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Never Let Me Down AgainNeon Coven
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Scott Evans
















Don "Major Deej" Finger

1970s; 6 Oct 2010


Tom Evans (Father, deceased)

Gloria Evans (Mother, deceased)

Craig Evans (Brother, status unknown, but believed to be held by Soltans on the dark side of Mars)

Carolyn Evans (Sister)




MI-6 British Intelligence Special Agent Scott Evans came from a long line of familial British Intelligence officers...until the Soltans invaded Earth in 2000.  Scott's father and mother, both also working in MI-6, were instantly killed by the Soltans in the first wave of their attack on London.  Scott's older brother, Craig, and their younger sister, Carolyn fled to the countryside and hid in cliffside caves for weeks after the invasion, living off of seafood and rainwater runoff. Craig did all he could to take care of them, but it was obvious that Craig wanted to go fight the Soltans and make them pay.

Eventually, a band of resistance fighters found the siblings' cave and set up shop there.  Scott and Carolyn helped care for the wounded fighters, helped collect firewood and tried to cook for them, doing the best they could do. Scott's brother, Craig, although only 12, wanted revenge against the Soltans bad.  As such, Craig abandoned Scott and Carolyn and joined the British resistance fighters.

Craig never came back for Scott or Carolyn. Craig was last seen fighting Soltans in a bloody battle outside of Jersey with the resistance and was never seen after that.

After three months, Scott and Carolyn, nearly starved (as were the few remaining resistance fighters with them), were found by a group of remaining British superheroes, who took in the lot to one of their hideaways on the Isle of Man.  There, the conditions weren't much better, but the equipment and resources they'd collected and stored there from the Soltans were quite impressive.  Scott took care of his sister Carolyn, all the while, on occasion, sneaking into the alien weaponry stores to find use to help protect him and his sister if they should ever be found by the Soltans. As fate would have it, a unique weapon provided Scott exactly what he wanted...sadly, it literally blew up in Scott's face getting Scott more than he bargained for.

Scott found a strange device in a storage container that was believed (Notes pinned to the item) it was a bio-recombinator, used to heal any Soltan warrior from any type of genetic weapon effects.  Earth didn't have genetic weapons, so this item was an obvious 'low priority' item left behind by the Soltans, but found by a band of Earth's humans instead and stockpiled with other Soltan stolen items on the Isle of Man. The devise had a large red label on the item's box that said "Untested. Do not touch."

Scott touched it.

When Scott did touch it, he activated the device to deliver a massive dose of magical energies, coupled with a nanotech healing system, both of which attached themselves to Scott. The magical energies, unattuned to Scott, instead gave Scott enhanced physical capabilities even for that of a Soltan, as well as a remarkable healing power...and some very unique abilities, all because Scott's DNA was DNA that had a recessive X-65 mutagenic in it from his great, great grandfather's exposure to the X-65/Mustard Gas from back in World War I.  The family hadn't 'necessarily' had their DNA 'changed' from the X-65 mutagenic, but the Evans family was renown for all generations AFTER World War I to be top-tier athletes and highly accurate marksmen, a combination of abilities that made the Evans' family a desired addition to MI6 after World War I. The recessive X-65 mutagen was passed down from generation to generation, however, it was never strong enough to fully activate and create a genetic mutation in an Evans...that is, until Scott activated the X-65 mutagen within himself with the help of the alien bio-recombinator.

The bio-recombinator drained itself of all its contents, leaving the device inert after Scott used it all on himself.

For the next 4 months, Scott laid in a coma, being moved from field hospital to field hospital.  His sister Carolyn was taken in by a kind family and after Scott came out of his coma after that 4 month period, Scott and Carolyn were reunited...but were obviously homeless, parentless and with a missing older brother. They made their way back to their original home; a home that was partially destroyed...but was still considered, for the time...home.

A surviving friend of the family, also from MI-6, found Scott and Carolyn holed up in their old home. That friend took in Scott and Carolyn and adopted them, allowing them to still retain their family last name.

Many years later, Scott and Carolyn, freshly graduated from university, both were recruited and accepted by MI-6.  Scott quickly became a Special Agent capable of performing amazing feats of daring, using his powers of healing and 'kinetics', along with his enhanced physical capabilities, to make quite the name for himself as one of the best field agents in MI-6.  Carolyn instead went to work in the intelligence gathering business and became an analyst for MI-6. Both Scott and Carolyn still had strong familial ties. Even while at MI-6, they never stopped looking for their brother, Craig.

During a recent MI-6 mission that Scott was leading,  a surprising find of an active Soltan spy cell was discovered to be still operating on Earth and actively communicating with their brethren Soltans who'd since retreated to the dark side of Mars after their failed invasion of Earth in 2000.  The cell was taken down, the Soltans there captured and the data and equipment analyzed...analyzed by Scott's sister, Carolyn, as a matter of fact. Not long after that raid, Carolyn pulled Scott to the side and told him, in confidence, some of what she'd discovered.  One such piece of data was a list of possible 'Terrans' (as the Soltan called the humans of Earth) that were still being used as slaves by the Soltans; slaves that were still alive and working on the dark side of Mars.

