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Aurulent Shadow

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Beauty and GoldArielle Minx
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Vanya Chakraborty

Relatively Unknown



55+ years








Celtic Conqueror

Sisters of Selene



Don "Major Deej" Finger

23 Aug 2007



Rajnish Chokshi AKA Celtic Conqueror (contested husband/rapist, deceased)




Vanya Chakraborty and the Indian government, military and science divisions worked together during the Soltan Invasion of 2000 to build a powerful combat armor as an emergency measure against the Soltans.  The Indian sciences division, led by Vanya Chakraborty, pulled out all the safety stops and systems in order to come up with a new armor and/or weapons system that could be mass produced and provided to trained India militants to fight off the Soltans


Vanya had several armor variants that she and the government could have easily mass produced, however they barely were able to survive against the Soltan weapons and firepower. As such, she and her teams broke down their barriers and started looking at unique energies as a power source and/or a weapons and/or armor system.  After sleepless weeks of determined analysis, dark energy was seen as the best source for most of their needs...except for a power source, which the scientists and engineers could not create from dark energy. In a dangerous plan created by Vanya, the engineers created a dark energy singularity and contained it in an armored belt device.  The dark energy, when utilized, changed colors from black to either green, yellow or white, depending on the level of power use.  Armored pieces built were designed to channel the dark energy from the belt and transform that energy into protective fields and dark energy melee.


The engineers and the scientists had no idea how stable the experimental weaponized dark energy armor was. In the first wave of testing with test field team, the suit energies easily killed each person who tried to use the armor. Several revised versions later, the armor was tweaked to barely perform at the level considered 'par' to be useful against the Soltans emitted a greenish-gold hue to all power effects), but at the same time, not kill the armor's wearers.

The first operational test was done by a remarkable yet brash Indian special forces leader, Captain Rajnish Chokshi.  He trained for a few days in the use of the armor and then used it in the field against a Soltan patrol, easily killing the Soltan troops. Once word got out by the Soltans of a new threat in the area, Hundreds of Soltan troops swarmed the secretive lab where the armor had been built. Before the Soltans could enter the building, Rajnish in the experimental armor, jumped into the fray and fought against nearly 100 Soltan troops...and won.  The suit was badly damaged, Rajnish got radiation burns from the armor's dark energy and had to be hospitalized.  Rajnish had saved the day, but it was unlikely he'd ever be in a condition to fight again...and with no one else trained to operate the armor...and the Soltans closing in, time and circumstances called for even more desperate measures.

The armor was given a codename "Celtic Conqueror" to allow unencrypted information to be told of it and its impact against the Soltans. Sadly, Rajnish's radiation sickness did not improve.  With no one else willing to wear the armor except an injured Rajnish, Vanya was tasked by the government with find an immediate solution towards 'fixing' Rajnish so he could continue to use the armor to save more peoples lives from the Soltans.  One of Vanja's biochemists had a prototype DNA enhancer formula stolen from a Chinese lab....a formula that had never been tested or analyzed.  Vanya, unconcerned with the effects of the formula, injected Rajnish with it, not knowing if it'd kill him or cure him.  Several minutes later, a large, strong, muscular version of Rajnish left his hospital room and went to don the 'Celtic Conqueror' armor. Thanks to the formula, Rajnish was ready to take on the entire Soltan Invasion force...but first, he felt compelled to do something...something that would eventually come back to him in the deadliest of ways.


Along his way to exit the building, Rajnish instead stopped and demanded that Vanya, the smartest one there, should be 'honored' to be allowed to marry the 'soon to be hero of India' and sire his child, regardless if he survives the forthcoming battle. Vanya, who disliked Rajish personally, tried to get him to 'rethink' this AFTER the fight, but instead he proposed to her. Before Vanya could say 'no', she was whisked away to a made-up temple down the hall, telling the priest there to marry them immediately, specifically mentioning that even though he was part of a lower caste system, it didn't matter because he was now the 'hero of India'...and a hero always gets what he wants.


In an impromptu Hindu betrothment ceremony, Vanya was forced to marry Rajnish and be bedded by minutes later. She was disgusted at basically being forced to marry against her will and basically be raped. All the men in the facility backed Rajnish with flourishes and praise and belittled Vanya for her 'discourse' against her new husband. Immediately after his 'sexual time' with Vanya (AKA 'rape'), Rajnish finished donning him armor, exiting the facility to go into battle with the Soltans, all with the chanting or Rajnish's name up and down the corridor. Vanya was left in the break-room-turned-bedroom as a dishelved shell of a woman; a woman who was considered to be one of the greatest minds of India...forced into a marriage and raped as her rapist took her weapon/armor she'd mostly created herself...and walked into battle as if he owned it all. Vanya was left sobbing on the break room floor as he stormed off into battle.

