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Scarlet Sibyl

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Cherise O'Shannon




Unknown (looks to be in her 20s)












Don "Major Deej" Finger

12 April 2014



None known



Cherise O'Shannon is a woman with magical powers that was initially found found, as an infant, in a baby bin in an Irish Church. There, the local nuns took in the little girl and gave her the name she has today.  For the next decade and a half, Cherise attended Catholic school. She was a brazen student who disliked rules but interestingly enough enjoyed studying.  She was a quick and natural learner, while most of her other classmates had to work hard to study and memorize things. More times than expected, Cherise, in her teen years, escaped the school grounds, hung out with the 'bad boys', smoked weed and had sex quite often. It was during this same time she learned she was also attracted to other women and had relations with them as well (including a couple of her fellow Catholic school class/room mates). As usual, she'd get into trouble and be disciplined by the nuns, and as usual, she'd double-down the same night and go out and perform some other sin to get back at the nuns, at least, in her mind.

At age 18, Cherise was unceremoniously graduated from the school (with a 3.9 GPA upon graduation) and cast into the world with only a suitcase and 100 Euros in her pocket. It didn't take long before she found her way to Edinborough, Ireland and hooked up with the wrong crowd there. Amidst all of this, she'd always felt like she was 'in tune' with her surroundings, in such a  way that she knew when the weather would be bad, or if a plant needed water, or for that matter, the presence of animals.  She enjoyed talking to plants and growing them, feeling a connection with them. As it was, her loft was filled with plants from one end to the other.

One night, while drunk and out of control, Cherise was accosted by a ruffian who tried to rape her in a back alley behind a club.  She fought him off, but he instead smacked her around, hurting her as he tried to take advantage of her. At this point, vines, plants and roots shot out of the grounds of the alleyway and wrapped themselves around the ruffian, nearly smothering him. Cherise ran back home relieved that the Ruffian didn't get his way with her.

The next morning, she awoke to see her loft's plants branches and stems all surrounding her, like as if 'cocooning' her from the outside world.  She was still able to breath though large vent holes in the branches and stems, but this was quite the new and unique experience to her; she'd never seen anything like this. Asking them to 'let her get up', the plants responded by drawing back to their native positions, almost as if nothing had happened.

That's when Cherise realized she had some type of control of plants.

Moments later, a knock came on her loft's door. There, standing in the doorway was a beautiful young man, almost with a glow about him. He smiled at her asking her if she was druidic or which Cherise responded with'....wha?...'.  He then mentioned he 'felt' her magical emanations from the street below and believed it 'tasted' like druidic magic, but wasn't sure if it was tinged with natural or even possibly alternation magic schools.  Cherise looked on at him like he was crazy. Much to Cherise's confusion, she attempted to dismiss the man and slammed the door in his face, only for her to turn around and see the same man standing in her loft's living room...rather than outside the door where he just was.  Surprised, Cherise attempted to throw things at him, to which he simply gestured and the wind seemed to 'blow' the items away from him. In shock (and nursing a nasty hangover), Cherise fainted and collapsed.

When Cherise awoke in her own bed, she was served a cup of tea by the same man who now called himself Cassidy O'Shea. This time, he told her he was a teacher with the Druidic School of magic outside of Newgrange.  He explained what Druidic magic was and that she, Cherise, was obviously an 'outsider' who was bred into a magic family within the last two generations. Cherise mentioned she was an abandoned child, for which Cassidy mentioned that most of his students were of the same story.  He offered her a chance to learn her powers and become part of something 'as old as time, but as young as a newly bloomed flower'; he offered her a place at his school.  With the fact she was three months behind on rent and was nearly raped the night before (and most of her 'bad boy' friends were only using her for sex), she agreed to go with Cassidy. After 10 minutes of packing her things, Cassidy and Cherise left for Newgrange and a new life for Cherise.

