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Sisterhood of Selene

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Feeling left out and alone? Have you been or are you currently being exploited? Do you feel like no one takes you seriously? Do you find yourself being dominated by today's society?

Well, sisters, the Sisterhood of Selene is here just for YOU!


For over 150+ years, the Sisterhood has helped underprivileged and abused woman to become strong, independent and empowered women in today's competitive, male dominated world.


Using love, understanding and positive motivation, tens of thousands of women have leapt from the trusses of servitude to leaders of businesses and nations!


See how the Sisterhood of Selene can help YOU become an empowered woman TODAY!

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Originally a benevolent yet progressive women's secret society created in the 1200s in England, the Sisterhood of Selene has since grown to provide a modern network of strong, progressive women who work towards helping humanity one community at a time.

Over the centuries, the society accumulated a lot of wealth through donations and inheritances. Along with that wealth came more stature and more of a desire to help women be more empowered.


By the 1800s, the Sisterhood of Selene started secretly funding women's achievements. As a result, the Sisterhood 'upset' some status quo with other male-dominated organizations over the centuries. Inquisitions, women's suffrage and most all of the world's civilizations and societies did all they could to quell the Sisterhood's existence, even calling it at one point a 'haven for black magic and witches'. After centuries of near decimation, the sisterhood survived long enough to finally start making a difference by the 1800s.  Sadly, the sisterhood still upset many other societies, leading to the hiring of an assassination guild called "Death Legion" to take out the sisterhood. The sisterhood suffered catastrophic losses in their membership and leadership in what was deemed until recently a 'secret slaughter' of women. Rumors abound as to what happened next, but eventually 'Death Legion' withdrew their contract against the Sisterhood of Selene, never again to set their sights on the sisterhood for assassination ever again.

From the 19th century into the early 20th century, the Sisterhood of Selene grew and eventually expanded from a quiet, small and secretive women's club to a growing yet still secretive cult-like women's society.  Women all over the world, in positions and power, were indoctrinated into the Sisterhood of Selene, all of which used the society's newly gained wealth and juxtaposition to further their powers, ambitions and influences.

Eventually, the Sisterhood of Selene grew enough in wealth and influence in the latter half of the 20th century that they created new 'Sisterhood Centers' for women all over the world. During the Soltan Invasion of 2000, the Sisterhood was noted as housing and hiding women from the alien invaders, saving thousands of prominent Sisterhood members, most all of which, after the invasion, were vital towards rebuilding the world from its devastation and ruin. This helped to further promote the goals and influence of the modern Sisterhood of Selene


After the invasion, the Sisterhood of Selene built their new headquarters in outside of Lebanon, Kansas. The Sisterhood of Selene managed to align their views more with modern society's, furthering women's empowerment, transforming themselves from a regional psuedo-cult to a worldwide women's movement.


This resulted in both good...and sadly, bad, interactions. On several occasions, the Sisterhood was attacked by super-powered organizations such as G.U.A.R.D., hero groups and even illegal organizations such as the CANIS black marketeers. This resulted in the introduction of several super-powered women, forming a team of sisterly protectors calling themselves simply the 'Sisters of Selene'.  These Sisters of Selene are registered under the Super-powered Registration Act (SRA) and act as defenders to the sisterhood from any external attacks and assaults.


Today, the Sisterhood of Selene, led by their new CEO, Sister Selena, has continued to grow this non-profit organization into a worldwide women's movement and society.  Women who join the sisterhood are known to be positioned in some of the most powerful and influential roles and jobs in the world, ranging from the United Nations to major industries to the media.  Today's members in the sisterhood take care of their members and empower their women to further improve and make the world a better place for all of us, especially for the men, who are now understanding the sisterhood not as a threat to their masculinity, but instead as the next ideological step in society's ascent into a higher order and purpose, all with women of the Sisterhood of Selene leading the way!

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Don't wait any longer! Your sisters are waiting for you to join!

Contact us at 1800-555-SHOS today or come to any of our Sisterhood Centers located on the Ya!Go! Maps app.

We are here to help women become the strong, independent and empowered woman you deserve to be!


Call or visit us TODAY!

Sister Selena Nuñes

Recently voted on as the next leader of the Sisterhood, Sister Selena Nuñes has a familial history going back as far as the 1870s with the Sisterhood when a relative with the same name once led the Sisterhood during one of its darkest days.

Recently, Sister Selena has disclosed that the sisterhood has been targeted by 'powerful actors'. As such, she has put together a protective team of super-powered women all dedicated to the Sisterhood of Selene, naming them simply the 'Sisters of Selene'. Thanks to Sister Selena's efforts, the Sisterhood has been able to stop several attacks against them from all forms of government and super-powered antagonists, all the while continuing to empower today's women in the sisterhood.

Her efforts in the last year have led to hundreds if not thousands of new sisters moving on to leadership positions in business and government, providing a positive influence and direction for today's empowered woman. It's through her dedication and service that she and the Sisterhood of Selene have become a worldwide movement for women that will stand the test of time and help to lead the rest of the world towards a brighter, meaningful future!

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