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Commodore Argonaut

Jonathan Argough

SEAGUARD Commander
Codename: "Sea"

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Commodore Argonaut, commanding officer of COMSUBRON Alpha, started his career as an enlisted sailor aboard the USS Los Angeles (SSN-688) and now commands the most powerful underwater fleet of subs in the world.

In 1985, Jonathan Argough enlisted in the US Navy, volunteering for submarine duty.  Once the US Navy realized that Argough had an IQ of over 280, they instead assigned him to Nuclear Power School out of Orlando, Florida, where he graduated at the top of his class as a nuclear trained electronics technician. After his first assignment to the USS Los Angeles, he was persuaded to sign up for the US Naval Academy out of Annapolis, Maryland.  Again, graduating at the top of his class, he was assigned to the USS San Francisco (SSN-711) where he rose quickly through the junior officer ranks. 


His first shore tour was at the Pentagon where he became engaged in advanced submarine design projects.  Working closely with NAVSEA, he aided in designing several new systems and platforms for subs, all of which were state of the art.  As such, he was promoted to the rank of Captain nearly overnight.  With his ability to 'explain anything' skills and a 'never back down' mentality reminiscent of famous Admiral Hyman G. Rickover (father of the modern nuclear navy), he was able to create a new secretive submarine squadron - COMSUBRON Alpha.  This squadron would participate in implementing the newest submarine designs, further refined and recreated with the brilliant Commander Wolfe AKA "Captain Seawolf", but unfortunately, none of this would come to pass, as Congress, in the midst of a financial crisis, shutdown the new squadron's activation and mothballed all of the new submarine designs.

Reassigned to US Naval Intelligence, Captain Argough kept pushing for COMSUBRON Alpha to be restarted, but his desires fell on deaf congressional ears. Finally, Argough was approached by a high ranking officer in G.U.A.R.D., a worldwide security group, where Argough was asked if he still wanted to start COMSUBRON Alpha and have the never-designed subs actually built.  The catch: the squadron would have to operate as part of GUARD under its "SEAGUARD" division, rather than the US Navy.  Captain Argough immediately retired from the US Navy and through SEAGUARD, started creating the ships and subs of his dreams.

After a few years of production and testing, the first new experimental submarine, the USS Paragon City (SSX-1) was launched in a veil of secrecy under the command of Argough's right hand man, Captain Wolfe.  Under SEAGUARD, the newly code-named "Commodore Argonaut" (Argough) and "Captain Seawolf" (Wolfe) started recruiting some of the greatest submariners in the world, bringing them into the squadron.   This also included a team of super-powered ex-submariners as well; a team that would be used to 'fight fire with fire' should they run into super-villains or the overpowered warriors of Pacific Ocean's Kaha Koa or the Atlantic Ocean's Atlantic Kingdom.

Although Commodore Argonaut is a normal human, he does carry several high tech weapons, including a unique energy weapon he found in a mysterious underwater cave in the Atlantic Ocean.  He also uses remotely and voice controlled robots to assist him in tasks, since he values his sailor's skills to do more than chauffeur him around and do his administrative work.  Interestingly enough though, these robots are also autonomous protector-bots that can be controlled to fight or protect if he is ever flung into combat.

As the leader of SEAGUARD (and in truth, the Seaguardians), Argough finds the assignments and provides support for any and all who make up the Seaguardians and SEAGUARD. It is rare to see him in the field, but when he does arrive, beware his protector-bots!

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