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Juan Escondido












Arachno Trooper Juan 3




Don "Major Deej" Finger

25 Feb 2019


  • Lucio Escondido (Father, deceased)

  • Maria Escondido (Wife, deceased)

  • Antonio Escondido (Son (twin), deceased)

  • Antonia Escondido (Daughter (twin))



Juan Escondido was a restless, adventure-seeking young male from Chile that believed his new wife, Maria, and newborn twin children (one boy, one girl, Antonio and Antonia, respectively) were 'smothering his soul'.  As such, when the Arachnoknights established a secret base off of Chile, he quickly applied to be one of them. His aptitude and skills testing aligned him as an Arachno Trooper who were trained as marksmen with high powered rifles and energy weapons.


For the next year, Juan was excited to participate in such a structured, militant organization; an organization that actually paid good money for his services; money he sent to his wife and children, keeping them 'off his back' as he did 'a man's job' as an Arachno Trooper. It didn't take long before his love for the Arachnoknights became his nightmare.


When local landowners protested against the seizing of the land in and around the Arachnoknights base, the Arachno Troopers and Knights were sent out to 'dissuade' the locals from any further action. These 'dissuasions' resulted in the Aracho Troopers and Knights killing over a dozen innocent people in their sleep.  When the local towns folks found out about this, they started attacking any Arachnoknights vehicles going to the base, throwing bottles and fruit at them.  Juan was forced to open fire on the locals. Dozens were killed.  Juan was responsible for four deaths himself.  Days later, one of those Juan had gunned down turned out to be an old school friend he hadn't seen in years. The news made him sick to his stomach. Sadly, the killing wasn't over.


Over the next week, locals again and again found ways to make life terrible for the Arachnoknights; setting fires to the jungle around the Arachnoknights' base, chopping down trees to block roads, even so much as trying to hire 'Death Legion' to come in and take out the Arachnoknights (which Death Legion, of course, declined to do that job).  During that time, Juan found himself in direct confrontations with the locals again and again, this time, not shooting them, but instead hitting them with the but of his rifle.  It wasn't until he saw his father, Lucio Escondido, amongst the rebellious locals. There, before Juan's own eyes, he saw his father get shot by one of Juan's fellow Arachno Troopers. That was when Juan realized the folly of his decision to work for the Arachnoknights.


After seeing his father killed, Juan wheeled about and shot the several other Arachno Troopers that he was with.  He then ran to his father's side begging his forgiveness, only for his father's last words to be "Begin anew, son...the world needs you as a hero, not a murderer. Save the world...for your family...and for me".  Juan walked with his father's lifeless corpse for four miles to a church where he gave the priest all the money he had on him and pleaded with him to bury his father properly. Juan then stripped off his Arachno Trooper uniform and ran in his underclothes...for what seemed like forever.  Juan finally stumbled off the edge of the road in exhaustion, where he laid for nearly a day until he awoke... the jungle on fire.


All around him, Juan was surrounded by fire, smoke billowing into the sky, turning daytime into night.  He ripped off his shirt and used it for a mask and ran aimlessly down the road in hope of escaping the massive conflagration about him. Overcome by smoke, he fell to the ground, only to see, as he passed out, shadowy figures helping drag him away.


When he awoke, his wife and children were by his bedside at a house he'd never been in before.  It was the local mayor's house. The air was still thick with smoke as were his lungs, coughing and wheezing for air.  He was told that her neighbors found him and brought him to the only safe location that wasn't burning, the mayor's house. There, he realized that most of the locals knew that Juan had joined the Arachnoknights and thus was expecting a lynch mob, prison...or death by mob. Instead, the locals came in, a few at a time, and told him what had happened to their community and families as a result of the Arachnoknights. The more they spoke, the more saddened and upset Juan became.  Dozens of additional atrocities were told to him, all committed against the locals by the Arachnoknights, most of which Juan wasn't even aware of occuring. One such atrocity that occured to the local young women of the town was rape; rape by Arachno Troopers and Knights. Rape that Juan's wife admitted happened to her.


