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Battle Without Honor Or HumanityTomoyasu Hotei
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Belana Sevilnus

Known by alias only

US (Lithuania by birth)/ Villain


Mid 20s










Antov Sevilnus (father, deceased)

Marta Sevilnus (mother, deceased)

Matthew Marston (Adopted father, deceased)

Melinda Marston (Adopted Mother, deceased)

Alex DeSoto (Lover/Enemy)

Mark Richards, Maeve Marston (Dozens others)




Don "Major Deej" Finger

14 June 2015




Belana Sevilnus was born in 1995 to her Lithuanian parents, Antov and Marta Sevilnus just outside of Vilnius.  Within days of her birth, her father, an agent with the nefarious Baltic Force organization (a secretive group known for capturing, experimenting and killing super powered people from all over the world) was killed in a huge battle created by the legendary CIA Secret Agent John Brown AKA Major Invader himself.  As Baltic Force's facility went up in a ball of flames, Belana's mother ran down the road to the site to find out what may have happened to her husband, only to be laser-eyed by one of the fleeing, escaped (previously tortured and imprisoned) super-powered beings (Belana's mother did, after all, surprise the scared-out-of-his-mind super-person). This left baby Belana alone in their house with no parents. Three days later, a neighbor finally responded to Belana's weakened cries, finding Belana barely alive and starving. The neighbor took Belana to a hospital where they promptly placed her in the care of a local orphanage.  It didn't take long before Belana was taken from the orphanage as a black market baby.

A California middle class family, Matthew Marston and his wife, Melinda, wanted a child of their own, however, with the husband impotent and the mother infertile, having their own children was pretty much moot.  The husband had been mixed up in his younger days as a chemical specialist that once worked for a super villain known as Doctor Phlebotinum. In one such caper, Doctor Phlebotinum was defeated by a local super hero, as was the doctor's 'gang' which Martson was a member of. Marston was jailed for 5 years. Because of his record, Marston and his wife were not able to adopt.  Instead, Marston bought a baby off the black market; a baby that was named only as "Maeve". Maeve was actually baby Belana Sevilnus.

In the late 1990s, times were tough financially for everyone, and the price of paying for a black market baby didn't help the Marston's bank account any. With both Matthew and Melinda unemployed, Matthew went back to the only thing that he made good money at - being a chemical scientist for super villains.  Not long after he 'leaked' availability for employment on the equivocal 'Dark Web' did he get a job offer with the evil group of assassins known as "Death Legion". Within months, Matthew and Melinda moved to a new home (next door to Matthew's new boss) and had their bills paid up.  Although Death Legion wasn't a place he wanted to be associated with, for Matthew, is was a means to an end to help take care of his new family.

As 'Maeve' grew up, she was found to be aggressive and a bully. She'd get into fights, but was always quick to make it look like what happened was an accident, not a fight. Despite that fact, she was smart enough to be on her class' academic honor roll each year as well as earn fitness awards. Crafty, smart, in-shape and a fighter, Maeve was never told about her true origin by her parents, who allowed Maeve to believe Matthew and Melinda were actually her biological parents. 

Maeve grew up playing with the next-door neighbor's son, Alex DeSoto. The next-door neighbor was actually her father's supervisor in Death Legion's Chemical Division.  Despite their violent employment organization, both families would have barbeques and host holiday events at one another's homes from years to come.  As, such, Alex and Maeve became quick friends despite Alex's two year older age difference. Although Alex was home schooled and Maeve went to public school, they still spent lots of time together.  As both progressed into their teens, they both became close friends, so close that Alex informed Maeve that he was gay. Although Maeve wanted him sexually, she accepted Alex's sexual choice, however, came up with solutions for the two to be together...strange solutions involving her dressing up as a boy, meeting all of Alex's requirements as his ideal boy lover, and Maeve learning and disguising herself as a boy. The two had a unique sexual relationship thereafter (won't go into details here!) with Maeve always dressed and 'rigged' as a boy during their sexual encounters.  Maeve eventually didn't mind and actually liked dressing up and disguising herself, even to the point of going out in public with Alex and his 'boyfriend'. Her disguise was so complete that they fooled everyone, including Alex's disapproving father.  Regardless, Alex and Maeve were in love...until Alex finally had to go to college.

