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General Stone

Gerald "Jerry" Stone

Codename: "Land"

Modern Major GeneralPirate Movie S/T
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US Marine enlisted-gone-officer with over 25 years of combat experience and training,  A tactical genius with a PhD in Military Science, General Stone leads one of the most powerful, heavily trained ground combatants, sleuths and Earth Science engineers on all of Earth.

After his 25 years of exhaustive military service, participating in nearly every campaign on Earth during that time, Stone turned down positional promotions all so as to stay in the field with the troops. Even while in the field, he was earning his degrees in Criminology, Political Science, Social Studies, Earth Sciences and his PhD in Military Science. With a string of victories in combat, low to negligable casualties and a near perfect military record, Stone was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor not once, but twice.

After 25 years, Stone was relieved of his command and retired from the service after he refused to take a desk job one last time.  Days later, he was contacted by the Director of G.U.A.R.D. to head up TERRAGUARD; he moved into GUARD's HQ that day with all his belongings in a duffel bag.

When TERRAGUARD's personnel were informed of General Stone's new position with GUARD, the theater exploded in cheers and excitement; he was a true war hero, loved and respected by many.

Since then, General Stone has trained and honed the thousands of troops, sleuths and engineers under his command, ready to take the fight to any who dare demand it. 

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