At the Druidic school, Cherise was truly in her element.  She was able to learn and apply her skills as quickly as she learned them. Most of her fellow students treated her with respect and friendship (the few that didn't were said to be from a secretive place called the "Conglomerate" and that they were a different magical society altogether anyway). Her grades were the highest in the school. In no time at all, she advanced from novice and went on to complete her apprenticeship by 1999. Cherise loved her new life and never wanted it to end. That's of course when the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth and obliterated the Druid School in Newgrange in less than 3 minutes from the time of their worldwide coordinated attack.

On the morning of the invasion, Cherise awoke to powerful, massive energy bombs exploding all around her, blasting her from her bed and leveling the dormitory. When she stood up, she saw every building on the school's campus completely destroyed. Thanks to her training, she was able to disguise herself in the foliage and escape the school grounds just as the Soltan ground troops landed and killed nearly 95% of the remaining students and staff. She and several others were the only survivors of the school.

Caked in mud, Cherise, by herself, traversed the countryside in search of a safe place to stay, only to find homes obliterated all along her route. After a day of walking, she eventually came upon a small seaside community called Portane.  The community had a sailing club where a handful of boats and people intended to sail to the European mainland in hopes of finding refuge there. Luckily, Cherise was able to gain passage on one such boat.  Once onboard, Cherise and six others got underway and sailed towards the main British isle enroute to their ultimate destination...only to get as far as Rockabill Lighthouse, where all the sailing vessels were summarily blown out of the water by Soltan attack craft.  Cherise was the only survivor, and that was only thanks to her being able to control the seaweed and growth below her to keep her afloat and not drown. She made her way to the lighthouse's island and was taken in by an old couple that lived there. For the next several months, Cherise and the old couple took care of one another until finally the Soltans were chased off of Earth by August of 2000.


When Cherise went back to Newgrange after the invasion, there was nothing left there. It had been looted by not only the Soltans, but it seemed also by other locals and magical factions, resulting in the theft of millenium-old parchments and tomes on Druidic magic. She wasn't able to find a single Druidic student or staff member alive; most were buried in a nearby graveyard with 'unknown' written upon their gravestones.  With nowhere else to go, Cherise made her way back to the only city that was even rebuilding at the time -  Edinborough.


In Edinborough, she came across one magic user - Cheron Harriet Audi. She was one of only a dozen survivors of a local Charm magical school that was originally in London. Cheron was a teacher at that school and was very knowledgeable about magic, including the aforementioned "Conglomerate" that was supposed to be a hidden, underground magical society that was hoped to have survived the Soltan invasion.  With no one else magical around, Cheron offered to help teach Cherise "Charm" magic instead as best she could.  Over the next three years, Cherise became an excellent student (as usual), becoming an novice in Charm magic. Sadly, just as Cherise was about to start her apprenticeship, Cherise fell in love with CheronCheron turned Cherise down cold, mentioning she wasn't 'that way' and that it was unseemly for a master and student to have such a relationship. As such, Cherise felt ashamed and left. To this day, the two have never crossed paths again.


Using her Druidic and Charm magic, Cherise was able to find work in London, England where she quickly became quite the local celebrity. She did modeling, acting and even did the weather report for the BBC for a couple of years (actually changing the local weather about her to be 100% accurate all the time).  All was good for her with a new fancy flat, a good paycheck and many men (and women) to date and have sex with. That's of course when everything always goes sideways.


A couple of years ago, a mental patient, claiming that he was Cherise's 'secret lover' from the 1800s (she had no idea who he was) kidnapped her and attempted to convince her to 'remarry' him, have sex with him and give him his love child he'd been waiting for for hundreds of years for or he'd kill her instantly instead. As such, Cherise had to use her magical powers to stop the madman, which, sadly, was seen live on camera without Cherise knowing. It didn't take long before people started questioning what they saw on the live feed, not understanding what strange things they saw Cherise do to stop the madman.  After the police took the madman into custody, Cherise was questioned about the 'light show' she used to stop the madman. Cherise feigned exhaustion to get out of the police station and instead went home, promising to 'help explain more' the next morning. Instead, that night, Cherise packed her bags and got tickets online to travel to the United States where she intended to start a new life under a new name...but that didn't happen.  Instead, as Cherise was opened her flat's door, suitcases in hand, to leave the building for the airport, there stood two people waiting for her outside her apartment door. They called themselves General Stone and Greenwich.

