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Mercy in DarknessTwo Steps From Hell
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Marie Kongbo


Central African Republic/villain


25+ years









Sisters of Selene



Don "Major Deej" Finger

28 Sep 2007



Prince Kongbo (father)

Catharine Kongbo (mother, deceased)

Faustin Kongbo (brother, deceased)




Born to a middle class Central African Republic family living in Bangui, Marie Konbo lived a standard life in and about the city. Her parents Prince Kongbo (her father) and Catharine Kongbo (her mother) were of a line of shaman who were doctors in today's world.  Her father, a medcial doctor, earned a decent living. Marie's mother, however, was from a line of 'dark priestesses'; a title that Marie's mother pish-poshed at whenever the subject was brough up...until Marie was a teenager and she learned MUCH more about her mother.


Marie was introduced into her mother's secret world of 'night magic' (basically a combination of dark and death magic), where Marie was taught about various spells for leeching one's health and even their 'soul' from a person.  She also introduced her to the basics of dark energy manipulation, for which Marie's mother was not good at...but Marie was very quick to master.  These powers were considered to remain a 'daughter to daughter' hand down of family knowledge and legacy, noting that no one in the last 15 years in the family line had even used the powers except for training their young daughters to hand down the knowledge...and during the Soltan Invasion of 2000 (where they used their powers to try and stop the Soltans, which most of which died at the Soltans' hands anyways).  Marie was told to keep it all a secret and never to use it unless she absolutely had to.  That would occur sooner than anyone imagined.

After turning 18, with an excellent academic record, Marie was one of the very few women allowed to attend the University of Bangui for linguistics (a translator) to translate between English, French and Sango (the language of central Africa). After her second year in college, she returned home after receiving some distressing news that their family was about to lose their home due to the father's fiscal irresponsibility.


Upon her return, she discovered that her brother and father had gambled the family money away as well as the home...and MarieMarie was 'forced' to work for Abel Bozizi, a known cartel criminal and gambler.  He demanded Marie as part of the father's payment to him (as well as the house and nearly all of the family money) because he needed a translator for his shady dealings.

Marie was sold to Abel Bozizi.

Marie was carried off crying with Abel and his bodyguards. Later that night he beat and raped Marie into submission, forcing her to do whatever he demanded of her.  He told Marie that if anything happens to him that his men would find her family and kill them all. He was an evil man. Over the next several months, Marie did whatever Abel forced her to do, including translating for illegal weapons sales and black marketeering with CANIS.  Eventually Abel was shot and killed by his lieutenant, who assumed command and took over Marie as his, wherein he did the same thing Abel did to her. This went on for another few months and another two lieutenants of insurrections. Finally, one night, Marie had enough.

In the latest 'coupe' in the weapons running gang that Marie was a slave in, the lieutenant took over by assassinating his new boss. In that ensuing coupe, the other members of the gang decided it was all of nothing and basically began a mini-war for leadership. Marie attempted to escape but was found. She was about to be shot when she used her 'secret' magical power that her mother taught her and placed a dark energy field around herself like armor.  The bullets were absorbed into the energy field, preventing any damage to Marie.  That's when Marie realized....she wasn't helpless anymore.

Using her powers, Marie decimated the ranks of the gang, killing every one of them that dared to attack her. Several remaining street thugs of the gang, the remnants of said gang, after seeing Marie's powers, ran off into the trees never to be seen again.  Marie, however, was seen by EVERYONE.  The battle had spilled out onto the street and people were using their cameras and video recorders in their cell phones to take images of her in action showing all she did with her powers.  It didn't take long before the authorities and the military showed up.  As part of the 'clean up', they whisked Marie off with them as well, placing her in a government jail cell.

the next day, Marie's father and brother showed up at her cell, dressed like beggars and smelling equally so.  The mother had died of Malaria the previous month and the father and brother were living on the street begging for money and food.  The father and brother were rounded up and paid to 'enticed' Marie to 'volunteer' with government forces to use her powers to take down the country's enemies and neighboring nations.  Marie was devastated about the loss of her mother and equally appalled at the audacity of her father and brother to once again try to place her in servitude.  Marie lost it.

