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Fire Control

FireBarnes Courtney
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Sean Centaro




late 20s

Single (for now)







Fire Control Man, D.C. II




Don "Major Deej" Finger

1980; 27 Oct 2008



Edward Centaro (brother)

Sharon Centaro (mother)

William "Bill" Centaro (father)



During a recent Atlantic Kingdom invasion against the US Naval Base in Norfolk, Virginia, Petty Officer 2nd Class Sean Centaro, a Fire Control Technician (FTC) aboard the fast-attack submarine USS Norfolk (SSN-714), as a 'repel boarders' guard topside on the pier, encountered a situation that led from him being 'just another submariner' (in his opinion) to one of the newest superheroes in the United States.

During the invasion, several agencies arrived to combat the Kingdom's attacking Ningren troops. One such agency was the Seaguardians, a superhero group of GUARD's 'Guardians' Mega-group of skilled and super-powered heroes.  The Seaguardians dove into the fight and whittled the attacking forces down enough to cause the Kingdom's Ningren troops to retreat from the submarine base. Sadly, in a last minute offensive push by two of the Kingdom's Atlantic Guard metahumans Barracuda and Thresherette, one of the Seaguardians, Damage Control (AKA "D.C.") was killed by them.  Barracuda and Thresherette killed all the other repel boarders guards on the USS Norfolk and were about to go cross the brow onto the sub, go down the hatch and take-over the sub, when Petty Officer Centaro instead took the utility belt and weaponry from D.C.'s dead body and put himself between the hatch and the two Atlantic Guard killers.


Upon seeing the gangly sailor who was barely able to operate any of D.C.'s array of equipment and weapons, both Barracuda and Threshette leaped at Centaro to kill him, only to receive a face full of fire from D.C.'s flamethrower, courtesy of Centaro.  Both Barracuda and Thresherette, screaming in pain, fell to the pier on fire, cusring Centaro stating how they were going to 'hang his entrails' all over the sub.  With that, Centaro reached into D.C.'s utility belt and tossed a series of capsules at them, all of which exploded into a gooey resin that turned into a glob of quick drying composite material that was strong enough to hold both Barracuda and Thresherette in place until the authorities later came and hauled the two Atlantic Guard killers off to a super-max prison.  Thanks to Petty Officer Centaro, the USS Norfolk was saved, dozens of other sailors below decks were saved and overnight, Centaro became a celebrity and a hero...a status he soon found to be his undoing.

Once the media got Centaro's story of 'single-handedly' taking out two vicious and super-powered Atlantic Kingdom killers, it seemed that the flood gates of strange people quickly descended into Centaro's life.  People he hadn't seen since High School started selling books about their unsavory 'life' with Centaro, a couple of girlfriends stated that he'd 'raped' them both of which demanded monetary compensation for his 'actions' (for which he NEVER did any such a thing; the old 'girlfriends' were just after his 'money' (which the Navy doesn't pay much....) and the publicity). Others whom he'd never even knew accused him of being a racist as well as a bigot and a religious fanatic. The US Navy, hearing about these tall tales quickly convened a courts-martial to investigate the accusations. Centaro, who'd been raised by his parents as a Mormon, was even accused by a fellow sailor (one he'd had issues with) who stated Centaro had multiple wives in multiple ports 'as all Mormons do' (again, all untrue). Rather than put himself through the a public trial and months of agonizing cross-interrogations, Centaro demanded to be released from the US Navy, only  to which they were only able to offer, at that time, a 'General' Discharge vice an 'Honorable' one, thus preventing him from getting his Navy benefits and pension upon his departure from the Navy. Centaro reluctantly took the 'General' discharge.

