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Defender (AKA Astroguardian)
Defender (AKA Astroguardian)

1990s Original Art

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Space OddityDavid Bowie
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John Wescamp




mid 30s








Defender, Defensor, Earth (1974)

Astroguardians, Guardians



Don "Major Deej" Finger

1974 (as Earth); 3 Jan 2007​


  • Roger Richmond AKA Dauntless I (Great Grandfather, deceased)

  • Carol Richmond (Great Grandmother, deceased)

  • Kevin Richmond (Grandfather, deceased)

  • Pamela Richmond (Great Aunt)

  • William "Billy" Richmond (Great Uncle)

  • Kathy (Paris) Wescamp (Mother)

  • Wescamp, Gayle (Pasrons) (ex-wife, divorced)



John Wescamp, a former United States Space Command Captain, a former Space Academy football and baseball star, and an Astronaut for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), has since become one of the most powerful star-faring superheroes of Earth.

John came from a good family with a military history and Washington DC ties.  His mother was a politician for the State of  New York and his father...was unknown and never spoken of.  John grew up in private schools with a quality education.  While in grade school, the Soltan Star Empire had invaded Earth, however, due to his mother's political connections, she and he were taken to Cheyenne Mountain and house in one of the ten separate facilities in the mountain.  Although the main facility was destroyed, they survived in the #7 facility until the Soltans were chased off Earth several months later.  They both survived, but this pushed John to want to go into space and do what he could to stop the evil aliens.


Later, in his teens, he attended the New York Military Academy for his last two years of high school and was then accepted into the newly formed United States Space Command  and its first year with an Academy.  There, he became a star football and baseball player, predominantly known leading the Space Command Academy to a National College Football  League Championship his junior year.  He graduated in the top 10% of the first graduating class of the Academy.  He was smart, focused and had an innate ability to lead.  He was loved and revered by all and was always a fair person and a straight shooter.

In his first few years with Space Command, he was assigned to the new Space Command HQ located in Montana.  There, he worked with Research & Development teams for new propulsion and weapons technology and the application of Ion Engines to a new starship being built - Terracer 1.  by this time, his mother was now a New York Senator.  Sadly, she fought against funding for the new Space Command...which obviously affected her son's career and the needed funding Space Command needed to even start to figure out how to stop the next alien invasion.

During this time, another international peacekeeping organization known as G.U.A.R.D. was starting to build a new operations division known as Astrguard.  Sadly, the initial space station used by Astroguard was an old 1980s Soviet-era space station that was constantly falling apart.  GUARD put out a bid for NASA to help repair and rebuild the station using Space Shuttles and a new wave of needed Astronauts.  John immediately volunteered.  As such, John became a liaison officer for NASA as well as for GUARD and its Astroguard division.

Months later, John started his astronaut training and surpassed expectations.  He was a natural in zero-G.  He always seemed to have an innate ability to 'right' himself in the void of space.  A couple of years later, he became a co-pilot for one of the several repair missions for the Astroguard Space Station using NASA's Space Shuttle and providing Space Command the opportunity to test some of their new equipment on the station as well, all coordinated by then Captain Wescamp. Life was good. He even married Gayle Parsons, a gorgeous blonde model that he took as a 'trophy' wife after a 2-week lustful affair with a Las Vegas wedding.  He knew she was a gold digger, but he didn't care...he was living the dream of a lifetime.

A couple of years ago, John was asked to Captain Space Command's first new combat spaceship as his last year with Space Command before he was to leave Space Command and take up a new job as an officer with Astroguard.  Due to the lack of funding (again, thanks to John's mother, the New York Senator who decimated Space Command's funding) Space Command had to launch the new Star Cruiser with new ion weapons and engine drives that hadn't been fully tested yet. To add to this, NASA wanted to install and test a new quantum communications antennae they'd been working on (and planned to equip on all the new Star Cruisers) as well also take on several new Astroguard astronaut trainees as a favor to get them some 'space time'.  The new Star Cruiser, named the USSC -1 Defender, left it's high orbit drydock to a location  several thousand miles beyond Earth and Moon to conduct the much needed ship, weapons and equipment trials.