Rajnish, wearing the experimental dark energy "Celtic Conqueror" armor and pumped up on the untested Chinese DNA enhancement drug, attacked the Soltans with the ferocity of an animal.  All in all, Rajnish not only stopped several dozen Soltans, but caused the Soltans to retreat for the first time ever in the region. Of course, their retreat was also to make way for their aerial bombardment they were about to do on the lab's location.


Vanya knew that it was only a matter of time before they'd be bombed into oblivion, killing her, the remaining holed-up government personnel, military, top scientists,  engineers...and Rajnish. During the break before the bombardment, Rajnish retuned to the underground lab facility still wearing the Celtic Conqueror armor but with his helmet removed. As he came across Vanya, in a wild eyed, crazed expression, Rajnish told her he was hungry and that his new wife 'should get him his dinner' before he went off to save India again.


Although visibly upset and angry at Rajnish and the entire situation she'd just been through, she instead pushed down all her hate and emotions deep into her soul and told Rajnish he had to stop what he was doing right now. Rajnish, clearly in a psychotic state due to the  DNA enhancer formula, threatened Vanya with killing his 'new wife' if she didn't get him some food immediately.  Even the staff in the hallways now saw the madness willing up in Rajnish...yet no one would do anything to help Vanya. Instead Vanya had to put together a plan to either fix or stop Rajnish before he got any worse; a plan that she knew might lead to her own death in the process.

After several minutes, Vanya arrived with two Emergency ration meals (MREs) cooked and prepared them like as if the meals were part of a formal dining experience. Rajnish exclaimed that Vanya, although most likely smarter than him, was starting to please him more than she had  before with this properly prepared dinner for "India's champion". Vanya noticed that Rajnish's eyes were dilated, he was sweating profusely and his pulse was high and erratic...all while demonstrating psychotic episodes. It would only get worse and escalate unless she either helped him medically or restrained him to which she only had one answer for his restraint - a gun.


When Vanya attempted, one last time to explain the wrongs Rajnish was doing, Vanya was grabbed by the throat and tossed into the wall by Rajnish. He yelled at her that she had 'no right to talk that way about India's new hero'.  As Rajnish sat down to scarf down his meal, Vanya pulled out her gun and shot Rajnish in the head.  Rajnish died convulsing a minute later.

A minute after that, the Soltans began bombing the lab.

With no time to think, Vanya ran to the biochemist lab, took the experimental Chinse DNA enhancer and injected herself with all of it. She then went and removed Rajnish's armor. Vanya's body twitched and convulsed as she tried to put on the large, male-sized, voluminous armor.  Within a minute's time, the armor was on and Vanya filled out the armor as if it were made for her. She powered up the suit, sweating and erratically trying to focus. When she activated the suit, she dialed in the dark energy generator converters from 'par' level to 'max' level. The suit's converter coils and transfer lines glowed a golden hue of light all the while dark energy 'tendrils' emanated from all parts of her armor.  Vanya's eyes glowed a golden hue, allowing her to now see in darkness and into the Ultraviolet light spectrum.


Vanya 'flew' up into the sky (something the armor was not designed to do) and obliterated the Soltan bomber shooting through them like a bullet, along with several other Soltan skycraft.  When the Soltan troops began to fire at her from below, Vanya flew down and punched the Soltan troops so hard she turned their bodies into jelly in their armor as a result of the force of the impacts.

An hour after decimating an entire battalion of over 360 Soltan troops and drones, Vanya stopped fighting and passed out in exhaustion.  She'd single-handedly taken out most of the entire southern India Soltan occupation force (other than what Rajnish had taken out earlier), liberating hundreds of thousands of civilian lives in India.

The next day, Vanya awoke in a hospital bed. She was no longer sweating or erratic like she was earlier, or like Rajnish was; instead she felt like a fully actualized version of herself...but in a huge, muscular and well proportioned female body. Her arms were the size of what her legs once were; she was about 10 inches taller than before, and her chest, torso, legs and breasts were enlarged unlike most any she'd ever seen. 


After being brought up to speed about all that had happened, Vanya ran tests on herself only to discover that her DNA had been permanently altered.  The max power settings in the armor should have normally killed her in seconds, but due to her new enhanced state, the armor's radiation didn't affect her at all.  Sadly, the biochemist with the Chinese experimental DNA enhancement formula died while in her lab trying her best to replicate it...but instead died when her lab's roof caved in on her as a result of the Soltan bombardment, killing her and destroying the entire lab.

