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Eva Escolanza

public (as Gauchita), rarely known (as Boleadora)

Argentina/Hero (Gauchita), Villain (Boleadora)

Yes (Gauchita)/No (Boleadora)

12-17 (Gauchita), Mid 30s (Boleadora)










Fiancé (deceased)

Parents (deceased)

All relatives (deceased)

La Gauchita, Bolo




Don "Major Deej" Finger

1980s; 2 July 2015




Eva Escolanza was originally a young heroic sidekick to the Champions of Argentina super-group, even though she was a non-super-powered person (as well as a minor) at the time she joined.

The Champions of Argentina team consisted of the leader, Gaucho Azul (The Blue Cowboy), Cielo Gris (Grey Sky) Mercedario (a super-strong man mountain), El Latigo Ardiente (The Fiery Whip), Senor Guapo (Mr. Handsome) and of course Eva, known as La Gauchita. Initially, the team fought for the people against greedy land barons, corrupt politicians, drug cartels, human traffickers and the occasional bank robbers. The team was very masculine and had a strong testosterone-driven mentality, leaving Eva to be second fiddle and the 'person in the chair' in most of their missions. She was usually left at their base of operations to obtain information from the internet, fix the team's gadgets, nursemaid and tend to their wounds and come up with brilliant tactical ways to defeat the bad guys (tactics that would later be stated to be the leader, Gaucho Azul's, ideas. Eva, using her guile and brilliant planning skills, worked well with the team's inherent capabilities and, for the most part, was the one who usually surmised how to defeat any of their villains and/or bad people that the team would fight against. Regardless of her importance to the team, she was always treated as a kid who 'wouldn't amount to anything without the rest of the team' - at least, that's what the leader, Gaucho Azul, would state.  Eclipsed in their shadows, Eva was usually only viewed by the rest of the world as a cute yet worthless sidekick as compared to the rest of the team.

Then the Soltan Empire invaded the Earth in 2000.

Buenos Aires was hit hard by the Soltans.  Try as they might, the Champions of Argentina fought where they could, but too often they were outmatched and outnumbered. Eva, who by that time had earned her bachelor's degree in science and medicine at age 17, worked feverishly to devise plans for the team to stop the invaders.  One time she asked to have one of the deceased Soltan bodies brought to their base so she could study it to find their weaknesses, only to be chastised by her compatriots calling her a 'ghoul'. Nonetheless, the team battled on, winning some battles, but mostly losing, resulting in what seemed common for the male heroes in the team in those days: retreat.


The team become increasingly agitated with Eva and her inability to come up with a plan to stop the 'simple, stupid aliens' (AKA The Soltans). Finally, after a communique went out from a rogue organization to the world's leaders (and the Champions of Argentina base as well), a weakness had been found that allowed them to defeat the Soltan troops. That weakness was fashioned into a weapon and the rogue organization gave the schematics to said weapon to everyone, everywhere around the world. This weakness, as Eva discovered, was gleaned from doing 'alien autopsies' of dead Soltan soldiers; a solution that Eva herself had requested to do, but was denied by her own teammates. Since Eva never got a chance to study a Soltan soldier's body, she was never able to reach the same conclusion that this rogue organization (ironically, known as Baltic Force (later, 'The Exterminators')) had deduced.

Armed with this new information and weapons design on how to defeat the Soltans, Eva crafted weapons from these schematics that would actually defeat the Soltans by the dozens.  After training her team with how to use the new weapons, they patted Eva on the head and told her she 'might actually be useful to the team yet'. Eva demanded to go out into the field with the team, but they forcefully sat her down behind her communications station and told her it was too dangerous and that she'd only 'get in the way'.  The super-powered portion of the Champions of Argentina then went off to battle without La Gauchita with their new anti-Soltan weapons she'd crafted. The three Champions of Argentina eventually turned the tide of the war in Buenos Aires and eventually South America, forcing the Soltans to retreat from the continent completely. Eva, however, was about to undergo a severely traumatic event in her event she'd never recover from.

In several instances during the invasion, the three super-powered members of the team had routinely flown to their relatives and friends and either moved them or fought in their neighborhoods to protect them from the Soltans. A week before the Soltans finally retreated, Eva's fiancé' and family were threatened by the Soltans. When Eva asked the team to help her family and fiancé out, they declined, stating that they had 'other more important people to save'. Angered, Eva went to leave with a pack of weapons and tech-like gizmos of her own design to help save her family.  Instead, Gaucho Azul, the team leader, slapped Eva and forced her into her chair saying that she needed to 'monitor the mission they were leaving for'.  That mission was not to save Eva's family, but instead, to save a finance minister's mansion, nary of a person there. 

Eva had had enough. 

Eva would save her family herself.

