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Sonar Man

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Brad Behm




mid 20s












Don "Major Deej" Finger

18 March 2007



Theodore 'Ted' Brehm (brother)

Stephanie Brehm (sister, deceased)



Brad Behm has been a student of acoustics and sound amplification since he was 7 years of age.

As a boy, Brad's older brother, Theodore (Ted), taught him how to play the electric guitar. Ted had a band of fellow Southampton Academy garage musicians that were trying to put together a British rock and roll band. Brad wasn't only a quick study, he became lead guitarist for his brother's band by age 12. Together, the two brothers had the greatest relationship brothers could ever have. He also had a similar relationship with his little sister, Stephanie, taking care of her and helping her whenever she need some academic tutoring.


Brad was a genius in engineering and science, specifically in acoustic engineering. He himself built acoustic amplifiers for Ted's band and sold several other established musical venues his advanced acoustic systems, setting aside the money he made for a rainy day (as his father had taught him to do).  All was great with the family...until the father died.


After a bout with cancer, Brad's father rapidly passed away from an inoperable form of cancer, leaving the family in shock. Brad's mother shut down as a result of this and went into a great depression. A month later, she died, what some would say, of a broken heart.  This left Ted, Brad and Stephanie with their father's inheritance of just over 70,000 Pounds. After the bills were paid, little was left for them. Ted went to work in a nearby factory, playing band gigs at night to help make some money. Brad studied by day and built and sold even more acoustic amplifiers in the evenings, while Stephanie's job was to do her schoolwork and cook the occasional meal for all of them. It was a tough time, but they got by, thankfully through all this and Brad's 'rainy day' fund. 


Finally, Brad graduated school and got three scholarships for his efforts. As such, he graduated from the University of Southampton with a Master of Science in Acoustical Engineering with the class' highest honors. He was then brought into a young engineering firm that worked on sonar equipment and sound transducers for military and private development.  Brad's insightful designs quickly garnered the company millions in new revenue and put the company on the stock exchange ticker overnight.  He worked from a small flat and gave nearly all his spare money to Ted and Stephanie to keep up the family estate and stay ahead of the bills. During this time, however, the company's success, thanks to Brad, would also lead to its eventual and untimely downfall.

With any huge step forward in scientific or technological breakthroughs, the competition dials up the pressure. Industrial spies, aggressive business practices and even corporate sabotage plagued Brad's company's executives for the next year, all in order to gain control of either the company or the new acoustic tech that Brad had designed.  After a lucrative deal with the US Navy for new, powerful sonar transducers, the company looked like it had finally won out, however, that's when the competition got mean. They sent out assassins from the assassination guild known as "Death Legion"; they sent out gangs to disrupt and harass company workers at home; they even sent out super-powered rogues to eventually destroy the company Brad was working for.

Late night on night, at the main facility that Brad worked in, the security alarms went off. Over a dozen armed troops and three super-powered villains from the Maritime Marauders, a band of hi tech international pirates, raided the facility. Sadly, in their zeal to steal Brad's tech, they killed over four dozen people (Most of which were the company's engineers) just to get to him. To add to this, Brad's sister, Stephanie, arrived at the facility that night to bring Brad some homemade dinner, only for her to be shot and killed by the Marauders in the process.

Brad was almost catatonic with rage and anger as he watched the Maritime Marauders kill his little sister as he watched it all happen on his lab's security monitors.  Rather than fall to pieces, he started kit-bashing his latest experiment, a Miniature Octuple-Amplified Acoustic Generator (MOAAG); a generator that when amplified and all the safeties removed, would be the most powerful sonic weapon ever created. When the Maritime Marauders broke into Brad's lab, Brad used the new, untested device and amplified his own voice with shouts of anguish about them killing his sister.  The resulting shock wave leveled the entire facility, killing all the Maritime Marauder troops, severely injured the three Maritime Marauder super-powdered rogues and sadly and unwittingly, supposedly killing an additional dozen company employees that were found under massive piles of debris from the sonic weapon's blast radius' arc of destruction.

When the dust cleared and emergency crews arrived on the scene, Brad was seen holding the dead body of his little sister in his arms, crying over her. In the debrief to follow, Brad was arrested for manslaughter and eventually sentenced to 25 years to life in jail for the people he'd killed. As far as Brad was concerned, he didn't care what happened to him anymore.  Even Brad's brother, Ted, blamed Brad for the death of their little sister and the others in the company facility. The company, with its facilities, leveled, went financially bankrupt days after the incident. As for Brad, with him now at his lowest point, he began thinking about suicide, until Brad was visited by an unusual visitor; a man named "Captain Seawolf".

Captain Seawolf sat and talked with Brad for over an hour, going over all that had occurred to Brad. Captain Seawolf quickly realized from Brad's conversational tone, that Brad was most likely suicidal. Hoping to give Brad a goal if not something to live for, Captain Seawolf offered Brad a chance to 'get even' at the Maritime Marauders for what they'd done to him and his family by helping the Captain's group, the Seaguardians, have their sonar and acoustic transducers upgraded to Brad's incredible level of technical ability, so that they could use said tech to go hunt down and take out the rest of the Maritime MaraudersBrad thought about it and offered a counter-proposal; he'd help them, as requested, but Brad himself would be allowed to be with the Seaguardians when they took down the Maritime Marauders. Knowing that had a tinge of revenge, as well as putting an untrained combatant in their ranks and unknowingly how Brad would act in this situation at that time, the Captain chose to decline the offer.  Brad then countered with another proposal: free me, teach me and let me at least try to be the one to help take down the Maritime Marauders. With that, Captain Seawolf, weeks later after wheeling and dealing with GUARD, the US Judicial system and the World Court, had Brad released to the custody of GUARD for a period of no less than 10 years of service to GUARD wherein any infraction against Brad would place him back into prison and 'restart' his 20 years to life sentence. Brad agreed to the deal.

