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David Striker













Captain Challenger, Major Challenger, Kinetix


Allied Fighters Issue 3

May 2022

Don "Major Deej" Finger

7 March 2009



None mentioned



David Striker is reportedly an ex-Army Green Beret Captain that performed heroically and bravely on several dangerous military missions for the US Army. Immediately after his promotion, Captain Striker disappeared for several months, only to reappear as if nothing ever happened. When he reappeared, he discovered he had new kinetic energy powers...dangerous powers. He was not able to control them nor was he able to mitigate the amount of damage the energy's exposure did to people and things. The US Army, believing he was 'abducted and experimented on', isolated Striker for the next few months, trying to figure out how best to deal with him.  The Army's resolution, sadly, was to honorably discharge him from the US Army and leave his 'powers' condition for something other than the military to deal with.

Not long after that, the heroic Major Deej, leader of the New York City-based super-group known as the Challengers, was severely beaten, as well as most of the Challengers team by a band of vicious super-villains.  With the Challengers out of commission, every thief, crook, murderer and criminal took to the streets. Crime rose over 1400% in less than a week. With no local heroes capable of stemming this tide of evil, one man came out of nowhere and started doing all he could to stop crime. His code-name, as per the press' own naming convention, was Captain Challenger (expecting he was a surviving member of the Challengers).  Captain Challenger was actually David Striker in a costume and with specialized boots, gauntlets and even a helmet, all of which, were based on Major Deej's costume when he'd first started out...and in all truth...actually was Major Deej's.


After Major Deej had been hospitalized, Striker was 'informed' by some old man about the location of one of Major Deej's hideaways he had back in the day when he was starting out as a hero. There, Striker found an old costume, helmet, gauntlets and boots, all stored in a vault...for which the old man also gave him the combination for (after which the old man quickly and mysteriously 'vanished'). Amazingly, the gauntlets actually helped Striker to focus his kinetic energy through his hands and direct the damage upon impact, rather than outwardly from his arms and body. After a few days of testing the suits and equipment, knowing that Major Deej was hospitalized and reportedly in a coma, Striker put on the suit and attempted to thwart crime in the Big Apple.

Not only did Striker excel in stopping crimes in New York City (dropping it back down to its original 5-10% rate), he also enticed other third-rate heroes and concerned citizens to go out on patrols and help report and stop the violence and crime.  The media was so impressed, the media themselves decided to promote their 'Captain Challenger' to 'Major Challenger' in the bylines.

For the next several months, Major Challenger and his pseudo-team of civilians did a fantastic job. When Major Deej finally came out of his coma, the people clamored for "Major Challenger" to be the new leader of the Challengers super-group. Eventually, Major Deej got to asking Major Challenger if he wanted to either lead of join the Challengers, to which Major Challenger emphatically said 'no'; the Challengers were not only Major Deej's team, but Major Challenger wasn't ready to lead others to that degree...yet. As such, once the Challengers were back on their feet again, Major Challenger officially changed his superhero title to 'Kinetix' and became a solo hero...who received quite a few upgrades to his armor and new costume as a gift for his help in keeping the city safe throughout the Challengers' recovery time.

As Kinetix, Striker helped keep the New York City streets safe, taking out gangs, cartels and even a few super-villains.  He was doing good, but his military severance check wasn't helping to pay the rent.  He needed money and a means to commute (his boot jet fuel was expensive!), and as such, in a whimsical statement to the media one day, Striker unthinkingly stated that 'unless I can find honest work that doesn't mind me being a super-powered guy with a secret identity, it looks like need to catch a cab to stop the next criminal'.  Almost as if on cue, hours later, Kinetix was met by the superhero known as Valor, and in that meeting, a new future was started.

Valor introduced Striker to GUARD, an international peacekeeping force that was well known for its powerful 'Guardians' mega-group of superheroes. Valor had mentioned he'd been 'moonlighting' with another superhero group and was unable to help focus his energies 100% to his new team of "Terraguardians".  He asked Striker if he'd join the team, once trained up through GUARD protocols, he mentioned he wanted Striker to be his new right-hand man.  The rest of the Terraguardians members, sadly, were too young and had no military experience, which Valor considered important to the role.  After 20 minutes of discussions, Striker as "Kinetix" joined GUARD, the Guardians and the Terraguardians teams.

Recently, Valor was killed in action while fighting alongside the 21st century version of the Allied Fighters team. With no apparent leader to replace him, Kinetix was put to the task.  As with newer protocols, the team leader of each Guardians team was to use a new 'title' based on the team's regional specialty and base division name; as such, Striker had to change his Kinetix hero title to 'Terraguardian' as he took over leadership of the Terraguardians group.


