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Usha Minhas












Ms. Nebula

Astroguardians, Guardians



Don "Major Deej" Finger

1975 (male); 8 Jul 2008 (female)



Mustafa Minhas (Father, deceased)

Maya Minhas (Mother, deceased)



On 1 January 2000, Maya Minhas arrived at her husband's Bandha Thorium Nuclear Power Plant to bring him his lunch he'd forgotten at home that morning.  May was already 8 months pregnant with what the sonogram showed was a baby girl, but regardless, was still able to drive and 'waddle', as she stated it, to the plant for her husband.

At that same time, the Soltan Star Empire attacked and invaded Earth.

Soltan agents had been secretly posted on Earth for many years to identify targets to sabotage and destroy prior to or at the start of the invasion.  The Bandha Thorium Nuclear Power Plant was one such target.  At the same time as the attack, the proton bombs went off at the Thorium plant.  The bombs were only meant to shut down the electrical generation at the plant, and not the Thorium nuclear core, however, one of the generators overloaded from the explosion, causing its shaft to shoot out of the generator like a howitzer shell and pierce the Thorium reactor core.  The core was supercritical withing seconds.

Maya's husband, Mustafa Minhas, ran from his wife and immediately donned an anti-radiation suit in an attempt to access the reactor room and perform an emergency scram of the reactor and shutdown the core, however, the core began to meltdown. Normally, there is a plug at the bottom of a Thorium reactor that melts, allowing the molten Thorium to drain into an underground tank that is lined and sealed to prevent atmosphereic exposure, however, the generator shaft was lodged in the hole, blocking nearly all the Thorium from draining.

Mustafa died before he could even enter the reactor room.

The nuclear power plant personnel all began to quickly die due to the high neutron radiation...all except Maya.  She was alive...and in labor.

During the peak of the Thorium radiation exposure, little Usha Minhas was born.  At the same time, the generator shaft finally melted, allowing the Thorium to drain into the underground storage tank, thus no longer endangering anyone else to the high levels of radiation as before.

The Soltans didn't care one way or another and instead abandoned the location, taking with it only 100 civilians to use for slaves at their next conquest city.  The only living person left was baby Usha, who not only glowed with the innocence of childbirth...but with radiation.  Rather than feed from her (now dead) mother, baby Usha fed on the background remaining radiation in the plant.  She fed off the plants energy for several months...until finally the Soltan Invasion was averted and a team of nuclear damage control teams arrived in anti-radiation suits...where they found little Usha, who was alive and well, already walking...and glowing a magenta glow from all the radiation she'd absorbed as sustenance.

Over the next decade and a half, the India government kept Usha a secret from the world.  They studied her and learned that she'd developed the basic properties of that of a radioactive cloud wherein she could diffuse her body's molecules like a cloud or solidify all at mental command.

Rather than standard food, she required radiation to feed on.  She could eat food, when in her solid state, but she didn't gain as much energy as that she could get from radiation in her cloud-like state.  She was trained by scholars and educated, earning herself an associates degree in science at age 17.  Her family were all the scientists and lab technicians she'd grown up with, but she wanted to see more of the world.  At age 17, after getting her associate's degree, she decided to 'sneak out' and truly see the world.

The result of her 'sneaking out' led to the death of four innocent civilians that died due to her radiation generation.  She was identified in the news as a radioactive killer ghost, but after the India government's lab personnel captured her, they quelled the stories about the 'killer ghost'.

Usha was devastated that she'd killed the four people; she wasn't aware of what her powers could do to others.  She'd always wanted to help people, but now, knowing her basic existence could kill people, pained her greatly.

That's when G.U.A.R.D. arrived with Commander Vladimir Vorisch of GUARD's Astroguard division.

Commander Vorisch offered the India government and nuclear lab to take Usha off their hands and train her in the use of her powers and to become a 'hero for India' rather than a 'killer ghost'.  India, still suffering from the expenses and devastation of the Soltan Invasion, had little choice but to acquiesce.

Usha was provided a shielded, but enjoyable living quarters, a new anti-radiation body suit and an extensive training program.  In less than a year, she mastered her powers and was now able to even stay solid for days at a time (also realizing there were far more foods than those slathered in Curry sauce).  She met with a man codenamed Astroguardian on day, wherein he offered Usha a chance to become part of one of GUARD's superhero teams, the Astroguardians.  They'd be based in the new Gagarin Space Station most of the time, thus allowing Usha a chance to safely use her power and not accidentally affect others back on Earth on a daily basis.  Usha loved the idea, but requested to be allowed to visit her 'nuclear family' in India from time to time, which of course was granted.

