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Jean Neusom













Astroguardians, Guardians



Don "Major Deej" Finger

1980; 29 July 2011​ (as Gynes)



Nathan Neusom (Father, deceased)

Carrie Neusom (Mother, deceased)

Natalie Neusom (aunt)



Jean Neusom was the only daughter of both Nathan and Carrie Neusom, both University of California (UC) Berkeley professors.  Nathan was the mathematics genius, while Carrie was the nuclear science genius.  Both worked together day and night in their labs (including Berkeley's small uranium reactor plant) comparing each other's work towards the potential discovery of how to control a new form of energy with science and technology.  Interestingly, that 'energy' happened to be magic, which certain small sects and magic societies already knew how to control in more natural ways.  This form of control related to a particular school of magic known as 'Technomagic', which, again, had already been discovered and used in small magically-trained circles for the last 3 centuries...but to normal non-magic users, this was a breakthrough.

As a result of spending long days and nights in the reactor (and other) labs, the two had a 'random emotional event' occur one night, and through that act, nine months later, conceived a baby girl.  The doctors were concerned about baby Jean's bloodwork coming back with a 5% concentration of radiation, but by the time the doctors got to ordering more tests, the Soltan Star Empire  invaded Earth on 1 January 2000.

UC Berkeley was one of the first targets of the invading Soltans.  In less than 20 minutes, nearly all of the UC Berkeley faculty and students had either been killed or rounded up for slave labor.  The babies in the medical center were to be taken to the Soltan ships for 'food'.  Baby Jean's parents died after hiding Baby Jean from the Soltans.  Before they were killed, they were able to get out a text message to Nathan's sister, Natalie Neusom, who lived 10 miles away and was a new physics teacher at a local technical college, to go to a certain location, as soon and as safely as possible and rescue baby Jean.  Natalie not only did so in the first hour after receiving the text message, she actually helped kill three Soltan soldiers with a band of US Army Reservists that were trying fight the Soltans.  Thanks to them, they allowed Natalie to get baby Jean and get her to relative safety.

For the next several months, during the invasion, "Auntie Natalie" took care of Jean, feeding her and several times having to narrowly escape capture from the Soltans.  Interestingly, baby Jean never cried when Auntie Natalie told her to 'shhhhh', even when Jean was being jostled around with Natalie was running like an Olympic track star evading Soltan capture.

In August 2000, the Soltans were routed from Earth, and Earth was liberated, however, Auntie Natalie was now an instant mother to a newborn.  Doing what she could with odd jobs, Natalie worked, sometimes with baby Jean present (since baby Jean didn't cry or fuss), and was able to buy a new home a couple of years later.  There, Natalie started home-schooling Jean, who, by age 7 was already understanding Trigonometry and high school physics.

In 2015, Jean graduated from UC Berkeley with three masters degrees (the school granted Jean a full ride scholarship in memory of her parents), and by 2017 had her first dual doctorate in particle physics and energy conversion.  In 2017, she was introduced to GUARD, a benevolent worldwide peacekeeper organization, that was in need of exceptionally skilled engineers.  She was immediately brought into the Resources division, Weapons subdivision, where, in less than a year, she created 5 new types of energy weapons using designs she'd been 'thinking about' on her drive to school in the morning over the last couple years. While there, she clashed with the senior Weapons Master, Deputy Commander Heinkel, who didn't appreciate Jean's undisciplined manner of making weapons with no plans or designs.  As such he requested her 'removed' from his division...for which a certain Commander Vladimir Vorisch of the Astroguard division decided to 'add' Jean to their ensemble.  In less than a week, she perfected several energy weapons designs and increased the output of nearly all of the shield generators by 25%. She enjoyed working with Astroguard, but what she really wanted was a adventure.

Commander Vorisch introducted Jean to the superhero group of Astroguard called the "Astroguardians".  This team was a powerful space operations team that was highly dynamic and went on lots of well as work out of the new Gagarin Space Station.

Jean joined the Astroguardians and hasn't looked back since.

Today, Jean, who is just now beginning to feel the emotions of a teenage (a tad late being 19 years old) has had to learn to deal with people, emotions, danger, responsibility and stress like never before.  She is difficult to talk to and sometimes lets her mind wander when others are talking to her, even though she's most likely figuring out a new weapon or device to create for the team at that moment. As for Auntie Natalie, well, she's teaching at UC Berkeley, being a proud auntie to her extremely smart niece...with Auntie Natalie about to start her own family...if she can get her long-term boyfriend to eventually 'pop the question'.



Power origin: Normal/mutant

  • Amazing Intellect

    • As a result of small amounts of exposure to the radiation at the UC Berkley's nuclear reactor while being conceived, Jean has an increased brain synapses activity by 20%.  As such, she rates as 1 of the top 100 smartest people on Earth.  She is able to kitbash weapons, devices and equipment in 1/20th the time for a normal engineer with a doctorate.




Gyneus carries around dozens of different types of weapons and devices, all as needed for whatever mission or activity she is part of at that time.  She does carry the following several items though:

  • Personal Force Field Generator (Chest Device)

    • Provides excellent protection from all forms of damage

    • Bubble is opaque and breathable (gas attacks can get through, as well as Oxygen deprivation attacks)

  • "Big Gun"

    • Powerful energy rifle/cannon that can produce incredible damage using any selected form of specific attack (heat, cold, energy, radiation...all but magic)

    • Can emit continuous blast (can last up to 2 minutes per power pack) or individual blasts (20 shots per power pack)

    • Targeting system in the gun enhances agility by a whole factor

    • Gun material in unearthly in strength and nature (alien metal from Soltan ships)

  • Belt Pouches

    • 4 Power Packs

    • 4 for devices of choice

    • 1 for communications devices/sash storage

    • 1 for spare food/drink (1 day's rations)

  • Chest Device Computer

    • Flip down console provides access to an amazingly powerful self-contained computer system that is used for information, targeting, signal/sensor triangulation and calculations.

  • Gloves

    • Control and keyboard interfaces

    • Monitoring screens

    • Device activation buttons/controls

  • Flight Pack

    • Allows for flight up to 300 mph in atmosphere, 30,000 mph in space​

    • Carries enough fuel for 3000 mile range in atmosphere, 3 million miles in space


  • Hyper-invention (Master)

  • Engineering (Doctorate)

  • Energy/Particle Physics (Doctorate)

  • Weaponsmith (Master)

  • Firearms Manufacturing (Professional)

  • Zero-G combat (professional)

  • Martial Arts:

  • Melee (professional)

    • Throwing weapons (professional)

    • Tumbling/Acrobatics (professional)

    • Initiative (Master)

  • Marksmanship (Master)

  • Education (Master)

  • Research (Master)

  • Physics (Doctorate)

  • Mathematics (Doctorate)

  • Quantum Theory (professional)

  • Stellar Navigation (professional)

  • Space Engineering (professional)

  • Computers (Master)

  • Aerial combat (master)

  • Geometric patterns/trajectories/trigonometry (master)

  • Driving (professional)

  • Piloting (all craft, aerial and space) (master)

  • Space Station Operations/Maintenance (master)

  • Languages (25) (all professional; English-master)

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