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Zulu Mzansi War DrumsA.G. Magwaza
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Nebu Zuma


Hero/South Africa


early 30s












Don "Major Deej" Finger

20 Jan 2010



None mentioned

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One day at the University of Botswana in Maun, Botswana, Doctor Nebu Zuma, a noted South African Historian and Archaeologist, was displaying to his students a variety of bushman, Zulu warrior and ancient witch doctor artifacts all related to his history course. That day, however, Professor Zuma instead transformed into an magical African warrior witch doctor who would later simply be called "Zulu".

In 2017, Professor Zuma was part of a summertime dig in Eastern Botswana.  He and several of his students worked the site, finding dozens of ancient tribal artifacts, believed to belong to a certain Zulu warrior unit that was run by a witch doctor.  Being a unique find, it took several years to categorize, analyze and document the artifacts, all of which had been stored and studied separately at several locations.

Recently, Professor Zuma, while teaching his class about the Zulu period, was able to get several artifacts from the dig he'd been part of several years previously to use to encourage his students more about their history. As Professor Zuma was droning on to his students about the culture and significance of each to the artifacts, the professor realized he was putting his class to sleep.  To 'spark their interest', he decided to don three of the artifacts to show what the supposed 'witch doctor' would've looked like.


Holding a carved, ornate wooden staff, wearing a witch doctor mask, and adorning himself in Zulu warrior jewelry, Professor Zuma collapsed to the floor, unmoving.  Professor Zuma's mind was replaced with the psyche of the three hundred year-old spirit of "Zialu", an ancient Zulu warrior witch doctor.  When "Zialu" awoke off the floor, he spoke in his old tribal tongue.  The students, laughed at him, startling Zialu, who then grabbed up some of the displayed artifacts he'd recognized; an old Zulu warrior shield, his magical scepter and several other witch doctor-related items. Cradling them to his body, Zialu burst through the classroom's window, landed like a jaguar, and ran out across to the Kalahari Desert, not to be seen for weeks on end.

Over the next few months, however, reports started coming in to local police of a 'madman wearing bushman tribal gear' who was attacking their cattle and homes on the outskirts of the desert.  Zialu, not knowing or understanding modern sciences, attacked tractors and trucks, thinking they were monstrous creatures,  before he'd run off with whatever food or water he'd fought to forage. Eventually the police started tracking his thefts and caught up with him.  After two days of chasing Zialu, with several police officers wounded during the pursuit, Zialu was eventually surrounded and electrically tazed into ten policemen.

When he awoke in a prison cell, Professor Zuma's mind was back in his body...and nonetheless to say,  was utterly surprised where he was and the condition his body was now in.  He'd remembered nothing of what happened.  His body was now in incredible shape.  When he tried to find out why he was arrested, he was told to be charged with theft, trespassing, cattle rustling and MURDER.  It seems an old farmer tried to shoot Zialu/Zuma and instead wound up with a Zulu warrior spear through the chest for his troubles.  He was expected to be sentenced to life in prison pending trial in the next year.

During Professor Zuma's first few nights in his cell, he started hearing voices in his head, speaking in an old tribal language.  It was Zialu. Not knowing anything about Zialu or what the voices were saying, he asked for a book on old bushman languages from the prison library. 


Over the next few weeks, Professor Zuma started learning the words and dialect that were filtering through his head.  Within two months, he was able to carry on mental conversations with the voice.  That's when he'd learned he'd been possessed by the spirit of a great Zulu warrior witch doctor.  They eventually 'chatted' about what had happened and over time. Zialu was educated about modern civilization, people and technology.  Throughout the time, Zialu told Professor Zuma that this 'gift' of theirs they had should be used to help their people and not rot in jail.  Agreeing, Professor Zuma arranged an unusual meeting with a fellow from the University at the prison.  After several trips and discussions, his friend from the university were able to contact British authorities willing to hear Professor Zuma's story.

MI6 sent several reps to talk with Professor Zuma, eventually realizing and concurring with what happened to Professor Zuma.  In a unique situation, when a prison riot started, Professor Zuma, gestalted with Zialu, used his newly utilized incredible athletic and fighting skills to stop the rioting prisoners from killing anyone - single-handedly.  Days later, Professor Zuma was met by the superhero, Britannia, leader of the super-group "The Commonwealth".  If he agreed to join the Commonwealth super-group, he'd be released into their remand.  

Since that day, Professor Zuma has regained several other artifacts of Zialu's, learning how to use his new athletic skills and mystical powers (through Zialu) to fight alongside The Commonwealth.

Today, 'Zulu' still works with the Commonwealth super-group, however, at times, he has gone back to 'the land' (South Africa) to train, learn more about the mystical side of the Zulu culture and allow Zialu a break from modern technology (which 'gives him a headache').  Both Professor Zuma and Zialu are strong willed minds, however, they have learned to work together nearly 80% of the time; when they don't agree, the dominant personality takes over the body.  It's noted that at times in battle when Professor Zuma's body was knocked unconscious, Zialu's spirit would take over until the professor mentally awoke some time later on. They do disagree about punishment, is so much that Zialu would rather kill than 'arrest'; Professor Zuma, as such, has had several instances where he HAD to become the dominant personality to prevent Zialu from killing...although most don't know that.

