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What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy)Information Society
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Lee Lim




Mid/Late 20s












Don "Major Deej" Finger

27 May 2014



None mentioned




With degrees in Science, Math and Quantum Energy, Lee Lim was a model scientist at the Aerospar Science Associates (ASA) business in Singapore.  While working on new ways to utilize mental/psychic energy to mentally manipulate different types of ambient energy (i.e., static electricity, kinetic energy, photon energy, etc.), through their "Cynergy" project, ASA was attacked by a destructive band of super-villains known as the Demolition Party.  They were hired by the ruthless Asian criminal cartel, the Golden Dragons, to steal the contents of the project.


When he heard the building's security alarms and the sound of destruction in the upper floors, Lee tried to stop the psychic energy test he was performing as the lead scientist for Project: Cynergy, however, the test subject, a volunteer the company brought in from overseas, turned out to be one of the Demolition Party in disguise, known as Cannonade


Lee was beaten a bit and then told to crate up all the equipment and material and give it to the Demolition Party or lives would be lost.  As Lee was starting to pack up ancillary equipment, he tried to stab Cannonade and get away, but was instead caught.  Mad as hell, Cannonade threw Lee into the project's machinery.  Lee's team had yet to bring the machinery to any form of full power tests before this, however, thanks to Lee body being tossed into the equipment, breaking all the safety circuits, the the equipment exploded with a concentrated beam into Lee's brain, unleashing enormous amounts of latent psychic energy in the form of kinetic and electrical energy. Cannonade was blasted through the wall and into the next room as a result of the explosion, stunning her for several seconds.


As a result of the explosion, the rest of the Demolition Party arrived at the lab and upon arrival, saw Cannonade stunned on the floor. As such, the Demolition Party believed Lee to be a 'superhero' and attacked him. They got a few hits in on him while Lee was distracted by the resultant pain of the accident and the ensuing shock to his brain and body.  Before the Demolition Party could inflict their killing blows on Lee, energy tendrils emanated from Lee's back and head and instead grabbed up and threw the Demolition Party, through the ceiling and out onto the campus grounds. For the next several minutes, Lee fought the Demolition Party and beat them with his newfound powers.  Sadly, the lab that Lee was working was further destroyed in a final massive explosion generated for the original equipment fires and explosions.

After the Singapore Police arrived and hauled off the Demolition Party, Lee was taken to a nearby hospital. Days later he awoke in the hospital, no longer in pain from the results of the accident, healed and in control of his faculties. As for his new powers, using the psychic energy of his own mind, he was now able to manipulate or affect other simple electrical fields (static electricity, low voltage utility power, etc.) as well as utilize kinetic and photon energies. 

Within days after he awoke, he was visited by Great Britain's superhero, Britannia, who asked Lee to join her team of superheroes known as "The Commonwealth".


Today, Lee, now known as "Cynergy", has taken on a knew scientific position; this time as the science guy in the Commonwealth super-group ans well that of a superhero.  The Commonwealth of Nations offered up a 'substantial' compensation to ASA for their damages and the loss of Lee. Cynergy is now learning how to work in applied sciences and how to interact with a group where he is, according to Lee himself, "quite simply intellectually beyond the combined IQs of most of the team".



Power Origin: Science

Cynergy's powers manipulate low voltage electrical, kinetic and photon energies using his excellent psychic/telepathic-energy powers, up to a maximum range of 20 feet from his body.


  • Psychic/Telekinetic Energy

    • Creates psychic energy tendrils from his back and head

    • Tendrils have excellent physical lifting, grabbing, holding etc strength

    • Tendrils, when deployed, allows for flight up to 250 mph for 400 miles max range (before he gets a crushing migraine) to a max altitude of 5,000 feet.

    • Using telekinesis, he can also lift, grab, hold, etc objects within range without using psychic tendrils (invisible to normal vision) thus able to lift/hold over 500 lbs of weight without effort telekinetically

  • Electrical Energy

    • Using his psychically-created highly-amplified, neuro-electrical energy, he can do the following:

      • Electrical Blast

        • ​Excellent electrical focused beam damage

      • Electrical Cone Attack

        • Good electrical blast to forward-facing adjacent areas several to twenty feet away in a 45-degree arc

      • Electrified Field

        • Can create an un-grounded field in an max 10 ft. square area (up to 20 feet away), zapping all within the field

        • Can also create an electrical field around a person to either grab, immobilize or hold them in place with excellent capabilities.

  • Kinetic Energy

    • Can convert psychic energy into kinetic energy, as well as absorb/self-generate and create stored kinetic energy fro motion and actions withing 20 feet of his location

    • Kinetic punch

      • Using the converted and/or stored kinetic energy, he can perform an excellent level physical action (punch, kick, slam, etc.)

  • Photonic Energy

    • Can shoot converted psychic energy into excellent-level photonic light energy beams from hands or eyes (not at same time).

    • Can use the photonic energy to create a flash-type light attack, blinding targets within range

    • Can 'bend' light around himself to make himself nearly invisible, as well as anyone/thing else within 20 feet of him (more than 20 square feet of material to 'bend' light around requires a feat of his psyche to perform (failure=loss of all things having light 'bent' around them).


  • Bodysuit

    • Provides typical physical, energy, temperate, toxic/toxin protection

    • Provides excellent radiation protection

    • Prevents electrostatic shock for anyone touching him while his powers are active unless he overrides the suit's abilities.

  • Visor

    • Remarkable flash protection

    • Link with incredible internet/computer database, including video, tactical system, satellite etc.

    • HUD display

    • Underwater vision field to allow for clear vision underwater

    • Telecommunications transceiver for unlimited range

  • Mouth/Jaw/Ear Guard

    • Remarkable material

    • Breathing apparatus (30-min. oxygen supply)


  • Science (Expert)

  • Neuroscience (Professional)

  • Electric Metaphysics (Professional)

  • Quantum Theory/Engineering (Proficient)

  • Mathematics (Professional)

  • Chemistry (Professional)

  • Engineering (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: fighting (proficient)

  • Marksmanship (proficient)

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