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Selena Nuñes


Mexican-American/ villain


150+ years








Selene Nyx

Sisters of Selene



Don "Major Deej" Finger

16 Feb 2008


Regina Nuñes (Daughter)

Armand Nuñes (son, deceased)

Beatrix Nyx (daughter, deceased)




Selena Nuñes was born in 1850 in Mexico City, Mexico, the daughter of a Latin-American (Texas) US Army officer and a rich Mexican heiress. Her father had been part of the occupying United States forces left in Mexico City after the Mexican-American War (1846-1848). He and her mother fell in love in 1849 right after the mother's debutante ball. Within 3 months they were wed and nine months later, Selena was born. Weeks after Selena's birth, her father's US Army unit was ordered to return back to Texas.  With Selena's mother and father dead and only her aunt left as the matriarch, Selena had her aunt sell everything and 'catch up' with her and her husband in Texas.

Months after arriving back in Texas, Selena's the aunt showed up sporting the equivocal  of over $150,000 dollars ($5.6 million in today's dollars)...and a case of Smallpox.  Selena's widowed aunt died days later. The received funds from the aunt were placed in a bank and within days, several of the aunt's entourage died from Smallpox as well. Eventually, Selena's father contracted Smallpox as well. Selena's mother prayed and prayed at his bedside to God with her strong Catholic faith, but sadly, he only got worse. In a desperate attempt, she denounced God and instead prayed to Selene, the goddess of the moon. Amazingly, Selena's father recovered from his Smallpox disease, however, he would never be fit for military service again and was forced to retire early.

Even though Selena's father was still in poor health, he invested the family money in buying land throughout Texas; land that not only paid off for housing and businesses in new cities...but eventually, oil. As a result, the family became VERY wealthy. Selena's mother, believing that her praying to Selene saved her husband, created a small group of worshippers later called the 'Sisterhood of Selene'. This small group prayed and worshipped in secret, knowing that they'd be ostracized if they'd publicly admitted their affinity for Selene. Incredibly, her followership grew to nearly a hundred young women. Many of these women wanted to further their education or take over the family business when their spouses died, and as such, Selena's mother took funds from her allotted 'budget' from her husband (even though technically it should have been ALL her money) and 'invested' in these young women's financial needs.  The results were astounding.  Several women took over their dead husbands' businesses after getting educated and financially supported by the Sisterhood of Selene. Their new wealth went right back into the Sister's funds and in time, the Sisterhood of Selene created their own 'women's club' building which was a façade for their secretive house of worship.

In 1875, Selena, now educated at the best women's schools in business and religious studies, took over the family business after both her parents finally passed away (father due to his previous illness, mother due to being thrown from a horse).  Selena was raised as a sister in the Sisterhood of Selene,  eventually becoming the group's religious leader by age 26. On top of secretly leading the Sisterhood of Selene, Selena was also the new family matriarch as well as a powerful Texas female business and real estate mogul.  Many wealthy male Texas businessmen attempted to 'corral' Selena and her family business to put her in her place, only for Selena and her 'sisters' to instead subvert and quell all attempts against her. Sadly, this resulted in more angry Texas businessmen, leading Selena receiving a 'death mark' being put out on her by the assassination guild called "Death Legion".

When Death Legion discovered Selena leading her secretive Sisterhood of Selene women's club, Death Legion reported back to their employers about her secret cult. The Texans that hired Death Legion to kill Selena also payed an additional $200 for them to 'obliterate the Sisters of Selene and their pagan worshippers (they didn't want to 'out' the Sisterhood of Selene to the public due to one of the paying Texans not wanting his wife's name to be tied to her pagan cult, otherwise he'd get 'saddled' with her association with a cult). Days later, during a normal 'women's club' meeting night (AKA Sisterhood of Selene worship session), three Death Legion assassins methodically killed each of the group's sisters and burned down the 'women's club' to finish the job.  That night, Selena was late to attend after brining along two new sisters to the meeting and thus wasn't killed in the initial attack, however, Selena, her two new recruits and five other sisters did survive the initial assault. Within an hour, two of those surviving sisters and both new sisterhood recruits were assassinated, leaving Selene and three other sisters huddled down in a root cellar praying for Selene to come to their aid. Incredibly, there was a response unlike any before.