Overcome with absolute guilt and unyielding sadness, Juan rolled out of bed and dropped to his knees begging forgiveness from his wife, children and the locals, including the mayor.  After an hour of agonizing grief, including Juan telling of how his father was killed by his own fellow Arachno Troopers (and that he'd killed them for their actions), the mayor did a one-on-one site down with Juan. The mayor stated that the people may forgive Juan in time, but Juan needed to help the town avenge those that had been lost to the Arachnoknights. The mayor needed Juan to be the town's hero.  With the word 'hero' uttered, he thought back to his father's dying words...and with that, swore to make everything right once more.


Over the next few months, Juan led the resistance movement against the Arachnoknights. Appropriating weapons, hijacking supplies, training the locals to use the weapons, and performing some incredible acts of daring do, Juan became the embodiment of the resistance.  Eventually, the resistance led by Juan pushed the Arachnoknights back to their island domain off the coast.  From that point on, the Arachnoknights no longer attacked the town or the locals and instead sent a 'peace offering' of $10 million dollars for restitution and an end to hostilities. Juan, of course, didn't accept the Arachnoknight's 'blood money' offer...but the mayor did, on behalf of the town and the locals. the mayor told Juan to 'stand down', but he didn't. Juan's wife pleaded with him that the fight was over, and it was time to rebuild...and become a family once more. Overwhelmed with his desire for action once again, Juan instead went after the Arachnoknights in a fiery, one-man demolition-man attack on the Arachnoknight's island base.


By the dawn of the next morning, half of the Arachnoknight's base was destroyed, with nearly half of its troops dead. The other half evacuated and got away in the night.  As a bloodied and exhausted Juan stood on the beach of the Arachnoknight's island, he saw explosions happening off in the distance on the mainland.  His area. His town.


As fast as he could, he made his way back to the shore and drove a dirt-bike into town only to see the entire town obliterated. Not one single building or home was left standing...including his family's home. When he got there, he found his wife and son dead, with his daughter barely alive. Juan took his daughter on the dirt-bike miles to the south where a medical clinic was that the United Nations ran.  After a few hours, Juan's daughter was awake and doing fine, asking about Juan's wife and the other twin. Juan told her what had happened. The daughter cried. As Juan walked out into the hallway to compose himself, a large figure of a man stopped to talk with him.


His name was General Stone.


General Stone worked with the international peacekeeping division called G.U.A.R.D.  General Stone asked Juan what his part was in the whole crazy happenings up north. Juan told him EVERYTHING. General Stone called the info in to GUARD and asked if Juan could come along to help identify certain elements and accesses they didn't know about. Juan demanded that GUARD take care of his daughter, which General Stone swore that he'd ensure her safety aboard one of their GUARD Skybases out over Argentina.  Once Juan's daughter was flown off in a GUARD aircraft, Juan asked the General for any armor or weapons he could have to help him out.  Against all orders, General Stone suited Juan up in a GUARD battle-suit with high tech weapons. After 20 minutes of lecturing on how to use the suit, the two flew off the the Chilean Arachnoknights island base, where they were in for a big surprise.


The Arachnoknights doubled back and reclaimed their damaged base.


This time, however, the Arachnoknights weren't just facing an angered Juan, they were facing an angered, well armored and armed Juan...along with a contingent of GUARD Terraguard troopers.  In the firefight that occurred over the next hour, GUARD, the General and Juan took down all the Arachno Troopers and knights in the base, including three of their super-powered members. Juan performed with amazing skill, alacrity and focus, all of which General Stone noted in his debriefing thereafter. Thanks to their efforts, the Arachnoknights were crushed in the area, but at great cost to the locals.


Over the next two weeks, Juan worked feverishly to help the locals and townfolks bury their dead and help fix what he could of the community, including burying his wife's and son's bodies. Each remaining living townsfolk all came to Juan over that time and offered him condolences and used the term that seemed to come from everyone's lips that day: 'Redux (start again)'. Finally, General Stone offered Juan a position with the Terraguard troops, promising to continue the quality care his daughter needed in her recovery.  With few prospects, Juan agreed.


