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Chief Sargasso

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Sam "Sunny" Stevens












Chief Petty Officer Stevens




Don "Major Deej" Finger

2 Dec 2007



Barbara Stevens (ex-wife)

Brian Stevens (son)

Amelia Stevens (daughter)



Sam Stevens was a United States Navy Master Diver with the rank of Chief Petty Officer.   As a Master Diver, he was extremely experienced in hundreds of classified and dangerous dives, most of which were military related and/or rescues (or recoveries). Even when he faced death on several occasions, he always came out thanks to his patience and perseverance. His attitude towards everyone and everything around him was professional, however, he always had a combative, in-your-face demeanor that earned him an antithetical nickname of "Sunny".  In 2009, he was given a secret mission that changed his career...and life...forever.

In 2008, the US Navy, while contracting Dr. Robert Ballard to discover a lost Japanese World War II battleship wreck, discovered the armored remains of the Allied Fighters' long-lost heroic teammate, Sargasso Sailor.  The Sargasso Sailor was on a mission in World War II (WWII) to 'mine' the same Japanese battleship (and two other Japanese ships) that supposedly he sunk.  Dr. Ballard's team found the armor and reported it to the US Navy. After several months of planning, the US Navy assigned Chief Stevens and his team to be the ones to do the deep dive to recover Sargasso Sailor's remains and armor.  In 2009, when Chief Stevens performed the dive, the recovery went completely wrong.

The World War II hero, Sargasso Sailor, was a Greek sailor who had mysterious 'magical seaweed' attached to his arm and back. Although the Sargasso Sailor was interrogated intensely about the 'seaweed' (and not offering up much of anything about it), it was initially considered 'harmless' and seemed more of a parasite than a threat. The 'seaweed' was an amazing item that allowed the WWII hero to swim at fantastic underwater speeds, outracing torpedoes and fast boats alike.  Documentation about Sargasso Sailor was lost in a records warehouse fire in the 1960s, and as such, no one alive by 2009 had much info on Sargasso Sailor or his seaweed, other than his WWII team leader of the Allied Fighters, Major Invader, who simply stated "He's dead, what more do you need to know, because I don't have diddly on what that magical seaweed was'.   As such, when Chief Stevens went to do the recovery he was unprepared for what he was about to experience.

The 'magical seaweed' on the Sargasso Sailor armor was still alive.

No one had any idea that the 'seaweed' was even still on the body, after reviewing Dr. Ballard's video footage of the armor's find in 2008. The 'seaweed' was found when Chief Stevens attempted to move the heavily rusted armor onto a recovery platform. In so doing, the 'seaweed' jumped out from under Sargasso Sailor's armor and latched onto Chief Stevens dive armor. It didn't attack Stevens, but it wasn't about to be removed or let go either.  As such, a command decision had to be made; a decision to either disconnect Stevens and let him (and supposedly the 'seaweed') die and not contaminate the surface ships, or, to bring up Stevens and place him in a decompression chamber and isolate 'them'.  They chose the decompression chamber and isolating 'them'.

After 2 weeks in the decompression chamber (and hundreds of scientists' inputs), it was determined that the 'magical seaweed' was alive and not some type of unliving magical energy. It showed intelligence and reacted to being removed from Stevens, of which, Stevens now seemed to be its new host.  Stevens, unhappy over the situation, realized that until this 'thing' could be removed, he'd have to live with it.

Rather than isolate Stevens from the world, the US Navy instead 'trained them' as a new project, simply called: "Project: Sargasso".  As such, Stevens and the entity actually began to communicate; the entity actually communicated with black and white flash-type imagery into Stevens' brain. In so doing, the seaweed entity happily and easily worked with Stevens, exhibiting incredible powers and abilities even greater than anything the original Sargasso Sailor had display. As such, with a new high tech submersible suit, Stevens and the entity performed beyond expectations. Sadly, the US Navy dropped the project after it was leaked to the media, which immediately started making Stevens and the entity out as a 'living weapon', assigning 'animal rights' to the entity, with benevolent organizations demanding 'releasing' the entity and 'letting it free'.  Of course, this is NOT what the entity wanted (Stevens, on the other hand, would've been more than happy for the separation, but wasn't about to do so if it would cause the entity's death (or it'd latch on to another person), which is what he presumed would happen). As such, Stevens attempted to leave the Navy and was instead sent to Leavenworth, Kansas for breaking the Uniformed Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) by actions 'unbecoming a member of the armed forces'. He was only jailed for one week before an organization named GUARD released him under their international cognizance.