During those same teenage years, Maeve started joining late-night fight clubs to hone her skills at fighting. She learned a lot of street fighting techniques, as well as several key martial arts skills along the way. In schoolyard fights, Maeve won without issue. When she'd be done with a fight, her and Alex would go 'celebrate' afterwards after Maeve put on makeup and her boy disguise; a disguise she named herself to be as "Mark Richards". Maeve's father or mother didn't know of Maeve's disguising, but did know about her fighting, which they routinely grounded her for, which, of course, she left the house and did what she wanted anyway.

When Alex turned 18, he was sent off to the University of California (UC) Berkeley to earn his own chemical engineering degree. Both Maeve and Alex were nearly heart-broken over this, but promises were made of visits and eventual time together.  While Alex was off to college, Maeve decided to start learning more about what Alex was learning about in chemical engineering. Since Maeve's (adopted) father was a chemical engineer, Maeve and her father actually spent some quality father/daughter time as he taught her about chemistry, physics and Maeve's favorite subject, complex chemical interactions and solutions, to which she enjoyed making her own series of perfumes. Through her obsession with Alex, Maeve focused like never before and quickly became an exceptional student of chemistry, much to her father's reserved happiness. Although Maeve's father didn't know the extent of Maeve's and Alex's relationship at that time, he knew she was in love with him, and as such, did his best to make his daughter happy by teaching her something that both she and Alex could have in common allowing them to have something more in common between them. 

Over the next couple years, Maeve focused determination made her a truly ingenious chemical engineer.  Maeve loved one particular facet of her training in perfumes and scents.  She even started making her own perfumes, which she quickly discovered made all the boys crazy for her at her school. Maeve went now and then to go visit Alex at Berkeley (as "Mark") over the next few years, but always as part of a planned and scheduled activity, to which Alex seemed to want to spend less and less time with her. They hadn't had sex since his first year in college, and now, Maeve was beginning to worry if college pressure was what the problem was. To that degree, after Maeve graduated high school, she decided to make an unscheduled trip to visit Alex at college dressed as "Mark".  There, she surprised him with two men and two bed. Both of other men were dark-skinned twins; twins who had a slight bluish glow in their eyes when she looked at them. Almost instantly, she went from a strange euphoric feeling to one of disgust, hate and a desire to kill herself. Before she could act on any of this, she ran out of Alex's dorm room and off campus, where she left her emotions become her own again.  Those two men...they either had super-powers or were using magic...or maybe even alien. Regardless, Alex never followed after her, and to Maeve at that time, she felt betrayed by Alex.


Maeve ran off heart-broken back home.


After two days of contemplating all that had happened (and never once getting a call from Alex), Maeve decided to do her own research. Maeve knew that her father and Alex's father were both into something 'not legal' in their work, however, to what degree she didn't know. With Alex's parents away and Maeve left with the key to their house to 'water their plants and feed the fish', Maeve went to Alex's parents house to find either guns and ammo to kill Alex's new 'lovers' or find anything that might identify Alex's involvement with those twins was (or whatever she could find out about those supposed powers). After an hour of routing around, trying to find anything (but not really knowing what to look for), she found a secret access panel in Alex's father's den that led to the basement. There, highly expensive chemical engineering equipment, computers and mass production machines permeated the space. She also spied ledgers, notes and other document, all quite unique in their old-style covers and leather-bound state.  For the next few hours, Maeve sifted through the old books, some with years of dust on them...including one that was labeled as 'Chemical Control Potions and Perfumes'.  In there, she dug around and discovered that one of the chapters was on creating powerful potions and perfumes used to control people. The more she read, the more she realized...she could make this stuff herself, thanks to what she'd already learned from her father. With that, Maeve took the books (hiding their lost void on the shelf with other books and loose notes) and then put everything else back in place, as if no one was ever there. While in the basement she also found a couple of guns...but with the books and info she now had...she didn't need 'guns' anymore. She had something far more deadly as far as she was concerned.

The next few nights, Maeve concocted several of the potions and controlling perfumes she'd read up of in the books. To test her new "Mysterious" potions, she tried them out on her parents, telling them to give her money and go on vacation and leave for a week, leaving her the which they readily did without question. After now proving the potions worked, she drove to UC Berkley, armed with the same potions (and perfumes) and went to confront Alex and most likely his band of new 'lovers'...lovers she intend to do harm to with her new potions/perfumes.