Alone and feeling the world was out to get him, Centaro was packing his duffle bag to be 'escorted' off the base when a certain leader of the Seaguardians, Captain Seawolf, arrived. As Centaro was packing, Captain Seawolf thanked Centaro for his heroic actions in stopping Barracuda and ThresheretteCentaro replied he'd wished he'd died instead, with the media and his ex-friends destroying and capitalizing on his being, the 'price of being a hero was detrimental to being a good person'.  Captain Seawolf, not knowing the degree of media and public damage that had happened to Centaro, asked Centaro to accompany him on his return to Seaguard Division and let him check on a few things. Once there, Centaro was asked several questions while a band of Seaguardian technicians did some deep dives into Centaro's files and life. After an hour or so, Captain Seawolf was not only pleased to know that any and all accusations against Centaro were soundly proven false, but also that the Seaguardians and GUARD were in a perfect position to help Centaro.

In a press briefing about the details of their fallen comrade, D.C., Captain Seawolf did an eloquent job of stating D.C.'s courageous heroism and the travails he had to overcome to be in the US Navy and eventually as one of the Seaguardians. Following that, Captain Seawolf had Centaro brought before the cameras and showed and distributed the proof of Centaro's innocence against all allegations, especially against the rapes, racism and purported multiple wives. Captain Seawolf addressed the press and all those that bore false witness to Centaro that GUARD would be legally pressing charges in the World Court against each and everyone who decried false claims against Centaro, including the US Navy, for their actions in discharging Centaro. To cap that off, the Director of Guard, Neal Norton, showed up in front of the cameras next to Centaro stating that GUARD "will" get justice for Centaro and that he and GUARD would make it a point to ensure Centaro was cleared of everything, including obtaining formal apologies and retractions from all who'd dared accuse him of any wrongdoings.  As it is, everyone who had dared to capitalize or demean Centaro was not only sued and/or prosecuted, but forced to perform community services and actions, video interviews and public admissions of guilt, for all those that had wronged Centaro - including the US Navy's Secretary of Defense.

A month after all the dust had settled and all lawsuits were finalized, Centaro, now had a tidy sum of over $3 million from legal reparations. In true form, he donated nearly all of it to charity, except for some money to pay off the mortgage on his parents' home and a few of their bills.  With that, Centaro was still left jobless, but was trying his best to get a job as a used car salesman...until once again, Captain Seawolf showed up.

This time, Captain Seawolf offered a job - The replacement position for their fallen shipmate, D.C.. The decision was a unanimous decision by all of the Seaguardians and nearly all of Seaguard's personnel and technicians. As such, Centaro didn't think he had what it took to be 'that level of a hero', to which Captain Seawolf replied "with a little training and little teamwork, I guarantee in a few months' time, you'll be ready to take on far more than you'll ever realize".  With that, Centaro agreed to join. Just as Captain Seawolf proclaimed, months later, Centaro was not only in perfect shape and properly trained, but he made quite the positive impression on his new teammates of perseverance and dedication.  Rather than be called "D.C. II" as some wanted, Centaro wanted to be known for a relative relation of his old job title as "Fire Control Man".  Months after he'd done several missions with the Seaguardians, he agreed to change the code-name to just simply "Fire Control".

Today, Fire Control is still the newest member of the Seaguardians.  His heroism and dedication to helping others is second to none in the team.  When the need arises in a fight, he not only holds his own, but usually finds a new way to defeat the foes or stop them cold.  He is an earnest individual and gives his free and spare time to helping feed the homeless, work on Habitat for Humanity projects and even help kids with their homework, especially math. Still a practicing Mormon (even though the Mormon community isn't keen with his job choice), he started a new relationship with a woman that he hopes will grow into a potential long-term commitment.  He's happier than he's ever been, and considers the rest of the Seaguardians his 'brothers and sisters', especially all they did to help him clear his good name. He rarely lets anyone down and even when the situation seems dire, he's the one who 'lights a fire' under everyone to overcome and adapt.

Also, as part of the deal to join the Seaguardians, Centaro requested that his name be kept secret from being associated with "Fire Control", the hero. If (and when) the media does discover Centaro's new hero identity, he'll deal with it in due time and process, but he's sure the media, once they learn who he is under Fire Control's helmet and suit, might tend to stay away from any story relating to anything about Centaro...ever.



Power Origin: Normal

He has no powers.




