Pietre was recruited into the KGB, literally as the KGB began to fall apart. The senior KGB commander took Pietre under his wing and quickly learned the full extent of Pietre's powers.  As such, over the next year or two, the KGB commander instead became Pietre's personal trainer. In 1990, however, the Soviet Union fell, and in its place arose the Russian Federation.  The KGB was 'dissolved and in its place was born the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (FIS). The commander and 'Agent' Pietre was placed in the new Operations Division where they quickly rose through the ranks. Pietre was sent on several low-level intelligence missions and not only came back with the mission's required intel, he would also bring back more info, more equipment, and at times, even identify traitors he'd found during the mission. Pietre became Operations Agent #567 by 1997. Sadly, the one who trained Pietre, the commander, was eventually 'let go' because of his 'extremist' views and ties to the old Soviet communist regime...and his demands to go back to the old Soviet ways. Interestingly enough, the commander up and 'disappeared', never to be seen again in Russia hours after he was 'let go'.


In 1999, Agent Pietre was assigned to infiltrate a Western science conglomerate called Zenith Labs. While there, Pietre found amazing levels of dubious experimentation, mutagenic and biotechnical enhancement production being done without any form of government authorization; they were operating purely for science and money, all definitely illegal and immoral use.


While gathering intel, disguised as a sensor technician, Pietre was discovered and rendered unconscious. When he awoke he was interrogated, but thanks to his KGB and FIS training, the Zenith Lab leaders weren't able to extract a single ounce of info. They didn't even know what country he was working for, since Pietre kept changing his accents on them. Regardless, the senior scientist decided he'd instead place Pietre on the 'list' for hyper-experimentation duty.


The next years was pure physical and mental torture for Pietre. They did every unimaginable experiment they could on him, especially when they found out about his mutagenic DNA. Thousands of tests, contusions, traumas and bone-breaking experiments were done on him. Pietre had deduced one important fact about them all though; they were either American or Western European scientists; scientists that Pietre was able to learn to hate in order to give him a goal and reason to survive - to kill all decadent and immoral western scientists...okay, they didn't even have to be decadent or immoral; all western scientists would die thanks to Zenith Labs' scientists and what they'd been doing to Pietre.


By January 2000, the Zenith Labs scientists (torturers) removed all of Pietre's senses, blinding him, making him deaf, burning out his taste buds and destroying his sense of smell, all to be rigged with augmented tech equipment that fed sensor data straight to the human brain, that then forcing him to taste, smell, hear and see everything all through these tech implants...and having to tell them his new 'sensory' experience or they'd instead subject him to even more grotesque testing (limb replacement, artificial lungs, head in a jar, etc.). Luckily for Pietre, the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth and in the first wave attacked and destroyed the Zenith Lab facility where Pietre was held.


In January 2000, the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth, causing worldwide devastation, decimating all military opposition even before the first waves of troops landed; Zenith Labs was no exception. The secretive, hidden plasma cannons that Zenith Labs had for use in case they were ever discovered to be doing their illegal operation, were destroyed in the first aerial attack on the lab. In 15 minutes, the entire facility was surrounded and rendered indefensible; within a half hour, the Lab was taken by the Soltan troops. There, Pietre was able to use the mass hysteria of the invasion as a means of escape. Using his new 'sensors' that had been implanted in him by the torturous Zenith Labs scientists, Pietre was able to perfectly dodge and evade any form of capture, eventually leading him out of the lab and to a far safer wooded area. On his way out, Pietre saw the science team assigned to Pietre's case all get killed by the Soltans, making the invasion a bit of a pyric victory for Pietre in a small way.


For days, Pietre wandered the snow-swept mountains and woods of Switzerland, eventually running into a band of German resistance fighters. Together, the rebels and Pietre were able to ambush and kill several dozen Soltans over a few months. Eventually, the rebels were found and killed, but Pietre was able to escape (barely) to fight another day. That's when he ran into a fellow ex-KGB agent from East Germany both of whom quickly realized each other's training and deduced each other's job and skills. Together, these two found their way to a submarine operated by a band of revolutionary ex-Soviets rebels called the "Red Guard".


