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Victoria Star

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The KnowledgeJanet Jackson
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Victoria Star




Late 20s












Don "Major Deej" Finger

3 July 2011



None identified or stated



In 1797, in London, England, Victoria Star became the first time traveler in the current timeline of Earth well as a 21st Century super-hero with the super-group, "The Commonwealth". 

Victoria Star was one of the first women allowed in Oxford University to earn a degree in science and physics.  Although browbeaten by her male contemporaries, she relentlessly pursued lab work in notable British science labs, however, as was the case, women were not welcome in the 'all men's club' mentality that permeated science foundations of the day. 

In 1792, her parents passed away, leaving her their manor and fortune.  She set up her own lab in the basement of the manor, formulating her own science experiments, most notably, laser (cohesive light, in those days) technology.  She created her first "Laser Gun" in 1795, and her first Laser Rifle in 1796. When she tried to publish her work, she was called a fraud and a 'woman who has no business in the true realm of science'.  Although the verbal and professional attacks took their toll on her, she pushed forward with her experiments.  In 1797, she was the first to discover temporal energy or as she called it, "time energy".

Devising a large temporal collector device of her own design, Victoria planned to use lightning redirected through a lightning rod on the roof on the manor through to the collector where it would then be transformed into temporal 'time' energy, allowing a time portal to open before her. Since she was not able to calculate the amount of energy the random lightning bolt might generate, she had little control over how much temporal energy or time period she'd be able to access.  

On a dark, stormy afternoon in 1797, Professor Star, went out and collected London's premiere scientists to her home for what she hoped would be her first ever temporal 'time energy' demonstration.  When the agitated scientists finally arrived, they were greeted to hours of Star's scientific explanation of the time energy formulas she'd devised.  As usual, she was met with scathing rhetoric and derision, espousing she'd do better making 'sandwiches that science'. Finally, after hours of scientific bickering, lightning struck the lighting rod atop her manor as she'd calculated would occur which brought the temporal collector to full operation, creating a time portal before all the amazed scientists. Victoria then told her 'colleagues' it was time to 'face science' and venture forth into time.

Victoria, prior to the scientists' arrival, had already loaded up several backpacks of rations and supplies, weapons and materials for her fellow scientists, as well as loaded up her own pack to include her laser guns and rifle.  She prompted her fellow scientists to join her going through the portal to explore what was on the other side.  The scientists, unhappy at her forwardness and split decision planning,  insisted she was insane for suggesting their inclusion into her 'insane expedition'.  While Victoria pleaded with them, one of the more vain and arrogant young scientists, Professor Devon Fowler, fed up with Victoria's rushed speaking and pushy ways instead pushed Victoria through the portal after stating, "You mouthy little snot! You don't tell US what to do! WE are your superiors, woman! You think you can lead this esteemed band or brilliant minds? Fine! You go in first!".  Upon Victoria's entry into the portal, another lightning bolt struck the manor's lighting rod, causing the temporal collector to explode with overcharged power.  The resulting overload also zapped Victoria's guns, empowering them with temporal energy as well. The resulting collector's overcharge, however, exploded, blasting a hole through the manor's roof, causing the entire roof to collapse down on her fellow scientists. A fire rapidly ignited, leaving the manor a smoldering pile of ashen debris come morning.  

As for Victoria,  she was whisked away into time and space.  She was thrust forward in time by centuries, dropping her into a futuristic brightly lit platform that seemed to be floating end over end in space, alight with fire, explosions and destruction.  A wounded old man calling himself "Chrono-Prime" came to Victoria's side when he saw her drop onto the floor near him.  Before Victoria could ask any questions, Chrono-Prime mentioned something about "Major Deej", a "universe unbroken" and  Victoria being a "harbinger", but before she could understand what he was saying over the growing waves of damage, Chrono-Prime stated that 'It is the end of time and I will not allow you to die at this time, Professor Star', through which he opened a new time portal through which Victoria was swept into.

Cut forward to the 21st century.

Victoria Star popped out of thin air in a subway train station at the same exact location her lab had been in her old manor.  She fell forward and down onto the subway tracks...and in the path of an oncoming train entering the station.  Startled, she drew her laser pistol and fired at the 'steel monster'.  Rather than a bolt of laser energy emanating from the gun, a red and blue wavy beam shot forth comprised of pure temporal "time' energy, that instead caused the train to slow down to a near crawl.


Concerned British citizens helped Victoria up on the platform asking her if she was a 'loon' for being down on the tracks and wearing her cos play clothes, garnishing 'steam punk' toys.  With proper British flair, she introduced herself to the crowd as "Professor Victoria Star" and that she'd just traveled through time.  Thinking this whole thing was a staged show, the crowd played along asking and answering her questions...that is, until the temporal effects she'd placed on the train started to wear off and the train came to a screeching halt at the station platform.  After the passengers tossed coins and Euros at Victoria for her 'performance', she found herself alone in the station of the departing subway train...except for a derelict (bum) on one of the benches.  She formally introduced herself to the derilict and offered the coins for his help in answering more of her questions and showing her around London. He agreed and within the next hour, she came to the realization that she was now in the early 21st century; 2017 to be more precise.

After getting her bearings, Victoria found her way to Oxford University where she expected to introduce herself as a time traveler and that historical records she knew her fellow scientists from 1797 would obviously have written would indeed back up her claim. When she didn't experience what she'd hoped to receive, she decided to stop at the University's library first to do further research on her sojourn.  After being asked to leave her 'toy weapons' at the door, she spent hours learning how to use a 'computer' and search for any documents she'd truly believed her fellow scientists would have written of her great discovery, she discovered what had actually happened to her fellow scientists that fateful day in 1797; the fire; the deaths;...and the accusation of Victor Star as a mass murderer.

