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PhreneticJohn Scott
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Allysa Freine




27+ years








Crazy Allyzy

Sisters of Selene



Don "Major Deej" Finger

26 Nov 2011



Gabriella Freine (mother, deceased)

Frederick Freine III (father, deceased)




Allysa Freine grew up a spoiled, rich girl, always getting what she wanted. Servants were her playthings, wherein she treated them with routine contemptuous disdain.

When Allysa reached puberty, she discovered her mental powers, thus allowing her to control people even more.

At age 14, without enough foresight to get her mentally controlled parents to will everything to her before she killed them, Allysa lost her inheritance due to preset conditions in the wills (no changes allowed!). Regardless, after she killed her parents even more, within a few weeks, she'd found a new rich people to mentally control and manipulate, however, thanks to (according to Allysa) a 'band of men beating on an innocent, defenseless (her...and hardly!) girl', she was defeated and imprisoned.

While there, to get out early, Allysa volunteered herself for 'experimental electroshock therapy' to 'fix her brain', as it were. Instead, the experiments increased her mental power's well as actually damaging her brain rather than healing it. Once again, a band of heroic, super-powered men were called on to stop her and jail her, which they did, to Allysa's growing disdain for men as a result.

While in a maximum security federal cell, it was determined that Allysa's brainwaves were (quoted as being) 'too phrenetic'; all over the place with synapses firing off at random times and intervals. The doctors immediately identified her as 'non-rehabitable' and basically set her for life imprisonment in a mental ward.


The Sisterhood of Selene, a women-centric empowerment cult, got some VERY good lawyers and got Allysa out of prison. In time, they convinced Allysa to join the Sisterhood.  As it stands, not even the Sisterhood could tolerate Allysa's quirky and chaotic ( and cruel, at times) ways, however, the Sisterhood's leader found another use for Allysa - as a weapon.


Allysa was introduced to the secretive super-powered division of the Sisterhood of Selene simply called the "Sisters of Selene". There, Allysa received special training, a dedicated psychiatrist and pharmacist/nurse and a whole new set of life goals.  As such, Allysa (thanks to the Sisterhood's brainwashing methods) considers the Sisterhood her 'family' now and wants to do whatever is needed to topple the male-dominated order of the world...right alongside the Sisterhood's goals.


Today, Allysa, now known as "Phrenetic", continues to be a member of the Sisterhood of Selene and the Sisters of SelenePhrenetic does NOT make it easy being her friend and/or new family.  Phrenetic's emotions, thought processes, conversations, moods and activities can change across the spectrum in a matter of minutes. She is currently taking medication to 'control the worst' of her condition, however, the leader of the Sisters (and Sisterhood) of Selene, Selenyx, has instead controlled Allysa's medication cycles on a whim vice sound professional medical advice.  To that degree, when off her meds, Phrenetic becomes an 'untenable' person to deal with; untenable enough for even Selenyx to have to throw down with her. 


As a last resort, Phrenetic has a 'shock collar' so that, if she goes to far or dares to attack or screw up the plans of her sisters in the super-team, Phrenetic can at least be shocked into unconsciousness or submission. Phrenetic doesn't like this, but she considers it all a game and at times even laughs maniacally as she is being shocked into submission.

NOTE: What Allysa doesn't know about is that the 'really cool looking' headdress that Allysa loves to wear is also a mental power dampener that can be remotely activated if Allysa gets too out of control as well. Thusfar, it hasn't been needed to be used.


If ever there was a wild card in a deck of order, Phrenetic is the one.  Her power use can be a simple as trying to talk to animals and then to the next extreme of bursting a target's entire synaptic brain pattern, leaving her her targeted victim a mental vegetable left in a coma.


Chaos is Phrenetic's standard; without her meds, she may be with the team one minute and then walk away and let the heroes or authorities win.  It's a 50/50 every several minutes or so on what she'll do next...when she's off her meds that is...




Power Origin: Mutant

  • Mind Control

    • Typical mental control power over a 6 yard range​

    • Can only maintain the power on 6 people max (diminished power level for each additional target beyond the first one)

    • Can only maintain the power for a max of 6 minutes before she begins to feel light headed and pass out

      • This max time is also diminished by 1 minute per each additional target beyond the first she is controlling)​

    • Once control is lost/mental link broken, it takes at least a minute for Phrenetic to regain control of that same target​

  • Psionic Assault

    • Typical mental blast at a range of 6 yards

    • Can focus for 21-24 seconds to increase mental blast damage to good level and range to 10 yards.

      • Upon doing a focused blast such as this, it will take several seconds before she can use her mental powers again (lose a turn!).​

    • Can only perform a total of 6 mental blasts in a one-hour time frame.​

  • Mental Invisibility

    • Due to her powers, so long as they are available and active, she has a remarkable mental invisibility from any mental detection, tracking and/or synaptic reading.​

    • This is always on (again, so long as her powers are working).

  • Mental Shielding

    • Due to her 'phrenetic' state of mind and synaptic firing, she has the equivocal of remarkable mental shielding from detection, mind reading, telepathy or mind links.​

    • Even if she allows a person to read her mind, it is still against a remarkable mental defense.


  • On meds: while on meds, it takes up to 6 hours before she can perform any drastic 'shift' in mental choices or actions.

  • Off meds: while off meds, it takes less than 6 minutes before she can perform any drastic 'shift' in mental choices or actions.

  • Chaotic Choice ratio is 50/50; 50% chance she WILL have a drastic shift, 50% chance she won't.



  • Shock Collar/Headdress

    • Collar acts as a remarkable electric stun tool controlled by Selenyx.

    • Headdress (unknown to Allysa at this time) is an incredible mental power dampening field that can be remotely controlled by Selenyx.

    • Range for the remote control and headdress is 2 miles.

    • Items are made of amazing material strength

    • Requires remarkable level encryption to break open/deactivate.

  • Knife (1)

    • Incredible non-ferrous material blade

  • Earwig

    • Encrypted communications device with unlimited range

    • Excellent non-ferrous material



  • Sisterhood of Selene (Proficient)

  • Mental ward arts and crafts (Professional)

  • Escapes from wards/prisons (Proficient)

  • Acting (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • English (Professional)

    • French (Barely proficient) NOTE: Her inflection and accent are atrocious; she gets mad at people who correct her French.

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