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Sister Blade

Image by Richard Iwaki
Pray For Me [Explicit]The Weeknd & Kendrick Lamar
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Jenae Jacobs

Known by officials



mid 30s










None revealed

Artemis Marauder, Sister Jenae




Don "Major Deej" Finger

(As Artemis Marauder) 7 Nov 08




A street smart homeless girl in Siena, Italy, Jenae Jacobs taught herself to survive in a world that seemed to constantly challenge her. She killed others that tried to kill or harm her, but always got away before the authorities could get her. A nun at a church in the villa tried her best to help Jenae. Jenae saw the nun as the only person who was actually nice to her and truly cared for her.

After Christmas mass in1999, a teenage Jenae decided to leave her dangerous street life behind and instead give herself to God. She was taken in by the kind nun once again, who started indoctrinating her into the church over the Christmas holiday period and into January.  For the first time in her life, young Jenae actually felt like she belonged and as such completely gave herself over to God in spirit, mind and body, casting out her old ways, repenting her sins. She was on her way to become Sister Jenae...that is, until the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth in mid January 2000.

One of the locations, for one reason or another, that the Soltans made into a military hub facility was Siena, Italy.  The Soltan Troops landed by the tens of thousands, immediately decimating and/or enslaving the populace.  The church was obliterated and the kind nun, along with all the other nuns and priests in the church, were outright slaughtered. Thanks to Jenae's street smarts, she was able to evade being captured and killed She was on the run for nearly three long days until she was finally able to rest in a Cistercian Monastery known as the The Abbey of Saint Galgano.  While sleeping next to some debris in the abbey, she had a dream-induced vision of her fighting the Soltans and other 'unholy beings' with other men and women garbed in black and blue costumes, killing the SOltans and unholy beings, to include Jenae slinging knives, blades and even an ancient sword at them, killing them...after which light from the sky seemed to shine through...or was it the sun in her eyes as she awoke from her dreamy slumber on the abbey ground that day?  After verifying she was alone, she spied something she hadn't seen before that night under the debris.  It was an area that had once obviously been made a display only area; in the center of the area was a sword in a rock in the ground. It was the same sword she saw in her dream.

Jenae read the damaged plaque next to the damaged display area. It stated that the sword was the Sword of Galgano.  The sword was noted as being inserted into the rock by Saint Galgano to represent a cross at that location after Galgano had seen religious visions of the Archangel Michael, the twelve Apostles and God himself.  Seeing the entire display area damaged and even some of the rock around the sword cracked and damaged, Jenae, after having her own visions that night before, attempted to lift the sword from the stone...

...and did.

With the sun's gleaming light reflecting off the sword's blade for most likely the first time in over 800 years, Jenae dropped to her knees and swore to God, on that spot, that she would use the sword and whatever weapons she could fashion and master and use them to rid the world of all the unholy beings that walked the Earth. The Soltans. Demons. Aliens. Mutants. Magical creatures. All of them.  All for humanity. All for God. Jenae believed she was tasked with a holy crusade to fulfill the vision she had in her mind's eye.

Over the next few days, Jenae scavenged every single weapon and bladed weapon she could get her hands on and began cleaning and prepping them to be used. Miraculously, the Sword of Galgano didn't seem as rusted as it once was, and instead seemed new and shiny to her. Obviously, to Jenae, the sword was a weapon God intended her to use and as such she took great care to shine, polish and sharpen it as best she could.

After a week, Jenae decided it was time to take her quest to the Soltans and walk into their camp and kill them all.

As Jenae walked, loaded with machine guns, rocket launchers, knives, a gas mask and of course the Sword of Galgano, she ran straight into a guard outpost to attack them. Normally, she would have never had a chance, but as she was running to attack amidst the hail of energy rifle blasts from the Soltan sentries, a massive offensive attack force of aircraft, bombers, artillery and mortars erupted all around the Soltan base.  The Soltans were under attack from not only Jenae but what seemed like half of the remaining Italian military and air force.  Jenae knew right then and there she was doing God's work.

After an hour of intense fighting, sadly, the Italian forces weren't enough to run off the Soltans. Jenae was eventually knocked out from a concussion blast from a Soltan cannon, but was evacuated from the battlefield by medics and taken to safety. Over four hundred Italian troops and pilots died in that assault while only a few dozen Soltans died. Jenae, not knowing a thing about combat or how to wield or use most of the weapons she still had on her, attempted to rally the troops, but to no avail.  An Italian superhero was leading the troops and instead urged caution vice any further direct assaults. Jenae told him she was charged by God to kill the unholy Soltans with the Sword of Galgano, to which the Italian superhero instead slapped her to the ground and called for her to be arrested for sedition. Jenae was taken to a makeshift underground prison, stripped of all her weapons, and kept in captivity over the next few days, all to Jenae's highly vocal demands to free her and follow her as a leader in God's army against all that was unholy, which she eventually went on to include the Italian superhero as one of those 'unholiest' that needed to be destroyed.

Eventually the Soltans attacked the Italian forces and pretty much sent the Italian forces running for the hills, leaving Jenae alone in her prison. The Soltans found her and brought her before the Soltan Force Commander, who ensured she was tortured over the next few months for being 'human'. Jenae suffered severe head trauma and major body injuries as a result of her torture and imprisonment amongst the Soltans. The Soltans even lined up to rape her again and again, leaving Jenae a traumatized shell of a tortured, imprisoned woman.

Then, according to Jenae, God arrived.

