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Dmitri Tesla

Secret (few know)



mid 30s


30 May 2015











Don "Major Deej" Finger

19 Apr 2007



Marlina Talovsky (ex-fiancee')



Dmitri Tesla (not related to the famous scientist, Nikola Tesla), was a Russian Federation submarine sailor whose job was nuclear engineering and reactor water chemistry.  While on patrol in the Pacific Ocean, his submarine was attacked by the evil Kaha Koa​. His sub was severely damaged, causing it to sink to the bottom at nearly twice its crush depth.  Amazingly, the hull did not buckle, but with no power and no emergency air pressure to bring them to the surface, the remaining crew of the sub were doomed.

With Dmitri being the only ranking living officer, he went through every option they had, none of which any 'normal' option would work. Thus, they went to abnormal an dangerous options to review. one such option was to un-scram the reactor plant and attempt to bring power back up to at least attempt to use the propulsion system. This would require someone to enter the reactor compartment and manually control the rods. This would easily be a suicide run whomever did it. As the ship's ranking officer, he took the responsibility and informed his crew what to do one the reactor was back online.  Leaving a final 'goodbye' letter to his fiancee', he entered the reactor compartment to do what he'd hoped would help save the crew. Little did he know until after he locked himself in the reactor did he discover several unmarked canisters hidden under the decks of the Reactor Room labeled at "X-65". These canisters were VERY old and although stowed well enough for sea operations, he could see that the rusting Tin metal canisters were well on their way to failing.  Not knowing what X-65 was (Writers Note: X-65 is a mutagenic mustard gas used in World War I that was later discovered to give 10-20% of those exposed to the gas 'meta-human' if not 'mutant' powers or abilities).

Using all his skills, Dmitri manually lifted the control rods, allowing the reactor's uranium core to start boiling water in the hopes of running their engineering equipment and propulsion system.  Sadly, the rods used to control the reaction failed with the old manual controls and instead shot up, uncovering the rods 100%.  This created a massive steam bubble in the reactor, causing a catastrophic rupture, exposing the whole of the reactor room to significantly deadly amounts of radiation. The explosion also ruptured the paper-thin walls of the X-65 canisters, dousing the room in the mutagenic mustard gas. This, coupled with the radiation, the electrical arcs surging through the resounding explosions, Dmitri knew death was almost instantaneous. Death agreed with him, with Dmitri dying seconds later....

...only to be awoken alive once again...but not as himself.

Dmitri was glowing a yellow-green glow; all hair falling away.  He felt energized; energized enough to try to regain manual control of the core. Not only did he regain control...he did it without even touching the controls.  He was now controlling the nuclear reaction through his thoughts and motions. Within a minute, Dmitri had the reaction back in control, however, the room was still bathed in massive and deadly amounts of radiation.  He attempted to signal his crew through the porthole (which his crew watched all that had occurred to him through) and followed his motions to re-engage the engines and start working the steam plant to make power and steam.

They did. The submarine jumped to life and shortly thereafter, the propulsion system came online as did the ships power. The sub was moving again, however, the hull was buckling worse than ever. Thinking that he still had to get air into the ballast tanks to get them up to the surface to safety, Dmitri tried thinking of ways to do so, strangely enough, with a passing thought of boiling the seawater in the ballast tanks to steam and making the sub positively buoyant in the process. No sooner than he thought this, Dmitri changed into an electrical energy body, shooting himself though the hull and into the forward main ballast tanks back into the glowing yellow-green body he'd had in the Reactor Room. Although perplexed as to the'how' he got there, he didn't waste time on postulating; instead he used his new nuclear powers and boiled the water in the main ballast tanks. Within seconds, the tanks were filled with air; Dmitri then shot himself to the aft tanks and did the same using the same electrical path he did before. Seconds later, the crippled sub arose from the bottom of the sea and began an uncontrolled ascent to the surface. By the time the sub broached the surface, they were travelling well over 45 knots, launching the sub nearly completely out of the water. It splashed down with a thunderous crash, causing welds across the primary hull to finally break, flooding the compartments.