Using her powers, she happily killed her brother when he tried to slap her for acting 'badly' (in his words). the father ran off screaming that she was trying to kill him.  Marie used her powers to escape the facility.  After a long time of hiding, dodging and sneaking around in the shadows, she was able to get away.

Days later, Marie contacted a college friend for help (more for food and money). Marie told her friend everything including her powers.  Her friend then mentioned she saw the videos of her and considered Marie as 'amazing' and that she needed to use her powers for a greater good for herself and women. That friend was actually a member of a secretive women's cult-like group called the Sisterhood of Selene. Marie's friend got into college because of the Sisterhood's financial, moral and spiritual support. Marie's friend contacted the Sisterhood which sent a private jet to Bangui with an 'escort' to bring her to the United States.

Once in the United States, Marie was introduced to the leader of the Sisterhood of Selene, Selenyx.  She too had powers and was impressed with Marie's control of her powers. After some discussion, Selenyx offered Marie a home and a fresh start if Marie would help her sisterhood out.  Marie agreed and quickly Marie and Selenyx became friends.

Over the next short while, Selenyx, a master of manipulation, was able to further draw out Marie's anger of men and amp it up to all new levels.  Selenyx also trained Marie about her powers, allowing Marie to discover even more facets of her powers than her mother taught her or knew of.  As such, Marie quickly became a convert to the Sisterhood of Selene and was more than happy to join the Sisterhood's super-powered band of women, the Sisters of Selene.

Today, Marie, now codenamed as "Darqueness", continues to be with the Sisterhood of Selene and the Sisters of Selene.  She is a smart woman, however, she has been manipulated to be angry at men and their actions and policies.  She is basically being treated as a weapon by Selenyx and her Sisterhood.  In the interim, Marie is continuing with online studies in Linguistics, expanding her translation skills.  She is a die-hard sister of the Sisterhood of Selene and there is a very minimal chance she will ever deceive them.




Power Origin: Magic (Spirit/Death (Dark))

  • Dark Melee (Death)

    • Excellent ability to channel dark energy into fist, feet or with body/charging giving her excellent physical or dark energy damage.​

    • Touch of Fear

      • If she touches a person with feeble or less protective clothing or layers, that person will receive an excellent elvel mental/psychic fear attack.​

      • Target in fear will remain in fear anywhere from several seconds to nearly 12 minutes (7 to 700 seconds).

      • In this state, the target is catatonic in a mental hold, locked in a psychosis that'll prevent (other than basic motor skills AKA breathing, heart beat, etc.) the target from any physical or mental movement or actions, almost like of the target was in a coma...except the target's eyes will be wide open with a look of horror in them...until the target awakens.

  • Siphoning of life/souls (Spirit)

    • Typical level life draining (several health units of life every several seconds) when within 6 feet of a target​

    • Typical level of soul draining (several  units of psyche every several seconds) upon touch only

    • Cannot do both at the same time

    • While doing either of these, she can see into the astral place/spirit world (see Vision/Senses below)

  • Dark Armor (Death)

    • When activated, creates a shroud of dark energy around her body and head providing the following:​

      • Excellent physical, energy, temperate, toxic/toxin protection​

      • Remarkable psychic and magic protection

      • Incredible radiation protection

    • Shadow Blending (Dark)

      • When dark armor is activated, it has excellent ability to blend into shadows and darkness, causing a:

        • 100% (-2)reduction in visibility while hiding in shadows in normal light

        • 200% (-4) reduction in visibility while hiding in shadows at night time or in the darkness

  • Vision/Senses (Dark, Spirit)

    • Has night vision and can see in the dark​

    • Has good environment senses with dark energy one; typical otherwise.

    • When siphoning of life/souls, can see into astral plane/spirit world



  • Earwig

    • Encrypted communications device with unlimited range

    • Excellent non-ferrous material

  • Magical Knife (1)

    • Incredible non-ferrous magical material blade



  • Sisterhood of Selene (Proficient)

  • Linguistics (Proficient)

  • Academia/University of Bangui (Proficient)

  • Stealth (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • Sango (Professional)

    • French (Professional)

    • English (Professional)

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