After several hours, Vanya realized all that she'd done and what she'd undergone. The remaining men from the lab looked at Vanya with disdain and when government authorities arrived to be debriefed, the men from the lab were only too happy to mention how a 'disgruntled wife' of India's greatest new hero murdered him and stole his honor and his dignity while also 'daring to replace him' as a national hero. It didn't take long before Vanya was called to the government office to answer for her 'crimes'.  When she dared to tell them the facts, they shut her down and explained to her that she would instead be arrested and tried in court for her actions.

Vanya flew away in the armor towards Northern India instead. With a warrant on her head, she was now a criminal...and a hero...both at the same time.

Over the next few weeks, Vanya attempted to replicate the formula and further tweak the 'Celtic Conqueror' armor, which she said was a 'stupid codename for the armor', but instead, was constantly having to help others in fights against the encroaching SoltansVanya fought tirelessly for week on end, liberating tens of thousands of more lives, all the while killing even more Soltan battalions.  Just when she thought she was along in fighting against the Soltans, a band of super-powered individuals and hundreds of highly trained soldiers from all over the world descended upon India and began to fight beside Vanya.  One such super-powered woman was called SelenyxSelenyx was a powerful user of dark energy, to which Vanya wanted to know more about it and her. When not fighting side-by-side on the battlefield, Selenyx and Vanya discussed dark energy.  As such, Vanya was able to effectively 'dial in' the settings needed for the armor to operate at peak efficiency, making Vanya even more powerful than before. Selenyx saw this and decided to try and recruit her to her own cult-like group called the Sisterhood of Selene.  Initially, Vanya wasn't too keen on that idea, but when Selenyx mentioned how her goal was to empower women and not men, Vanya immediately joined Selenyx and her sisterhood.


For the rest of the invasion, Vanya fought under the 'protection' of Selenyx from Indian forces, most all of which didn't even want to try and arrest her after seeing her perform her heroic actions against the Soltans. She became a bit of a folk hero...however, one that could not be publicly talked about for fear or being questioned by the authorities as to one's alliance with India...or with Vanya.

After the invasion, Vanya moved to the Sisterhood's main headquarters in the United States, and along with several other female super-powered 'sisters' recruited by Selenyx, gave herself over to the sisterhood and its newly formed super-powered group, the Sisters of Selene.

Over the next two decades, Vanya, now called 'Aurulent Shadow', became more aggressive and anti-male. In a book Selenyx helped Vanya publish, Vanya told the world what happened to her that day with Rajnish as well as her exploits during the invasion and what the Sisterhood of Selene meant to her.  She mentioned in the book that she renounced her 'marriage' to Rajnish and explained in detail what he'd done to her and that she had to have an abortion in the middle of an invasion, all while she was trying to save India. She mentioned about India's government trying to arrest her as she tried to save lives. Chapters also included page after page of her overly positive experience with Selenyx and the Sisterhood of Selene and that she renounced not only her Hindu religion but her nationality.  This played well for the Sisterhood which, as a result of the book's popular sales, brought in an international rush of new members into the Sisterhood of Selene.


The world was aghast at the scandal.


Rajnish, who'd still been considered a 'hero of India' had his name stricken from all records, basically making him a non-person...which also brought with it the fact that since Rajish 'didn't exist' that Vanya's story was now null and void. As such, Vanya was NOT made to be the hero of India, but instead 'Aurulent Shadow', a mysterious Indian superhero (with no mention of the hero being either male of female), was now considered to have been the true hero that 'saved India' and not this 'Vanya' person who (now) has no proof of what she told everyone regardless of what she wrote in the book. As far as the Indian government (and historians) were concerned, 'Aurulent Shadow' had since 'retired' from his/her secretive service and was now 'retired' living a life of luxury and happiness. Vanya was instead 'dismissed' as a liar.

Vanya was furious over India's denouncement of Vanya's experiences and truths and the rewriting of the Soltan Invasion in India and her part in it, but alas, she wasn't able to stop India's flagrant lies. No matter what Vanya said, she was countered by the Indian government and eventually censored by them. Instead, Selenyx offered her a home with her and the sisterhood, a US citizenship and of course money and labs for her to continue her work (and superheroing) in, all of which Vanya agreed to.

Today, 'Aurulent Shadow' continues to work with Selenyx and the Sisters of Selene.  She has become more bitter over the years, especially against men, but still tries to be a hero.  She abhors male superheroes, whether if they treated her with respect or otherwise.  She continues to work in her lab, hoping to create a new version of the formula that turned her into a 'freak', as she puts it, so as to correct her 'engorged' traits of her own body. In the interim, she cares and respects her fellow sisters in the sisterhood and has taken in several upcoming young lab assistants from the sisterhood's ranks looking to 'better and empower' themselves. Vanya is rash, vainglorious and proud; she dislikes being told what to do and on occasion has been known to have remarkable emotional outbursts, believed to be a side effect of the formula she'd injected herself with. The Indian government has stated that this 'new' Aurulent Shadow is a copycat, trying to 'copy' the real Aurulent Shadow's amazing reputation and worthiness, but badly so.