Both General Stone and Greenwich were members of the international peacekeeping force called GUARD. Both Stone and Greenwich identified Cherise as a 'druidic and charm school' magic user, with Greenwich even mentioning several of Cherise's spells she'd used on the madman on the live TV feed.  Cherise, not in the mood to discuss this with them, told them she wasn't wanting to be part of some 'militant world police force' and walked past them. They instead followed her to the airport, talking to her the whole way. Interestingly enough, what they had to say en route actually enticed Cherise.

Once at the airport, Cherise agreed to join GUARD.  As such, she was to be placed in with Greenwich's Mystiguard division, to learn how best to use her magics for the good of GUARD and the world. It didn't take three weeks before Cherise determined that Greenwich was far less trained than Cherise was. Cherise deduced that Greenwich didn't even start her apprenticeship, making Cherise more upset with Greenwich as Greenwich kept trying to order Cherise how to use her magics As such, Cherise was about to quit GUARD over that when their GUARD facility was attacked by the evil ArachnoknightsCherise immediately flung herself into battle, using her Druidic magics as if she'd been using them for combat her whole life (which she hadn't).  She and General Stone, along with a few of his fellow Terraguard troops and the Terraguardian super-group all joined up and took out the attacking Arachnoknight forces.  During the fighting, Cherise was saved twice by the General and his Terraguardians, and as such, was impressed with their skills, their kindness and their civility. She could see nothing but positive auras about each of them; a welcome change to most folks that had grayer or darker auras about them. After GUARD defeated the Arachnoknight forces, rather than quit GUARD, Cherise requested to be transferred to the Terraguardians, which General Stone enacted immediately upon.


Today, Cherise, as "Scarlet Sibyl", is the happiest she's ever been with her new family of Terraguard and Terraguardians. She's realized that she enjoys the thrill of adventure, the rush of excitement and the nonrigid manner in which her fellow teammates accept her...even when she, at times, gets emotional or sometimes walks about the facility nude.  She's had several relationships amongst Terraguard's troops, both male and female, but has been mindful not to create a conflict of interest or play favorites (even though she sometimes alludes that she wishes to) and is dedicated to being a part of all of their lives. She's rarely cross with anyone, but on the odd chance she is (usually with someone from another GUARD division), she pulls little tricks such as placing a 'rhyming spell' on them, making them talk in rhymes for the next day or so, or having flies or gnats annoy said antagonist for hours on end.  Although highly spirited, she is a professional in a fight and pushes the limits when she needs to, making sacrifices to help others regardless of who they are, epitomizing the term 'hero' in all that she does as a Terraguardian.



Power Origin: Magic (both Druidic and Charm Schools of Magic)


    • Plant Control

      • Excellent ability to control, manipulate, communicate and move plants.

      • Must be within 200 yards range.

      • Can grow plants at a 400% rate in several seconds

      • Plants can, pending on material strength, hold, bind, immobilize or squeeze with up to excellent power and strength while under her control

      • Can only control up to 20 plants at a time exclusively

    • Animal Control

      • Excellent ability to control, manipulate, communication and entice animals, birds and insects.

      • Must be within 200 yards range.

      • Can control 20 critters and/or groups of critters (in terms of swarms) max

      • Can only maintain control for a max of 20 minutes pending on number of critters controlled (i.e., 20 minutes for one critter or 20 critters for 1 minute)

      • Can sense what the animals/critters see/feel, but cannot see through their eyes (need master level for that)

    • Localized Weather Control

      • Excellent control and manipulation of weather and air pressure systems within a 2 mile radius

      • Can create clear skies, rain, snow, hail, fog, thunder/lightning storms, tropical storms, tsunamis, doldrums and even create high and low air pressure systems

      • Can create wind storms with up to 100 mph of airspeed bursts

      • Can lift and carry anything with wind up to 200 lbs from ground when in a wind storm area of effect (requires good control).