After being brought to a GUARD facility, Stevens was asked if he would be interested in using the entity and itself for good, along the same lines of what the previous "Sargasso Sailor" was doing, but this time, with GUARD and not because of a war.  Stevens immediately agreed. In the months to come, the US Navy did a judicial review of the charges against Stevens and reversed their findings. As such, Stevens was allowed to have an 'honorable' discharge and receive his pension from the Navy. 

Today, "Chief Sargasso" as he is known now, continues working with GUARD as a member of the Seaguardians group; a sub-unit of GUARD's mega-group, the Guardians.  He and the entity have never been happier. They've worked out a 'lifestyle' symbiosis allowing Stevens to carry on some form of social and personal life, wherein the entity "goes dormant" inside of Stevens. As such the two are capable of incredible undersea feats, making them a powerful team of two in the Seaguardians.



Power Origins: Magic (Dark/Death magic)


The entity is an unknown (actually "Death/Dark") magical energy that is not quite sentient, yet has a level of responsiveness including an interactive symbiotic intelligence.  The entity is believed to be thousands of years old and is believed to have once been a part of the lost civilization that was once Atlantis. It has the following capabilities:

  • Dark Energy

    • Shielding/Dark Armoring

      • Provides incredible protection from any and all forms of damage by one of two methods:

        • Creates a shield on one arm for full incredible protection across the arm and acts as a blocking agent in the same manner as a shield

        • Covers deep-sea suit/armor and provides and additional remarkable level of protection against all forms of damage

      • Magical defenses are even greater at fantastic levels

    • Melee Attacks

      • When covering Chief Stevens' fists, it amplifies Stevens' strength in melee combat up to remarkable levels.  He normally only uses his strength for melee combat to excellent levels though, since remarkable levels seem to 'bother/hurt' the entity after prolonged melee attacks at that level.

    • Siphoning Life Energy

      • If the entity feels weakened, it will attempt to draw just enough energy to replenish itself, usually from a person/being attacking it/Stevens.

      • It has an excellent ability in doing this, capable of extracting up to 20% of a person's/being's health in several seconds.

      • This energy not only goes to the entity, but can be transmitted to Stevens to boost his health by however much it decodes upon, but usually communicates this in their mental link that it is doing so.

      • It can also siphon energy from Stevens, but is reluctant to do so unless the host (Stevens) allows it to be so.

      • Usually, the entity will siphon energy from an attacker if the host (Stevens) is hurt and health is less than 50%; it would replenish its own energy first, then the host, but there are times that the entity allowed itself to be weakened and instead transferred the energies to Stevens, knowing that Stevens needed it more (love? survival?).

      • As a residual effect of the siphoning, the person/being being siphoned from usually is weakened, lowering their fighting, agility, strength and endurance by a whole level for up to 10 minutes.

    • Dark Entanglement

      • Can emit from Stevens' body/armor up to 12 feet away and hold/immobilize a person/being with remarkable strength using its tendrils to do so.

      • Will maintain this hold as long necessary and/or as distance between held/immobilized person/being stays within 12 feet, otherwise, entity will break off the hold and return to the host (Stevens).

      • Fear Attack

        • While in this 'entanglement', the person/being being held/immobilized also must counter a psychic attack of a good level against the entity's imposition of 'fear' upon the person/being.  This is contact only, and will diminish over time unless the person's/being's psyche takes a critical hit from the entity's fear attack (which might leave the person/being permanently at a reduced psyche level and obsessively fearful of the entity for a far longer time than normal (results have been amassed of Germans from WWII alive today that are still affected by Sargasso Sailor's entity's fear attack 70 years before). 