Today, Usha, now called "Nebula", has become a valuable member of the Astroguardians team.  Her powers allow the team to use her to get into areas others cant, as well as utilize her incredible mind to help solve problems.  Although still young and emotionally immature, she has the desire to be a hero and help others, but as she learns about emotions and more about people, will that aid or hinder her link to humanity overall?



Power Origin: Science (nucleus-based)

  • Radiation Emission Charge/Recharge

    • She can absorb and amplify her exposure to radiation to use as an internal battery for radiation emission and her radiation-based powers.

    • Exposure to a typical-level radiation source for several seconds is enough to charge her with 200 units of radiation power for use.

      • An excellent source provides 400 units; an amazing source (reactor control rods) can give her 1000 units, etc.​

  • Radiation Emission

    • Radiant Aura

      • Can emits particles that can aid in good healing or re-strengthening wounds for self and others within an 8 foot radius.

      • Radiation Infection

      • Infects a targeted foe with dangerously good amounts of radiation, severely decreasing their agility, fighting and endurance. All foes that come near the target will also become infected.

      • The Radiation Infection will last until deactivated, or until the original target is defeated.

      • Radiation units are emitted based on the level of radiation expended on the target over time.

    • Accelerated Metabolism

      • Can create an invigorating field around allies allowing them an increased metabolism and power rate for about 1/2 minute. Afterwards, the ally will loose health at a feeble rate for that same 1/2 minute about 2 hours after being invigorated.

      • Each ally affected costs a typical amount of radiation units.

    • Radioactive Cloud

      • Can create incredibly powerful radiation cloud about herself outwards from her body to a radius of 40 yards; the cloud emits a radiation cloud that looses a level of damage each 10 yards from her body/cloud center.

      • Unless emitting radiation in the cloud, she doesn't expel radiation units in this power use.

  • Radiation Blast

    • Particle Beams (from hands)

      • A very quick, but poor level damage attack.

      • Particle Beams can reduce the target's endurance after three successful strikes (though armor/defenses).

    • Optical Beams (from eyes)

      • Good level of damage from radiation to target; range = 100 yards

      • Can only be used a total of 10 times a day (see Weaknesses)

  • Temperature Invulnerability

    • Unearthly invulnerability, while in cloud form, towards any temperate attacks and/or conditions

    • Can survive in vacuum of space, or in an atomic blast

  • Gaseous/Particulate Cloud Form

    • Can change into a cloud form that has little to no mass, other than a variety of unique gases (Argon, Hydrogen, etc.) and granular particulate (mostly silicate)

    • While in this state, she cannot receive physical damage

    • Cloud state provides fantastic protection vs energy, toxins, and light based attacks

    • Cloud state provides unearthly protection vs all forms of radiation

  • Flight/Hovering

    • While in the cloud form, she can move at a maximum rate of 40 mph in atmosphere, 40,000 mph in space

    • While in solid form, she can fly up to 60 mph in atmosphere and and 60,000 mph in space


  • Power Depletion Into Solid Form

    • When all ​her radiation charge is used up, she will revert back to solid, human form. She will then be required to eat and drink like a normal human.

    • While depleted, Earth's background radiation, and for that point, space's background radiation is enough to prevent her from dissipating and dying.  If she were placed in a containment vessel devoid of access to even feeble amounts of radiation, she will dissipate and die in less than a day's time, pending on percentage of health at time of removed radiation.


  • Anti-Radiation Suit

    • Provides excellent protection from radiation emissions from Usha's body in solid or cloud state

    • Provides poor physical and toxic protection while in solid form

  • Belt/Sash

    • Belt provides terrestrial communications that can extend across anywhere on Earth, only in solid state

    • Sash provides extraterrestrial communications up to 2 million miles of distance in outer space, even in cloud state

    • Belt is irradiated in a radiation charging chamber (located at the Gagarin Space Station) providing an excellent (shielded) source of radiation she can feed on over a duration of time and for missions.


  • Astrophysics (proficient)

  • Astronomy (proficient)

  • Astro-navigation (proficient)

  • Chemistry (proficient)

  • Geology (proficient)

  • Aerial combat (proficient)

  • Marksmanship (with powers) (proficient)

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