Dmitri once again went to work and using his powers, 'arc welded' the welds again, stopping most of the flooding within the next several minutes.  With that, he unleashed an electromagnetic burst, knowing the super-power nations had instantaneous sensors to report such a thing, any of which would immediately triangulate and investigate.  Dmitri, while waiting for help to come, ushered the crew topside and had them man the life rafts. In all, he saved 60% of the crew, far more than the fate the Kaha Koa had in mind.   Sadly, that's when one of the Kaha Koa, Ulupoka, returned to finish their work in destroying the Russian sub and its crew.


Ulupoka quickly died fighting Dmitri


Ulupoka was 'revived' later by the group's god of the dead, Milu, however, by that time, the sub's crew had been ushered to safety by the United States Navy and GUARD. GUARD had facilities to keep Dmitri from irradiating any and all near him (a result of his new powers). As such, GUARD offered to help DmitriDmitri stated he'd wait for Russia to respond. Months later, Russia told Dmitri they didn't have the resources or the desire to have to deal with his new powers and the issues and problems they would continue to cause.  Dmitri, saddened by this, attempted to contact his fiancee', Marlina Talovsky, only to find out she and Dmitri's family had already 'buried' him, after the Russian government reported Dmitri as 'Killed in Action'. It was said Dmitri had earned a posthumous medal for his heroic exploits, however, as far as Russia and his fiancee' were concerned, Dmitri Tesla was dead.

Dmitri was visited by a fellow submariner that worked for GUARD named Captain Seawolf.  Over the next few weeks, Captain Seawolf and Dmitri went over what each was looking for should they create a new working agreement between themselves. As such, Dmitri wanted simply to do what he was born to do: work on nuclear power plants, however, in his current condition, he knew he couldn't.  That's when the scientists and engineers of GUARD came up with alternatives and solutions.

The engineering team devised a bodysuit with a complex set of sensors, dampening fields and radiation armoring that would not only allow Dmitri to walk amongst people again, it'd help him control his powers.  Dmitri was overwhelmed with elation over the prospect of being able to work again and to potentially start a new life. Dmitri agreed to the solutions, and within the next month, he was fitted with an experimental anti-radiation suit that was tough enough to even be used in combat against super-powered people.  It allowed him to channel his powers and to focus his electrical conversions, which allowed for short-range teleportation.  With a few extra weeks of training, Dmitri was a functional engineer and person again.


When Dmitri called his fiancee to tell her that he was not only  alive, but was now capable of being in her presence, she told him she'd already married another man and that she didn't want to live with a 'freak' anyway. Russia continued to deny Dmitri's existence, and as such, Dmitri was never allowed to return to Russia ever again.  With options limited, Dmitri went to the only people that actually seemed to care for the new 'him' - GUARD and Captain Seawolf.

With that, Dmitri agreed to join Captain Seawolf's Seaguardians team and as such became a valued member of the team.  Initially, there were a lot of politics and sociological issues between Dmitri and the team, but after several missions, Dmitri quickly learned that he could rely on the Seaguardians more than he could with his own crew of Russian sub sailors.  As such, Dmitri now enjoys being a part of the Seaguardians. His English is 'much gooder', and he is excelling at using him powers and applying his nuclear engineering skills with the quantum drive that makes up the engine room of the USS Paragon City (GSX-1) submarine, the most advance sub in the world.

Today, Dmitri as 'Nucleonics' continues as a member of the Seaguardians and is thoroughly enjoying his new life as a naturalized US citizen and a new student of quantum mechanics and engineering.



Power Origin: Science & Mutation


  • Radiation Body

    • In order to use his radiation powers, he must be in his radiation body to perform them​

    • While in this state, he has a physical body, although it is radiating pulses of alpha, beta and gamma radiation. Physical things can hurt him, and he can grab, hold or touch anything physical.

    • In this state, he is radiating and pulsing radioactive energy from his body at remarkable levels (NOTE: with his combat suit (see Equipment below), this is negated).

    • Radiation emanating from his body affects adjacent areas from his body, but decreased in intensity by a factor of 2 of each adjacent area from his body's location (NOTE: with his combat suit (see Equipment below), this is negated).

