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Elizabeth "Liz" Brown


Hero (British)


Late 40s








Brown Lion, Lady Brown




Don "Major Deej" Finger

11 May 2011



None identified or stated



Elizabeth ('Liz' to her few friends) Brown was a MI6 British Intelligence agent (codename: Brown Lion) for four years when in January of 2000, the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth. MI6 was summarily destroyed in the first wave of attacks, leaving only several dozen operatives and agents to carry on the fight against the Soltans; Agent Brown was one of those that carried on the fight.


Knowing of an experimental powersuit the British government has been working on prior to the invasion, Agent Brown went to the lab facility and through sheer luck was able for her and her team to retrieve the powersuit and its support equipment mere hours before the Soltans went to the same lab for the same purpose. Since the armor was made for a woman to wear, and since Agent Brown was one of only two living women MI6 agents left alive, Agent Brown became the bearer of the powersuit.


For the duration of the Soltan Invasion of Britain, Agent Brown, going by her original MI6 code name as Brown Lion, fought hundreds of Soltans, all while also performing incredible feats of stealth, heroism and humanitarian relief to her fellow Britons.  In August 2000, the Soltans were defeated and left Earth, ending the invasion.  Agent Brown was noted for her heroism and designated with the top MI6 agent code-name - Britannia. Brown was allowed to retain the powersuit, which was now reimaged with the colors of the British flag and upgraded with several new modifications. For her actions during the invasion, she earned several notable British and Commonwealth of Nations honors and awards, key amongst these, the Victoria Cross and a royal Knighthood (titled: Lady Brown). 

For the next 10 years, 'Britannia' operated as a senior MI6 agent, performing hundreds of missions and secretive missions and operations, including incursions into the rogue island nation of Oceania, the Atlantic Kingdom and even some covert operations on the United States.  Nonetheless, she was a staunch advocate for the Crown, that is, until she finally had one 'bad' mission.

In an unauthorized mission, Britannia aided several other heroes/specialists from around the world to prevent the creation of a powerful new weapon, deemed to dangerous for even heads of nations to retain.  Rather than turn over everything she knew about the weapon, she declined and even had her own memory erased by a telepath to ensure no one else would able to gain information or access to the weapon's design or devastating nature.  This led to her being 'quietly' let go and 'retired' from MI6. It didn't take long though before the Deputy Secretary-General of the Commonwealth of Nations got wind of Britannia's 'retirement' and offered up, with the permission of the Queen of England, a new job - the leader of a new super-powered team that would be governed by the Commonwealth of Nation's Secretary General.


The Queen believed Lady Brown would best serve Britain and the Commonwealth, so long as she was 'supervised'. With that proviso, The Queen allowed the formation of the new Commonwealth super-group with Britannia as the team leader.  It was made blatantly clear that if she fouled up at all in this position that she, nor any in her family line, would ever be authorized a position of power or authority in the British government or hierarchy ever there forth.  Fully understanding her standing, Britannia took the reins of the new super-group.

Over the next decade, dozens of super-powered beings or highly talented specialists became members of the the Commonwealth super-group. Britannia trained each and everyone of them sternly and with intensity, maintaining a standard British modicum of authority at all times.  Some stayed in the group; some left. Most of the reasons from those that left the super-group were stated as 'out of boredom', 'to many political activities, not enough action' or 'Britannia's ceaseless demands for perfection'.

As a result, one of the the listed 'unhappy' Commonwealth heroes who left the group, purportedly stole Britannia's powersuit and support equipment designs and sold them to the black marketeers known as CANIS for over 100 million Euros. That particular 'unhappy' ex-hero was later found to have committed (what was stated to be) suicide, however, since then, the case file has been deemed classified, even to Britannia...even to this day.  Regardless, the damage was done - the world now had access to Britannia's powersuit designs (of course, for a price), allowing for any paying customer to obtain a copy of the designs through which they could create their own armor from. 3-D Printer technology went into overdrive, creating and printing armor segments and devices for those who bought the armor designs. Many villain-groups created even deadlier versions of the Britannia powersuit to perform numerous crime-waves and revenge plots around the world. As a result, the British response  escalated quite quickly...and not in favor of Britannia/Lady Brown.


In a maneuver by the British Parliament, the powersuit was redesignated as 'sole property of England', stating that Lady Brown's Britannia armor was no longer hers to wear.  Instead, Lady Brown left with her armor and support equipment (ok, she  officially stated she was 'going on holiday') and instead spent the next two years going  to war with every single person, organization and/or villain who dared to use the illegal copies of the armor, including other friendly nations...and even some friends and allies.


Eventually, through those years of fighting, Lady Brown also worked towards obtaining information from those she defeated about who else had the Britannia armor/designs and where the equipment and/or data were stored. As a result, she was able to wipe the designs of the armor from computers systematically over time. While purging the armor data, Lady Brown also found unexpected clues into the initial crime itself. In her investigations, the armor design theft was a long-term plot discovered to have been instead conceived by the very same person who helped Lady Brown become the leader of the Commonwealth super-group in the first place:


The Commonwealth of Nation's Deputy Secretary-General.


Through her exhaustive investigations and overwhelming evidence she gathered, Lady Brown discovered him as the mastermind of the plot to steal her Britannia armor designs in the first place.  After obtaining even more recorded proof, testimonies, videos and even a recorded confession from the Commonwealth of Nation's Deputy Secretary-General himself (who seemed to have died of a sudden brain aneurysm moments after his confession), Lady Brown was able to tie the whole plot together as well as uncover an additional facet to the plot - the revelation of a powerful shadow organization known as "Scorpius" that was also pulling the Deputy Secretary-General's leash to do the things he'd done. After the British courts were finished, Lady Brown was cleared of all wrongdoing and allowed back into the good graces of The Crown, The Commonwealth and all of Great Britain, once again, being hailed as a true hero.

