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Hurt Locker

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Hurt Locker (Explicit)Xzibit
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Thomas "Tom" Faris




mid 20s












Don "Major Deej" Finger

18 Dec 2011



None known



Petty Officer 3rd Class Tom Faris was a submarine Culinary Specialist (CS AKA cook) for years until a fateful day when the Atlantic Kingdom tried to take over his sub...and he wiped the floor with them.

Several years in subs, Tom had been a discipline case with lots of attitude but was always known for doing his duties above and beyond regardless. This last time, he'd gotten in trouble for 'scrounging' some experimental equipment from the COMSUBRON Alpha Subase lockers as well as initiating a huge bar fight during his sub's port visit to Boston.

After returning to their homeport in Norfolk, Virginia, Tom was assigned 'extra duty' for his actions. He was one of the few left of the in-port subs when the Atlantic Kingdom's Ningren armies invaded Norfolk's Naval Base in Virginia. Nearly all the remaining crew were killed, including the skipper. During the fight Tom shot a couple of attackers and 'scrounged' their weapons and armor and started mowing them down with their own weapons.

Tom decimated dozens of the invaders and saved the sub. Eventually, the Atlantic Kingdom invaders were routed, retreating back into the sea.

Shortly after that, the Navy deduced Tom had a form of Aspberger Syndrome, a form of high-level autism that, although making it difficult to deal with his emotions and social connections, the syndrome instead allowed him to have a high retention rate of repetitive abilities and a high order of deduction and kit bashing. It was deduced that his condition is what was and continues to be a social impediment to his discipline and interaction with others. As such, they gave him an honorable discharge after only several years in the Navy, seeing as with his condition, he was ineligible to remain in the Navy.

Days later, the leader of a specialized undersea unit known as the Seaguardians, a group under the control of the international peacekeepers known as GUARD, Captain Seawolf, contacted Tom and discussed an opportunity to work with him and the Seaguardians.  Nonetheless to say, the curse-word loaded conversation made for one of the most difficult interviews the Captain had ever done. After several minutes, Captain Seawolf tried to adjust his thinking to accommodate Tom's Aspberger condition, and quickly realized Tom was a brilliant man in his own way, as well as one hell of a fighter.  Although communicating and dealing with Tom was going to be a craps-shoot with the rest of the Seaguardians, Captain Seawolf believed that Tom might be one of the greatest assets to the team in the long run.

Today, Tom, code-named as "Hurt Locker", has become an incredible asset to the Seaguardians. There are many times that Tom has saved the day through his unorthodox fighting and/or solving problems.  Although its hard to tell in discussions with him, it is truly believed that Tom feels that the Seaguardians are his true and only family...even though he'll swear at them worse than, well,...a sailor. His fellow teammate, Torpedo Man,  seems to be the only one that Tom seems to directly connect to, however, even Torpedo Man has his 'days' where Tom is just too much.

Tom is a motivated, straight shooting, blunt to a fault, 'get 'er done' type of submarine sailor (who also is one hell of a culinary chef as well). He knows guns and weapons like baseball player stats off of baseball cards.  He is well versed in hundreds of different weapons and fighting techniques, including swordsmanship (a hobby he picked up recently), martial arts, boxing and wrestling. His condition has allowed him to get into a work-out routine that has also made him an Olympic-level athlete in strength and endurance.

One of the additional notes of Tom's 'Mc Guiver-like' kit bashing skills also relates to his knowledge and application of chemicals.  As a child, he learned how to mix chemicals and (at times dangerously) experiencing the results.  His childhood toy chemistry set soon turned into a college-level chemistry lab. In school, Tom excelled in Chemistry and has always had a knack for being able to safely (and unsafely) mix chemicals for the reactions he desired.



Power Origin: Normal

He has no powers.

NOTE: He is in perfect physical shape, equivalent to that of an Olympic-level athlete with good strength and endurance.

NOTE: Has unique 'kit bashing' moments (reasoning) that can randomly and effectively produce remarkable level equipment and devices.

WEAKNESS: Aspberger Syndrome. Limits communications with standard people. Anyone in a conversation with him longer than 12-15 seconds will need a check against their anger (psyche) to not 'go off', yell at him or 'repel' him from their immediate area. This creates a permanent popularity drop of feeble levels. 

As part of his condition, he feels he cannot drive or operate transportation vehicles at all. If he is required to do so, he'll have to check against a reduced reasoning to perform, and even then, he may feel the compulsion to just 'walk away' from control of the vehicle, regardless of the dangers inherent to his departure. For submarines, he will never leave while on a sub, but can, at times, go into a state at the base of a sub hatch talking to himself of reasons why he can't open the hatch, especially while submerged. Even if mentally controlled, he will never the hatch or hatches if it creates an 'unsafe' condition.


  • 'Suit of F.U.'

    • His unique kit-bashed armor provides excellent protection against all forms of damage except psionic/mental and magic

  • 'Gloves of Smashing'

    • Remarkably kit-based kinetic amplifier gauntlets that increase damage by one level to any and all melee attacks he does.

  • 'Golf Bag of Kick Ass'

    • Bag contains a variety of guns, machine guns, energy rifles, melee weapons (baseball bats, bent Titanium golf clubs, etc.) and a variety of of chemicals and mixing containers, as well as a dozen grenade-like containers that Tom uses for chemical mixing and chemical grenades thereafter (can do a max of remarkable damage chemical-wise).

  • 'Belt of F'n Hurt'

    • Variety of unique items to include rope with a monkey fist on the end, a hand-held torch (kit-bashed to do remarkable heat damage up to 50 yards away), chemicals and elements in various containers, parts that he can use to kit bash equipment with and various snacks and culinary 'equipment' he might need should be have to 'create a meal in the middle of combat' (according to Tom).

  • 'Jammin' Tunage' Walkman

    • Also carries a digital walkman with thousands of songs, all of which he'll play while he's fighting and in combat.

    • been kit-bashed to withstand up to remarkable damage and protected down to depths of 500 feet in water before the seals fail.

  • 'Damn Cool' Earwig​

    • Communications ear devices with a range of 25 miles in air, 250 feet of water depth (pending thermal layers), encrypted.​

    • This earwig also has a telegraph dit-dot-dash button that Tom can use for morse code or other types of (his incredibly numerous) codes.

    • Battery allows for charge for 100 hours.

  • 'Cool Shades'​

    • Provides good flash protection against light intensity attacks/flash attacks​


  • US Navy (Professional)

  • Submarines (Professional)

  • Chef/Cooking (Master)

  • Weapons (Master)

  • Marksmanship (Master)

  • Martial Arts: Melee Fighting (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Holds/Escapes (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Thrown Weapon accuracy (Professional)

  • Trivial Knowledge (Professional)

  • Engineering (Professional)

  • Chemistry (Master)

  • Electrical Systems (Professional)

  • Computers/Coding (Professional)

  • Mathematics (Doctorate)

  • Athletics/Acrobatics (Professional)

  • Workout/Physical Readiness (Professional)

  • Running/Long-Distance (Professional)

  • Oceanography (Professional)

  • Astronomy (Proficient)

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