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Delta DawnHelen Reddy
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Hero (unknown nationality)










Miss Delta

Astroguardians, Guardians



Don "Major Deej" Finger

1975 (as male); 30 Aug 2008​






On the first day that G.U.A.R.D.'s Astroguardians was formed by the Astroguard Commander Vladimir Vorisch, Delta was wedged into the team, even against the team leader's demands that Delta was "not a good fit".

Immediately upon introductions, Delta began sassing the team leader, Astroguardian.  Everything Astroguardian asked her to do turned into a disagreement and an argument.  At first, Astroguardian thought Delta was just a 'test' that Commander Vorisch had placed in front of him to see how he'd react as a leader, but Astroguardian quickly discovered that regardless of his desires, Delta was to be a mainstay on the team, no matter what.


In training with the other members of the team, Delta seemed to operate like a veteran fighter, using teamwork and flanking maneuvers as key elements in attacks and unique missions. Still, Delta countered everything Astroguardian said, unless it was in the heat of battle, then Delta followed his lead like a true soldier.

Delta is a contradiction to nearly all that encompasses good team mechanics, yet, as a result of her constant entanglements with Astroguardian and at times with fellow teammates, Delta seems to have made the team more cognizant of each teammate's weaknesses and foibles, ensuring that each teammate finds a way to support and find solutions for their fellow teammates to become not only better combatants, but better people.


Through several 'slips' in conversations, Delta has so far identified more about her unknown history and nature, identifying she is from the United States' south, that she lost a lover at one point of time, that she has indeed fought the Soltan Star Empire when they invaded Earth in 2000, and that she knows a lot about GUARD's operations; other than that, she is still an enigma to who she is and what her motivations are.

Today, Delta continues to fight beside her fellow teammates in the Astroguardians, constantly embattled with Astroguardian on how to do things, and as always, trying to help others reach their full potential...whether those others wish to or not.



Power Origin: Magical (Arcane)

  • Energy Blasts

    • Incredibly powerful magical energy blasts from hands

    • Ranged of 400 yards

    • Can fire off 1 shot per hand every several seconds

  • Energy Shields

    • Personal Shield

      • Can place an amazingly powerful magical energy field around self, emanating about 1 inch from the surface of Delta's costume

      • Anything touching the field is also covered, at a decreased amount for the equivalent of a decreased of protection level per person touching Delta.

    • Extended Shield

      • Can create a 'triangle-shaped' shield around self and others outward to an equivocal 50 foot radius.

      • Can extend the size an extra 10 foot radius, but looses a level of protection per each size increase.

  • Energy Manipulation

    • Can focus energy blasts into remarkably powerful melee attacks, frontal coned energy waves (50 yard range) and even a once-a-day amazingly powerful energy assault punch (takes >24 hours to recharge to do that).

  • "Delta Flyer"

    • Triangle-shaped magical flying platform that can operate in space or in atmosphere

    • Can fly at speeds up to Mach 1.5 in atmosphere (so long as Delta and/or passengers are protected by shields); no altitude restrictions

    • Can fly at speeds up to 200,000 mph in space (again, so long as Delta and/or passengers are protected by shields)

    • Increases Delta's agility by a factor of two while either flying or hovering on the Delta Flyer.

    • All who touch the Delta Flyer are able to stand vertically on the surface of the Delta Flyer; once on the surface, that person is held tight with amazing strength, preventing the person(s) from falling off.

    • If a person WANTS to jump, walk off of the Delta Flyer, it will let them simply with but a thought, however, mechanical and robotic beings must ASK to be released by the Delta Flyer (Saying "Let go!" to do so), since the Delta Flyer doesn't seem to read or understand mechanical or A.I. functions.

  • Vision

    • Can see at 10x the range and detail of a normal human

  • Ward Rrecharging​

    • Can recharge pre-made magical wards, granting each ward, once activated, a 50 second amazing level magical protection field for the wearer/bearer.​



  • Body Suit, Belt and Helmet

    • Suit

      • Provides remarkable temperate protection from the cold of space and the heat of atmospheric re-entry

      • Provides typical physical and energy protection

      • Provides incredible radiation protection

    • Belt

      • Composite of the same material used by Astroguardian for interplanetary communications; material unknown (alien)

    • Helmet

      • Provides incredible physical, energy, temperate and radiation protection

      • Visor provides a Heads-Up Display (HUD) with an on-board tactical computer visual display

      • Incredibly powered computer

      • Terrestrial (Earth) communications network accesses all frequencies regardless of location

  • Magical Wards (2)

    • Carries two magical wards that provide the wearer/bearer an additional level of protection versus magical attacks (up to amazing levels of protection)

    • Each ward, once activated (slapping the ward twice in between hands), provides 50 seconds of activity before it is drained

    • Can be recharged by Delta's magical powers


  • Arcane Magic (professional)

  • Aerial Combat (professional)

  • Marksmanship (professional)

  • Computers (professional)

  • Psychology (professional)

  • Abnormal Psychology (proficient)

  • Leadership (professional)

  • United States History (proficient)

  • GUARD Operations (professional)

  • Mental Defenses (professional)

  • Martial Arts:

    • Fighting (professional)

    • Tumbling, Throws, Evasion (professional)

    • Melee Fighting weapons (proficient)

  • Driver (Professional)

  • Pilot (all forms of air & space craft) (professional)

  • Military combat techniques (rappelling, hand-to-hand, knife fighting, etc.) (professional)

  • Languages (proficient, unless otherwise noted):

    • English (professional)

    • French

    • Spanish (professional)

    • German

    • Portuguese 

    • Russian/Cyrillic

    • Japanese

    • Soltan (professional)

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