After days of underwater hiding, the sub resurfaced in the waters off of the wastelands of one of the remote islands off of Greenland. There, an old hidden Soviet submarine pen (concrete bunker) was being used to hide, house elements of the Red Guard. While there, a technician looked over the implants and devices Pietre had placed in him and tuned them up to be even more superior (and less painful) that what he had before. It was like being given a whole new set of senses. Pietre adapted to them over the next few weeks and eventually started using them to help hunt big horn rams and sheep for meat with the troops, making for some good eating by the Red Guard troops. Eventually, the Red Guard engaged in combat the Soltans. Pietre went along and found himself and his Red Guard unit not only able to take out an entire company of Soltans, but were able to raid a Soltan Warship's storage bays and armory. The Red Guard rearmed with tons of new alien weapons, ammunition, armor and equipment. That is where Pietre found a pair of Soltan Energy Swords. With his new sensors, he was surprisingly able to tap into the tactical computer of the sabers, enhancing his fighting skills with them to incredible levels, making him the deadliest human user of a Soltan Energy Sword EVER.


With his new heightened heightened skills, some silvery Soltan armor and the Soltan Energy Swords, Pietre went on to fight legions of Soltans with other smaller Red Guard combat units. There, he came to be called the "Silver Sabre" for his silvery armored look and his skill with the energy blade. As such, Pietre actually went on to lead Red Guard squads, all fighting the Soltans and slaughtering them in every evil way possible.  One way or another, Peitre's pent-up anger and hate towards the West's Zenith Labs scientists came alive against the Soltans, leaving the Soltans brutally dissected and mauled in battle...and even after they'd died.


Sadly, the Red Guard suffered a series of defeats to the Soltans, losing nearly 75% of the Red Guard's ranks. Even Pietre was severely wounded in one battle. Eventually, the Soltans were routed off Earth, leaving a demoralized band of fighters wanting only to go back to Mother Russia, hoping they'd be accepted as 'heroes' for fighting against the Soltans. Instead, they were all imprisoned in Siberian camps, including Pietre.


Not long after the ex-Red Guard's Russian incarceration, a famous ex-Soviet General, Semyon Budennii AKA Generalissimus, led a series of jail breaks from the Siberian prisons. Pietre was deemed a hero by the Red Guard and was on the Generalissimus' list to be liberated from the prison camp. After being freed and taken to Greenland, Pietre got to meet  Semyon Budennii AKA Generalissimus himself. At that meeting, Pietre discovered his old KGB commander, the one who recruited him and personally taught him, was also working as the Red Guard's intelligence lead.  Both were extremely happy to see one another again, almost like a father-son meeting. Once the meeting was over, the work began. Pietre's old KGB father-like commander asked for Pietre to join the Red Guard for good, and in so doing, he (the commander) would rededicate himself to retraining Pietre's in further use of his new senses to become one of the deadliest combatants even. The commander was even able to find and give back Pietre's energy sabers that were taken from him when he was arrested in Russia.  Pietre had never been happier...or so he thought.


Over the next decade, Pietre fell in love with a Red Guard seamstress named Olga and married her. Together, they had a son, Dmitri, and a daughter, Natalia. Pietre was a wonderful father and husband to his new family. Sadly though, the Red Guard was still hunted by the world and thanks to the Generalissumus' demand to 'retake' Mother Russia and make it their own again, he made lots of enemies around the world as a result, keeping Pietre and the Red Guard in the field far more than he desired. Nonetheless, Pietre was happy and became quite the seasoned combatant, eventually joining what would become the elite branch of the Red Guard, referred to simply as 'The Soviet Guard'. After 'obtaining' a Mark I version of the Commonwealth supergroup's leader, Britannia's, power suit, he took a modified silvery version of it and created his own Silver Sabre costume, making him a Soviet superhero in everyone's eyes in the Red Guard's Greenland base of operations.

In 2009, Pietre even got a chance to deal Zenith Labs some payback by infiltrating their facility in Canada and stealing thousands of rare serums, poisons, armor, weapons and unique electronic equipment, including four mediporters. As Pietre's infiltration team left, he blew-up the Canadian Zenith Labs facility into oblivion, killing nearly 500 Zenith Lab scientists and engineers in the process. It was reported only a few years ago that it was said that Pietre considered this the justice he'd wanted more than anything in the world.