  • Radiation Blast

    • Can emit excellent levels of focused, coherent radiation energy from either hand​

    • Range: 200 yards

  • Radiation wave

    • Can emit a frontal 30-degree arc good coherent radiation wave all in a cone-like path up to 100 yards away​

  • Radiation Eye Beams

    • Can emit good focused, laser-like radiation beams from eyes​

    • Range: 150 yards

  • Irradiation

    • Floods his immediate area with typical levels of radiation, affecting people over time​

    • Irradiation stay in affected area and doesn't move with him if he moves

    • People, beings and objects in the affected area will all retain short-spanned radiation poisoning that will last for up to 1 day before it dissipates unless treated or negated unless earlier than this

  • Chernobyl Attack

    • Focused, amplified radiation explosion of incredible force.​

    • Must focus for 12-15 seconds before unleashing

    • Can only unleash in same area that Dmitri is

    • Adjacent areas to attack will also be affected as a 2 level diminished radiation rank for each adjacent area thereout.

    • Lingering radiation will affect people, beings and objects within affected area with short-spanned radiation poisoning that will last for up to 5 days before it dissipates unless treated or negated earlier than this

  • Radiation Detection

    • Can detect radiation levels as low as good rankings up to 10 miles away​

  • Radiation Defenses

    • Retains unearthly levels of protection against radiation attacks​

LIMITATION: Dense metals (lead, gold, titanium, etc.) Can lessen effects of radiation attacks by a factor of 5. Anyone protected by these metals will have a major defense against these powers.


  • Electrical Energy Body

    • In order to use his electrical powers, he must alter his body from a radiation-based body to an electrical body.

    • While in this state, he does not have a physical body, but an energy one. Physical things pass through him, and he cannot grab, hold or touch anything physical

    • In this state, he is living electrical energy, radiating and pulsing electrical energy from his body at remarkable levels (NOTE: with his combat suit (see Equipment below), this is negated).

    • Electrical energy from his body affects adjacent areas from his body, but decreased in intensity by a factor of 2 of each adjacent area from his body's location (NOTE: with his combat suit (see Equipment below), this is negated).

  • Degaussing

    • Affects electronic equipment of typical or less electrical protection within the same area when he uses this power​

    • Creates an electro-magnetic field that will block all typical or less communications signals and sensors

    • Creates a lot of static electricity in the air in the affected area

  • Electrical Blast

    • Can emit a good electrical energy attack from either hand​

    • Range: 100 yards

  • Electrical Storm

    • Can flood immediate area with typical levels of electrical lightning, affecting people over time​

    • Max range to create storm in: 60 yards

    • If simultaneously using degaussing power, sensors and communications of excellent of lower will be blocked and/or affected

    • Visibility in the affected area is lowerd by 2 levels due to cloudy state

  • Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) Burst

    • Focus, amplified electro-magnetic energy explosion of incredible force.

    • Must focus for 12-15 seconds before unleashing

    • Can only unleash in same area as Dmitri is

    • Adjacent areas to attack will also be affected as a 2 level damage rank for each adjacent area thereout.

    • Lingering electro-magnetics in the air will continue to affect electronics/electrical power for 40 minutes before it dissipates unless treated or negated earlier than this

  • Electrical Detection

    • Can detect electricity use as low as good rankings up to 10 miles away​

  • Electrical Defenses

    • Retains spectacular levels of protection against electrical and energy attacks​​

  • Electrical Gliding

    • Can glide across ground or air (up to 20 feet off the ground) at excellent air speed (200 mph)​

    • Can be severed if electrical path is broken/disrupted

  • Short-Range Circuited Travel (Teleportation)

    • While in his electrical energy body, Dmitri can project himself as an electrical being across electro-magnetic and or static waves, basically teleporting to a normal range of 20 miles, pending on electrical saturation in the air (50 miles max, but only in an area with an electrical storm/attack)​

LIMITATION: Grounding. If Dmitri is grounded while in his electrical body state, his body discorporates. It would take upward of 1-10 days for him to reform again if he was ever grounded.