Shortly thereafter, Lady Brown was allowed more 'carte blanche' leadership of her team, allowing her Commonwealth super-group, for the first time, to operate exclusively as a superhero team. Lady Brown went back being Britannia, this time in her new Mark III armor. Without having to 'perform' for her British 'supervisors' as much, Britannia has since become a better leader to her team and has a far better working relationship with her teammates.

Today, even though Lady Brown as Britannia is still considered one of England's greatest heroes, the media still harangues her about her past, marring her reputation  of being an ex-agent of MI6, her involvement in the corruption in the Commonwealth of Nations and of course her 'armor wars' and the resultant damage to Britain's international relations as a result of her actions. Britannia still leads the Commonwealth super-group. She still has a bit of a 'stiff upper lip' about most things, as most old-school Britons have. She also still retains a certain 'air' about her that tends to separate her from others, much like the standard British social hierarchy requires of those in positions of responsibility and authority.



Power Origins: Normal/Technology

She has no powers; all powers are related to the Powersuit (See Equipment below).


  • Britannia Powersuit (Mark III)

    • Armored protection

      • Provides remarkable  protection against physical, energy, temperate and toxic chemicals/toxins attacks

      • Provides amazing protection against radiation attacks

    • Cape

      • Typical material vs. physical, energy, temperate toxic/toxin, radiation damage

      • Made of non-flammable materials

    • Energy Storage

      • Armor can be charged up to 450 units of energy

      • Energy consumption for standard armor protection and endo-skeletal devices is normally at an incredible energy rate (40 units/hour)

      • Energy can only be recharged using three options:

      • Portable solar panel (good recharge rate on a sunny day (10 units/hour))

      • Standard Electrical socket (remarkable recharge rate (30 units/hour)

      • Britannia Armor Support Equipment-Recharger Unit (Unearthly recharge rate (100 units/hour)

    • Endo-Skeletal Armor Frame

      • Provides wearer with the following physical enhancements:

      • x2 levels of agility (max: Incredible levels) when coupled with Helmet's operational Targeting System and goggles/visor

      • x2 levels of strength (max: Incredible levels)

      • x3 levels of endurance (max: Amazing levels)

    • Gauntlet Energy Blasters

      • Can emit up to remarkable energy blasts from each gauntlet, each every several seconds

      • Range 300 yards

    • Helmet

      • Same armored protection (see above)

      • Geared with hundreds of incredibly powerful electronic communications devices, targeting systems, visual and audible amplification devices, HUDs, sensors, frequency amplifications, spectrum analysis, environmental analysis and combat algorithm analyzers (and much more).

      • Hearing and sight protection same as armored protection (which includes flash protection)

      • Goggles/Visor provides excellent macroscopic and microscopic vision

      • Goggles/Visor provides viewing into normal, infra red, ultraviolet, x-ray and night vision.

      • Provides excellent mental protection with a psionic scrambler field around her helmet

      • Contains face mask that can be moved to seal across mouth/nose area, providing, if required, 1 hour's worth of oxygen

    • Jet/Rocket Boots

      • For normal flight, jet mode provides up to 800 mph of max speed and a max altitude of 10,000 feet (duration dependent upon weight being carried, speed, altitude, etc; best rate: 400 mph @2,000 feet with no additional weight = unearthly energy rate (100 units/hour)

      • For rapid launching, speed boosting or emergency departure, rocket mode provides up to 1200 mph to a max altitude of 10,000 feet for a maximum 60-second burn. Requires solid fuel replacement for reuse.

  • The Amulet of Dire-Mar

    • Provides good protection from any form of magical attack to herself, so long as she is wearing the necklace against her skin (which she does under her armor)

  • Portable Earwig

    • Used in lieu of helmet for communications

    • Excellent material strength

    • Communications transceiver with unlimited range so long as withing cellular tower and/or satellite transmission ranges

    • 25 mile range without tower/satellites


  • Espionage (Master)

  • Marksmanship (Expert)

  • Martial Arts; Ranged throwing (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Melee (Expert)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade  (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Wrestling/Tumbling/Acrobatics (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Initiative (Professional)

  • British Lore/Royalty (Professional)

  • MI6 Operations/History (Expert)

  • International Intelligence Community (Professional)

  • World governments (Professional)

  • World Politics (professional)

  • Leadership (professional)

  • Trainer/Instructor (professional)

  • Mental Acuity (professional vs. psyche)

  • Technology-based Armor Designs/Operations (Professional)

  • Computers (Expert)

  • Detective/Investigation Skills (Expert)

  • Commonwealth of Nations (Professional)

  • Weapons (Professional)

  • Torture (Professional)

  • Research (Professional)

  • Stealth (Professional)

  • Pilot (all forms) (Professional)

  • Driver (all forms) Professional)

  • Bicycling (Professional)

  • Boat Driver/Ship's Captain (Proficient)

  • Skiing/Snowboarding (Proficient)

  • Track & Field (Professional)

  • Swimming (Proficient)

  • Decathlon (Proficient)

  • Diver (Professional)

  • Skydiving (Professional)

  • Engineering (Proficient)

  • Telecommunications (Proficient)

  • Architectural Engineering (Proficient)

  • Superhero/villain Lore (Proficient)

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