Minutes away from being found by the Death Legion assassins, Selena and her three remaining sisterhood sisters, while praying to Selene for salvation all received the same vision from the goddess Selene...along with a purportedly additional contrarian vision from the goddess 'Nyx'. Selene told Selena that she would help her and her fellow sisters, but that they had to wait until the full moon rose that night (within the next dozen minutes in their time); Nyx, on the other hand, stated that Selena would be 'empowered' to take out her opposition now...if she'd give herself over to Nyx right then and there.

Instead, Selena gave herself over to both Selene and Nyx simultaneously.

Nyx empowered Selena with dark energy powers which allowed Selena to hide herself and her fellow sisterhood sisters in the darkness in the root cellar. The assassins made their way into the root cellar and didn't see Selena and her sisterhood in the created darkness, but the assassins did, however, feel something was 'unnatural' in the cellar. By the time the assassins got close to Selena and her remaining followers, the full moon rose and empowered Selena with powerful energy bursts; bursts she used to kill the assassins.

After surviving their assassination, Selena got the town to rally around them to protect a band of 'assassins' that obviously were after Selena and anything related to her. Husbands and children of the women killed by the Death Legion assassins evoked a manhunt the like of which Texas, up until then, had never seen.  Texas Rangers, military, militias, police and hunters and trappers all came together to hunt down the assassins. The assassins were found in a train station in El Paso, Texas minutes away from boarding and heading west.  The assassins were captured, beaten and proven (through new fingerprint technology) their involvement.  The assassins were all hung in the public square; one of the last public executions in the town. Death Legion stopped sending assassins to Texas as a least for the next several decades.


Selena rebuilt her women's club building where quickly thereafter membership boomed, all in support of Selena. As a result, the Sisterhood of Selene also grew with new secret women members and even more support for women trying to get ahead in business or attend college.  As for her new powers, Selena learned more and more how to use her abilities. The sisters who survived the root cellar assassination attempt helped Selena in her powers training and eventually acted as agents moved on to new locations in the east and west regions of the United States by 1900 to further spread the word and influence of the secretive Sisterhood of Selene. To add to this Selena, knowing she needed a 'man' as a front for the family business got married to a man that she was easily capable of controlling. That of course didn't slow down or stop her from growing her family business of the sisterhood.

By 1900, Selena's family business made her (and her husband) one of the wealthiest Texans in the state. Eventually, the Sisterhood of Selene grew enough in wealth and influence in the mid 20th century that they began building new 'Women's Centers' all over the world, mostly to support woman's suffrage, women's liberation and used to help unite women to be able to legally vote (which obviously worked).


One of the unique abilities Selena now had with her powers was that she didn't age. She actually had to use makeup and excuses to not be seen in public to hide this new facet of her powers. She had to create a false identity for herself as her own 'daughter' whom she would eventually become, taking over the family business upon her adult self's 'demise'. For the sisterhood, Selena had to take a more 'hands off' approach and led from the back, as it were. It seemed right for her to 'age-out' and replace herself every so often, creating fake death certificates for her 'aged-out' selves.  Regardless, Selena would always find a man to marry, control him unto the grave and as always run the Sisterhood and the family business like a titan of industry, with no one but a handful of dedicated 'sisters' who knew her truth.

During World War II, Selena used her power and influence to get women into the workforce as part of a long range plan to get more women into the workforce so that one day they too would be better equipped themselves to progress a woman's place in civilization, rather than be dependent upon the sisterhood.  Not only did this plan work, it expanded their ranks and actually brought the sisterhood slightly into the light by renaming the Women's Centers as "Sisterhood Centers".  By 2000, the Sisterhood had achieved international acclaim and power, being identified as a benevolent means of women's rights (especially during the 1960s and 1970s). Selena continued to hone her powers, but she didn't receive any more visions from Selene or Nyx...that is until New Year's Day, 2000.

