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Derrek Garrett


United States/Villain












Mark Astley AKA Terminal Ballistic (Twin Brothers separated at birth; neither of the twins know of each other)

Agent 147




Don "Major Deej" Finger

1980; 4 Oct 2009




Derrek Garrett is an American Special Forces sniper that has since traded in his military boots for an assassin's scope.

For years, Derrek patiently learned how to be the best sniper in the unit, taking pride in his targeting shills and ability to 'get the job done'...that is until a group of civilian interventionists from the American government did a psyche eval on all U.S. Special Forces members.  Derrek was diagnosed as an official sociopath, and as such was removed from active military duty and placed in an mental hospital where he was to be 'fixed' by way of a new interventionist emotional connections program, designed to lead him to be emoteful and communicative about his feelings and those of others.

Derrek killed every one of the interventionists, plus his Commanding Officer, leaving their bodies strung up, gutted, flayed and skinned in the program's 'circle', hung by wire like dead deer being made into venison.  Nonetheless to say, Derrek went off to find his own new future.

Over the next few years, Derrek attempted to make a living as an independent assassin and/or mercenary, however, the competition was fierce and access to the equipment and supplies her needed were extremely regulated and hard to obtain...that is until he was contacted by a member of a superhero hate organization called "Baltic Force". His job was to snipe and/or hunt super-powered, magical and/or 'other than humans' to capture and allow their 'doctors and scientists' to experiment on them and most likely kill them in the process. Derrek had no issue with doing the job and cared less about anyone other than innocent humans anyway. First his first job, Derrek not only hunted and sniped a third rate superhero, as was his assignment, but also discovered the superhero's wife and children were also super-powered...and shot and captured them as well (which eventually led to that entire family's death through gruesome experimentation and highly immoral torture and sadistic practices. Again, Derrek had no issue with doing what he did. He was as cold as long as he got his paycheck and a chance to kill and/or shoot things

After a few more years in his new job, Derrek was tasked with a nearly impossible kill mission involving three high powered super villains. Once again, he pulled off a magnificent shoot-to-capture operation of all of them within seconds of each other, with no one the wiser of who got them, that is, until their dead and mutilated bodies were found weeks later courtesy of Baltic Force.  With that, he was given the codename "Annihilator" and quickly became a lead in the Kill Unit.

Today, Annihilator continues with Baltic Force, now rebranded as "The Exterminators". Led by the group's leader, Director 13, Annihilator continues to operate as the lead in the Kill Unit.  He has hundreds of take-downs and kills to his score and credits. He is now the one who hands out assignments, however, since Derrek loves a challenge, he'll usually assign himself the tough ones...ones that seem to be harder to take down that ever before now that the heroes are training themselves better than ever before


Derrek is a quiet man yet also an amazing marksman and assassin. He is a very goal-oriented person who enjoy completing his job and getting his payment in return. To break from this routine will quickly turn him against you. He has no morals and would just as soon kill a human baby as cuddle one.   He is highly perceptive and has incredible stealth techniques, all which have thus far kept him alive.


Maybe one day, Derrek will look into his family's history and try to find others he's related to...




Power Origin: Natural

He has no powers.



  • Bodysuit:

    • Composite-Kevlar weave and leather

    • Provides typical physical, temperate and energy protection

    • Provides excellent radiation protection

  • Headgear:

    • Goggles

      • Provide normal, infra red, night and thermal vision

      • Has mini-display inside goggles for tactical display, internet displays, remote cameras, atmospheric sensor readings and early-detection alarms

    • Earcover

      • Full encrypted communications transceiver with a full spread of frequencies

      • Range 25 miles without assist; unlimited Earth coverage with cell and/or satellite connectivity

      • provides good audio/sonic protection as well as same bodysuit protection listed above

    • Mouthpiece

      • Microphone for communications, including facial movement tracking sensors tied to tactical computer

      • Contains a rebreather for 15 minutes of underwater breathing

    • Sensors

      • Nanosensor are located all over his bodysuit that are tied to the environmental sensor processors, tactical computer and early-detection equipment.

  • Weapons:

    • Carries an ever-changing array of weapons

    • Usually has a specialized sniper rifle (excellent to remarkable damage); composite non-magnetic material stock/barrel (incredible material)

    • Has over 30 pouches on belt, bandoleer and in cape to house a wide variety of ammunition, knives, grenades, martial arts weapons, extendable pole-arms, flash-bangs and of course black roses.

  • Flight Pack:

    • On occasion, he'll wear an Exterminators flight pack (excellent speed, max altitude: 600 feet AGL, max weight carry: +250 lbs.)



  • Mercenary/Assassin/Hunter (Master)

  • Weaponsmaster (Professional)

  • Marksmanship (Master)

  • Weapons Design (Professional)

  • Military/Special Ops (Professional)

  • Travel (Professional)

  • Leadership (Professional)

  • Mathematics (Professional)

  • Professional Driver (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • English (Master)

    • French (Proficient)

    • Spanish (Proficient)

    • Russian (Proficient)

    • German (Proficient)

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