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Chandra (Manmachine Remix)E-Clip
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Nabendu Nair


Hero (India)


early 20s


Protector of India




Donald 'Major Deej" Finger

29 Jan 2017


Ma Nair (Mother) 

Olen Nair (Father, deceased?)

2 older sisters (secret)




Nabendu Nair is a Bollywood movie star in India, primarily known for his role as "Chandra; Protector of India", a heroic male empowered by the moon to help the people of India, that he played on Indian TV shows and in movies.  A highly popular, handsome young man, Nabendu, although a practitioner of Hinduism, is also quite the lady's man, usually seen with a new woman (or two) each week in the tabloids.

In 2010, Nabendu was filming for "Chandra III: The Protector Rises", where, during a night-time scene, he was to save a mortally wounded woman from a villainous creature called the "Mogo".  With a full moon lighting the set, doing his own stunts, Nabendu fought through mobs of movie extras that made up Mogo's followers until he arrives at the beautiful damsel in distress.  As the scene was cut, the damsel/actress turned into a REAL demon and tried killing Nabendu. As the demon lunged at Nabendu,  it loudly screeched that he (Nabendu) had killed its sister centuries ago and that it (Mogo) was finally going to get its revenge on "Chandra".  Nabendu, unsure of what was happening, thought it was simply a prank being played by the stage hands or the director, and instead, playfully, threatened the demon with his 'powerful moon scepter' (which was nothing but a large flashlight-tipped aluminum pipe prop he used in the movie).  The demon attempted to claw at him with its long, sharp claws, ripping the set's staging and props.  Nabendu then took the 'scepter' and did a stunt, looking like he'd hit the demon on the head with the scepter, however, the demon instead followed through and, using its claws again, sliced Nabendu across the back. At this point, Nabendu felt the pain of the attack and saw his own blood. When he looked up to see the reactions of the film crew, Nabendu knew then and there that was something more was going on than some prank...


It was real a REAL demon.

As the creature lunged at him again, this time, Nabendu immediately reacted, knowing he was a dead man otherwise. Nabendu rolled on the side, smacking the leaping demon with the flashlight end of the his 'scepter' prop.  The flashlight began to flicker as a result of the damage, however, Nabendu, using humor as his weapon, led the demon to believe it was a 'light that melts all evil', making the demon dodge from wherever the flashlight was shining.  When he was able to get close enough, Nabendu tripped the demon after blinding it with flashlight's brightness.  The demon blinded and scared,clumsily stepped back and fell down onto the film crew's equipment, to which a boom mike extension impaled the falling demon right through the chest.


The demon died moments later.


The creatures body shriveled up into a dry husk not even resembling a humanoid form.

After the police showed up and took everyone's statements, Nabendu went back to his movie-star trailer.  When he turned the lights on in there, a woman with four arms stood before him.  Bewildered, he asked who she was and what she wanted.  She said she was a messenger of Vishnu, and that, for defeating the demon, as well as performing as such an inspirational role model to the people of India, that she was there to award him with a gift from the gods - the Staff of Chandra.  She presented him an ornate, long glowing staff and told him to use it for its true purpose - to protect the people from the evils of this world. She did, however warn Nabendu that if he did not use it for good, an epoch fate would befall Earth; a fate that would lead to the release of dozens of 'dark Hindu and Buddhist gods' who would destroy people and places in their search for the location of the 'Vault of the Astras'; a vault ladened with powerful, unearthly weapons created (and eventually hidden) by Vishnu himself/herself.  The four-armed woman then disappeared right in front of Nabendu in a blinding light.


Weak from the loss of blood, coupled with the shock of all that had just happened to him, Nabendu passed out and fell onto the floor of his movie-star trailer.

Not long after, Nabendu awoke to the sounds of screams and destruction outside his trailer door and windows.  People were running by his trailer screaming. When Nabendu go up to look outside, he saw several demonic-looking creatures lifting and throwing cars at the escaping masses of people. As Nobendu reeled around, he remembered the deep claw marks on his back and the pain he should be feeling...which, at that time, he wasn't feeling any pain or distress. He rotated around quickly to his floor-to-ceiling mirror in his trailer and saw the deep cuts that the demon had done to him were gone; he was fully healed. Shaking his head trying to take THAT information in as well, Nabendu instead started out the trailer's door, stopping only long enough to grab this new 'Staff of Chandra' that he almost tripped over on the way out. He figured maybe there's something the staff could be used for, like a fighting stick or something.

As Nabendu exited the trailer, three large demons came barreling at him. Scared, Nabendu, still in his Chandra costume, pointed the new 'Staff of Chandra' out in front of himself, trying to use it like a lance to maybe stab one of the demons with, however, instead, a powerful energy blast emanated from the staff, plowing all three of the creatures into the pavement. In utter shock and surprise, Nabendu dropped the staff, but then quickly picked it up again. Nabendu then advanced on the creatures, pointing the staff at them.  When one creature threw a car at him, Nabendu, an agile stuntman unto himself, tried to dodge, but instead went airborne without wearing a single special effects cable or harness on his body.