Over the next few years, Juan proved himself to be one of the best Terraguard troopers in history. He was a fantastic teamwork-player, an excellent athlete and a tenacious yet focused soldier.  Eventually, General Stone once again offered up a new position for Juan; that in the Terraguardians super-group team.  With an updated version of the GUARD armor he wore fighting alongside General Stone in Chile, Juan was given the chance to continue to be that 'hero' that everyone saw him as, including his now-recuperated daughter, who lived on the Terraguard base in Nevada USA, alongside her father,  Juan. To that end, Juan accepted the promotion, but asked only one thing in return; to be given the codename of that which his townfolks asked him to do years before - Redux. That way, even in Chile, if they'd heard of the exploits of a hero named 'Redux', they'd know who it was...and maybe give hope and comfort to them knowing Juan was out their still trying to be a better man for them and the world.


Today, Redux is still a member of the Terraguardians.  He is a dynamic fighter and of later, has become quite the trainer, replacing the recently lost fellow teammate, Valor, who did all the training beforehand for the team.  Redux is aggressive and tactically inclined in his actions. He is a dedicated hero, who doesn't kill unless he has to. He's accustomed to performing solo missions and of late has even done some covert operations for X-GUARD, GUARD's own black ops division.  Every spare minute Juan has, he spends with his daughter.  He does faun over her quite a bit, but he is a fair dad, teaching his daughter to earn her own way in life (it seems she has some athletic skills as a gymnast at this time). To help him out with his daughter, a Terraguard trooper, Sergeant Amara Espinoza, originally from Ecuador, has spent time taking care of her...and seems to be in the start of a romantic relationship with Juan...and yes, Juan's daughter truly loves Miss Espinoza.

As a passing note, the Arachnoknights have once again retaken their Chilean base, this time backed by bought Chilean politicians, stating that no international organizations or agencies are allowed access to Chilean territory or can take action against the Arachnoknight facilities without Chilean government authorization. Since the Arachnoknights are paying the Chilean politicians an impressive sum, it's not likely that GUARD, the Terraguradians or Redux for that matter will be allowed back into Chile to take out the least, not legally...



Power Origin: Natural

Juan has no powers.




  • Armoring

    • Poor psionic protection

    • Excellent material strength vs physical, energy, temperate, toxic/toxins

    • Incredible protection vs radiation

  • Helmet

    • Remarkable tracking/tactical computer systems

    • Remarkable encrypted GUARD communicators transceiver with unlimited range

    • Multi-band IPv4 & 6 Internet Access at 2Tb/sec rate

    • 1024 video uplink and recording

    • Heads-Up Display (HUD) imagery

    • remarkable flash-resistance visor

    • Infra-red, Night vision, thermal vision, normal vision visor

    • 1-hour oxygen supply

  • Jet Boots

    • remarkable flight speed to max range of 200 miles

  • Redux Specialized Rifle

    • Uses to remarkable armor piercing explosive ammunition

    • range 30 areas

    • Can use standard excellent energy packs

    • Can use standard excellent rifle magazines

  • Redux Sidearm

    • Excellent energy pistol, rang 20 areas

  • Utility Belt

    • Carries 8 magazines of various purpose (ammunition, power packs, etc)

    • Carries 2 days emergency rations and standard survival gear

    • Carries 2 flares

    • Carries ELT for unlimited satellite detection

    • Carries 2 trackers and 1 tracker signal receiver, range 25 miles


  • GUARD (Professional)

  • Marksmanship (professional)

  • Weapons/Munitions (Professional)

  • Armoring repair (Proficient)

  • Navigation (Proficient)

  • Communications (Proficient)

  • Military (Proficient)

  • Arachnoknights (Proficient) (no prestige with this group; persona non grata)

  • Acrobatics (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Melee Combat (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Throwing Weapons (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: + Initiative (Professional)

  • Militia/Resistance Operations (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • English (Professional)

    • Spanish (Master)

    • Portuguese (Professional)

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