Once in position, the first trial was to test the engines.  The engines weren't supposed to do more than 0.1 light speed at maximum velocity, but to start with, they just wanted to test them at only 10% power. As Captain Wescamp used the new quantum communications system to live broadcast their trials, the ship accelerated as part of the scripted engineering trials...and then kept going.  When the helmsman throttled back on the ship's engines, they instead continued to increase.  In seconds, they were already at 0.1 light speed.  Systems about the ship started overloading, the navigational computers shutdown and the ship started careening out past Mars and Jupiter.  They ship was falling apart as it continued to accelerate, now at 0.4 light speed. It was only seconds before the ship would blow itself apart.

John ran down to engineering to do what he could, after all, he was a young Lieutenant on the team that had been working with the scientists and engineers on the designs.  Remembering where the critical power couplings were for the Ion Engines, he found the manual release and actually discoupled them from the engines.  The ship was no longer accelerating, however, they were still like a bullet towards the outer planets of the solar system.  Using whatever equipment he could, he realigned the couplings to the negative terminals, potentially allowing the engines to 'reverse' the speed enough to slow or stop the cruiser.

As he did this, and reverse engaged the couplings, the ship came to a neck-snapping slow down and stop. Wescamp immediately disconnected the couplings again.  The ship had definately stopped.  Sadly, the nightmare wasn't over.

The ship's ion engine cores were still building up, now with no way to discharge the cascading energy.  In a critical thought, Wescamp ordered the ship's new Ion Cannon weapons to be coupled to the engines, potentially allowing the energy to bleed through the weapon until they could figure out how to stop the cascading ion reaction the cores were still producing.  Minutes later, the Ion Cannon was coupled and engaged with the Ion cores.  The energy build up from the cores now bled through couplings out through the Ion Cannon that was now shooting a massive energy blast out into space. They now had time to figure out how to stop the ion reaction...but not by much; the couplings were already melting and the cores, although bleeding energy, were now reaching super-critical status.

Wescamp's crew performed like seasoned pros; even the Astroguard trainees operated like veteran star cruiser officers.  He was proud of the the work he saw his crew perform...sadly, a second later, one of the couplings gave way and exploded.

The next thing John Wescamp realized was...the sensation of floating.

He awoke floating in space with several pieces of debris...and two crew member's dead, frozen bodies not far from him.  He was in space....and he was alive.  He tried to say something, but quickly realized, in space, no one can hear you scream.

After a couple of seconds of realization, he ascertained that not only was he alive, but he was naked as a jay bird, floating in space...and not frozen or dead.  He tried breathing, but he didn't seem to need to take in a breath of air...or anything for that matter.  He tried to rub his eyes to see if they were still okay, and they were. It seemed like some type of a dream.


Unsure what was going on, he actually tried to coax his body to maneuver towards one of the dead crewmen...he had to know who it was or maybe just find something...someone to relate to as reality in what he was starting to believe was a delusional death nightmare. Strangely, as he tried to move in space, which he quickly remembered that he couldn't do without a spacewalk pack...actually DID align himself...and flew to the crew-member's dead body, stopping right in front of the body.  Amazed at what he'd done, he maneuvered and flew to the other floating dead body.  he was able to fly in space...and he was STILL alive.  Something had happened to him...something miraculous.

He saw a piece of the one of the power couplings float by, melted and seared.  He grabbed it and the two bodies...and tried to gifure out where to go.  He looked out across space in front of him.  He saw a dot, and of course the sun.



A perfect nagivatinal marker to fly towards.  Earth was somewhere closer to the Sun that here, so, as if he'd done this for years, he started 'flying off' in the direction of the sun...and hopefully Earth...with the two dead bodies and a broken power coupling.

