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Commander Canada

Almost HumanLauren Daigle
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Terry Brown




Mid 30s

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Don "Major Deej" Finger

26 May 2014



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Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Commander Terry Brown was a true, dynamic hero known throughout Canada.  His exploits in shutting down major crime groups, drug smuggling operations, white collar crimes and the occasional ice hockey riot were legendary.  Most everyone in Canada knew his name from the media...and for some more villainous characters...his home address.

One night while taking his girlfriend out for dinner in Ontario, Terry encountered a band of kidnappers that drugged him and his girlfriend. Terry and his girlfriend were abducted and taken to a vacant warehouse outside of Ontario.  There, Terry was beaten within an inch of his life by thugs from the CANIS Arctic Wolf regional faction (which covered Canada and Alaska).  With four broken ribs, both eye-sockets shattered, a concussion, a shattered right arm and both of his legs mauled by large vicious dogs, Terry was found barely alive by his fellow RCMPers, alone in the warehouse hours later.  A note was left with Terry saying that if he or the RCMP were ever to cross CANIS again, they'd kill his girlfriend...with the added note that if they even got a hint of him looking for her, they'd sell her into slavery on the black market.

After months of in a coma, recovering from his wounds, Terry finally awoke to find himself blind with both legs amputated, his right arm amputated at the elbow and the right side of his body in a machine's housing, running his heart to stay alive.  The doctors gave him another month or so to live. During that time, the RCMP was not able to find Terry's girlfriend. The RCMP were already overwhelmed with major crime organization attacks, as well as a dangerous militant faction known as the "United Canadian Empire" (UCE) that was threatening to take over all of North America.  Terry was in no condition to do anything but die...that is, until he was visited by the Canadian Secret Intelligence Service (CSIS).  They made a proposition to Terry that his body was the perfect match for utilization of a hybrid cyborg/bionic process that the Canadian government was willing to use and perform on him, so long as his new role would be to help CSIS shutdown CANIS in Canada and fight against the UCE when needed (as well as become a  CSIS agent).  Terry agreed, so long as he was allowed to also divert some of his efforts towards finding his abducted girlfriend. 

With that, Terry underwent weeks of surgical processes that gave him a new arm, two new legs (from the hip down), and two new bionic eyes, as well as a high-functioning artificial heart.  Within weeks of awakening from his last surgery, Terry was able to master his new body's powerful abilities.  He was then given a modified version of Britannia's (Commonwealth super-group leader) power-suit, Terry was redubbed with the new code-name, "Commander Canada".

Months later, Terry had shutdown seven CANIS operations in Canada, several other sub-criminal groups, and stopped the UCE from annexing Vancouver into the UCE in one of its 'take over' schemes.  During that time, he also had a team working leads on his girlfriend's whereabouts.  The team found her in Greenland, where Terry, against orders, flew there to save her.


When Terry got there, the CANIS Arctic Pack leader, Legate Robert Erickson, fought against Terry with over 100 CANIS armed troops.  In the end, Terry wiped the floor with CANIS, however, Legate Erickson took Terry's girlfriend hostage and threatened to kill her unless Terry let him go.  Terry instead blew off Legate Erickson's head in a tight-beamed energy blast while saving his girlfriend from sure death.  Due to his ignoring his orders to return to Canada, he was arrested with a potential prison term of five years for his 'murderous and vigilante-like' actions in Greenland (which is still considered to be foreign (Danish) soil, for which Brown has been 'banned' for life from Denmark and Greenland as a result). Although the CSIS went to bat for him during the trial, he was still found guilty and imprisoned in Ottawa, Canada's super-villain ultra-security prison, "The Bighouse", where he was stripped of his armor, and for the most part of his time there, he was a nothing more than a handicapped invalid requiring ventilators and special machines to keep him alive throughout his incarceration.

In 2017, Terry was visited in The Bighouse by the Commonwealth super-group's leader, Britannia.  She offered him a 'get out of jail' deal if he instead decided to join her Commonwealth team for a five year stretch, under her supervision.  Despising the politics of the group, but knowing he was being useless in jail, he agreed to join her team.


Today, Commander Canada has his cyborg/bionic parts back, as well as an even more updated set of armor. He continues to fight beside his compatriots in the Commonwealth super-group, who all accept him as a true hero, a leader and an incredible role model that 'anyone can make something of themselves no matter how bad off you are'. The citizens of Canada love him and already have action figures of him and made-for-TV movies made of his exploits against CANIS and the UCE. He's a very easy going fellow, but has a fine eye (cybernetic that is) for details and clues. As for his girlfriend, she's now his fiancee', and even though they're still in the 'getting to know each other' phase part of their relationship; with any luck, he might be able to get her to accept a proposal within the next few years... 



