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Kenneth"Ken" Cabbot




Late 20s












Don "Major Deej" Finger

19 April 2014


Ted Cabbot (uncle)



Kenneth 'Ken" Cabbot, an Australian geophysics engineer, was utilizing experimental electro-siesmographing equipment designed to 'pound big rocks into little rocks' for highway excavation and when struck by lightning changed from a normal engineer from Queensland into an electrically charged controller of dirt, rock and earth.

Ken's boss, Roger Rogers, had bid a road construction job out into the Outback of Australia at far less money than it would take to complete.  When his boss was told he'd not only be fired but jailed for fraud if he didn't complete the project on time and at cost, he asked Ken how to cut corners.  Ken had a relative, a bit of a loon of an engineer, yet brilliant nonetheless, who had devised an 'electro-siesmic' device that could rapidly blast big rocks into dust, using existing power line energy in 1/2 the time and at no cost other than labor.  Ken's boss agreed, and told Ken HE was responsible to operating the machine.  Nothing would be the same for Ken after that.

On a stormy Tuesday morning, Ken, his uncle and his Ken's team set up and started operating the experimental equipment.  Tied into the major power lines along the road, the equipment worked perfectly.  They cleared a level path  for over a mile's length of road in less than an hour. As the equipment was running, the weather started getting bad.  Ken recommended shutting down the equipment, but Rogers said no and to work full 12 hour shifts, regardless of weather.  An hour later, as Ken was using the equipment, the equipment was struck by a bolt of lightning.  This lightning, coupled with the power lines, created a rotating, arcing surge between the equipment, Ken and the power lines.  Ken's uncle went to pull Ken off the equipment only to get shocked to death.  The machine started over-driving itself digging a hole into the ground under Ken and the equipment, all the while the lightning 'loop' kept blasting electrical tendrils off in all directions, preventing anyone from getting near it or Ken.

After Ken and the machine disappeared into the 20 foot deep hole it dug, the lightning loop finally grounded itself and dissipated.  Ken came out of the hole, lifted by a column of rock and earth, like as if it was nothing but an elevator.  Rogers and Ken's team looked on in awe at what they were witnessing. Although Ken's hair was standing on end, clothes burnt and singed and a few blackened streaks across his face and skin, Ken was perfectly fine and healthy.  The equipment down in the hole promptly blew up the moment Ken was out of the hole.

Ken raced to his uncle's side, only to realize his uncle was dead.  He tried to do chest compressions, and,  strangely enough, electricity began flowing from Ken's hands straight into his uncle's chest, recharging his uncle's heart and reviving him...albeit temporarily.  For the brief moments after his uncle regained consciousness, Ken told his uncle what had happened, with his uncle's final words being, "you need a bigger, better job now, hero".  Rogers, his boss, went on a tirade blaming everything on Ken, firing him on the spot, and yelling that he was going to call the police and have Ken arrested for his uncle's death.  Ken zapped Rogers from across the way, nearly killing Rogers. Ken's crew ran away in fear.  Ken himself, tried to revive his uncle once more, but instead, starting burning his uncle's skin, causing his now dead uncle's body to erupt in flames.  Ken, horrified, tried reeling away only to launch himself with a rock pillar into the sky where he starting flying using electrical currents in the air.  Ken eventually flew off to an unpopulated area in the Outback to think things over.

Days later, tired and hungry, Ken turned himself in to the local police.  Days after Ken's arrest and charges of manslaughter, GUARD arrived on the scene.  GUARD had contracted Ken's uncle to build the electro-siesmic machine and test it, and were surprised to find the results, as well as Ken's new powers.  After much discussion, Ken was cleared of all wrong-doing and was asked to join GUARD's "Terraguardian" super-group to help them make the world a better place and be a hero.  "Hero" was the work Ken took to heart, and agreed to join, stating that he'd be the hero he hoped his uncle would be proud of.

Since then, Ken has taken the codename Geostatic

Geostatic is a standard hard working, hard drinking Australian with an great skills in  engineering.  As such, he finds himself kit-bashing and creating things from spare parts now and then.  Although a bit crass, Ken has the soul of a hero and hopes to prove to the world that he is the hero his uncle knew he could be.

What is NOT known to Ken is that during the accident that gave him his powers, at the bottom of the hole the electro-siesmic machine dug during its overdrive operation, it blasted a four-century old ancient arcane Aboriginal pendant that was buried with the remains of an Aboriginal shaman of those days.  When the machine's destructive waves hit the pendant, it exploded with a wave of ancient magical powers, infusing the electrical and earth powers into Ken. Although Ken believes his powers are based in 'science', they are actually 'magical'.



Power Origins: Science

  • Earth Control

    • Incredible rock, earth, sand and dirt control

    • Can form rock fragments as a form of 'flying carpet' with an altitude of no more that 250 feet AGL.

    • Range is up to 400 feet

  • Electrical Assault

    • Remarkable electrical power that can charge, overcharge and drain batteries, generate electrical bolts

    • Can travel along electrical lines of current in the air up to 250 mph

    • Since he generates his own electrical power, he never needs to recharge.


  • Electrical Generation Amplification Belt

    • Can be used in a one-shot instance to increase output of electrical powers an additional level.

  • Earwig

    • Encrypted communications transceiver with 250 mile range.


  • Geophysics Engineering (Professional)

  • Road Construction (Proficient)

  • Geology (Proficient)

  • Electrical Engineering (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Melee Fighting (Proficient)

  • Kit-bashing (Professional)

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