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Black Autumn

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Relatively unknown



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Sisters of Selene



Don "Major Deej" Finger

4 Nov 2017



Cheryl Carpenter AKA Autumn Knight (template)




A few years ago, the Knights Arcanus, a rogue heroic magical group, went into battle with the cult-like Sisters of Selene in an attempt by the Sisters of Selene to 'copy' certain key political and entertainment male figures and create controllable 'puppets' to espouse the wonders and benefits of the Sisters of Selene, all while keeping said politicians and entertainers locked away in a dungeon in one of the Sisterhood of Selene's "Sisterhood Centers'.  As such, when the Knights Arcanus went into battle with the equally super-powered Sisters of Selene, one such knight of the Knights Arcanus, Autumn Knight, intercepted a cast 'copy' spell that was directed against the Knights Arcanus' leader, Samhain Knight, and instead, Autumn Knight's armor and sword took the full brunt of the copy spell; breaking the spell's pure impact on Autumn Knight yet the spell still had a powerful effect against Autumn Knight.

Autumn Knight's magical armor and sword were copied and placed into a newly-created soulless, dark energy body 'copy' of that of Autumn Knight.  This dark or 'black' version of Autumn Knight immediately attacked the Knights Arcanus and almost defeated them singlehandedly if not for the true Autumn Knight intercepting the Dark/Black version of herself, fighting it and the Sisters of Selene to a stalemate (which, Autumn Knight 'knew' of what was supposed to happen in this fight and its dread results through her own scrying of herself she'd done years ago). As such, the Sisters of Selene escaped, leaving all the 'copied' politicians and entertainers behind with their true, living versions of themselves behind, which the Knights Aracanus freed and 'deleted' the copies of the true versions of said politicians and entertainers. The black copy of Autumn Knight, however, fled with the Sisters of Selene.

After 'deleting' the copies of the politicians and entertainers and ensuring they got safely back home, the Knights Arcanus attempted to 'delete' the copy of Autumn Knight remotely, however, the dark version of Autumn Knight 'foresaw' that and created a spell onto itself to prevent its own 'deletion'.  This copy of Autumn Knight was cold, calculating, fierce, mean and highly emotional...everything the real Autumn Knight wasn't.  To that degree the soulless copy of Autumn Knight, wanting to actually 'delete' the real version of itself, was readily accepted for inclusion into the Sisterhood of Selene and the super-powered version of the Sisterhood called the Sisters of Selene with the leader's, Selenyx's, full support.

Today, 'Black Autumn', as she is now called, is nothing more than a puppet of the Sisterhood and the Sisters of SeleneBlack Autumn follows the orders and requests of Selenyx like a solider or a drone. Without a soul, Black Autumn doesn't feel the need for individuality or relationships and as such acts more like a puppeted machination than a magically-copied human.  To this day, no one has been able to come up with a counter spell to 'delete' Black Autumn (that alters its protection spell as necessary to prevent others from 'deleting' her). It is aggressive and fierce in battle and will on occasion 'scry' into the immediate future to be able to prepare for any conflicts of battles that it or the Sisterhood and/or Sisters of Selene might face, making Selenyx knowledgeable about what 'might' occur in her and their futures. It also does NOT have Autumn Knight's knowledge, skills, experience or memories; the dark energy version was basically a 'tabula rasa' of Autumn Knight's physical manifestation ingrained with the opposite of Autumn Knight's emotions and attitude.

Black Autumn doesn't sleep and as such, much like the Knights Arcanus' Deathknight, instead, performs guard duty in and around Selenyx and/or the Sisterhood/Sisters of Selene whenever Black Autumn is not actively engaged in anything else.




Power origin: Magic (Divination/Conjuration)


  • Cheryl has an innate (non-magical) unique power that allows her to, with great concentration, see into the future at far at 20 years​ before her.  With this power, she gets several seconds of 'flashes' of images showing her an actual future event (that can be changed if events are altered to prevent the image from occurring).

  • When it comes to emotionally-charged visions, like of her parents or of Samhain Knight, her imagery is cloudy and very vague, making it harder for her to decipher or understand visions of this nature.

  • LIMITATION: For some reason, Cheryl, nor most Scryers, can see past a certain undated event in the future that relates to the reappearance of archangels and a 'Holy War' that is to come to Earth.



  • Master Scryer

    • Capable of using one of several magical devices/objects for foretelling and displaying imagery of the future

    • Takes 10 minutes or spell preparation for each segment of 5 years in the future to see the target date/time (i.e., if she wanted to see 40 years into the future, it would take 80 minutes to prepare for the Srcying).

    • She is limited to only see 40 years into the past or future with this incredible magic skill.

    • LIMITATION: For some reason, Cheryl, nor most Scryers, can see past a certain undated event in the future that relates to the reappearance of archangels and a 'Holy War' that is to come to Earth.

  • Adept Precognition/Post-Cognition

    • Cheryl, using magical devices/objects and a magical or non-magical reference item from that era/time to be perceived, can 'read' a person or a referenced item's past and/or future, but only +/- 40 years.

    • She can 'feel' or 'read' only; no projection or imagery related to this

    • It the person or referenced object is 'not there' (destroyed, dead, etc) in the era/time to be perceived, Cheryl might have to embattle a mystical feedback based on her own psyche so as not to get 'lost' in the vacuum of that person's/referenced item's void in time.  This might cause her to go into a psycho-magical mental lockdown, thus placing her in a coma-like state/trance that will last 10 times the difference in years from whence the person/referenced object was to be read from (i.e., If Cheryl was to 'see' if someone was still alive 40 years in the future, and that post-cogged person was found to NOT be there, if she is unable to uncouple her mind/spell, she can be in a coma-like state or trance up to 400 hours or 16 + days before she can POTENTIALLY attempt to uncouple herself then as well (or suffer the same fate)).



  • Limited Summoning/Desummoning

    • Cheryl has the excellent magically trained skill to summon or shunt (desummon) a person, animal or object weighing no more than 200 pounds a distance of 200 yards from her location with but a mere hand gestured spell.




  • Simulated, magically copied armor from Autumn Knight

  • Provides excellent material strength and protection against physical, energy, toxic, temperate and radiation-based attacks

  • Proivdes amazing protection against dark energy, psychic/mental and magic attacks

  • The magical copy of the headband provides for full head protection by way of an invisible energy field, all at the same protection rate as the rest of the armor.

  • Boots are copies of ancient arcane 'air travel' boots that allow the wearer to levitate up to a max altitude of 400 feet at a speed of no more than 25 mph.  These boots do not require a magical recharge.


  • Magical copy of the legendary sword of Irish folklore.

  • Unearthly magical material strength, capable of cleaving anything monstrously strong or less, so long as the wielder has the strength to make the cut.

  • Blade's surface is black.

  • Earwig

    • Encrypted communications device with unlimited range

    • Excellent non-ferrous material

  • Magical Knife (1)

    • Incredible non-ferrous magical material blade



  • Sisterhood of Selene (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • English (Barely Proficient)


NOTE: It does not have any skill or academic knowledge due to it not having Autumn Knight's 'memories', training or experiences.

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