After a brief moment to compose herself, she believed the proper thing to do was to account her story to the local authorities to correct the accusation of her as a mass murderer.  In her thinking, she can't be believed that a civilization this far in the future should be enlightened enough to take her at her word, right?


As usual, Victoria's strong-willed pig-pigheadedness drove her to go to the London police and turn herself in for proper trial.  After the constables laughed her out of their station house, she decided to return to the University and talk with someone who might believe her.  That person was Professor Collin Atwell, professor of temporal studies.

After an awkward start and introductions, Professor Atwell listened to Victoria's story, hardly believing what he was hearing.  Over the next few days (which she stayed at his flat in a guest room thereafter), he corroborated all Victoria had told him, however, he couldn't believe what she was saying...that is, until she showed him what her newly named "time rifle" could do. Using the rifle, she was able to slow any object she shot with the rifle to 1/1000 time for a period of 1 minute with the rifle; multiple shots added an additional minute per shot. Her 'laser guns' operated the same as the rifle, but with less range and only several seconds of slowed time (yet with a rate of fire of one shot every several seconds for each gun).

Professor Atwell contacted a friend who worked for MI6 and within hours, both Victoria and Atwell were met by Britain's superhero, Britannia.  After a few days of debriefing, Britannia (and several other MI6 professors) believed Victoria's story.  Knowing that her knowledge and weapons were unique and dangerous for others to get hold of, everyone recommended Star to stay hidden in their underground facilities under constant protection.  Victoria scoffed at them and told them that her knowledge of things were considered 'unbelievable' to the average person and that if they wanted her to be a 'harbinger' that she was told she was to be, she felt she needed to be 'out there' and not locked up 'in here'.


Days of deliberations occurred with the top British minds and leaders, eventually leading to Britannia forcing an action by taking Victoria Star with her to Britannia's super-group headquarters.  The super-group, The Commonwealth" resided out of Marlborough House, wherein, from that day forward, Victoria Star considered home.


Today, 'Victoria Star' is a member of the Commonwealth super-group, going on adventures with them, engaging 'evil and bad' people and learning tons of new sciences and knowledge daily.  In her last couple years, she has learned more than she did in 5 years of formal education in Oxford, from what she's stated.  In that, the British government as acquiesced to Britannia's 'stewardship' of Victoria, so long as she would make herself available on occasion to the scholars and historians of Britain for questions and insight.  She was awarded several honorary degrees for her work as well and a handful of new ones in regard to temporal science.  She was also cleared of being a 'mass murderer' when Victoria was able to find the old diary of her maid, who'd survived the catastrophe that night in 1897, in the town's archives that mentioned all that truly occurred that night.


Victoria Star is considered demure yet fearless; knowledgeable, yet almost childlike in each new discovery she finds in this century (as well as each new science that unfolds before her); straightforward, yet polite; a perfect lady, yet a die-hard fighter.

On a side note, Victoria has now started rebuilding her temporal collector with modern equipment, in hopes to once again travel through time. Also, although she knows he exists in this time, Victoria has yet to meet or speak to Major Deej, or for that matter, mention to him what she experienced in the 'end of time'...and his possible involvement therein...



Power Origin: Normal


She has no powers.


  • Time Pistols (x 2)

    • Amazing material strength

    • Can fire laser blasts for good energy damage up to 200 yards away

    • Can fire temporal field blast for good time immobilization (1:1000 seconds vs realtime second) for several realtime seconds; after the several seconds is up, the time ratio drops to 1:100 for the next realtime second, to 1:10 for the next realtime second, then back to full realtime speed/movement.

    • Affects objects up to one ton (2000 lbs)

    • Unlimited power source

  • Time Rifle

    • Amazing material strength

    • Can fire temporal field blast for remarkable time immobilization (1:2000 seconds vs realtime second) for 60 realtime seconds; after the 60 seconds in realtime, the ration drops of to 1:200 in the next realtime second, then 1:20 in the following realtime second, 1:2 in the final realtime second, then back to full realtime speed/movement.

    • Affects objects up to 200 tons (400,000 lbs)

    • Unlimited power source

  • Temporal Energy Scanner

    • Can detect/follow temporal energies of good or better rank up to 10 miles away

    • Runs on 4 D-Cell batteries

  • Goggles

    • Excellent flash protection

    • Nightvision

  • Earwig

    • Telecommunications transceiver with unlimited range when within range of cellular towers or satellites

    • 25 mile range if not withing tower/satellite range


  • Temporal Energy/Sciences (Expert)

  • Physics (Expert)

  • Quantum Science (Expert)

  • Sciences, all others (professional)

  • Mathematics (Expert)

  • Marksmanship (proficient)

  • British 19th century Lore (Professional)

  • Theoretical Sciences (Proficient)

  • Library Systems (professional)

  • Research (professional)

  • Academia (professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Fighting (proficient)

  • Languages:

    • English (master)

    • French (professional)

    • German (professional)

    • Portuguese (proficient)

    • Spanish (professional)

    • Nordic/Swedish (proficient)

    • Russian (proficient)

    • Arabic (proficient)

    • Slavik (proficient)

    • Mandarin Chinese (proficient)

    • Hindu (proficient)

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