Their brother Craig was one of the names on that list.

Scott and Carolyn immediately brought this to the attention of their MI-6 superiors, all of whom stating that there was 'nothing to do about it'; there was no way MI-6 could launch a rescue mission to Mars, nonetheless for a non-MI-6 set of assets such as the Terran slaves. Scott went over his supervisors heads to the British Parliament, only to be chastised and demoted for doing so. Carolyn was warned not to pursue the issue any further or she too would suffer Scott's fate with a demotion.  As such, Scott told Carolyn to not 'press the issue', while Scott himself was going to do everything in his power to find a way to save their brother.  As it was, the rest of the immediate family was dead except for Scott and Carolyn...and maybe...just maybe, their brother Craig.

After researching and doing some 'field work', Scott learned of a secretive pro-offense movement that wanted to take the fight to the Soltans in an all-out offensive strike at the Soltans' base on the dark side of Mars.  The plan was supposedly to 'commandeer' the only Terran starship, Terracer 1, currently being used as a defensive platform in orbit against any possibly Soltan invasion return (which was deemed unlikely at that time), and taking the ship and thousands of pro-offensive movement people and basically perform what was considered to be a suicide mission to take out as many Soltans on the dark side of Mars as possible.

Scott knew this was the ONLY way he was going to be able to save his and Carolyn's brother.  As such, Scott came up with a brilliant plan. He would take on a new identity and, using his powers, become an overnight superhero that would join in with the pro-offensive movement followers so as to get taken aboard Terracer 1 and use Terracer 1 and the movement to get him to Mars to do what he could do to save his brother from Soltan slavery. Scott resigned from MI-6 that week.

After weeks of plotting, planning and becoming a new superhero called "Fossicker" (a name Scott thought was 'cool'), 'Fossicker' was recruited into the pro-offensive movement and made his way onto Terracer 1 and into history. During this time, he has also become fast friends with the current captain of Terracer 1 and the Starfighters, Captain Starfighter.  Both seem to have a like-minded view on things and consider themselves best friends, even though Fossicker will not reveal his face to him or anyone else (Fossicker always wears his mask in public, even pulled up a bit to eat; will remove mask while sleeping by himself though). As such, Captain Starfighter and Fossicker are as 'tight at thieves' when it comes to actions, planning, shenanigans, drinking and fun (the question Scott doing this to gain better access to the Captain...or are they TRULY friends...?). Scott has NOT told Captain Starfighter of his true mission to retrieve his brother, Craig

Today, Scott, as "Fossicker" continues to operate as a pro-offensive movement superhero 'hell bent' on getting revenge against those evil Soltans as one of Terracer 1's superhero team members called the "Starfighters". He has not told anyone about his REAL mission to save his brother from the SoltansScott, using his MI-6 skills and training, continues to send coded messages to his sister, Carolyn, back to Earth to let her know his status, stating to her that he'll either come home with Craig...or not at all.

Fossicker is a quiet, highly skilled fighter.  He doesn't talk much.  He likes to use hand motions or gestures mostly to communicate, but if he has to, he'll talk.  He doesn't like 'small talk' or 'filler talk' and instead will stare someone down who dares engage him in any conversation that is not 'mission critical' or of value (other than Captain Starfighter, his 'best friend'). He has told no one aboard Terracer 1 who his secret identity is; they all only know him as "Fossicker".

Fossicker wants to survive this entire ordeal, but believes it is his duty to save his brother from the Soltans.  As such, he intends to sacrifice anyone and anything that'll help him find and save his brother, other than his sister and matter the cost.



Power Origin: Science/Tech/Magic/Mutant

  • Healing (Science/Tech: Nanobots)

    • Has incredible healing powers resulting from his infusion with millions of self-repairing alien nanobot bio repair microscopic drones.

    • The nanobot drones can take up to excellent damage unto themselves before they shutdown their healing function and go into self repair, followed by re-engaging their healing function once the nanotech drones are self-repaired enough.

    • Heals at a rate of 20% total per minute (6% every several seconds)

    • The lifespan of the drones is at least 25 years, but seeing as this is the first time a human has been infused with them, the lifespan may be longer...or shorter that what is perceived to be the 25 year lifespan based on its Soltan designs.

    • Cannot leave the body to heal others; coded for Scott's DNA now.