In a flash of blinding light, the Soltan base in Siena, Italy was attacked by several hundred well-armed human rebel and militia troops, all carrying unique weapons; weapons that actually killed the Soltans in droves. After a dozen hours of fighting, the sound of warfare simmered, to which she heard someone enter her jail cell and take Jenae to safety. 

Days later, Jenae awakened in a large room  in a makeshift hospital bed, alone. Of to the side, she saw a slew of weapons, knives, blades and her Sword of Galgano resting on a chair, along with a military uniform with a nametag denoting the name "Sister Blade" on it.  She was eventually met by the doctors, nurses and a gaggle of exuberant troops all chanting "Sister Blade! Sister Blade!" in Italian.  Jenae was told that her running attack she did against the Soltans that day became a rally cry for Italians everyone to fight the Soltans.  They found her weapons and the sword amidst the Soltan Commander's things and liberated them from him and gave them back to Jenae. They'd realized the sword was truly the Sword of Galgano and that Sister Blade must have pulled the sword from the stone; an act that only one chosen by God could perform and thus made 'Sister Blade' a weapon of God by default.

Over the next few weeks, as Sister Blade was recovering, she was also trained in combat techniques and melee combat, as best as she could learn. Eventually, come August of 2000, the final battles against the Soltans were coordinated with the rest of the world and with Sister Blade in the lead, the Italian resistance forces attacked the last bastion of Soltan troops in Italy, sending the Soltans retreating back into space, all with Sister Blade as the holy weapon of vengeance against the Soltans, making many believe that she was indeed blessed.

If didn't take but a few years later for that to be completely disproved.

During the time after the Earth was liberated from the Soltans, Sister Blade trained relentlessly in how to use the sword and all types of bladed and shooting weapons. Her doctors were worried about the damage she received to her head and brain and saw several distressing conditions that could alter her cognitive and sense of security. She started talking to reporters about her quest to continue to take out and kill all aliens, unholy beings, mutants and super-powered people, all of whom, in her mind's eye, were not made in God's image.  The media and eventually people around the world that once flocked to her as someone that was due for sainthood instead now classified her as mentally impaired and unbalanced.

The first time the doctors attempted to take Sister Blade to a mental facility to help her, she fought them and even stabbed an orderly, killing him.  Sister Blade broke away, running off into and eventually making her way into the Italian mountains, where multiple search parties were sent out to retrieve her and bring her in for murder and mental help.  Sister Blade, however, was intercepted by a set of militants that actually agreed with her. This group was known as "Baltic Force".  They were renown for capturing, killing and experimenting on aliens, super-powered beings and magical beings and creatures, although a bit more graphically than how Sister Blade intended to stop them. Nonetheless, Sister Blade accepted Baltic Force's premise and quickly became a key agent in their operations taking out and killing hundreds of her 'unholy' victims, all with Baltic Force supporting her 100%.

Today, Sister Blade is a lead in the Kill Unit in Baltic Force, which, recently has been rebranded as "The Exterminators".  She is dedicated to taking out anyone or anything that is not naturally human, regardless of how human that 'unholy' being might look.  She is relentless, highly driven and still believes she is doing God's work. Her co-workers have come to the conclusion to simply 'agree' with her view on things, otherwise the Exterminators might lose one of its greatest weapons; her.

Sister Blade is still a virgin and has never had a relationship other than her relationship with God. She considers the Bible as God's will and rules, but doesn't apply the 'darker' aspects of the old Testament, but instead the 'benevolence' of the New Testament.  She intends to continue her quest until she dies, wherein she expects to be placed aside God's right hand in Heaven and be his example of God's will.  She has had many arguments and fights as a result of her extreme religious views, but she won't kill her fellow troops just because they disagree with her. She will, however, tell them she'll 'pray for their souls' instead. Most of the world believes Sister Blade to be crazy, yet a few remember what she did during the Soltan Invasion and have joined her and the Exterminators thinking they are following "God's will" as well. 




Power Origin: Natural

She has no powers.



  • Bodysuit

    • Typical protection against physical, temperate and toxic/toxin damage

    • Poor protection against energy damage

    • Good protection against radiation damage

  • Knives, Blades (26)

    • Carried all over her body along her arms, legs, back, belt, etc.

    • All made of amazing material non-ferrous composite material

  • Sword of Galgano

    • Spectacular material strength metal

    • Incredible holy/magical protection against damage

    • Other than this, it is a regular, ancient 800+ year old sword

  • Pouches of Things

    • Carries a variety of several dozen good level grenades, flechettes, shuriken, spikes, needles and razors

  • Goggles

    • Provides night, normal and infra red vision

    • Provides excellent flash protection

  • Mask

    • Provides good toxic/toxin protection

    • Provides an oxygen cannister than can be used as a rebreather for 10 minutes underwater or in a toxic atmosphere

  • Earwig

    • Incredible encrypted communications device with 25 mile range with a 2-day battery charge



  • Christian Religion (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: + Fighting (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: + Initiative (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: melee, thrown weapons fighting (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Professional)

  • Swordsmanship (Professional)

  • Stealth (Proficient)

  • Marksmanship (Proficient)

  • Acrobatics/Tumbling (Proficient)

  • Tracking/Hunting (Professional)

  • Languages:

    • Italian (Master)

    • Latin (Proficient)

    • English (Professional)

    • Spanish (Professional)

    • French (Professional)

    • German (Proficient)

    • Russian (Barely Proficient)

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