Labelling her new control potion/perfume line as "Mysterious", she went back to Alex's campus, again, unannounced, but this time, dressed as Maeve. There, she showed up to an apologetic Alex who was once again in the company of the same two men who'd had the glowing eyes. The twins seemed uncaring about Alex's and Maeve's emotional interaction and instead look at both of them like peons or lesser beings.  Amidst his backpedaling and shuffling to try and get Maeve to 'not see this for what it looks like', Maeve simply asked Alex that instead or arguing that they instead would simply sit down to dinner that night and 'talk' about the future of their relationship, but only after she had a 'heart to heart' with the twins beforehand. After setting the time and place for their dinner, Maeve kindly asked the twins to go for a walk with her. They rolled their eyes and told each other 'might as well get this over with', and agreed to her request.


Once outside the building, Maeve sprayed the controlling perfume on herself which, when mixed with a base layer she already had, was designed to act as a good mind controlling pheromone.  By the time Maeve led the twins to a dark, unseen corner of the dorm area, she ordered them to stop and sit on the ground. Interestingly, she'd noticed that when she turned to tell them that, their eyes were glowing a bright blue, as if they were about to use their powers to control her...which thanks to Maeve's quickness, the twins instead came under her control. Maeve demanded the twins tell her everything and what they'd done to Alex.


The twins, both from Brazil, discovered their powers at puberty that when together, they were able to inflict a typical level of mind control on whomever they concentrated on. Separately, they could only control weak minds, together, they were able to take over most everyone else's minds. They'd stolen from banks, become millionaires, got passports, travelled the world and loved living off the college campuses where they could get the young, easily influenced students to give them anything they wanted including sex and money. As for Alex, they'd spent the previous two weeks controlling Alex, making him milk his parents of all their money and used Alex for sex.  They considered Alex just another 'expendable boy toy' in their minds. They usually had their targets/victims commit suicide when they were done with them to prevent any 'officials' getting into their business. They'd intended to make Alex jump off the roof that night, but thanks to Maeve showing up and them wanting to kill her more since she 'interrupted' their sex with Alex, they'd thought they'd get a 'double suicide' out of the deal.  They'd forced Alex to tell them all about Maeve and her and Alex's 'unique' sex life and her disguising as a male and her 'enactments' as a male during sex, to which the twins actually seemed turned on about at that moment of revelation.


Maeve was beyond furious.  She wanted nothing more than to bash in their skulls right there. Thanks to her critical thinking though, she realized that she'd be able to easily be identified in the twins' murder (security cameras, etc.).  As such, she informed the twins that they were going to go to the bank and withdrawal all their stolen money (several million dollars worth) and leave it in a bag in Golden Gate Park in a location she knew of that was remote and isolated. She then told them they'd next find a wood chipper machine and toss themselves into separate, operating wood chippers to be chopped and crushed up horridly.


The twins did as she said.  After getting her millions in cash, the San Francisco news reported an hour later about two men 'running into separate wood chipper machines, killing themselves instantly'.


An hour later,  Alex arrived at the downtown Berkeley restaurant, Cafe Intermezzo, that Maeve had requested them meet at. Maeve sat down with Alex to 'talk' and get 'his side' of the story. Sadly, it wasn't the story she wanted to hear.


Alex said he 'knew' the twins had powers and that the wanted to have sex with him, as well as making him steal the money from his villainous parents (yep, he knew they were dirty). He told Maeve that is was the 'greatest' lifting of inhibitions he'd ever had and welcomed their controlling him. Alex went on talking about his 'amazing adventure' with the twins and that he longed to continue it and that he'd hoped that Maeve/Mark would 'understand' his needs.


Maeve then told Alex that the twins intended to make him commit suicide to which Alex laughed at and said, 'no they wouldn't. They love me, and I them. They were just pulling your leg'. Unsure if Alex was still under their control, Maeve applied her potion/perfume once again (not originally wanting or planning to), this time, wafting it at Alex, hoping to see if her potion would override the twins' control. It did...but it didn't make the situation any better.


Alex, now affected by Maeve's controlling perfume pheromones, was asked if he was still under the twins' control, to which Alex said, "I haven't been all day", to which she verified he was telling the truth. He truly was smitten by the twins.  Maeve then asked how Alex would react if she told him that the twins died in a horrific wood chipper accident.  Alex began to sob and cry almost uncontrollably. Maeve almost got sick seeing him so 'sensitive' about the twins. She then asked Alex how he'd feel if she, Maeve/Mark died, to which Alex unemotionally said "Well, I'd be free to be with the twins now, wouldn't I?".  Maeve almost screamed in anger out loud in the restaurant. She knew he was telling the truth...and the truth...hurt....bad.  She wanted to make Alex hurt as bad as she now felt ...and as such, she did.

Maeve told Alex to disjoint his own finger.


Alex did just that. 

