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Samuel T. Vincent




early 40s










Major Valor

The Allied Fighters, Terraguardians

Allied Fighters Issue 3

May 2022

Don Finger, Eric Finger

27 Feb 2017



Samuel Vincent was an enlisted U.S. Army Ranger at the time of the Soltan Star Empire's invasion of Earth in the year 2000.  When the Soltans invaded Boston, they quickly took it over, making it a bastion for spearheading attacks all across new England.  Vincent's division was practically decimated in the first days of the invasion, leaving him only a handful of Rangers and no outside support.  Using everything he had, he worked with the gangs of Boston to form a resistance militia against the Soltans, performing hit and run attacks on Soltan camps and vital equipment. As a result of word getting out about Vincent's militia actions and victories, the aged Major Invader, hero and leader of the the World War II team known as the Allied Fighters, threw together a team of green recruits and went into action to kick the Soltans out of New York, Boston and New England.  Sadly, in the battle for Boston, Major Invader lost nearly all of his Allied Fighters, however, Sam Vincent was able to light off a thermobaric bomb that decimated nearly all of the remaining Soltans in Boston.  After the Soltans were defeated in Boston, Vincent took charge of the city until a properly equipped military division was able to eventually cover for them.


Over the next few months after the Battle of Boston, Vincent and his militia continued to pound at the Soltans relentlessly across the United States, using aggressive tactics and bold engagements.  As such, his and the militia's efforts paid off, along with several other victorious battles from military, superhero and even super-villain encounters, causing the Soltans to retreat from North America in July of 2000. When the Soltans were finally routed in August of that same year, Vincent and his militia were hailed as national heroes.  Vincent himself earned the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions.

After the invasion, Vincent was promoted to the rank of Major before he finally decided to retire and start a new life with his new fiancee, Cheryl Swanson.  As fate would have it, his timing was too late.

Major Invader had survived the Soltan Invasion of 2000 and remembered Vincent's capabilities and leadership.  Knowing that age was creeping up on him faster than he could hold it back, Major Invader recently contacted Vincent and after several one-on-one meetings, enticing Vincent to consider joining his new band of Allied Fighters. Vincent at the time was already an integral part of GUARD with the Terraguardians team.  Initially, Vincent was reluctant to join simply due to the fact he wanted to start a family and a new life, but after discussion it with his fiancee Cheryl, they both agreed it was the best thing to do.  A month later, Sam placed himself as an Auxiliary member of the Terraguardians (call him when things are really bad) thus allowing him and Cheryl to finally marry.  After the honeymoon, Sam went to work for Major Invader as the Allied Fighter's Deputy Commander shortly thereafter.


Vincent quickly learned that a majority of the new Allied Fighters had little to no training in working as a team and knowing how to perform even the most basic of tactics and military operations.  He his since became the Allied Fighter's drill instructor and has since been whipping the new Allied Fighters into shape and teaching them to fight as an effective team. 


Even during the hectic long hours of team training and simulations, Sam and Cheryl's love for one another is strong; they are as star-crossed with each other as they were the first time their eyes saw each other.  As far as everyone else who knows the couple are concerned, if there was ever a question of where 'true love' existed in the world, it would definitely be between these two.

Today, Vincent, code-named as "Valor", trains the Allied Fighters primary squad and is the group's Deputy Commander.  He still aids the Terraguardians as needed and misses his team there. As far as Major Invader is concerned, he trusts no other man to lead the Allied other at all.



Powers: None


  • Armor

    • Bodysuit Protection

      • Typical physical protection

      • Typical energy and temperate protection

      • Typical acidic protection

      • Good radiation protection

    • Chest plate

      • Excellent physical protection

      • Excellent energy and temperate protection

      • Good acidic protection

      • Remarkable radiation protection

    • Helmet

      • Remarkable physical protection

      • Remarkable energy and temperate protection

      • Excellent acidic protection

      • Amazing radiation protection

    • Shoulder

      • Amazing physical protection

  • Gauntlets

    • Material

      • Remarkably strong composite material

    • Energy Blasters

      • Excellent energy blasters that can fire once every 5-6 seconds at a range of 200 yards.