Nabendu was actually flying, thanks to the staff. 


The creature-thrown car missed Nabendu, however the creatures started crouching down to leap up to Nabendu's new aerial location. Using the staff again, Nabendu blasted the creatures with repetitive blasts, dropping each one to the point of unconsciousness.  These creatures, not dead, did not shrivel up, like the the previous demon woman, but instead, still remained creatures.  Nabendu quickly grabbed lengths of camera power cables and wrapped the creatures up, completely immobilizing them.  Dozens of minutes later after the battle, the creatures were carted off to the zoo, where scientists, paleontologists and zoologists gathered to determine what the creatures were and where they came from, that is until GUARD showed up and secreted them away in the dead of night. Nonetheless to say, those that saw Nabendu do what he did were utterly amazed at what he'd done. Unknown to Nabendu at the time, two other cameramen had been filming everything that transpired during Nabendu's the fight with the creatures, especially with him flying and blasting the creatures with his new staff. Later that night, the footage was released to all of India's TV news stations and onto the social video scene on Ya!Go!.  Within 48 hours, Nabendu was a worldwide celebrity. 

As the images of Nabendu's battle with the creatures on the movie set streamed around the world, most in India believed that what happened was actually nothing more than a publicity stunt...that is, until downtown Karachi was invaded by hundreds of similar creatures days later.

On the day of the next demon attack in Karachi, Nabendu put on his spare Chandra movie costume, grabbed his new staff and jumped into one of the movie company's SUVs and drove at breakneck speed to the battle zone where the demons were reported to be. The police's weapons were not affecting the creatures, however, the blasts from the Staff of Chandra, seemingly magical in nature, did actually affect the creatures. Nabendu dove into the battle just as he did in his role as the TV and movie actor.  He felt as if he'd been training for this moment his whole life, and now, with the Staff of Chandra, he was going to become a true 'Protector of India'.

After thirty minutes of battling, resulting in two broken ribs, numerous cuts, dozens of bruises and a collapsed lung, Nabendu defeated the last creature in Karachi.  The crowd's cheers roared across the city, chanting his heroic name "Chandra! Chandra! Chandra!".  From that day forth, Nabendu was known not only as a famous TV and film actor from Bollywood, but a true super-powered hero...and the 'Protector of India'.

News got out of Nabendu/Chandra's battle and his super-heroic deeds. As a result, he garnered the attention of Britannia, the leader of the newly formed "Commonwealth" super-group.  Within days, Chandra was recruited into The Commonwealth and began his new life as a true hero on a superhero team.  To this day, Nabendu continues to make movies about Chandra and still gives away autographs, dates beautiful young women, and parties until the morning light, all when he's not fighting demons, creatures or stopping 'bad guys'.



Power Origin: Magical (all from the Staff of Chandra (see Equipment below)

Without the Staff of Chandra, he has no powers and is Normal.


  • Staff of Chandra

    • Chandra's power are completely based on the incredible magical weapon.

    • No one else can use the staff other than Nabendu (staff's powers won't work with anyone else).

    • Made of unbreakable material (versus all forms of damage)

    • Unlimited energy (white magic/dark (negative))

    • White Magical Energy

      • Can only be used when Dark (Negative) Energy is not being actively used

      • Magical Energy Blast

        • Emits an incredibly powerful white magical light energy blast down the length of the staff, exiting only at the ornamented head of the staff

        • Can create a 30 to 45-degree arc of damage at a reduced level and range

        • Max Range: 400 feet 

        • Only activates on Nebandu's mental command

      • Light Emission

        • Can emit up to an excellent level of non-harmful light

        • Affects all forms of darkness by over five levels​

        • Emission degrades by a level for each several feet in radius from staff's center

        • Max radius: 50 feet

      • Blinding Flash

        • Emits a good level blinding flash from the staff's ornament for 1 second​

    • Dark (Negative) Energy

      • Emits an incredibly powerful dark (negative) energy blast down the length of the staff, exiting only at the non-ornamented end of the staff

      • Can create a 30 to 45-degree arc of damage at a reduced level and range

      • Max Range: 400 feet 

      • Only activates on Nebandu's mental command.

    • Regeneration Power

      • Magic/Dark Energy Independent

      • As long as he is holding the staff in his hands or his skin is touching the staff, he receives an excellent self-regeneration rate per hour (20% healing/hour)

      • Can be used to regrow any of his own body's parts severed or lost, except the head (no head=dead)

    • Protective Aura

      • Magic/Dark Energy Independent

      • When in contact with the staff, Nebandu (and only Nebandu) is covered in an excellent-level full body translucent energy field that protects him for all forms of damage, except magic, for which he has fantastic levels of protection against. 