Eva, as La Gauchita, took one of the team's flyers and flew to her family's home in San Luis.  There, over 100 Soltan troops were advancing on the town, trying to take over the city's airport to use as a Soltan Air Defense base.  La Gauchita leapt into battle.  In less than 10 minutes, La Gauchita took out nearly all of the Soltans, however, several got past her.  Those several Soltans destroyed everything in their path while the populace was attempting to hide, including La Gauchita's family and fiance'. When La Gauchita arrived at her humble home, over a dozen relatives, women and children lay dead before her...including her fiancé'.  Wracked with guilt and anger over the lack of support the rest of the team gave her, she hunted down the remaining Soltans and slaughtered them mercilessly. When all was done, La Gauchita had taken down over one hundred Soltans, three Soltan Tanks and two Soltan Troop transports all by herself.


Minutes after La Gauchita took down the last Soltan, Gaucho Azul, over the Champions of Argentina's communications link, demanded for a tactical plan from La Gauchita to once again get the rest of the team out of trouble in their fight with 10 Soltan soldiers at the Finance Minister's mansion.

La Gauchita instead screamed back curses at them over the comms link rather than give them any form of a tactical solution.

La Gauchita collapsed upon the ground in shock after that, nearly catatonic with grief from the loss of her family and fiancé and the percolated hate she now had for her fellow teammates.

Eventually, La Gauchita's other three teammates were assisted by the local military to stop the 'overwhelming ten' Soltans.  Beaten and bloodied, the teammates arrived back at the Champions of Argentina base just as La Gauchita had returned herself...equally bloodied and beat. They screamed and yelled at her, demanding an explanation for her outburst over the comms during the battle.  La Gauchita told them what had happened to her and that all her relatives and family, including her fiancé, were dead. Rather than console her or empathize, the leader, Gaucho Azul, backhanded La Gauchita to the ground.  Gaucho Azul bellowed at La Gauchita calling her 'worthless', 'undisciplined' and a 'detriment to the team'. He decided to give her a 'negative mark' on her next team evaluation as a result of her selfish actions. The rest of the team didn't say anything or attempt to help her.

As La Gauchita sat on the floor, blood flowing from her cut lip and broken nose, she eyed Gaucho Azul and the team with a look that could burn through steel. She barely heard anything Gaucho Azul was pontificating about at this point; all she wanted to do was get even with the ones who caused the death of her entire family and fiancé.

La Gauchita swore revenge against the Champions of Argentina...soon.

La Gauchita told Gaucho Azul she was going to leave for a week to deal with the funeral arrangements for her family. Agitated and dismissive, Gaucho Azul conceded, but demanded her back in three days rather than a week.  While La Gauchita dealt with the heart-breaking funeral arrangements back in San Luis, the remaining Champions of Argentina muddled through a final push with the military that eventually led to the Soltans retreating from South America.


The Soltans officially retreated the day that La Gauchita came back to the team's HQ. Her teammates were more than happy to deride her for missing out on the most 'crucial' battle and the team's final 'victorious assault' that they obviously were able to do without her or his advice.  Gaucho Azul, by this time, started to realize he was being too harsh on La Gauchita.  After talking with the rest of his team, Gaucho Azul promised to pay for La Gauchita's family's (and fiancé's) funeral expenses and promised to be a bit more considerate towards La Gauchita by having the rest of the team take some of the responsibilities and collateral duties from her at the base and 'maybe' start to 'introduce' her into the team's field missions. Unfortunately for La Gauchita's three teammates, their civility came too late...terminally.

The whole three days La Gauchita was burying her family and fiancé, she also plotted her revenge.


La Gauchita decided to blow up the team's base of operations. She wrote a note saying she hated them all and wished they'd died and that she'd never again allow herself to be disgraced as La Gauchita. She tucked the note into her folded-up La Gauchita costume and commenced planting enough explosives around the base to blow it to atoms three times over.  She knew the rest of the team would be at their normal pub, "The Gaucho's Saddle", until at least midnight, boozing it up with the locals higher-ups while being exuberantly praised for all their heroic actions. She put the explosives on a timer for one hour and started the timer. One hour was more than enough time for Maria to gather her personal belongings at her place and set off to start her new life, somewhere, doing...something. Taking her La Gauchita field weapons, gear and equipment backpack, she walked to her car and left the base.

Eva drove her car from the base to her apartment, where, rather than grab a few personal things and some clothes, instead, decided to leave it all behind...except for the 7,000 Pesos she'd accumulated and kept in a bag instead her mattress. As she drove off, Eva thought about possibly going to a new college to earn her Master's degree or even her graduate degree.  Fate, being a fickle mistress, instead created a tale of tragedy for Eva and La Gauchita.