On New Years Day 2000, after celebrating with the sisterhood in bringing in the new millennia, Selena received a dual vision at the same time; one from Selene and one from Nyx. Both goddesses identified that she and her followers would face a devastating encounter with 'beings from beyond our star' and that she, Selena, needed to apply her many decades of honing her light and dark powers to fight these 'invaders' as a champion for both Selene and Nyx, otherwise humanity and the women of Earth would be utterly destroyed. Armed with those visions, Selena made every possible preparation she could to be ready for these 'invaders'; she even got herself a trendy black costume and took the heroic name of "Selene Nyx".  The day came and the invaders arrived; Selena was ready for them.


During the Soltan Invasion of 2000, 'Selene Nyx' used the members of the Sisterhood of Selene to help hide themselves from the Soltans, sometimes at the expense of their own dedicated high level sisters in the sisterhood. Using her powers to disguise herself (shading her skin color to an ashen gray face and look with her dark energies), Selena was able to become the superheroine 'Selene Nyx' without anyone knowing she was actually Selena Nunes (or whatever name she was going by at that time). A few 'super-powered' women who were secretly  members of the sisterhood teamed up to battle the Soltans with Selene Nyx primarily to save other women and women's businesses. The media called her "Selenyx" instead of the aforementioned Selene Nyx, but Selena didn't care, so long as they didn't tie her 'super hero' identity to her Selena Nunes (or whatever name she was going by at that time). In the end, Selenyx was recognized as a true hero of the world, lauded with medals, commendations and accolades...but only for the next few years as her ego began to grow larger than civilization was (and is) ready for.


Over the next few years, Selenyx slowly began to 'align' herself as a sister in the now-public Sisterhood of Selene. Initially, the Sisterhood was seen as a righteous women's benevolent non-profit organization that wanted to support women all over the world, but instead, after investigative reporters started digging into the sisterhood's past, they began to overturn rocks that Selena was uncomfortable answering to.  Instead she'd 'distract' detractors and the media with 'Selenyx's' views on male-dominated villainous organizations such as CANIS or the Gold Syndicate...but at the same time, also politically attacked the superhero team, the Challengers, as well as G.U.A.R.D..


Selenyx/Selena did, however, take in new super-powered beings into the ranks, creating a 'Sisters of Selene' super-powered women's team that 'fought evil and oppression of women across the world'.  Sadly, the Sisters of Selene, tying itself to the Sisterhood of Selene actually caused quite a media storm into 2020 where Selenyx's increasingly egotistical actions with the Sister of Selene began to directly affect the Sisterhood of Selene and its membership.  As such, the ranks of the sisterhood's influence began to dwindle as a result of the Sisters of Selene, even though registered with the Super-Powered Registration Act (SRA), acting more like a group of vigilantes and extremists rather than a benevolent heroic team. Selena, tired of being 'nice' has since stopped marrying a man as a 'front' for her business empire and has instead starting invoking political action groups, committees and political PACS towards women's rights and superiority.  Nonetheless, the Sisterhood has since started making all new enemies in the 21st century.

​Today, Selena/Selenyx continues to push HARD against the male-dominated political and businesses of the world, including super group members and leadership. She continues to ruffle everyone's feathers and continues to make more enemies than friends. Even women are starting to say the Sisterhood and the Sister of Selene have gone 'too far' in creating hate and dissension between men and women. Selena is still the head of her family's powerful Nunes Foundation. Selenyx is considered the leader of the Sisters of Selene and a 'High Sister' in the Sisterhood of Selene, but the public nor most anyone has tied Selena Nunes and Selenyx to be the same person. Selena/Selenyx has grown increasingly frustrated at the world and even more so against super-powered heroes trying to 'keep her down'.  She is willing to fight, politically or physically, anyone daring to negate either the family business, the Sisterhood of Selene or the Sisters of Selene. Although this has led to more internal fights in the ranks, Selena/Selenyx is still in charge.

Selena has bore a son and a daughter, both of which lived and died up until the mid 20th century, however, she does also had a daughter, Regina, still alive, from her last (now deceased) husband. Regina, who is now in her 60s, has become a politician in US Congress. She is a secretive spy for her mother and helps to push through legislation on behalf of the Sisterhood of SeleneRegina, however, with her new power and position, is starting to think she may need to 'turn the tables' on her mother, knowing she (Regina) knows every one of her mother's secrets...