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Power Origin: Magic


  • Gestalt: Professor Zuma and Zialu

    • The minds of both Professor Zuma and Zialu are now combined into the current boy's neural network.

      • One' mind or psyche cannot be removed without destroying the other

      • Both people have excellent psyches, alluding to equated mental interaction rather than dominance.

      • If one wishes to dominate the other's actions and thoughts, they must overcome the other's psyche

    • Thanks to years of conditioning and training, most actions performed by the body relate to the same physical skills and relative gestalted talents, however, there are several talents and feats that are still buried and non-interactive with each other's psyches (for example, Professor Zuma's many years as an Archaeologist, or Zialu's innate hunting skills)

    • As a result of their gestalted minds, their combined psyche is incredibly strong against anyone attempting mental attacks or control on them

  • Magical Powers (Zialu only)

    • Zialu can perform a few magical powers/spells, some of which are:​

      • Wards (provides good magical protection​

      • Undetectable Magic (good spell that prevents magical detection of good or less)

      • Healing (Good; 10% healing per session)

      • Resurrection (Revive in less than 10 minutes of death with less than 10% body mass loss); recovers with only 10% health

      • Precognition (Spirit talk) (Good precognition spell for anything in next 10 hours)

  • Enhanced Physical Capabilities

    • Both Zuma and Zialu possess the body's same physical capabilities except for fighting:

      • Professor Zuma fighting: Good

      • Zialu fighting: Remarkable

    • Their other physical capabilities of excellent agility, good strength and excellent endurance are common to each' s abilities.

  • Leaping

    • Can leap over 30 feet across, 17 feet up and 42 feet down without hurting himself.


  • Running

    • Can run over 30 mph for 30 minutes without a break

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  • Zulu Medicine Staff

    • Unearthly material

    • Fires off excellent magical energy blasts

      • Range: 20 yards

      • Rate of fire: Once every 14-15 seconds

    • Provides amazingly magical protection to Zulu (and only Zulu) so long as hes holding the staff

    • Detects and points to magical items of typical or great levels up to 6 miles away

    • Detects and points to living creatures/beings/animals up to 6 miles away

    • Detects and points to water up to 6 miles away

  • Necklace

    • Imbued with remarkable nature magic and energy

    • When brushed a certain way, it creates an excellent audible and visual 'stealth' field around himself (not others), curtailing noises from his body/self and shifting fields of visions from his general direction


  • Zulu Shield

    • Imbued with remarkable levels of magic and energy

    • When held by Zulu, it provides:

    • excellent physical, temperate, energy and toxic/toxin protection

    • remarkable radiation  and magical protection


  • Spears

    • Incredible material with sharp edge

    • Carries three at most with him


  • Bolos

    • Incredible material ends with good rope material

    • Carries 2 bolos with him


  • Blow Pipe

    • Darts are loaded with remarkable knock-out drug, causing most to be unconscious for at least 30 minutes

    • carries 10 darts with him

  • Shoulder, Forearm, Pelvis and Shin Guards

    • Provides typical physical and temperate protection

zulu pattern.jpg


  • Professor Zuma:

    • Melee Combat - spear, staff (proficient)

    • Throwing Combat - spear (proficient)

    • Shield defense (professional)

    • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (proficient)

    • Martial Arts: Holds/Escapes (proficient)

    • Acrobatics (proficient)

    • Stealth (proficient)

    • Hunting (proficient)

    • Archaeologist (Master)

    • Teacher/Instructor (Professional)

    • Academia (Professional)

    • Research (Professional)

    • Finances (Professional)

    • Logistics (Proficient)

    • Home Construction (Proficient)

    • Zulu Culture/Rituals (Professional)

    • Languages:

      • English (Professional)​

      • South African (Professional)

        • Zulu

        • Xhosa

        • Afrikaans

        • Sepedi

        • Tswana

        • Sotho

        • Tsonga

        • Swati

        • Venda

        • Ndebele

        • SA Sign Language

  • Zialu:

    • Melee Combat - spear, staff (expert)

    • Throwing Combat - spear (expert)

    • Shield defense (expert)

    • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (professional)

    • Martial Arts: Holds/Escapes (professional)

    • Martial Arts: + Initiative (proficient)

    • Acrobatics (professional)

    • Slow heart rate/calm/endurance loss prevention (proficient)

    • Stealth (Expert)

    • Marksmanship (Professional)

    • African Magic/Ley Lines/Spells (Professional)

    • Africa Lore (Professional)

    • Nature-based Medicines (Professional)

    • Weather detection (Professional)

    • Farmer (Proficient)

    • Zulu Culture/Rituals (Master)

    • Languages:​

      • Zulu (Master)​

      • English (proficient)

      • Zhosa (Professional)

      • Afrikaans (Professional)

      • SA Sign Language (Professional)

      • All other SA languages: (Proficient)

        • Sepedi

        • Tswana

        • Sotho

        • Tsonga

        • Swati

        • Venda

        • Ndebele

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