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VanuatuRagnar Bjerkreim
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Callum Koevira




Late 20s












Don "Major Deej" Finger

31 May 2014



None mentioned



As a Vanuata teenager, Callum Koevira was perceived as a 'gift from Heaven' all across the island nation.  Vanuatu is home to powerful, unpredictable volcanic activity, and as such, villages and towns were under constant threat of being destroyed.  When Callum reached puberty, his village was in the direct path of a volcanic vent that had opened up above his home, which had begun to spew lava down the slope. Knowing the village below his home would also be overrun with lava, Callum, evacuated his family and some of his elderly neighbors with his father's pick-up truck, however, Callum and his rescued few were cut off by a new vent of lava.  All seemed lost.


Callum's powers generated for the first time that day, moving rocks before him to repath the lava away from him and those he was attempting to rescue. Any lava 'balls' that fell from the sky were deflected by sonic waves Callum generated from himself as well.  Using his new-found powers, Callum was able to get the neighbors and his family to safety and divert a majority of the lava veins away from most of the village using his new powers, thus saving over 70% of the village. Not only was he deemed a hero, but a gift from God.

Over the next few years, Callum and his friends created a "Volcano Action Team" or "VAT" that would race to any of the villages or towns endangered by the local volcano and/or lava veins and use his powers to redirect the veins away from the people and their homes.  Most of the time he was successful, however, a few times he failed. 

One instance in which Callum failed is when he used his powers to redirect a lava vein from a northern Vanuatu village only to open a new vent right under the ground.  The vent exploded, with lava and ash blasting from the new fissure.  Try as he did, Callum could not save the village; an event that weighed heavy on his soul.  45 villagers died that day, including 12 children.  Even after redoubling his efforts, he discovered he was making the volcanic situations worse because his powers were actually weakening the layers of terrain thus making the volcanic veins and vents more predominant and violent.  His powers were making things worse for the island.  Eventually, the island nation told Callum to stop his actions and let what was, be.  With the soul of a embattled veteran, he found himself plagued with nightmares and sleepless nights, traumatized by his failures.  He began to go into a deep depression.

One night, he was visited by a British superhero known as "Britannia", who was forming a new super-group called "The Commonwealth".  She'd learned of Callum and his powers and his efforts to save as many as he could on his island nation.  She discussed with Callum that his powers could be used for a greater good, to help others around the world, and that his powers and heroic soul would be of great benefit to "The Commonwealth".  After hours of discussion, Callum decided to let the leaders of Vanuatu make the decision for him.


Callum attended a session of the Malvatu Mauri, a formal advisory body of chiefs recognized by the Constitution of the Republic of Vanuatu, and requested for their advice on whether he should stay or go.  Overwhelmingly, the Malvatu Mauri voted for him to go forth and use his God-given powers to help the world; Keeping Callum on Vanuatu to run from emergency to emergency across Vanuatu was considered to be selfish of them, especially when Callum's powers could help hundreds of thousands around the world instead.  Callum was honored as a hero the next week in formal ceremonies across all of Vanuatu, and was sent off with a hero's parade and blessings from his country, especially those whose lives he'd saved at one time or another.

Over the last few years, Callum has learned to focus his powers through training and instruction and has become the heart and soul of "The Commonwealth" super-group.  His heroism shows in all he does, and his dedication to saving lives is only second to love of humanity and all it represents.  Even in fighting against villainous super-villains and organizations, Callum, now known by the codename "Earthmover", still believes that people are redeemable and that even the darkest of hearts can turn to good.



Power Origin: Mutant


  • Earth Control

    • Incredible ability to move and control all forms of rock and sediment up to 75 feet away from his body in all directions

    • Cannot change the composition of rock or rock formations, but he can take existing items, such as boulders or entire rock layers and move and manipulate them to any position or location within 75 feet of himself


  • Subsonic Energy

    • Project remarkable high frequency subsonics blasts and fields

    • Unable to be heard by the normal human ear, but can be heard by canines and other animals of similar sensitivity

    • Can deflect, move or vibrate objects up to 100 yards from his body

    • Can focus his sonic energies through his hands in concentrated tight beams of subsonic energy to as narrow at four inch width beams (examples of effect: break handguns apart in criminal's hands; break huge chunks of rock into pebbles and dust, etc.)


  • Human Conditioning

    • He has trained his body to that of a good athlete capable of performing good feats of strength and stamina. 


  • Goggles

    • Excellent flash protection

    • Nightvision

  • Earwig

    • Telecommunications transceiver with unlimited range if within cellular or satellite range

    • 25 mile range if not withing rnage of towers/satellites


  • Geology (Proficient)

  • Island life (Proficient)

  • Vulcanism (Proficient)

  • Athletics (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Fighting (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Proficient)

  • Jungle plant life (Proficient)

  • Chess (Proficient)

  • Vaulting (Proficient)

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