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Micheline Leclerc

Not generally known



23+ years









Sisters of Selene



Don "Major Deej" Finger

15 Feb 2020


Melissa (Missy) Leclerc (Mother, status unknown)

Adelard Leclerc (Father, status unknown) 

Adoptive parents (deceased)




Micheline Leclerc is the daughter of a French Conglomerate magical society Charm school graduate (Melissa (Missy)) and her father, Adelard  Leclerc, a notorious 'magical bad boy' of the same Charm school that turned to death magic.


Months after Micheline was born, the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth in January 2000.


In February 2000, a patrol of Soltan troopers found Micheline Leclerc abandoned in a cave network near Montignac, France. The parents were noted as being 'nowhere near' Micheline when the Soltans found Micheline. Instead, a band of in-hiding Arcane students fought the Soltans and saved Micheline, losing three of their own fellow Arcane resistance fighters in the fight. Micheline was bundled with a birth certificate with the names of both parents written on it. The Arcane resistance fighters hid the child until after the Soltan Invasion was over several months later, when the few remaining magical society members finally came out of hiding.


Micheline was given over to the Arcane school orphanage, however, in transit, Micheline and her paperwork was 'intercepted' to which no one known what had happened to her...until recently. 

In 2018, at the age of 18, "Hecata" sauntered into one of the Sisterhood of Selene 'sisterhood centers' asking to be part of the sisterhood's order.  After some 'fact finding', it was determined who Hecata was...and that she also had dark and magical powers in her.  When pressed about the details, Hecata told the sisterhood about her past and that she'd been accosted by human traffickers as an infant, where she was sold off to a cruel family, then mysteriously yet ironically was abducted from that family by one that dabbled in death magic (like her father, but not her father). As such, Micheline grew up in a relatively decent family atmosphere, not knowing her origins until the day she was kicked out of the home on her 18th birthday, throwing Micheline's personal belongings out onto the French streets of Alpes-de-Haute Provence (sometimes abbreviated as AHP) and told her never to come back. A file of papers was also tossed out with her things which included her true birth certificate and notes and documents mentioning her true history of abductions and sale.

Mysteriously, Micheline's 'adoptive' parents were found dead the next day. With nowhere else to go, Hecata, as her 'adopted' parents named her, came instead to the only place she'd ever heard of that she like and had hoped for help from - the Sisterhood of Selene.  The leader of the Sisterhood, Selenyx, actually took a direct interest in Hecata and was more than happy to help Hecata into the sisterhood as well as train and induct her into the sisterhood's super-powered team, the Sisters of Selene.

Today, "Hecata" is a member of the Sisterhood of Selene as well as the Sisters of Selene.  She is an 'empowered woman' who believes ALL of her parents were cruel to her and had abandoned her.  She had no love for being in a man's world and very much wants to eventually start up her first school of death magic in France under the Conglomerate's and Sisterhood's namesake.  Thusfar, she has been 'interviewed' by a couple of agents from the Conglomerate, from which initial reports indicate that they are convinced that Hecata has an 'ulterior motive' towards being in the Sisterhood as well as wanting ties to the Conglomerate and its not-currently-existing Death school.




Power Origin: Magic (Dark/Death)

  • Necromancy (Death Magic)

    • Has the good ability to animate/control up to 10 dead bodies​ (rats, animals, birds, humans)

    • Cannot see through them

    • Has to visually see the animated/controlled dead body(ies) once arisen; can animated/control buried bod9(ies) without being in visual for first dozen or so seconds while doing the initial animation/control of the body(ies).

    • Dead animated body stats are dependent upon being, however, no ability or ability shall surpass poor.

  • Poison (Death magic)

    • Her touch can excrete a good poisonous toxin onto the skin/surface area of the target.​

    • Initial damage is good, with 1/10th of the good damage over time for up to 10 minutes.

    • Additional 'touches' compound the poisoning and entire level or one prolonged touch can also do the same effect.

  • Dark Energy bolt/blast (Dark magic)

    • Can fire off good dark energy bolts or blasts up to 10 yards away​

    • Bolt=single target

    • Blast=cone of attack in 15 degree angle for a level of lesser intensity

  • Shadow Travel (Dark Magic)

    • Uses dark energy to transport/teleport short good distances of up to 100 yards away​

    • Can only transport herself and items on her person

  • Glamor (Charm magic)

    • Spell self-learned that creates a constant glamor (beautiful) effect on her at a good level, making everyone within a 100 yard range and of good of lesser psyche, love to look at her, lust after her or be smitten by her, doing small things for her upon whimsey.​

  • Various Dark/Death spells (Dark/death magic)

    • Can perform over 2 to 3 dozen different dark energy and/or death magic spells and imbuements​

    • Common of these are:

      • detection wards

      • 'black mark' tracking spells

      • anti-magic detection

      • dead body detection

      • self (and/or group) night vision



  • Magical Knife (1)

  • Incredible non-ferrous magical material blade

  • Earwig

    • Encrypted communications device with unlimited range

    • Excellent non-ferrous material



  • Sisterhood of Selene (Proficient)

  • Dark Magic (Proficient)

  • Death Magic (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: +1 Initiative/watching for 2 rounds (Proficient)

  • Stealth (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • French (Professional)

    • English (Proficient)

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