  • Full Body Protective Suit

    • Provides excellent protection against physical, chemical and toxic/toxin attacks

    • Provides amazing energy and thermal protection

    • Provides monstrous radiation protection

  • Helmet

    • Provides same protection as suit.

    • Communications suite with encrypted communications transceiver good for 25 miles and/or 600 feet of water depth (pending thermal layering)

    • Head-Up Display (HUD) with informational and tactical data from suit's remarkable tactical systems and sensors as well as uplinks to GUARD systems and networks

    • provides for a level increase in fighting and agility when the tactical displays are used and understood

    • Provides incredible flash protection.

    • Provides thermal, infra-red, night and normal vision (and associated sensors)


  • Flamethrower Pack

    • Flamethrower rig equipment is made of fantastic level materials

    • The pack holds over a hundred minutes worth of propane-ignited material for use as a (max setting) remarkable heat and fire-generating flamethrower that extend from the backpack down the arm hoses and into emitters on his gloves

    • Flamethrower range: 75 feet

  • Oxygen Generator/Storage Tank

    • Allows for 2 days of oxygen supply for himself

    • Allows for weeks of Oxygen if he's in a water-submerged environment, allowing Oxygen to be generated from the environment's ample water supply

  • CO2 Scrubber/Fire Extinguisher Tank

    • Scrubs expended (breathed out) CO2 into a separate cylinder that can be used as a CO2 Fire Extinguisher that can put out fires up to 50 feet away.


Centaro has dozens of items that can not only be used for fire damage and extinguishing, but also for fighting villains.  Here's some of the major equipment contained on the belt:

  • Fire Suppression Grenades

    • Remarkable fire-suppressant foam grenades that can put out remarkable-level fires in a 30 foot radius.

    • Creates foam that can fill a volume of 60 feet wide x 20 feet high.

    • These grenades have also been useful in combating fire-creatures/villains, suppressing oxygen to their fires and depowering said creatures/villains.

  • Epoxy Capsules

    • Taking two different capsules from his belt (labelled EP 1 and EP 2), he'll toss them together, wherein the two capsules contents, when they come into contact with one another, create an incredible sealant that can contain up to 600 psi of pressure/force.

    • This same epoxy can be used to bind or immobilize villains in combat or as 'handcuffs' if necessary also.

    • Coverage area: 8 foot circumference x 1/2 inch thick

  • Energy Axe

    • With the twist of the top of the cylindrical handle/hilt, an energy axe extends out from the hilt, providing incredible cutting ability in the shape of a Fireman's axe.

    • Energy form can only last for 20 minutes before the internal battery wears out.

  • Adaptable wrench / spanners

    • Auto-extendable devices; one with a six inch wide opening, the other with a foot wide opening.

    • When placed over a pipe, bolt head (even across or over a hand or arm), when the trigger is pulled, will engage up to 3000 psi (or less; adjustable) grip pressure using a force beam vice lock, entrapping the item in the device much like a pipe wrench.

    • This device can also be used to grab items or used to crush/damage weapons (...or weapon hands, for that matter), pending on the application.

    • Energy charge can last only for 1 hour for each device.

    • Device contains an extendable handle out to 3 feet.

  • Illuminated markers/flash device

    • Small high intensity bright orange lit devices that can be mounted or placed on any non-lubricated surface to provide immediate (6' radius) lighting, or in the event of a fire, a means of being able to mark a retreat path or a path to the fire/scene itself.

    • In combat, an extra twist of the base of these can cause an overload of the marker, making it an incredible 'flash' device, affecting an area 12 feet in radius.

    • Normal marker use length of charge: 3 hours; flash effect: 1 second.


  • US Navy (Professional)

  • Submarines (Professional)

  • Fire Control Technician (Professional)

  • Marksmanship (Professional)

  • Damage Control & Firefighting Equipment (Professional)

  • Track & Field/Running (Proficient)

  • Computers (Proficient)

  • Tactical/Combat Analysis (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Ranged accuracy (Proficient)

  • Mormon Religion (Proficient)

  • US Legal System (Proficient)

  • US Media/News (Proficient)

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