In 2010, the Red Guard, under the orders of the Generalissimus, invaded and took over the Baltic nation of Lithuania. Over the few months the Red Guard controlled Lithuania, they committed tens of thousands of atrocities and acts against humanity against the Lithuanian people, all in the search of hidden nuclear weapons that the Generalissimus eventually found and made off with. Sadly, Silver Sabre never left Lithuania alive.


In the final battle and routing of the Red Guard from Lithuania, thousands of NATO, US, European and GUARD troops engaged the massive Red Guard forces that had invaded Lithuania and defeat them. Silver Sabre died trying to slow down the advancing superheroes that were trying to get to the Generalissimus.  As such, Silver Sabre died a hero to the Red Guard (which would eventually be renamed the "Soviet Guard" as part of an honor to those who died in Lithuania.  Pietre left behind his wife and two children that to this day still reside with the Soviet Guard in their hidden Greenland base. All three of them have grown to hate the western superheroes, with both Dmitri and Natalia swearing an oath to Generalissimus that one day, in the near future, they would fight to avenge the death of their heroic father, the Hero of the Soviet Guard - The Silver Sabre.




Power Origin: Mutant/Technology

Mutant Metahuman Abilities

  • The following powers were available up until Zenith Labs 'incident':

    • Enhanced Physiology and Awareness

      • Without exercise, he has good endurance

      • With standard exercise, his strength easily increased to good and his endurance excellent.

      • His environmental awareness, regardless of his senses in excellent overall

    • Enhanced Senses

      • All his senses are remarkable without the addition of technical modification.

      • His visual acuity increases his accuracy to the same remarkable levels.

  • After the Zenith Labs 'incident':
    • Enhanced Physiology and Awareness

      • Without exercise, he has good endurance

      • With standard exercise, his strength easily increased to good and his endurance excellent.

      • His environmental awareness, regardless of his senses in good overall

    • Depleted Senses

      • Blind and deaf

      • Cannot taste or smell

      • All his senses are zeroed out, except for balance, which not, innately, without augmentation, is poor

      • Required technical augmentation of his senses to function

NOTE: After his 'incident' with Zenith Labs, Pietre was blinded, deafened and had his senses of smell and taste destroyed as well, all dropping to a zero level shift in all his senses, other than balance.  He now requires technology to interface with his biological/mutant senses in order to perform.





  • Armor/Helmet

    • Typical protection vs magical and psionic/mental attacks

    • Good protection vs physical, energy, toxic/toxin, temperate attacks

    • Remarkable protection vs magnetic attacks

    • Amazing protection vs radiation attacks

  • Head Tech Sensors/Helmet Equipment/Interfaces

    • Pietre has implants for sight, hearing, taste and smell, augmenting and enhancing each to remarkable levels as a baseline.

    • Contains a vast array of incredible, reliant solid state electronics, neural interface for directional energy control and distribution of gauntlet power, video equipment, recording devices, tracking systems, radar, sonar, temperature sensors, energy sensors, humidity/weather sensors, radio frequency/intensity (EMW) sensors, loudspeaker, limitless encrypted communications transceiver (on Earth; only 100,000 miles in space)

    • Encrypted, electronics video/audio streaming capabilities at 1040 format and a 150Gb/min rate to any and all communications towers/satellites

    • Incredible tactical interface with Soltan Energy Swords (allows for baseline incredible rate fighting with the swords)

    • Contains self-generating Oxygen Supply, allowing for up to 10 hours of average Oxygen use (6 if physically highly active)

  • Soltan Energy Sabers (2)

    • Hand device in made of fantastic material strength​

    • Can generate a 2- to 4-foot energy blade capable of cutting through anything up to fantastic materials

    • Energy cells can be recharged through conventional means; takes 20 minutes to recharge 100%

    • Energy cells allows for a max of 2 hours of use per saber



  • Military (Professional)

  • Fencing/Swordsmanship (Master)

  • Olympics (Professional)

  • Marksmanship (Professional)

  • Soviet Lore/History (Proficient)

  • Stealth (Professional)

  • Tactical Operations (Proficient)

  • FIS/Soviet Spy Operations (Professional)

  • Resist Domination (+Psyche) (Professional)

  • Marital Arts: + Fighting (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Holds/Escapes (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: + Initiative (Professional)

  • Languages:

    • English (Proficient)​

    • Russian (Professional)

    • Slovakian (Proficient)

    • German (Profcient)

    • French (Barely Proficient)

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