Feeling bad for what they'd done to La Gauchita, the three super-powered Champions of Argentina, after having their beers and cheers at the pub, decided they'd go back to the base and help, for the first time ever, clean-up the base and try and make amends for their words and actions against La Gauchita.  Mere minutes after the three entered the base, it exploded in a cauldron of fire and destruction.

All three of the super-powered Champions of Argentina were instantly killed in the base's massive explosion.

Eva awoke the next morning in her car on the side of a gas station's restaurant after driving all night to La Plata.  When she went into the restaurant to get some breakfast, she saw on the news what had happened. The TV news report mentioned that the Champions of Argentina were murdered in a fiery explosion of their base. Interestingly enough, one of the Internet technicians (IT guys) that had wired the Champions of Argentina base for video and security had also illegally linked the base's security cameras to record and view everything that happened in the base...and saved on servers at the IT guy's own home.  The IT guy never told anyone about it because he would have been arrested for doing what he did, but instead didn't watch what was being recorded...but kept the video footage so that one day, he might be able to record something 'historic'...and did he ever.


The IT guy recorded what La Gauchita did, wiring the base with explosives and leaving her costume and a note on the team's meeting table, including setting up a timer and then arming the explosives.


It was ALL recorded...including the teammates arriving minutes before the explosion, looking like they were trying to straighten up the place...then them finding La Gauchita's costume and note on the table and then...BOOM. Now, these recordings were being shown on TV. On the news.

The images hit her like a brick.

Eva  never intended to kill the team, just blow up the base.

As she sat there in bewilderment about this fatal turn of events, Eva felt like she needed to grieve...but, instead...didn't care.

Instead, Eva felt a dangerously evil emotion she'd never expected to feel.



Eva didn't mourn for them; instead, she was actually...happy.  She actually started laughing at the TV, as others in the gas station yelled at her for her inconsiderate actions. That's when the folks at the gas station recognized Eva as La Gauchita.  They all started screaming at her calling her a 'murderer' and a many other unkind and cruel words.

That's all it took to break Eva's final straw.

Eva reached into her backpack and broke out her high-tech bolas and her Falon blades and met each attacking civilian in kind.  In less than a minute, she'd killed or wounded all 12 people at the gas station's restaurant. Her explosive bola set off a fiery explosion of the station's gas tanks, leaving the gas station a cauldron of flames.  Eva walked to her car and drove until she ran out of gas near Cordoba. There, she walked the rest of the way to the foot of the Andes Mountains due west to her.  There, she found an abandoned house where she stayed at, contemplating her next move.



Turn herself in?




Oh, what to do.

From her backpack one night, Eva heard a hail of static. It was her team's comms device. She'd long forgotten it was even amongst her things. She immediately feared that the authorities would track her by its frequency and location, however, something else happened.  It was a call from a man only known as "Director 11".  He said he'd been looking for her for awhile and wanted to meet with her to offer an opportunity she'd find to her advantage. Although uneasy about this, Eva agreed to the meeting but gave the mysterious 'Director 11' a bogus location to meet, where she'd instead set up surveillance equipment to see who and what her mystery was.  If they were the authorities, she'd see them there and instead go into hiding again.


On the day of the meet, Eva remotely monitored through her surveillance cameras of the meeting place, instead, Director 11 snuck up behind her at the abandoned house she was surveilling from and introduced himself politely. Surprised, Eva almost shot Director 11. Instead, Director 11 graciously offered her a job and the chance to complete her college...even towards her graduates degree.  His group, called "Baltic Force" was in need of someone with her skills.  He said they were going through some 'rebuilding', but wanted her to be part of their science team, earning six digits of money every year...if she joined them. Knowing that "Baltic Force" was the group that had discovered the weaknesses in the Soltans, Maria was actually excited to join them.

Eva signed up right then and there.

After completing her doctorate in the United States, Doctor Escolanza (Eva) was clandestinely flown to Lithuania.  There, she was introduced to the rest of Baltic Force.  Initially, Doctor Escolanza was asked to apply her skills in medical and science procedures that would help them to identify what made certain super-powered individuals 'tick', as it were.  Her first cadaver was that of a Soltan Soldier.  Doctor Escolanza engaged the challenge with vigor and desire.  She had no morality towards the cadaver.  After several more 'alien' autopsies, she was introduced to a live, super-powered female from Greece. Director 11 requested her to 'study' the prisoner and find out how her powers worked, as well as obtain any unique biological specimens and body parts that would be of use in the study.

Doctor Escolanza operated on the super-powered prisoner without anesthesia and happily performed the procedures needed. The prisoner died on the table, but again, Doctor Escolanza didn't care.  She truly enjoyed ripping into a super-powered being's body, extracting her revenge on those that left her family and fiancé helpless before the onslaught of the invading aliens. That's when she knew, this was her way of getting back at the super-powered people, the aliens, and the rest of the 'super-heroes' for all that had happened to her.  Director 11 and Baltic Force were her new family.  She felt closer to them than at any time with the Champions of Argentina.  This was her new home.

