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Madame Maxima

Half Full Moon
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Not generally known



130+ years








High Priestess Maxima

Sisters of Selene



Don "Major Deej" Finger

4 Nov 2011







Madame Maxima is a high priestess for her planet's most hated cult, the Temple of the Light. This 'light cult', on the planet Nyxia, was considered 'evil' and was a haven for those considered to be angry degenerates and revolutionaries.  As such, Maxima and her followers were ostracized, even though they'd all learned how to channel 'light' energy through dark energy.  The best of them, of course, was Maxima.


Over a hundred years ago, the Soltan Star Empire invaded her planet, Nyxia, decimating her species and planet in the processes. Maxima and her Temple of Light followers (which, to them, light was considered evil to their world of Nyxia's darkness and gloom) fought  the Soltans, but sadly failed.

Maxima was jailed in a powerful prison section of one of the Soltan flagships where she remained up until the (Earth) year of 2000 started, when the Soltans invaded Earth...only to be driven off of Earth and the same flagship sent crashing into the Sahara Desert.

There, rather than join a band of 'Galactic Expatriates' Maxima encountered a group called the 'Sisterhood of Selene' which followed many of her Temple of Light's tenants of her cult.  


Today, with no way to leave Earth, 'Madame Maxima', as she is now called, decided to join the Sisterhood and become one of their super-powered 'Sisters  of Selene'. 


Maxima is a walking contradiction 'light' to her and her people is considered 'dark', with an associative 'evilness' to said light.  A mean statement made by Maxima to 'have a dark and dreary day' to people on Earth, to her, would be a pleasant, kind greeting or statement. She considers using her light powers to be a curse, but a necessary curse for her group of (now dead) hardcore followers to use against the followers of her and her people's 'dark' ways believing that only their 'evil light' is the only way to take over their male-dominated dark world, which, at this time, Maxima has no idea what her planet's state or condition is; free or liberated; still under Soltan occupation or self-governing once again. No one knows.

Maxima's actions, however, are just as confusing as conversations with her.


If Maxima kisses you, she's basically slapping you in the face.


If Maxima shakes your hand it means she doesn't like you.


This, of course, leads to a LOT of confusing conversations and issues with Madame Maxima.  The Sisters of Selene leader, Selenyx, is actually overwhelmingly intrigued by Maxima's behavior and thought processes, such to the point that Selenyx will actually back up Maxima's 'behavior' even amongst her fellows sisters and sisterhood.

Maxima, however, LOVES (yes, infatuated with) the Sisterhood of Selene and would do anything for them...and Selenyx.




Power Origin: Science

  • Her Nyxian Physiological Attributes

    • Good fighting (max remarkable)​

    • Excellent agility (max incredible)

    • Good strength (max excellent)

    • Excellent Endurance (max incredible)

    • Can see easily in darkness

    • Light hurts Nyxian eyes (but not Maxima's)

  • Light-imbued Dark Powers

    • Acts like dark energy, yet has the properties of light energy at an excellent level instead.

    • Light-dark blast

      • Can emit a good light-based dark energy blast at a max range of 100 yards

      • Effects are much like that of dark energy...but with light instead

    • Light-dark Entrapment

      • Can emit a good strength light-based dark energy immobilization and/or hold field from a solid, firm surface (wall, ground, ceiling, car roof, etc.) to all things in a targeted 100 square foot area at a max range of 100 yards

      • Effects are much like that of dark energy...but with light instead

    • Light-dark Fear Imbuement

      • Can emit a typical light-based dark energy fear effect at a max range of 100 yards

      • Effects are much like that of dark energy....but with light instead

    • Light-Dark Melee Impact

      • Can produced a focused excellent level light-based dark energy impact with her fists or feet 

      • Effects are much like that of dark energy...but with light instead

  • Flight

    • Can fly up to 100 mph for a maximum of 100 miles before tiring out

    • Max Altitude 1,000 ft AGL

  • Senses/Vision

    • Can see in normal light and darkness

    • Can sense anyone in absolute darkness (or absolute or normal light) up to 2000 yards away



  • Gauntlets, Boots, belt, shoulder pieces and headdress Foci Devices

    • Acts as a light-dark energy filter, amplifying either dark or light energy to the levels of power use listed above in Powers.​

    • She can still use her powers without these items on Earth, but back on her planet of Nyxia, she had to use these to use her powers.  She likes using these items to ensure others 'remember' who she is /looks like.

    • These are all made of incredible material, but offer no form of protection from damage to her body/frame.

  • Mask

    • Provides remarkable psionic/mental protection

  • Knife (1)

    • Incredible non-ferrous material blade

  • Earwig

    • Encrypted communications device with unlimited range

    • Excellent non-ferrous material



  • Sisterhood of Selene (Proficient)

  • Nyxia Lore/History (Professional)

  • Light-imbued Dark Energy (Professional)

  • Repairs and creation of Nyxian light-imbued dark energy Foci Devices (Master)

  • Temple of Light Cult from Nyxia (Master)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • Nyxian (Master)

    • Egyptian (Barely Proficient)

    • English (Proficient)

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