Brad worked diligently in building the high tech acoustic transducers and sonar systems he was famous for. He also rebuilt his MOAAG and wore it over his mouth to use as a sonic weapon...this time, however, made to produce less than 1/2 the maximum damage rating he did with his kit-bashed prototype. In so doing, he also received formal GUARD training for mental and physical skills, all of which got him into shape (which he already was, being a daily 10-mile jogger before all this) and helped him get through his desire for suicide. As part of his psyche testing and training, it was determined that Brad was deemed 'mentally stable' and was not suicidal at that time. Instead, the results showed he was appreciative of the training to be a 'better' person and deemed his new shipmates and almost like a new 'family' he now had.

After two long years, 'Sonar Man' as he became known in the Seaguardians, finally encountered the Maritime Marauders...of which the three who attacked Brad the first time had broken free of prison and were now engaged with him in battle at that time. Even though he had ample opportunities to exact any form of deadly revenge against them, he didn't - knowing that his sister would never want Brad to kill anyone ever, even in spite. As such, he did learn something new about the attack on his that day; he discovered that it was an agent of Scorpius (a secretive world dominating shadow organization) that put out the hit on Brad and that the Marauders had already killed everyone at the facility' before they went after Brad. As such, Brad wasn't responsible for the facility personnel deaths - the Marauders and Scorpius were.


After defeating nearly half of the Maritime Marauder forces in that encounter, the villains were jailed once again. Brad was recused of the manslaughter charges, with his record expunged and made a free man (with a $2 million exoneration check thanks to the lawyers and City of Southampton). Ted, Brad's brother, still hated Brad and attacked Brad on the courthouse steps after the exoneration, swearing he'd one day get even with Brad for killing their sister. Ted has not been seen since. Brad was made the sole heir of the family estate in lieu of a no-contested refinancing and re-acquisition of the property on Brad's part.  The estate was brought back to its previous charm, and since then, has been Brad's 'remote workshop' and home when he wasn't otherwise engaged with his 'new' family. When told he was free from his obligation to the Seaguardians and GUARD, Brad declined to leave the group and instead requested to stay on fighting alongside the only family he had left, his new "Seaguardians" Family. 

Today, Sonar Man continues to fight alongside the Seaguardians against maritime crime and the enemies of GUARD.  His attitude and demeanor are almost cheery and fun, sometimes playing 'air guitar' at times of joviality.  He is a brilliant man and a highly skilled engineer and kit-basher.  He is still working on additional breakthroughs in his acoustic technology and has sold millions of Pounds for some of his unique designs, making him an outright millionaire.  He has a design and manufacturing team that take care of the day to day tasks for him and his new company, 'Brehm Acoustic Engineering'.

As for Brad's brother, the last intelligence reports identified him last seen talking to a mercenary from Death Legion in London mere weeks ago...



Power Origin: Normal

He doesn't have any powers.


  • Miniature Octuple-Amplified Acoustic Generator (MOAAG)

    • Head-mounted, mouth covering device focuses sonic burst to either mouth piece sonic discharger or gauntlets

      • Mouth Piece Sonic Discharger

        • amplifies sound from the wearer's mouth up to 80 fold (excellent sonic damage)

        • If all safeties are removed, it can be used at 200 fold (incredible sonic damage) for one shot

        • Range is 200 yards in air, 400 yards in water

        • Can adjust to different frequency ranges to change harmonics or counter other frequencies

        • Made of spectacular material strength and waterproof down to 2000 feet

        • Capable of generating self-sufficient sonic amplification power indefinitely.

      • Gauntlets

        • Can be used in place of mouth piece sonic discharge

        • amplifies sound from the wearer's mouth up to 80 fold (excellent sonic damage)

        • If all safeties are removed, it can be used at 200 fold (incredible sonic damage) for one shot

        • Range is 200 yards in air, 400 yards in water

        • Can adjust to different frequency ranges to change harmonics or counter other frequencies

        • Made of spectacular material strength and waterproof down to 2000 feet

        • Capable of storing up to 1000 units of sonic charged energy in each gauntlet

  • Suit

    • Provides poor protection versus physical, toxic/toxin attacks

    • Provides typical protection versus energy and temperate attacks

    • Provides excellent protection versus radiation attacks

  • Earcover/Hearing Protection

    • Earcover section of the MOAAG contains incredible hearing protection

    • Earcover provides encrypted communications transceiver with a 250 mile range without satellite or cellular tower, access; unlimited on-planet communications range with satellite and/or cellular towers. Can also reach through 600 feet water depth (pending thermal layers)

    • Adjustable 'megaphone' voice amplification that doesn't do sonic damage, but can cast voice outward for over 1 mile range.

  • Boots

    • Magnetic boots (good magnetism) allows him to walk on metal surfaces with up to 150 lbs of additional weight

    • Can be used to 'repel' against metal surfaces, launching him 25 feet away/up.

    • Contain sonic vibration dampeners to prevent body's harmonics from affecting footing (incredible rank)

  • Belt

    • Carries a variety of items in 4 pouches

    • Repair tools for weapons

    • Cellular phone/wallet/personal stuff

    • Emergency Beacon (250 mile range, 7 day battery)

    • 1-Day emergency rations


  • Acoustic Engineer (Master)​

  • Frequencies/Amplifications/Amplitude/Tuning (Professional)

  • Vibration/Sound Dampening/Sound Silencing (Professional)

  • Manufacturing (Proficient)

  • Finances (Proficient)

  • Business (Proficient)

  • Academia (Professional)

  • Jogging/Marathons (Proficient)

  • High Society (Proficient)

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