Over the next few years, leadership changed, and eventually a new leader, Director 13, came to power. He called forth on a new refocused effort to track, capture, experiment and kill all the world's super-powered beings, aliens, magical beings and any other 'unearthly' creatures found on Earth.  Doctor Escolanza was never  more motivated from that point on.  She enjoyed Baltic Force's new role as "The Exterminators" and in a short time after its forming, Doctor Escolanza was promoted to be one of the two Unit Leaders for the Science Unit.

Since then, Doctor Escolanza AKA "Boleadora" has examined and dissected hundreds of super-powered beings, aliens, creatures and magical beings.  She has extracted body parts to be sold on the black market, and/or has kept other body pieces in stasis for further examination and study. She is heartless and immoral in her actions and considers what she does as a 'blessing to the world' in ridding it of these supers, capes, aliens and unearthly creatures, whether they are heroic or villainous, it matters little to her. The young heroic girl that was once La Gauchita is long gone; in her place is Boleadora - an evil doctor who enjoys performing autopsies on living subjects...and inflicting as much pain as possible upon her patients/victims.




Power Origin: Natural

She has no powers.



  • Body Suit

    • Poor physical, energy, temperate, toxic/toxin protection

    • Good radiation protection

  • Bolos (15)

    • She retains up to 12 different types of bolos on her person at any given time

    • Bolos, upon contact wrap a remarkable thin cable around the target, immobilizing the target with good immobilization, while also activating a special weapon or device in the bolo sections of the weapon; sections that include:

      • Explosive (2)

        • Good explosive damage to area of impact

      • Tear gas (2)

        • Good toxin damage over time for 30 seconds

        • Good immobilization for 1 minute

        • Reduced visibility (if target is biological) by a factor of 2 for 1 minute

      • Smoke (2)

        • Typical visibility reduction for 30 second duration to affected target area, with effects bleeding into adjacent areas over time

      • Acid (1)

        • Remarkable toxic damage upon impact over time for 12-15 seconds

        • Reagent can be used to counter its effects (carries 2 vials of reagent on her person

      • Electrical (2)

        • Good electrical charge to all targets wrapped in bolo line

      • Fragmentary (2)

        • Typical piercing damage in target area, with reduced damage to adjacent areas

      • Constrictive (1)

        • Excellent hold when wrapped in bolo line; draws taught; effect will last until removed (or a special series of spot locks are touched in a proper sequence on the bolos themselves)

      • Normal bolo (2)

        • Typical blunt damage

      • Sonic (1)

        • Good sonic damage over time for 30 seconds

  • Accessories/Weapons

    • Falon Knife (2)

      • Argentine knife

      • Amazing material

      • perfectly balanced

    • Goggles

      • View in light, infra red, x-ray, ultraviolet, electrical trace, thermal imagery​

      • Excellent flash protection

    • Pocket surgical kit (scalpels, clamps, tweezers, disinfectant (for her), etc.)​

    • Lockpick Set

  • Either Energy Rifle (1) or Energy Pistols (2)

    • Incredible material stock

    • Rifle Range

      • 450 yards

    • Pistol Range

      • 200 yards

    • Energy packs

      • Carries 1 energy packs per weapon

      • 20 shots per pack/6 semi-auto bursts/1 overload shot

      • Typical energy damage for single shot

      • Good energy damage for semi-automatic burst (cone area)

      • Remarkable energy damage for one overload shot (single target)



  • Medical Doctor (Doctorate)

  • Biological science (Doctorate)

  • Coroner(Master)

  • Biological Tissue Studies/Cryogenics/Labs (Professional)

  • Pharmaceuticals (proficient)

  • First Aid/CPR/Triage (Professional)

  • Surgical Processes (ethical and non ethical) (Master)

  • Medical Book Writer (Professional)

  • Pilot (Small aircraft/personal craft) (Proficient)

  • Computers (Professional)

  • Tactical/Tactics (Professional)

  • Criminology (Professional)

  • Tracking, Hunting, Stalking (Proficient)

  • Knife Melee (Professional)

  • Throwing Knives (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: + Fighting ((Proficient)

  • Bolo (Blunt Melee, throwing blunt) (Master)

  • Boxing (Proficient)

  • Wrestling (Holds/Grabs/Escapes) (Proficient)

  • Judo (Proficient)

  • Street Fighting (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • Spanish (Master)

    • Portuguese (Professional)

    • English (Professional)

    • French (Proficient)

    • Russian (Proficient)

    • Slavic (Proficient)

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