Maeve then told Alex to put the finger back in place, which he did under great pain. 

Maeve then asked him to beat up their rude waiter, which Alex did...and nearly killed the waiter in the process.

Before she could get to the restaurant staff, they'd already called the police. Rather to leave, Maeve wanted to see Alex get arrested. The police showed up mere minutes later and took down Alex, handcuffing him.  As the officers were taking Alex to the police car, Maeve decided it might not be a good idea to have him out of her control after their 'discussion' since he might have to answer for what she'd done to Alex. As such, she needed to get control of the police. She waived down the officers and told them she'd like to provide a witness testimony at the police station. As they were talking, Maeve, looking like she was primping, spritzed herself once again with her 'Mysterious' controlling perfume.  The officers quickly became her mind-controlled minions.  Maeve told the officers to drive her and Alex back to the college.


On the way to the campus, Maeve began to ponder on why Alex was so quick to turn to the twins for sex and love instead of her. She'd asked him and he told her another unwanted truth; he enjoyed the 'kinky' stuff with Maeve/Mark, but after the first year of college and the gay orgies and parties he'd been to, as well as the dozens of other men (and women) he'd had even 'kinkier' sex with, Maeve was, according to Alex, 'too much of a prude' and 'too controlling'. Again, Maeve almost screamed. Instead, she quickly realized she was DONE with Alex...but she wasn't done with him at that moment. He was going to PAY for what he said.


Once on campus, Maeve ordered Alex to track down each woman and man he'd slept with and have the two police officers assist him in murdering each and every one of them.  When the last one was dead, Alex and the officers were to show up at the base of the Golden Gate bridge and wait for her and further instructions. With that, she'd drive her parent's car out most of that way, but walk  the rest to avoid any form of correlation.

After they all left one another, Alex and the two controlled police officers committed one of the greatest serial murder sprees in the history of California.


It was a bloodbath.

Over fifty young men and women were killed that night, nearly all gay, calling it a gay 'hate crime' on top of a serial murder spree.

Alex and the officer not only killed dozen of men and women, most of which were on campus, but also in residential neighborhoods by the dozens out across the Bay Area.  When Alex and the controlled police officers finished their killing spree, they drove to their commanded location, covered in blood, brandishing a variety of blood-soaked weapons from guns to shotguns to bent, bloody golf clubs.  At this point, Maeve told the two mind-controlled officers to walk to the middle of the Golden Gate bridge and jump off into the icy waters below, basically committing suicide to any who would watch their actions. As far as Alex was concerned, Maeve had other more delectable plans for him.

The two police officers went out across the Golden Gate bridge, stopping the police car in the middle of the bridge and one by one, jumping off the bridge. Maeve didn't stick around long enough to watch. She, instead, took Alex to a hotel and used him for her own 'pleasures', followed by her own newly engaged sadistic desires and methods of bodily torturing him with knives, electricity, smashing and hitting him with everything from ashtrays, to lamps to a towel rack bar. As Maeve was about to tell Alex to kill himself while repeatedly telling Maeve he'd 'die for her', the superhero group known as 'The Protectors' with their leader, Protechtor, tore into the hotel room and knocked Maeve unconscious in a mere second. Maeve was arrested, placed in a specially filtered prison cell and charged with mass murder.

It so happens the reason the super group known as the Protectors got involved was because of their fortuitous timely presence of flying under the Golden Gate Bridge just as the officers jumped off the bridge.  Both police officers were caught inches from the water and brought back to the Protectors' base at the old Presidio military site under the Golden Gate Bridge.  There, the team's resident mentalist, Psimind, was able to determine what happened to the officers and from there, the team used local video surveillance, GPS tracking of the officer's car and a chemical analysis of Maeve's "Mysterious" pheromone potion that was in the lungs of the police officers.  Thus, the Protectors saved the day, saving the officers and AlexAlex and the two controlled police officers, after three days, were free of Maeve's mind-control potion/perfume. All three of them told the authorities everything she did to them and she made them do.  Alex was so furious with Maeve that he demanded his father find a way to kill Maeve's adoptive parents' next door lying to them and saying 'she' was the one that made him steal the money from his own parents (not the twins, who Alex said, were trying to help him, but instead got controlled and killed by her obviously). , Hours after Alex told his parents that information, Maeve's adoptive parents mysteriously died of heart attacks, both adorned with a black rose beside each body.