Although he is a seasoned leader, managing a band of highly unique characters in this group has become quite a challenge for Terraguardian, especially when his GUARD boss, General Stone, is a die-hard military man who expects the team to operate in a proper, conducive state (hinted to be a 'military' state) or General Stone would find another leader. Thus far, its been two years, and "Terraguardian" is still in charge of the team, providing the best leadership anyone could hope for with such a diverse and undisciplined team as those that make up the Terraguardians

Terraguadian is a wise, thoughtful man. He has a heroic soul and a heart of gold, but tempers it with discipline, albeit not necessarily military discipline, per se. He has numerous girlfriends and has a weakness for women. He doesn't want to settle down knowing his job would automatically create divorce-level friction in less than a year's time to anyone he'd wished to propose to.   He is duty-bound person, but has also learned that a proper mix of selfishness should be mixed in with selflessness, otherwise, me may live to regret 'not living life' to the fullest before he dies.



Kinetic Energy Control

  • Coalescing Kinetic Energy Build-Up and Discharge

    • Can generate and coalesce kinetic energy from his own body and the immediate environment

    • The kinetic energy automatically builds-up inside him until it is released in an uncontrolled kinetic energy burst from his hands or feet of an excellent level, discharging outwardly to all adjacent areas, affecting and damaging all except himself.

    • Without the aid of his current gauntlets and boots, he cannot control the kinetic energy discharge (see "Equipment" below for more about his focused capabilities).

    • Must have a means of producing kinetic energy (hitting himself, hitting things, building up a kinetic energy ball in his hands, etc.) in order to build-up to discharge any kinetic energy blast.

    • Being thoroughly restrained and/or placed in an immovable state will prevent him from creating kinetic energy build-up in himself

  • Kinetic Energy Protection

    • He is immune from damage from his own kinetic energy discharge or build-up

  • Kinetic Leaps

    • Using his Kinetic Energy Build-Up (without his power-suit's boots (see "Equipment" below)), he can project his kinetic energy blast through his feet and launch himself over 200 feet up, 270 feet across (while already in motion) and 350 feet down without taking damage.



Kinetix/Terraguardian Power-Suit & Armor

  • Body Armor

    • Provides remarkable physical, toxic/toxin protection

    • Provides incredible energy, temperate, and magnetic protection

    • Provides spectacular radiation protection

  • Exosleletal Enhancements​

    • Provides for excellent strength​

    • Provides for amazing endurance

  • Gauntlets

    • Provides amazing protection from all forms of damage except psionic and magical

    • Provides unearthly radiation protection

    • Allows Striker to 'focus' his uncontrolled kinetic energy build-up and blasts that he can do via his hands, amplify them and discharge them to to remarkable levels.

  • Boots

    • Provides amazing protection from all forms of damage except psionic and magical

    • Provides unearthly radiation protection

    • Allows Striker to 'focus' his uncontrolled kinetic energy build-up and blasts that he can do via his legs and feet, amplifying it and discharging it to remarkable levels, boosting his kinetic leap (shown in 'Powers' above) by 25% (distance).

  • Helmet

    • Provides amazing protection from all forms of damage except psionic and magical

    • Provides good psionic protection (neural net/tech powered)

    • Provides unearthly radiation protection

    • Encrypted communications suite with unlimited range on Earth

    • Visor provides good flash protection

    • Visor contains a Heads-Up Display (HUD) with imagery from the GUARD-provided tactical network (remarkable informational capabilities).

    • Has facial camera as well as external camera linked to GUARD-provided tactical network

  • Oxygen System/Mask

    • Can provide 4 hours max of oxygen supply

    • Mask provides hermetical seal with the rest of the armor when applied/used

  • Electronic-Counter Measures (ECM)

    • When activated, the field scrambles any network, communications and/or energy fields within 200 yards

    • When activated, prevents magnetic attacks at good levels

Rocket Pack

  • Pack is made of spectacular material strength

  • Provides flight up to 800 miles of range (without additional weight); -10% range per each additional 150 lbs of weight

  • Max Speed (in armor): 600 mph 

  • Max altitude (in armor): 5,000 AMSL

  • Requires solid fuel replacement once used up


  • US Army/Military (Professional)

  • Green Berets (Professional)

  • GUARD (Professional)

  • Challengers super-group (Professional)

  • Marksmanship (Professional)

  • Explosives/Ordnance/Ordnance Removal (Proficient)

  • Ammunition manufacturing (Proficient)

  • Stealth (Professional)

  • Leadership (Professional)

  • Kinetic Energy/Physics (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Melee Fighting (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Edged Melee (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: +Initiative (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Holds/Escapes (Proficient)

  • Military Vehicles/Weapons (Professional)

  • Survival (Professional)

  • Navigation (Professional)

  • Tactical Fighting/Operations (Proficient)

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