  • Boots

    • Magnetic clamps

      • Excellent strength magnetic clamps allow Valor to magnetize to metal surfaces, allowing him to walk on walls, ceiling and metal decks/surfaces in zero-gravity

    • One-Shot Rocket Boots

      • Emergency getaway rockets allows Valor and an additional 500 lbs of weight to be transported from 0 to 500 mph in 6 seconds, averaging a 1000 feet ascent/travel arc.  No brakes.

      • Requires replacement once used.

    • Non-slip soles

      • Prevents slipping on any typical slippery surface using micro-frictional surface detentes.

  • Headgear

    • Communications

      • 25 mile transceiver range across all standard civilian and military frequency bands to include UHF, HF, VHF, microwave and quantum burst (Soltan/alien).

      • Links to Allied Fighter's base computer, Alpha-1.

      • 1Tb data upload/download data link/rate to internet via several sources including satellite.

    • Heads-Up Display (HUD)

      • Visual processing of Alpha-1 data, armor sensors, targeting computer and situational analysis program on projected image only armor bearer can see.

      • Projected in front of eyes. Can be tuned off and on verbally, physical twitch or by mental password.

    • Eye/Ear Protection

      • Visor provides excellent protection from flash and blinding attacks and can shift from normal light to night vision modes

      • Earwigs contain good hearing protection from sonic attacks or allows ear protection when swimming down to 250 feet.

  • Stealth Field

    • Suit can generate a chameleon field around Valor's body , blending him into his environment, making visual detection remarkably difficult.

    • Also creates an energy dissolution field, preventing electronic tracking equipment from tracking him based on motion, heat, microwave, radar, sonar, infra-red, ultra-violet, frequency or sound output up to a remarkable level.

    • Cannot mask smell

    • Susceptible to Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) attacks of good or greater levels.

    • Suit can only maintain field for 5 minutes before battery dies.

  • Belt

    • Repair Parts for Suit

    • Manual communications kit

    • Rations (2 days x 1 person)

    • First Aid Kit

    • Survival Gear

    • Flares (2)/Magnesium flare markers (10)



Current Occupation: Classified/Private Superhero Contractor for United States and United Nations

  • Military (Master)

    • 3x base knowledge of anything military-related; equipment, personnel, tactics, organization

  • Military Tactics (Expert)

    • 2x base knowledge of all forms of military tactics, historical or otherwise

    • +2 initiative to determining attacks

    • 2x fighting ability in melee combat

  • Military Strategy (Master)

    • 3x base knowledge of all forms of military strategic operations, plans and conditions

    • 3x intuition to attacks

  • Covert Operations/Spy (Expert)

    • Reduces target's intuition towards John Brown by 2x when in Stealth

    • 2x intuition vs opponent's stealth

    • 2x movement agility when using stealth

    • 2x knowledge about stealth equipment, operations, history, personnel

  • Zero-G Combat (Expert)

    • 2x fighting in zero-G atmosphere/environment

    • 2x Agility in zero-G atmosphere/environment with magnetic boots operational

  • Pilot (Expert)

    • Certified to fly conventional and jet, military and civilian, single and multi-engine aircraft

    • 2x knowledge and understanding of aircraft, flight effects and aerospace engineering

  • Martial Arts (Expert)

    • 2x melee fighting

    • increased melee initiative

    • 1x evasion skill

  • Politics (Proficient)

    • 1x base knowledge of anything related to politics

  • Communications/Computers (Expert)

    • 2x base knowledge of anything related to computers and communications equipment

    • 2x knowledge on equipment based out of 20th century

  • Marksman (Master)

    • 3x agility for shooting in any condition

  • Weapons Expert: "Valor Gauntlets" (Expert)

    • 3x base knowledge of anything related to Valor Gauntlets

    • 2x agility for shooting with Valor Gauntlets

    • 2x knowledge to repair Valor Gauntlets

  • Weapons Expert (Expert)

    • 2x base knowledge of anything related to any form of modern weapon

    • 1x fighting skills with any weapon

  • Navigation (Proficient)

    • 1x base knowledge of anything related to navigation

    • 1x Intuition to directions and maps and spacial referencing

  • Finances (Proficient)

    • 1x base knowledge of all forms of financial operations, stock market, accounting, money management

  • Field Engineer (Expert)

    • 2x knowledge to fix/maintain equipment in the field

    • Can perform maintenance/repairs in field in 60% less time than average person

    • Normally does not need technical references/specs (partially memorized)

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