    • Flight

      • While held by Nebandu, he can levitate Nebandu and travel up to 200 mph

      • Max altitude of 12, 000 feet

    • Magical Detection

      • Magic/Dark Energy Independent

      • The staff acts as a magical 'diving rod' or compass that points the way to varying levels of magical people, artifacts or Ley Lines (of good rank or higher)

    • Costume Change

      • Magic/Dark Energy Independent

      • He has now learned that by tapping the staff on the ground one to four time in a row, (one tap for each each phase of the moon as well as a resulting 'costume'), he can adorn himself in four different looks, clothes or costume, such as his super-heroic 'Chandra" costume or his street clothes.

    • Full Moon Phase Special Enhancements

      • Magic/Dark Energy Independent (unless stated otherwise)

      • Depending on the what unique Full Moon phase is occurring at his location (and only from dusk to dawn with said Full Moon viewable (not hidden by cloud cover) in his sky), he receives some very unique abilities and/or enhancements to his staff's powers.

      • Normal Full Moon

        • Increases all of the normal powers obtained from the Staff of Chandra by an entire level (blasts, protective aura, etc)

        • Allows only ONE resurrection during the full moon's visual cycle

          • IMPORTANT NOTE:

            • Body to be resurrected must be dead for only 10 minutes max or it will be resurrected as a mindless monster (no soul, psyche, reason or intuition)

            • Body to be resurrected must still retain 70% of their original mass

            • Body must have no permanent brain or spinal damage (>70% damage) or it will be resurrected as a zombie

      • Full Moons during the months of  January, February and March

        • Additional enhanced cold temperate protection (remarkable level)

        • Adds an 'ice blast' staff power (remarkable level, range 30 yards)

      • Full Moons during the months of  April, May and June

        • Regeneration boosted to amazing levels (50% healing/hour)

      • Full Moons during the months of  July and August

        • Fighting, agility, strength and endurance are all boosted by an entire level (as well as his associated health)

      • Harvest Moon (month of September (sometimes in October)

        • Using the staff, Nabandu can pull health and endurance from a person (or other living being) and can either transfer it to himself or to others (max: 10 people) at 10% health every several seconds; range: 100 feet

        • He can also transfer his own health and endurance to others as well, but at a 20% rate per every several seconds; range 200 feet.

      • Full Moons during October (when not a Harvest Moon), November and December

        • Increased dark (negative) energy level (amazing level)

        • Can use the dark (negative) energy to bind, lasso and/or hold a single person, object of being in place (immobilized if not held) 20 yards away.

        • Is allowed an additional resurrection using the white (magical) energy to resurrect a body or being (see Normal Full Moon Resurrection power for conditions).

        • NOTE: While using the dark (negative) energy during this full moon phase, the light energy power will not work so long as the dark (negative) energy is in use.

  • Costume & Cape

    • Provides poor physical, temperate, toxic/toxin protection

    • Provides good radiation protection

  • Headband

    • Communications transceiver with unlimited range when within range of cellular towers or satellites

    • Range 50 miles if not within range of towers/satellites

    • Emergency band access. range 65 miles (or <400 feet of water) for only 10 minutes before battery charge wears out

    • Excellent material strength

  • Sunglasses

    • Provides good flash protection

    • Good material strength

  • "Chandramobile"​

    • Kept at his 'Chandra HQ' in India

    • Specialized sports car custom-made for him (not by him)​

      • Remarkable armor plating/bullet-proof glass

      • Max Speed: 250 mph

      • Range: (gas) 350 miles; (kinetic energy) 2,100 miles (used only when the car is already in motion and DOESN'T stop)

      • Full Audio-Video Computer Link system, all at remarkable levels

      • Winch Drum/Cable (200 yards cable, remarkable mat'l cable; can lift/pull 800 lbs. max.)

      • 2-day food/beverage storage

      • Survival gear for 2 for 2 days

      • Stores two additional untraceable (standard) cellular flip phones

      • One 9mm handgun with 2 clips of ammunition (Typical shooting damage)

      • Staff of Chandra 'launch' device

        • Launches staff to/at Chandra so long as Chandra/Nabendu has his sub-dermal tracker active/on) to a max targeted range of 20 yards

      • Car's colors change with electric charge (to any color)

      • Two front-firing lasers (excellent energy); range 200 feet, one shot every 3 seconds; max shots per laser: 20

      • Noise suppression field (cuts down on car's ambient noise by two levels)


  • Acting (Professional)

  • Bollywood (Professional)

  • Film-making/Cinematography (Professional)

  • India Lore/Mysticism (Professional)

  • Hindu Religion (Professional)

  • Buddhist Religion (Professional)

  • Acrobatics (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Wrestling/Escapes (Proficient)

  • Social Media (Expert)

  • Celebrity Life (Professional)

  • Race Car driving (Expert)

  • Staff fighting (Professional)

  • Singing (Proficient)

  • Story writing/telling (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • Hindi (Professional)

    • English​ (Professional)

    • French (Proficient)

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