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Thilak Ranasinghe


Hero/Sri Lanka


early 20s








Master of Animals




Don "Major Deej" Finger

31 May 2014



None mentioned



Thilak Ranasinghe is a Vedda Sri Lankan. Veddan Sri Lankans are one of the oldest aborigine sects living on the island.  He was raised 'the old way' in the mountainous region of southern Sri Lanka, beneath the island's highest peak, Pidurutalagala.  There, Thilak learned to hunt and bring food to the village using traditional bow and arrows.

At age 13, Thilak, while hunting, encountered a Leopard.  As the leopard was about to attack Thilak, it stopped, and instead strode up to him purring.  After that, the leopard followed him around like a pet.  It never attacked anyone and instead seemed to respond to whatever Thilak was thinking.


Over time, this occurred again and again to Thilak with other animals in Sri Lanka; elephants, birds, apes and more.  The village was initially unsettled about all of this, however, through their spiritual leaders, they came to see Thilak's communion with nature's beasts as a gift from the gods.  Soon, the leopards and apes brought food to the village, all through Thilak's thoughts simply asking in his mind. He eventually began to understand what the animals desired as well, and would also aid them in getting their food as well, making a wonderful give-and-take relationship which the animals not only enjoyed, but over time, became a standard in daily life in the village.  It wasn't until a villainous band of Sri Lanka's "Tamil Tigers" rebels, simply know as 'The Pain' tried to take over the village that Thilak understood how strong his link was with the animals.

'The Pain', a band of over 40 rebel fighters in Sri Lanka, attempted to take over Thilak's village and use it as a base of operations deep in the jungle.  The Pain started shooting the local animals and men of the village to promote fear and control. Thilak and his animals, however, returned the aggression and attacked The Pain.


In the end, several village males died, but all 40 rebels were killed, mostly by the animals.  Sadly, Thilak's first animal contact, the leopard, was killed in the fight defending ThilakThilak, angered over what had happened, went out hunting for any Tamil Tiger rebels.  In the period of six months, Thilak had taken down several large bands of Tamil Tigers, primarily with the animals and his bowmanship.  For the most part, he got them to surrender, but for those unwilling to capitulate to a boy and a band of animals, those rebels died. As a result, the Sri Lankan government awarded Thilak a national medal for his heroism in stopping the Tamil Tigers.  He was lauded as an overnight hero and a new symbol of Sri Lanka. 

Weeks later, Thilak was met by one of Great Britain's superheroes, Britannia, who talked with Thilak about his powers and asked him to join their super-group, "The Commonwealth".  After a week of soul searching and discussions with elders and his village, he agreed to join, but under the provision that several of his animals joined them.  It was a difficult decision, but with the construction of a new 'zoo' built behind the super-group's headquarters at Marlborough House in the heart of London, all agreed to work together.


Today, as the hero, "Wildlife", Thilak has become one of the most unique superheroes of The Commonwealth super-group. One of the most difficult issues with Wildlife is that when the team goes on a mission, Wildlife selects which animal(s) he wants to go along.  Birds, monkeys and lemurs have been tolerated, but water buffalo, elephants and leopards have caused a high level of concern when they are brought along on missions, specifically, when the team has to fly anywhere (which is most of the time).  Flying with an elephant is no simple logistical feat and as such, has caused arguments amongst his teammates and the Commonwealth of Nations about his continued association with the team. Although he is in full control of the animals during transport or missions, many others fearful of his animals getting 'loose' in heavily populated areas is one of the greatest fears of the team's public relations experts.  Thusfar no animal incidents have been of concern...other that cleaning up AFTER them (elephant droppings are #1 on their list). 

On a unique note, Wildlife's fellow teammate, Colony, and he enjoy discussions and interactions with each other about bugs, insects and their own form of etymology. They are seen most often playing around with the bugs...much to the Marlborough House's staff's unrest.

In the last few years with the Commonwealth, Thalik has won several European bowmanship competitions, upsetting some of the longtime record holders for marksmanship.  As such, he's making more enemies in competition that he could ever do otherwise, considering he is normally a pleasant and kind person who loves to share, enjoying a professional's fellowship and has little to no belief in 'personal space'.



Power Origin: Mutant


  • Animal Control

    • Amazing ability to communicate telepathically with animals, birds, insects and fish up to 5 miles away

    • Can control up to seven animals/animal groups at a time

      • Smaller animals such as insects in swarms or a flock of birds are considered 'one' animal each

    • All animals that he communicates with respond to his requests and demands without provocation

    • He can understand what most animals are thinking themselves now


  • Empathy

    • Can read animal and human emotions as far as 1 mile away

  • Natural Athlete

    • Has good strength and excellent endurance​

    • Can run 30 mph without effort for over 2 hours without rest

    • Acclimatized to high altitude life

    • Has a natural excellent agility in all facets of physical actions


  • Bow

    • Made of Calamander Wood (Remarkable strength)

  • Quiver

    • Quiver is excellent material

    • Carries a 40 stun and bladed arrows in his quiver

  • Arrows

    • Carries 40 arrows with a variety to include:

    • Blunt arrows (good physical)

    • Rock arrows (good stun)

    • Pungent arrows (good toxin; smell) (mix of various smelly muds)

    • Sharp arrows (good piercing)

    • Gas arrow (excellent knockout gas) (all natural from water buffalo feces)

    • Flare arrow (magnesium) 

  • Knife

    • Amazing material

  • Earwig

    • Telecommunications transceiver with unlimited range when within range of cellular towers or stellites​

    • 25 mile range without towers/satellites

  • Field Pack

    • Carries a variety of items in pouches/bags:​

      • Survival equipment (matches, mirror, ​wire saw, etc.)

      • Animal calling devices (typical unique wooden or reed items)

      • animal snacks (he likes to reward them with this at times...and uses the snack's scent as a beacon for his animals to find him)

      • 25' of rope (remarkable material)

      • Net (excellent material)

      • Medical kits (modern and nature-based) (good healing)

      • Descenting liquids (masks his body smell to remarkable levels)


  • Archery (Expert)

  • Bow Melee (Professional)

  • Bow Ranged (Expert)

  • Martial Arts: hand-to-hand fighting (professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (professional)

  • Martial Arts: Hold/Escapes (professional)

  • Martial Arts: + Initiative (professional)

  • Acrobatics (professional)

  • Rappelling/climbing (expert)

  • High altitude/Mountain lifestyle (expert) (does not get winded at higher elevations)

  • Hunting (professional)

  • Stealth (professional)

  • Cooking (proficient)

  • Zoology/Etymology (professional) (although its not 'formal' or 'traditional' zoology; it's 'his' knowledge of animals and insects)

  • , coupled with his remarkable athleticism, are considered legendary throughout Sri Lanka, and, as part of a recent international archery competition, with the use of his hand-made wooden bow, he won several medals and awards.

  • Languages:

    • Sri Lankan:

      • Sinhala​ (master)

      • Vedda (master)

      • other island dialects (professional)

    • English​ (Proficient)

    • Indo-Aryan (India) (professional)

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