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Shara O'Connell

Secret; only a few know















Don "Major Deej" Finger

29 Dec 2013



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Shara O'Connell wanted more than anything to be a submarine officer. She watched submarine movies and fantasized about the perils and incredible knowledge and skills it would take to command a nuclear submarine. Sadly, the world had other plans for her at that time.

Graduating at the top of her class at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, Shara requested submarine duty for her first assignment...which at that time, was not available to women. To accommodate, the Navy placed Shara in a submarine squadron where she would be a '1st Lieutenant' supervising sub sailors that were ashore for schools, family emergencies or medical/judicial reasons while their subs were out to sea. It was not a challenging job nor was there an opportunity to excel, yet she did.  She helped stop several attempted suicides, discovered several sailors that were 'gun-decking' (not performing) their jobs around the base, and also found a handful of sailors that were in jobs that they were ill-suited for...but had skills for other ratings that they'd easily excel in (and as such, helped those sailors in getting into those rates). Being the only female officer on a sub base didn't make her very popular either and as such Shara was constantly harassed by everyone, regardless of how well she did her job.

One day the World Courts demanded that any nation's citizens that had 'enhanced abilities' or 'integrated weaponized tech/science' or for that matter being magical, alien or 'other than normal', had to register with their particular nation's governments under the new International Super-Powered Registration Act (SRA).  For the military and US government, it meant everyone had to be tested to see if they had 'unique' meta-human physiologies (alien, mutant, etc.), and as such, Shara AKA LTJG O'Connell was tested along with everyone on the base.

LTJG O'Connell was found to be a mutant...even though she herself didn't know she was one.

After being 'released' from the US Navy without pension (stating she 'lied' on her military applications), Shara was left jobless and homeless. Her own family even 'disowned' her, blaming her for being a mutant (like as if she had a choice).  This left her with the only job she could get at the time: a self-employed electrician.  At this point, Shara wasn't even aware of what her 'mutant' ability was; the Navy didn't tell her, and she'd never exhibited any particular power of ability beyond her normal physical capabilities. As an electrician, she did a job for a shady landlord, rewiring the building that was not only 'out of code' but was nothing short of a fire trap. The landlord had mere days to comply with a safety inspection for the building's faulty electrical wiring and as such, low-balled Shara on the payment to do the job, knowing Shara had little choice.  While gutting the electrical lines in the building, following all electrical safety requirements as she was doing so, the power was 'turned back on' by a belligerent tenant.  With all the exposed wires, electrical shorts exploded all over the building, starting fires on all floors. With only minutes to react, Shara went from door to door and ensured that everyone escaped...except the belligerent tenant, an older man in his late 70s; he wouldn't leave.  Shara had to bust in the man's apartment door and fireman carry him out of the building, all the while the old man fought her.  At one point, a power line pole outside the building collapsed into the building. Shara tossed the old man onto a safe landing to avaid from him getting buried under the pole, but Shara was hit with the pole's transformer, giving her over 1000 Amps of electrical power discharging into her.

Shara didn't feel a thing.

Shara quickly realized she was impervious to electrical discharges or for that matter any form of related energy discharge.  She grabbed the poles live power lines and moved them out of her way, allowing her a relative path to escape with the old man (who was still cursing her out).  She once again put the old man into a fireman's carry and walked over the live power lines, however, one of the lines fell down in front of her, wherein if she'd stepped on it, she'd had fried the old man she was carrying. Instead, Shara leaped over the lines...and rode an electrical circuit generated through her body down and outside the building to safety.  Not only was she impervious to electrical energy, she could now redirect said electrical discharges through her body and even glide across electrical arcs in the air.

Shara was instantly deemed a hero for saving the residents' lives, but it didn't take long before pro-registration fanatics began to hunt her down demanding jail time for 'not' registering.  She was also being sued by the landlord, who stated he never 'knew' she was a mutant and as such, Shara was now considered responsible for the fire and damage to his building.  Within a week, she was under arrest.

The trial went international and became a movement unto itself. Anti-registrants and pro-registrants protested and fought in the streets, creating chaos while the judicial system struggled to incorporate the 'new' SRA laws into civil laws; laws that basically proclaimed her, at this point, as a terrorist.  Shara had to be put in a maximum security prison because they feared her powers as well.

After a month of time on trial, one day, out of the blue, all charges were dropped against Shara and she was freed from prison. No fanfare; not televised accounts...the trial just simply faded away, eventually identifying that Shara would be serving her time in federal custody. That federal location was with the international peace-keeping organization know as G.U.A.R.D.