    • Empathy/Healing

      • Has the excellent ability to empathically feel others, including plants, animals and people

      • Has the excellent ability to perform 20% healing on a person every several seconds

      • Has the 80% ability to resurrect a body, so long as it hasn't been dead longer than several minutes (one shot attempt)

      • Can boost an animal's or person's metabolism to achieve an additional level of endurance for no longer than 2 minutes (animal/person will then have to perform an endurance check, which will result in death, dying, exhaustion or ok status). 

    • Shape Shifting

      • Can only shape shift herself into other humanoid forms and skin colors at an excellent level

      • Can only hold that form for 20 hours before she becomes exhausted

      • Can create a 'chameleon stealth sheen' about her skin and costume/clothes, providing excellent stealth for a maximum of 20 hours


    • Illusion

      • Can create good static illusions within 10 yards of herself with good visual effect

      • Can create moving illusions within only 6 yards of herself with typical visual effect

      • Can make her image, body, visage appear young and beautiful in any clothes or hairstyles for up to 10 hours without effort; anything longer takes an hourly attempt at a reduced rate to maintain

      • Does not work on electronic imagery, digital imagery, robots, androids or video cameras

    • Confusion

      • Has good ability to invoke confusion in a person up to 10 yards away

      • Can 'lead' a confused person with verbal persuasion, so long as it doesn't break the confused person's moral, ethical or personal safety code

      • Confused person can only be maintained for 10 minutes max per day

    • Psychic Manipulation

      • Can alter a person's thoughts permanently at a good level (i.e., "You never saw me here")

      • Can only affect one person at a time, with a max of 10 manipulations a day; repeated manipulations in the same day to the same person increased the affected person's ability to 'break free' and remember they were being psychically manipulated and by who


  • Sandals of Levitation

    • Using a form of focused magics, she can fly/float up to 20 mph for over 20 miles before she tires

    • She cannot add others to fly with her

    • She can only carry her own weight plus equal to her weight in addition while flying/floating; any weight beyond this slows her down a whole level per each 20 lbs.

    • Amazing magical protection against detection of sandals' magic

  • The Venus Belt​

    • When stroked with a certain technique, the belt emits an emotional control of excellent strength, causing a person/animal to fall in love​ with Cherise for the next 20 hours.

    • Once the spell is over, the person will receive a poor level headache and will not remember who it was they were in love with over the previous spell's time (only that they were in love with a beautiful/handsome man/woman and can't remember who it was)

    • Remarkable material strength

    • Amazing magical protection against detection of belt's magic

  • Headband of Protection​

    • Provides excellent psychic defenses and shielding (against psionic and magical detection and/or control/manipulation)​

    • Amazing material strength

    • Amazing magical protection against detection of headband's magic

  • Druidic Tome of Plant Control

    • Discovered an old (1000 year old) tome at the Soltan Invasion site in Newgrange when Newgrange was attacked and destroyed in 2000.​

    • Half the book is damaged beyond repair; the other half has spells, potions and alchemy practices using plants, herbs and various molds and mosses, used for healing, memory loss, memory gain, ability increases/decreases, mental shielding, invisibility, perception alteration, placing others in comas and even simulated death (based on level of skill).

    • Most spells in the tome are advanced (Master level) spells and incantations that Cherise can't understand, but has practiced over 20% of the spells remaining in the tome. 

    • She hasn't told ANYONE she has it, not even General Stone and definitely not Greenwich.

    • Does not emit any magical signature for detection

  • Earwig

    • GUARD communications encrypted transceiver with unlimited range​


  • Druidic Magic (Professional)

  • Charm Magic (Proficient)

  • Alchemy (Proficient)

  • Acting (Proficient)

  • Modeling (Proficient)

  • News casting/weather reporting (Proficient)

  • High society (Proficient)

  • Sex (Professional)

  • Beauty/Make-up (Proficient)

  • GUARD (Proficient)

  • Marksmanship (Proficient)

  • Mental Shielding (Proficient)

  • Catholic Religion (Proficient)

  • Academia (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • English (Master)​

    • Irish/Gaul/Celtic (Professional)

    • Latin (Proficient)

    • French (Proficient)

    • Welsh (Proficient)

    • Runic (Proficient)

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