  • Body Suit

    • Provides excellent protection against physical, temperate, toxins/toxic attacks (while in Radiation form)

    • Provides amazing radiation protection from seeping out (while in radiation form)

    • Provides remarkable electrical protection from seeping out (while in electrical form)

    • Suit alters form based on body state (See Body-State Suit Alteration below)

  • Gauntlets

    • Provide additional level of protection to ensure no radiation or electrical energy damages people, beings, items or equipment that he may touch or walk on/over/across

  • Boots

    • Contain solid rocket fuel allowing for a 30-second rocketing launch at remarkable speeds (>500 mph)

    • Produces excellent energy/fire rocket discharge from bottom of boots

    • Usually used for emergency escape

    • Allows for additional 300 lbs of weight during rocketing; more than that diminishes speed and distance by one level for each 150 lbs over 300 lbs

    • Will require replacement once used; one-shot use only

    • Cannot be 'turned off' while in use

  • Helmet

    • Contains encrypted communications transceiver suite made with unique remarkable transitional equipment material that continues to work even while in either body state

    • Due to the unique material of the helmet's sensitive equipment, capabilities of communications, internet and video reception are lowered to typical ranks and ranges due to the effects of the body's forms/state and the reduced capacity of the equipment due to its unique material design

  • Visor

    • Allows for normal, thermal, night and infra-red vision spectrum

    • Also identify radiation and electrical currents and power sources/emissions through powerful sensors. 

  • Radiation Control/Filtering (in both forms)

    • Provides an additional level of control in any use of application of his powers (not necessarily accuracy or strength or fighting, but psyche-based control) 

  • Body-State Suit Alteration

    • Suit can be used in either radiation or electrical form; the suit adapts to body's energy signature

    • Suit only alters based on Dmitri's actual state/form change; cannot be 'forced' or 'controlled' externally to make the suit alternate independent of Dmitri


  • Anti-Radiation Blankets (6 packs)

    • Folded blanket that are compressed in packs stored on his belt that, when a pack is opened, can unfold into 8'x8' composite material soft, malleable anti-radiation and thermal protective blanket, capable of providing amazing radiation protection and excellent heat/thermal protection

  • Portable Geiger Counter/Electrical Voltmeter

    • Can be used to manually gauge and indicate the intensity of radiation and electrical fields in the immediate area or by touch via leads

  • Irradiatable Beacon Strips (25)

    • Using a small amount of radiation (alpha), he can irradiate very small metal strips with a fraction of his radiation powers and use them as trail markers and/or beacons to follow or allow others to track/trail him with.

  • Storage Pouches​ (2)

    • Shielded pouches that can be used to store items (cell phones, wallets, etc.) in a 5"x4"x3" pouch​

    • Provides amazing radiation protection

    • Provides incredible electrical/energy protection

    • Provides excellent physical, temperate and toxic/toxin protection

  • Suit Regeneration System

If the suit is damaged in combat, the belt has a dial-like disk on the front that can be used to call upon 'nanobots' to repair his suit's properties. These nanobots are pre-programmed and have amazing encrypted communications cyber security to prevent hacking. Based on the dial setting on the belt's disk, the nanobots will swarm (up to millions of them, all located in the belt's housing) to affected areas of the suit and perform repairs based on the dialed-in level setting.


Regeneration System Dial Settings:

  • Off

    • Suit Regeneration System is offline

  • Level 1

    • 25% damage repair rate

    • 25% of suit gets fixed within several seconds

    • Can be activated multiple times

  • Level 2

    • 75% damage repair rate

    • 75% of suit gets fixed within several seconds; loose 1/3 of nanobot population, preventing any Level 3 setting from being used

    • Level 2 Can be activated up to three times max at same level

      • Can only be used once after using a Level 3 setting

  • Level 3

    • 100% damage repair rate

    • 100% of suit get fixed within several seconds; loose 1/2 of nanobot population

    • Can only be activate once

    • Only  Level 1 or 2 dial settings can be used after this setting has been used its one time

  • Level 4 (Max Setting)

    • 100% Damage repair rate for next 30 seconds

    • 100% of suit gets fixed within several seconds for up to 30 seconds, then all nanobots die, making the Suit Regeneration System inoperable until replaced

    • Cannot undo; once setting is dialed-in, it cannot be 'undialed'; Level 4 setting goes into effect regardless of whatever else Dmitri tries to dial in


  • Nuclear Engineering (Doctorate)

  • Russian Navy (Professional)

  • Submarines (Professional)

  • Nuclear Physics (Professional)

  • Electrical Physics (Professional)

  • Electrical Engineering (Professional)

  • Energy Conversion (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Professional)

  • Marksmanship (Proficient)

  • Mathematics (Professional)

  • Physics (Professional)

  • Literature/Novels (Proficient)

  • Nanobots/Repair Tech (Proficient)

  • Rocketry (Proficient)

  • GUARD (Proficient)

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