Power Origin: Technology

Commander Canada's powers are all based on his hybrid cyborg/bionic attachments and implants (listed below), as well as a modified 2nd generation "Britannia" battle-suit customized for Terry (see Equipment for details).


  • Cyborg/Bionic Appendages and Body Enhancements

    • Physical Enhancements towards original typical body condition:

    • x1 fighting

    • x2 agility

    • x2 strength

    • x2 endurance


  • Hyper-Running/Swimming

    • Can reach land speeds up to 80 mph

    • Can reach water speeds of up to 120 knots

  • Hyper-Leaping

    • Remarkable leaping height and distance


  • Vision (Cybernetic Eyes)

    • Can see into the macro and microscopic realm to the degree of 1000X

    • Can see in the infrared, ultraviolet, normal light, and x-ray frequencies with remarkable detail


  • Tactical Interface

    • Brown's battle-suit interfaces with his cybernetic eyes so he can see a tactical display from the suit's sensors of targets, environmental conditions, internet links/images/content, cameras, data links and equipment/implant status.



CC Battle-suit v2.0

Based on the battle-suit worn by Britannia between 2000 and 2010. Upgrades and additional components added as needed.

  • Armored protection

    • Provides remarkable  protection against physical, temperate and toxic chemicals/toxins attacks

    • Provides incredible protection against energy and radiation attacks

  • Cape

    • Typical material vs. physical, energy, temperate toxic/toxin, radiation damage

    • Made of non-flammable materials

  • Energy Storage

    • Armor can be charged up to 500 units of energy

    • Energy consumption for standard armor protection and endo-skeletal devices is normally at an incredible energy rate (50 units/hour)

    • Energy can only be recharged using four options:

    • Portable solar panel (good recharge rate on a sunny day (10 units/hour))

    • Standard Electrical socket (remarkable recharge rate (30 units/hour)

    • CC Armor Support Equipment-Recharger Unit (monstrous recharge rate (75 units/hour)

    • Kinetic mini-generator (incredible recharge rate when armor is in motion or in flight (40 units/hour)

  • Endo-Skeletal Armor Frame

    • Provides wearer with the following physical enhancements:

    • x2 levels of agility (max: Incredible levels) when coupled with Helmet's operational Targeting System and goggles/visor

    • x2 levels of strength (max: Incredible levels)

    • x3 levels of endurance (max: Amazing levels)

  • Gauntlet Energy Blasters

    • Can emit up to remarkable energy blasts from each gauntlet, each every several seconds

    • Range 300 yards

  • Belt

    • Tracer (range: 50 miles)​ x 2

    • Flare x 2

    • Survival Tool kit x 1

    • Emergency power device (used for body's power) (50 units of energy) x 1

    • Flashlight x 1

    • Smoke grenade (excellent loss of visibility) x 1

  • Helmet

    • Same armored protection (see above)

    • Geared with about four dozen devices to include remarkably powerful electronic communications, targeting systems, visual and audible amplification devices, HUDs, sensors, frequency amplifications, spectrum analysis, environmental analysis and combat algorithm analyzers (and much more).

    • Hearing and sight protection same as armored protection (which includes flash protection)

    • Goggles/Visor provides excellent macroscopic and microscopic vision

    • Goggles/Visor provides viewing into normal, infra red, ultraviolet, x-ray and night vision

    • Contains face mask that can be moved to seal across mouth/nose area, providing, if required, 1 hour's worth of oxygen

  • Jet Boots

    • For normal flight, jet mode provides up to 250 mph of max speed and a max altitude of 8,000 feet (duration dependent upon weight being carried, speed, altitude, etc; best rate: 225 mph @2,200 feet with no additional weight = unearthly energy rate (60 units/hour)


  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) (Professional)

  • Military operations (proficient)

  • Leadership (Professional)

  • Canadian Secret Intelligence Service (Proficient)

  • Canadian Justice/Legal System (Proficient)

  • Canadian Penitentiary System (Proficient)

  • Marksmanship (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Wrestling/Escapes (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Fighting ((Expert)

  • Tracking/Hunting (Proficient)

  • Stealth (Proficient)

  • Human Physiology (Proficient)

  • Physical Therapy (Proficient)

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