GUARD worked a deal with the federal courts to secretly have charges dropped against Shara so long as she agreed to perform a long-standing judicial intervention plan. This plan, mostly used from the 1950s to 1990 had people being prosecuted for crimes to be given an option to join the US Navy and serve out their time 'in the Navy' rather than in prison.  Shara was offered the same plan.  With few choices, she acquiesced to the judge's option and was to serve out 10 years with GUARD in lieu of the US Navy, but would be a US Navy Reserve Officer throughout the same period of time, after being busted back to the rank of Ensign.  Defeated and nearly feeling she had no viable options left, Shara figured the next 10 years would be the equivocal of indentured servitude with GUARD. Interestingly enough, this plan was designed as a smoke screen rather than a legal plea deal.

Shara was introduced to Commander Wolfe AKA Captain Seawolf, a "SEAGUARDIAN" commanding officer for a special super-powered team that worked under a larger meta-group in GUARD called "The Guardians".  She was quickly told that all charges had been 'dropped' and that she was truly a US Navy Reserve Officer as well as a free woman to make a choice if she wished to stay with the group or long as they at least were allowed the opportunity to show her what the team was about first...then she could freely make her decision.  After several hours of tours, discussions and introductions to other Seaguardians, Shara realized that there was no other place on Earth better suited for what she wanted to do than the Seaguardians; to her, this was nearly a dream come true.  She'd work as an officer aboard one of the most high tech submarines in the world, fighting alongside some of the most incredible superheroes she'd ever get the opportunity to experience before all this. She agreed to join, but on one condition: that, when the time came and she was considered qualified to do so, she wanted a chance to become a submarine which Captain Seawolf simply replied, 'then earn it like every other submarine captain ever has: learning superior tact, unfathomable patience, nerves of steel, a cognitive brain, critical thinking, a shit ton of guile and big brass balls the size of King Kong's'. With that, Shara became the Seaguardians' new "Amperage".

Today, LT O'Connell is still in the US Navy Reserves, however, she is a full time member of the GUARD, the Guardians and especially the Seaguardians.  She has qualified to become Officer of the Deck (OOD), actually in charge of an entire shift of sub personnel while at sea, and has obviously become the Electrician Officer for the command.  Shara is the happiest she's ever been. Her hard-charging, thought-out plans and tactics, as well as her can-do attitude have made her a positive role model for women and submariners alike.  Soon, Shara may not only be captaining her own sub, but maybe even the Seaguardians!



Power Origin: Mutant

  • Electrical/Energy Resistance

    • Has a monstrous level of electrical and energy resistance

    • Can repel magnetic attacks at half her electrical/energy resistance level

    • Has amazing resistance to radiation attacks

  • Electrical Blast

    • Can redistribute/redirect electrical energy through her body and discharge as a blast, wave or static discharge, all based on amount of electrical energy she has access to (see equipment of Electro-Belt).

    • With no electrical energy supply, the worst she can do is a feeble static electricity zap from ambient electrical currents in air

    • Can control how much electrical energy she want to discharge, but only up to amazing levels; above that she has to rely on her training and conditioning to not loose control and pass out

  • Static Glide

    • If there is a typical charge or better of electricity that she can access, she can use that to 'glide' across the electric current, so long as the current does not drop below typical levels

    • Can move at rank speeds while 'gliding' (i.e., typical electricity access=20 mph; good=30 mph, etc.)


  • Armor

    • Provides typical physical, temperate, radiation, energy, toxic/toxin protections

    • Gauntlets provide excellent static electrical charge prevention, even when charged to fire electrical bursts (if she touches a computer while charged up, she won't fry the computer unless she means to (twist of a gauntlet mechanism))

    • Shoulder pads add an extra level of shoulder protection to armor there

  • Electro-Belt

    • Belt harnesses kinetic energy dynamo that converts into Electrical Energy up to amazing levels

    • Can store up to 400 electrical units for use if dynamo fails

    • Acts as a transference system for any electrical energy in the area to be drawn to it and redistributed to gauntlets 

  • Helmet

    • Provides good physical, temperate, radiation, energy and toxic/toxin protections

    • Contains full communications transceiver suite for encrypted comms out to 25 miles

    • Heads-Up Display on Visor with tactical displays, interfaces with GUARD computers and GUARD Link

  • Rocket/Magnetic Boots

    • Provides excellent level flight (200 mph) for 20 minutes to a max altitude of 10,000 AMSL

    • Magnetic boots allow for typical strength cling to metal/magnetized surfaces

    • Solid rocket fuel requires replacement


  • US Navy (Professional)

  • Leadership (Professional)

  • Submarines (Professional)

  • GUARD (Professional)

  • Marksmanship (Proficient)

  • Electrical Engineering (Professional)

  • Court/Penal System (Proficient)

  • Academia (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Fighting (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Proficient)

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