Power Origin: Magic

  • Darkness Control (Nyx empowerment)

    • Using the ability to manipulate light and darkness at an excellent level, Shady can control the shadows and the darkness.

    • Shadows

      • She can use shadows to hide and cover up people or objects, covering an area 20 yards x 20 yards max (a form of stealth)

      • Visibility of what is hidden by shadows in direct sunlight is only 2 levels of decreased visibility

      • Visibility of what is hidden by shadows in the dark/night is 5 levels of decreased visibility

      • She can move and manipulate shadows to:

        • Freak out others, making them feel haunted or watched

        • Scare people into running away

        • Shifting focus of attackers to attack the moving/advancing shadows other than, say, her and her fellow cartel crooks

        • If a target's psyche fails in fear of the shadows, the target may take equal psyche damage believing they are being hurt and or killed by the the shadows

        • Can use shadows to make shapes in the form of arrows, silhouettes of bodies/items, and/or even words, all against a surface

        • Can use the shadows to physically immobilize targets, making them think they are surrounded or being held by the shadows

  • Darkness Affinity (Nyx empowerment)

    • Can tap into a dark energy well of power at a good level and use it for the following:

    • Dark Energy Melee

      • Dark Energy field forms around her fists, allowing for +1 level of damage to her standard strength

    • Dark Energy Field

      • Provides a typical dark energy field around an ally or target, protecting said ally or target only to a typical level.

    • Confusion

      • Using dark energy tendrils and fields, she can make targets believe they are being attacked from an identical location to their allies, thus allowing the target to attack their ally(allies) believing that the target is instead attacking a foe

  • Dark Shadow Creature(s) (Nyx Empowerment)

    • With focus, she can create what can be small (3 ft high) or large (12 foot high) shadow beasts that can be used to attack other targets or distract them

    • Can only make 2 shadow beasts at a time

    • The creature itself cannot do more than standard dark energy damage of typical, however, with very little opportunity to see the attack coming from the creature, most targets with be unable to stop or counter said creature's attacks

    • The creature can move within a 10 yard range only and dissipates if it extends beyond that

    • Can also induce fear with growling like noises and glowing eyes (enhance light amidst the shadowed head)

  • Light Energy (Selene empowerment)

    • LIMITATION: Can only manifest during a full moon

    • Can create remarkably powerful light energy/laser emissions, blasts, illumination and flash attacks

    • Range: 300 yards

    • Can do light/laser beams eyes at excellent level up to 20 feet away

    • Can blast at excellent level light energy in a 45-degree arc in front of her up to 20 feet away

    • Glows a feeble light emission when using this power

  • Light Energy Field (Selene empowerment)

    • LIMITATION: Can only manifest during a full moon

    • Can create an excellent level energy field to protect herself from all forms of damage except psionic​

    • Glows a feeble light emission when using this power

  • Hover (Selene empowerment)

    • LIMITATION: Can only manifest during a full moon

    • Can hover at excellent rate (20 mph) up to a max height of 200 feet AGL

    • Glows a feeble light emission when using this power



  • Earwig

    • Encrypted communications device with unlimited range

    • Excellent non-ferrous material

  • Knife (1)

    • Incredible non-ferrous composite material blade



  • Business (Master)

  • Real Estate (Professional)

  • Finances (Professional)

  • Accounting (Professional)

  • Religious Organizations (Master)

  • Religion (Professional)

  • Leadership (Professional)

  • Texas History (Professional)

  • World History (Proficient)

  • Knife Fighting (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Melee Fighting (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: +Initiative (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Blocking/Escapes (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Study/Increased Fighting (Proficient)

  • Marksmanship (Proficient)

  • Stealth (Professional)

  • Languages:

    • English (Master)

    • Spanish (Master)

    • French (Master)

    • Italian (Professional)

    • German (Professional)

    • Chinese (Proficient)

    • Japanese (Proficient)

    • Arabic (barely proficient)

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