When Maeve woke up in her new special prison cell, she was furious. After being told what the police and lawyers knew and the charges against her...and what Alex had said against her, Maeve swore she'd kill Alex and any super or cape she'd ever see again.  Due to the charges against her and the time it would take to make the case against her, the trial took over ten months before it started. Before the trial, the media had dug up even more juicy details about Maeve and that she was a 'black market baby' after reviewing Maeve's parents files, which also showed her adopted father's ties to Doctor Phlebotinum and Death Legion. Every day more embarrassing details came out about Maeve; her 'cross dressing', her 'male sex' role, her obvious psychotic demeanor and of course her irredeemable actions against the two recovering veteran police officers were now in psychotherapy after realizing what each of them had done. Maeve was considered to be the 'most despicable human' on the planet. A collection was even taken up for the dead twins to 'give' donations to their parents who obviously 'suffered' through all this. Of all that though, the authorities did NOT have the millions of dollars Maeve took from the twins. She hid that well and had no intention of telling where it was.

During the trial, Maeve, while being transported to the courthouse, but was instead absconded by a band of militants and taken to an old waterfront warehouse in Oakland where her driver, who was in disguise, was actually a member of a leader in a mercenary anti-hero group called "The Exterminators". The 'driver' knew Maeve's actual biological mother and father and told her the tale about what happened to her parents and that Special Agent John Brown AKA Major Invader was the cause of her parents' deaths. Happy to be free of the police, grief stricken about her real parents, and furious with any super-hero or super-being, Maeve was overwhelmed with emotions over the new 'truths' she kept learning of. The driver then gave Maeve an on-the-spot option - join with The Exterminators and get her revenge on all super-powered people across the world, or they'd leave her to the tender mercies of the US Justice System.

She chose revenge.

Two hours later, Maeve's adoptive parent's home was burned to the ground and the next-door neighbor's house and occupants (Alex's parents) exploded with enough strength to blow the roof over 400 feet into the air. Maeve was flown to Lithuania under a false name, and met with the Exterminators senior officers and received a special gift - all her father's and his boss' chemical engineering books and documents...and the secretive controlling formulas she'd been using in her 'Mysterious' line.  Over the next few years, Maeve quickly learned how to be a master of disguise, as well as a masterful trapper.  After concocting many of her new controlling formulas and potions, Maeve quickly became one of the two leaders in the Capture unit of the Exterminators.  She enjoys the cat-and-mouse games required of the position and as such, gets to use her variety of new potions and disguises to their ultimate abilities.


Today, Maeve is still a member of the Exterminators and is still one of the leads of the Capture Unit. She has become more hedonistic than ever before, stating she is 'fluid gender' now. She enjoys disguising herself almost all the time, tricking all around her. According to her, she's never been happier, however, she's stated that she'll NEVER love again. She respects her Exterminator colleagues and has no issue with the evil, the murders, the torture and/or the dehumanization of the Exterminators' victims. She has since reclaimed her millions and has spent it on expensive disguises and materials necessary to make her potions and formulas, even with mass production equipment (100 a day!). She lives a luxurious life one of several penthouses, however, she continues to use her potions and formulas on "other than human" beings to not only capture them but to also drain their bank accounts...and spill delicious important information that Maeve can use at some future time and date.

As for Alex's fate, well...that's another story for another day that is far from being finished.




Power Origin: Natural

She has no powers.



  • Potions

    • Mysterious Maeve has since learned over 150 new formulas and potions, all of which have up to incredible effects ranging from mind-control to sleep to inducing heart seizures to blindness just to name a few.

  • Potion Storage

    • She carries a 'purse' with at least 30 different formulas and potions (as well as a couple of vials hidden in places we can't talk about here!).

  • Disguises

    • She has several dozen makeup and disguise boxes and sites that allow for her to make herself from a thin woman to a 500 lb. man.  She is well versed in using the disguises, all of which are expensive and remarkably complex




  • Disguises (Master)

  • Chemistry (Professional)

  • Pheromone-Based Controlling gasses/liquid potions and formulas (Professional)

  • Perfumes/Fragrances (Professional) 

  • Finances (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: + Fighting (Judo, Savate' and Tae Kwon Do) (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Proficient)

  • Stealth (Proficient)

  • Marksmanship (Proficient)

  • Acrobatics/Tumbling (Proficient)

  • Tracking/Hunting (Professional)

  • Voices (Proficient)

  • Acting (Professional)

  • Languages:

    • English (Master)

    • Spanish (Professional)

    • French (Professional)

    • German (Proficient)

    • Greek (Barely Proficient)

    • Russian (Barely Proficient)

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