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Vladimir Vorisch

Codename: "Space"

RussiaTori Amos
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An ex-Russian military colonel, as well as a Russian Space Agency Astronaut, mission commander and Director, Vladimir Vorisch is currently the leader of G.U.A.R.D.'s ASTROGUARD group.

A tough-as-nails leader, he is also extremely smart and an incredible tactician.  During the alien Soltan Invasion of Earth in 2000, Vladimir was a critical leader in taking out the invading alien Soltans throughout all of Russia and Europe.  As such, he lost many good men and women in his direct assaults, thus deepening his hatred for Soltans.

Recently, Vorisch was asked to replace the current ASTROGUARD Commander who'd reached retirement age.  He agreed, but insisted on creating their own Space Station seeing as how the current one being used was an old, antiquated Soviet Space Station. GUARD and Vorisch agreed.

Now with the new Gagarin Space Station being built, Vorisch has increased the intensity in training all of ASTROGUARD's personnel in Zero-G fighting, space endurance and educational classes in all the latest technologies.  he is also a taskmaster in regards to drills, casualty training and discipline.  Regardless of ASTROGUARD's military position, Vorisch has upped  ASTROGUARD's capabilities nearly tenfold.

Should another alien invasion occur again, it can be assured ASTROGUARD will be ready for matter what. 

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