  • Enhanced Physiology (Mutation)

    • As a result of his activated mutation, Scott can now perform the following:

      • Fighting at an excellent level

      • Agility at a remarkable level

      • Strength at an excellent level

      • Endurance as a remarkable level

    • Can leap with excellent ability of 40 feet across, 25 feet up and 75 feet down without injury

    • Can swim/run at excellent speeds

    • Has excellent normal vision, hearing, smell and taste

    • Has good environmental awareness

  • Kinetics Powers (Magic: Alteration)

    • Can use his kinetic powers,  each one at a time (for an entire duration period) for:

      • Running/Swimming faster

        • Can increase his speed up to remarkable speeds for 1 minute of time

        • Cannot reapply this power for another 5 minutes

      • Cognitive Increase

        • Can increase reason and intuition up to excellent levels for 1 minute of time

        • Cannot reapply this power for another 5 minutes

      • Agility Increase

        • Can increase agility to incredible levels for 1 minute of time

        • Cannot reapply this power for another 5 minutes

      • Endurance increase

        • Can increase endurance to incredible level for 1 minute of time

        • Cannot reapply this power for another 5 minutes

      • Strength increase

        • Can increase strength to remarkable level for 1 minute of time

        • Cannot reapply this power for another 5 minutes

      • Mental protection/psyche increase

        • Can increase mental protection and psyche to excellent level for 1 minute of time

        • Cannot reapply this power for another 5 minutes

      • Sensory/Environmental Awareness Increase

        • Can increase ability of his senses to remarkable levels for 1 minute of time, along with...

        • Can increase ability of his environmental awareness to excellent level also for same 1 minute of time

        • Cannot reapply this power for another 5 minutes

      • Environmental Independence Activation

        • Can provide environmental independence for himself at remarkable level for 1 hour of time

        • While this power is active, he doesn't have to breath, eat or drink for 1 hour

        • While this power is active, his body's pores do not need oxygen; it gets self-replicated for 1 hour

        • While this power is active, his exposed skin can overcome all forms of damage up to incredible levels for temperate, toxic/toxin, physical, energy, magical and/or radiation (but not psyche)

        • Cannot reapply this power for the next 11 hours


  • Bodysuit

    • Provides the following protections:​

      • Typical physical, toxic/toxins​

      • Good energy, temperate

      • Excellent radiation

  • Energy Pistols​

    • Amazing material strength​

    • Can shoot good damage energy, heat or plasma shots

    • Range: 400 yards

    • 50 shots/power cartridge

  • Ear cover Comms Device

    • Remarkable material​

    • ​100,000 mile range​

    • 10 day battery

    • emergency beacon (if activated)

    • Provides remarkable hearing protection/sonic protection for hearing

    • Linked to comms system in headgear/gauntlet

  • Bandolier​

    • Remarkable material

    • Carries the following items:​

      • Energy Pistol power cartridges (10)​

      • Survival Equipment (2 days) (x2)

      • Empty Storage (6)

      • Explosives (can be set for timed) (excellent level energy) (4)

      • Smoke (can be set for timed) (excellent level negative visual effects) (2)

      • Noise Makers 9can be set for timed) (6)

      • Spare earwig comms units (4)

      • Reconnaissance drones (2)

        • Typical features and functions and ranges​

      • remote control devices (2)

      • remote detonation/timing devices (2)

      • Flashlights (2)

      • Lockpicks (2)

      • Electronic Scrambler (1)

        • Remarkable level

      • Remote Holographic mapping device (1)

        • Keyed to Heads-Up display (HUD)/network

        • Can project a holo map

        • Can map an area to create a holo map

        • Can transfer mapping to HUD/network

  • Gauntlets & Headgear

    • Tactical/Limited AI Interaction Computer/Comms/Heads-Up Display

      • Remarkable level computer; interactive

      • Remarkable tactical reason/intuition when activated

      • Projects images before Scott's eyes for mapping, videos, tactical display, various vision filters (UV, IR, XRay, Electronic Trace, Thermal, night)

      • Remarkable electronic sensors for temperature, radiation, local gases (air), toxins/toxics, energy patterns/spikes/patterns

      • Linked with video, network and communications

  • Boot Rockets

    • Boots are made of remarkable material

    • Excellent speed in air/water/space

    • Solid fuel that can last 1 hour of flight time

    • No max altitude/depth

    • Auto-gyroscopic flight stabilizers allow for excellent flight agility



  • Spying (Professional)

  • Athlete (Professional)

  • Spycraft (Professional)

  • Communications (Proficient)

  • Photography (Proficient)

  • Navigation/Mapping (Proficient)

  • Survival (Professional)

  • Government Operations (Proficient)

  • MI-6 (Professional)

  • Intelligence Community (Proficient)

  • Politics (Proficient)

  • Pilot (all craft) (Proficient)

  • Driver (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Holds/Escapes (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: + Initiative (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: + Intuition/10 rounds (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Melee Fighting (Proficient)

  • Aerial/Space Combat (+Fighting in air/space)(Proficient)

  • Marksmanship (Professional)

  • Bodysuit/Equipment & Repairs (Proficient)

  • Weapons/Handguns (Proficient)

  • Drone Operations (Proficient)

  • First Aid/Medical (Proficient)

  • Physiology (Proficient)

  • Soltans (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • English (Master)​

    • Spanish (Professional)

    • French (Professional)

    • German (Professional)

    • Russian (Professional)

    • Chinese (Proficient)

    • Japanese (Proficient)

    • Aracbic (Proficient)

    • Soltan (Proficient)

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