    • Dark Energy Battery/Sponge​

      • Stores up to unearthly (1000 units) of dark/magical energy.​

      • Can siphon/draw energy from ambient environment (so long as there is life around it) at a minimum of typical rate over several seconds to as much as a fantastic rate (600 units over several seconds).

      • When its energies drop to less than 10 units, it will pull energy from anything, including the host, to replenish itself, otherwise it ensures that the host is healed with its energies as best it can, and then redistribute the siphoned power into itself for storage.

  • Hyper-swimming

    • When used as a propulsion system, the entity can allow it and the host to travel up to unearthly underwater speeds in excess of 435 knots (equates to 500 mph underwater).

    • When hyper-swimming, a feat that can be done is that much like a torpedo attack, wherein the speed of the entity/host can potentially allow them to ram and punch a hole into materials up to incredible levels.

  • Psychic Link​

    • While both are within 20 feet of each other, the two share a remarkable psychic/imagery-based communications link system (flashes of images, some very alien in viewing)

    • Should the two ever separate, the host and Smee will retain the same link but at a level drop over each mile's distance between them, as well as a level drop for each week away from each other.

    • When their psychic link has dropped to nothing, the entity will no longer remember or know the previous host thereafter, even if the two do come back into contact after that (does not retain long term memory). ​




Armor provides remarkable protection against all forms of damage except psionic and magic.

  • Life Support

    • Revolutionary high tech oxygen generation system using surrounding sea water with a form of electrolysis, providing oxygen and oxygen storage in cells in the suit for indefinite periods of time as long as it is used in an oxygenated/aerated watery environment

    • Can store oxygen for standard use up to 20 hours (Nitrogen bleed from suit's cells allow for adjusted mixes (electro-chemical automation)

    • Run off of suits power pack (uses all of 1 unit of energy over time)

  • Helmet

    • Contains interactive communications suite with encrypted transceiver capable of ranges up to 25 miles above water, 600 feet below water (pending on thermal layering effects)

    • Heads-Up Display (HUD) with tactical computer displays and readouts utilizing remarkable level computer interaction and interface with various networked sources (including worldwide internet).

    • Targeting system accommodates for increased fighting and agility during combat (by one level each).

    • Flash protection against up to incredible levels of flash/blinding damage.

    • Night/Dark Vision against up to incredible levels of darkness.

    • Uses a max of 2 units of energy over time.

  • Chest Light

    • Provides excellent illumination in dark locations

    • Uses a max of 1 unit of energy over time

  • Water Propulsion Pack (WPP)

    • Provides underwater accelerated linear travel up to remarkable speeds (100 knots) using  power pack energy.

    • While travelling with the WPP active, the suit also has a small turbine generator than aids in recharging the WPP with 5 units over time, so long as it/they are moving through the water and the turbine is engaged.

    • At max speed, can use 5 units of energy over time.

  • Suit's Power Pack

    • Provides 1000 units of stored electrical energy for armor/suits operations and equipment


  • US Navy Diver (Master)

  • US Navy Operations (Professional)

  • Leadership (Professional)

  • Military Equipment/Weapons (Professional)

  • Marksmanship (Professional)

  • Military (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Holds/Escapes (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Melee Fighting (Boxing) (Proficient)

  • Boat/Ship Captain (Proficient)

  • Psychic/Imagery-based Communication with Smee (Proficient)

  • Dark/Death Magic (Proficient)

  • Navigation (Proficient)

  • Electronics (Proficient)

  • Communications/Equipment (Proficient)

  • Classified Military Operations (Proficient)

  • Speed/Pleasure Boats (Professional; hobby)

  • Engines (Diesel, Air Intake) (Proficient)

  • Undersea Exploration/Equipment (Professional)

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