NOTE: There is one secret that Vanya is still keeping. She didn't have an abortion as she said she did; instead she gave birth to a son and gave the child away to a couple who'd lost their son in the invasion. She has no idea who or where her son is today or even if he is still alive.




Power Origin: Science/Technology

  • Altered DNA (from the experimental Chinese DNA Enhancer Formula)

    • Enhanced Strength and Endurance

      • Has remarkable strength coupled with incredible endurance​

    • Skin Density

      • Has typical protection versus physical, toxic/toxin damage​

      • Has good protection versus energy and temperate damage

      • Has excellent protection versus radiation

      • Has diminished nerve cluster feedback/feeling, ergo, unless she receives an excellent amount of damage, she won't really feel it other than via pressure or slight discomfort

    • Leaping

      • Can perform excellent leaps up to 200 feet across, 120 feet up and 310 feet down.​

      • When doing consecutive leaps, can add 40 feet to each leap to a maximum of 400 feet per leap in perpetuity

        • Stopping while in a perpetual leap mode can cause up to good physical damage on her frame.​

    • Senses

      • Can see into ultraviolet light spectrum​

      • Has night vision

      • Has diminished taste and smell

        • likes VERY hot sauces to even get close to 'flavor' in her tasting

        • Can't smell subtle smells (freshly cut grass, smoke from a cigarette, flowers, etc.)

NOTE: Because of the DNA enhancer formula, her brain synapses are erratic, causing her (on a 15% random basis) to engage in any of the following:

  1. wild mood swings

  2. temporary memory loss

  3. emotional outbursts

  4. mentally 'locks up' for over a minute's time

  5. fit of anger

  6. audaciously generous to a random person (gives them money or praise)

  7. crying for no reason

  8. feel overly emotionally connected to a random person

  9. perform a 'random act of kindness'

  10. perform a 'random act of cruelty'



  • Dark Energy Armor

    • Baseline Armoring​

    • Dark Energy Generator/Converter

      • Converts a self-generating unearthly dark energy singularity (housed in the belt) into manageable power applications for use in the armoring and power systems

      • All armoring is powered through this belt; without the belt's generator/converter working, all Dark Energy Armor functions (the next few entries below in 'Dark Energy Armor') will also cease to function.

    • Dark Energy Protective Field

      • When activated, a dark energy field emanates around the armor providing the following protection:​

        • Excellent physical, toxic/toxin, psychic/mental, magical protection​

        • Remarkable energy, temperate and dark energy protection

        • Incredible radiation protection

    • Dark Energy Form

      • When activated, the armor and its bearer can turn their mass into a nebulous dark energy cloud-like form.

      • In this state/form, the following conditions exist:​

        • Has incredible protection against all other forms of damage

        • Cannot receive physical, toxic/toxin damage​

        • Cannot physically connect with anything while in this state

        • Cannot use other powers in this state other than innate visual senses (night vision/ultraviolet light vision) and voice

        • Can fly at excellent speeds with unlimited altitude

      • Can only maintain this state for about 4 minutes before reverting back to baseline mass

    • Dark Energy Melee

      • When activated, dark energy adds one additional level to the power and/or impact of the bearer's punches, kicks, charges and/or body blows up to a maximum of incredible levels.​

      • Adds an additional level of melee-level fighting prowess, increasing one's fighting ability to a maximum remarkable level.

    • Flight

      • Can fly up to good speeds normally​

      • Can 'cannonball' herself after a buildup of Dark Energy for 14-15 seconds to an incredible burst of speed at launch for the next 14-15 seconds of flight time, followed by a level decrease in speed each several seconds thereafter until speed drops back down to baseline 'good' flight speed.

  • Earwig

    • Encrypted communications device with unlimited range

    • 3-day battery charge

    • Excellent non-ferrous material

  • Knife (1)

    • Incredible non-ferrous material blade



  • Sisterhood of Selene (Professional)

  • Dark Energy (Professional)

  • Engineering (Professional)

  • Research/Technical Engineering (Professional)

  • Science (Master)

  • Biology (Proficient)

  • Armoring/Modern Armoring Systems (Professional)

  • Government (Proficient)

  • Science Lab Operations (Professional)

  • Soltan Invasion (Proficient)

  • Leadership (Proficient)

  • Women's support groups (Proficient)

  • Knife Fighting (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: + Melee fighting (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Blocking/Charging/Escapes (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • Hindu (Master)

    • English (Professional)

    • French (Proficient)

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