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Sands Of ChangeJamie Franecki Yumi
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Khalida Kateb
















Don "Major Deej" Finger

20 April 2014



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Khalida Kateb is an Algerian woman who has been 'banished' by her Muslim community for being a 'devil' with the power to control and manipulate sand and wind.

At age 13, Khalida first discovered her powers.  She has no idea how she go them, and initially through it was a blessing from God, however, her parents forced her to keep her powers a secret and never use them ever again, saying it was not 'normal' for a woman to have more power than a man.  Aggravated, but submissively, she did as she was told, until the day she had to use her powers to save her classmates.

A terrorist group had attacked a local police barracks and lost their get-away vehicle in the shooting.  As such, the terrorists locked themselves into Khalida's all-girl school and used Khalida's fellow classmates as human shields.  When the women tried to stop the terrorists, they were shot dead.  At one point, one of the terrorists threatened to kill one of Khalida's best friends to make an example of the terrorists' convictions.  That's when Khalida used her powers to draw sand from all around the school, creating a vortex of a sandstorm, and them blasting the terrorists with concentrated blasts of sand, knocking them out into the school's sandy courtyard and enveloping and burying them much the way quicksand does. Khalida took out all 10 terrorists in less than 30 seconds.  When the sand settled, her friends ran away from her screaming, calling her a devil. The elders and the police all agreed to lock Khalida up in prison until they could figure out what to do with her. 

That night, Khalida's father stealthily broke her out of prison, gave her all the money he had and told her to call the number on a slip of paper.  It was the number to the only westerner her father trusted; a man known as General Stone, whom he'd encountered years before in one of General Stone's secretive Algerian missions.   Khalida escaped and called the phone number, relating her story.  Within hours, Khalida was picked up and taken to General Stone's new base of operations in Nevada.

After days of discussions, Khalida agreed to help General Stone and the international peacekeeping force known as GUARD to help stop other evil people such as the terrorists that attacked her school.  She wanted to use her "God-given powers" to prove she was not a devil, but instead blessed with powers that she intends to use to help the innocent as "Sandeisha".


Power Origin: Mutant


  • Sand Control

    • Excellent ability to manipulate and control silicon-based sand in granular form up to 200 yards away.

    • When controlled/manipulated, the sand, up to 200 yards away, can be used as a physical attack in the form of sandy tendrils, causing excellent physical damage to the target/targets.

    • Cannot pick up and rocks or silicon-based materials larger than 20 ounces independently, but can lift, move and control any and all granular silicon-based, sand particles within range, up to 2 tons of weight total of such material.

    • She can 'soften' sand density to create quicksand and/or 'harden' sand to provide an excellent hold on any object or person.

    • When the sand in wet, she can only control/manipulate out to 100 yards from her, but when used as a physical attack with wet sand tendrils, it instead does increased damage up to remarkable levels.

  • Wind/Storm Control

    • Has good control of wind and air pressure within 200 yards, able to create gusts of wind up to 100 mph within the same range.

    • Using her Sand Control powers, she can manipulate the sand in the wind to make tendrils, swaths, waves and saturated sand storms within range of her control.

    • In creating sand storms, when used for longer than 2 minutes on a subject/area, she can minimize the oxygen content in the affected storm area, thus causing her targets oxygen deprivation making then pass out, all in a time pending the target's endurance and health.

    • Using sand and wind as a sand storm, she can diminish visibility by a factor of 3, reducing vision to within 6 feet.

    • Using sand and wind as a sand storm, she can obscure radar, sensors and thermal vision at an excellent level.

  • Null Zone

    • She can create a null zone of no sand or wind within inches or up to 4 feet in radius from her body without effort​.

    • Even with the sand and wind being controlled and used around her, the area around her head is not affected at all by her powers, allowing clear hearing, sight, taste and breathing.

  • Flight/Gliding

    • Using her wind powers, she is able to ride on gusts of air, simulating flying, but only up to altitudes of a few hundred feet over the ground at a maximum speed of over 100 mph.

    • She can only lift up to an additional 100 lbs besides her own weight without effort in this manner, aside from the sand she controls. She has, on occasion, been able to lift at least one person, but it takes concentration and constant focus to do so (all at a reduced air speed as well).


NOTE: When she uses her powers, her eyes white over.


  • Costume

    • Provides poor physical, energy and toxic/toxin protection

    • Provides typical temperate protection

    • Provides excellent radiation protection

  • Earwig

    • Encrypted communications transceiver with GUARD frequencies for unlimited range/access

    • Batteries last for up to 3 days before recharging is required

    • Made of excellent material


  • Muslim religion (professional)

  • Algerian history (Proficient)

  • GUARD (Proficient)

  • GUARD mind-control/mind-reading defenses (Proficient) (vs. psyche)

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