Weeks later, John Wescamp got close enough to actually see Earth and her Moon.  He 'felt' where they were supposed to be and without thought, flew his course to Earth without deviation.  Once he got closer to Earth though, Wescamp realized something...he was coming in WAY too fast.  Doing all he could to slow himself down, he realized he was seconds from striking the upper atmosphere and re-enter the atmsophere, most likely, on fire.  He looked off to the distance and saw Space Station Gargarin, but he was too far away to careen towards it.  Instead, he tossed the dead bodies of the star cruiser's crewmembers, and the broken coupling towards the space station, hoping that they get caught in one of the solar panels.  As he did so, he tossed the crewmen and the coupling with a strength he never knew he had.  The bodies struck solar array 1 and tore off the entire series of panels, with the bodies now tangled up in the panel electrical cabling; the coupling piece...well it not only made it to the space punched a hole through the space station's lower docking ring and out the other side.

He broke the space station by simply tossing the bodies and the coupling in that direction.  He realized he now had super strength too. Not that it meant anything anyhow...he was now re-entering Earth's atmosphere like a meteor...a meteor now on fire. No one can survive this. 

A couple of minutes later, John Wescamp crash landed like a meteorite in a cornfield outside of Kansas City, Kansas. He left a 20 foot deep crater with a blast diameter of 120 feet. In the center of the smoldering crate was the undamaged naked body of John Wescamp, more freaked out that anything.


Buy the time the authorities arrived, John was already wrapping corn stalks around him to cover his body.  The police, thinking it was a terrorist bombing, upon seeing John with corn stalks wrapped around his (literal) steaming hot body, were dumbstruck...but still had their guns trained on John nonetheless.  When John tried to speak, he had to take a few breaths of air before he3 could get his voice back; sadly, that's when the heat of John's body popped some of the corn on the ears of corn John had wrapped around his body.  The police thought John was shooting at them.

They shot John 27 times.

John stood there with the flattened bullets falling off his body. Not a single bullet hole.  Yep, John thought; I'm invulnerable too.

Finally, amidst dazed and confused policemen, John finally spoke and asked if he could use someone's cell phone so he could call his wife and tell her he was fine.  With little understanding of what John was, they did, and John a disconnected phone.

After about 20 minutes of trying explain what had happened to him (and after being handed some police 'spare' clothes from the trunk of the police cruiser), several black SUVs arrived on scene.  It was the FBI.  They immediately scooped up John and took him to their field office in Kansas City.

Over the next two days, John was questioned and probed from head to toe by not only the FBI, but by NASA, GUARD, the CIA and of course Space Command.

Finally, in a debrief, John was informed that after analyzing the the recorded live feeds from the quantum communications system, the crewmember's dead bodies and the melted coupling piece, they were able to ascertain that the ion core and couplings failed because of shoddy material and cheap parts, all of which were hidden by several manufacturers that created the cheap materials.  Their excuse was the lack of money from proper Quality Assurance Congress never allowed them to have.  Thus, the star cruiser's destruction was deemed as the result of shoddy workmanship.  Captain John Wescamp, who of course was now classified as a 'metahuman' with fantastic super powers, was cleared of any charges for hazarding the ship and was instead provided the Congressional Medal of Honor for doing what he could in the face of death to help save the crew and the ship.

John, after going back home, found his and his wife's home cleared out of all furniture and put up for sale.  He later found his wife had been having an affair with a younger NASA Astronaut candidate while John was out on missions.  She'd cleaned out their bank accounts and moved herself to Florida...after getting married in Las Vegas to a rich, elderly Astrophysicist who'd once worked for NASA (and was in stage 4 terminal cancer with weeks to live).  He knew she was going to get everything signed over to her in his Will...just as John'd done for Gayle with his own Will.

He met his mother the next day (for the first time in nearly 7 years), to which John asked her one question, "Why didn't you properly fund Space Command?"  Her answer, with a saddened face, "Politics, John; just, politics".  John kissed his mother on her forehead, hugged her, and told her he never wanted to see or speak with her again for the rest of his life....and then flew off into the sky like a superhero.

Over the next few weeks, John was 'tested' by GUARD to discover the extent of his powers.  After discovering what his powers could do, vladimir Vorisch once again offered John an opportunity to join Astroguard, but this time, not as an officer candidate in Astroguard, but instead as the new leader of the new Astroguard supergroup known as the "Astroguardians", a group that was to be a part of a mega-super-group in GUARD known as "The Guardians".  In his role, he'd lead a new team of super-powered human heroes that have the ability or capability to defend Earth from any threats from outer space.

John Wescamp immediately accepted the offer.

Today, John, as leader of the Astroguardians, directs a team of unique superheroes that are responsible for peacekeeping in Earth's upper atmosphere, the Moon and of course, outer space...but only the space near and around Earth, not other planets.  He has faced several powerful super-villains and maniacal alien despots with his team and seems to win in nearly every encounter.  Together, "Astroguardian", as he is called now, and his team of "Astroguardians" continue to protect Earth from the evils that may befall it...from outer space.


  • Energy Blast

    • Amazing energy discharge with a range of over 500 yards

    • Can fire one shot from either hand once every several seconds

    • Can blast in a cone-like 35-degree arc in front of his hands for incredible damage

    • Can emit an energy burst from his body, affecting all in a full radius from him for remarkable damage, but with a ranked less damage per each several yards thereafter.

  • Enhanced Senses

    • Can see in the infrared, visual and ultraviolet spectrum at 5 times the capability of a normal human

    • Can hear 5 times better than any human; can also hear things even in the vacuum of space (if the noise is loud enough)

  • Flight

    • In Atmosphere - Can fly up to speeds of 6,000 mph (nearly Mach 8), but normally doesn't fly fast in populated areas (600 mph)

    • In Space - Can fly at speeds of 6,710,000,000 mph (0.1 speed of light)

  • Enhanced Physiology

    • Has amazing strength, capable of lifting over 20 tons

    • Endurance and stamina are of a fantastic level, allowing him to survive in the vacuum of space

    • ​Slows down his aging to 1 year for every 4 actual years (ages at 1/4 the rate of normal humans)

    • Can withstand an amazing amount of damage versus all forms of attacks except magic

    • Doesn't need to breath or eat

    • Only needs to rest for several hours in a 75 day cycle

    • Has fantastic resistance to heat, cold, toxins and acids

    • Has an unearthly level of radiation resistance


LIMITATION: If Astroguardian doesn't stop to sleep before staying awake for a whole 75 hour cycle (with several hours of normal sleep), his body will go into a coma-like sleep for at least 7 hours.  He cannot be awoken from the coma during this time no matter what, even when his body is placed in danger. After the 7 hours of coma-like sleep, he'll awaken refreshed and completely ignorant of anything that occurred during the coma sleep.


  • Astro Suit

    • Suit allows for state-changing British Thermal Unit (BTU) thermal changes to prevent icing, fire or liquidation of the costume, regardless of the environment.

    • Allows for wearer to 'shear' through frictional heat and flames during an atmospheric re-entry, as well as heating up the suits surface rapidly after coming in from the deadly cold of space.

    • Based on an alien costume design discovered in a downed Soltan Battlecruiser.

  • Communications Devices

    • Star Belt

      • Provides Satellite communications from anywhere on Earth and on the Earth-facing side of the Moon.

    • Sash

      • If he goes out into the Solar System or Interstellar Space, the alien sash, made of unknown material, can transmit focused thoughts to a maximum range of 1 Billion Miles in several frequency bands at 0.5 light speed)

      • If used on Earth, if saturates several thousand frequencies, causing the wearer to have to sift through the frequencies, normally requiring either an remarkable reasoning or a remarkable psyche.


  • Astronaut (Professional)

  • Stellar Navigation (Professional)

  • Rocket Science/Engineering (Professional)

  • Pilot - Jet (Master)

  • Pilot - Propeller (Professional)

  • Fitness Training (Professional)

  • NASA Operations (Professional)

  • Military (Professional)

  • American Football (Professional)

  • Baseball (Proficient)

  • Astrophysics (Proficient)

  • Computers (Proficient)

MDUverse Note: Astroguardian originally started as a character I'd created that was simply called "Earth" in 1974.  In the 1990s, I renamed him to "Defender".  In Jan 2007, he was renamed to Defensor (due to a name clash on the CoH MMORPG).  The current name, Astroguardian was created in 2012 along with most of the new GUARD supergroups.