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Doc Freeport

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Leopold "Leo" Laveau




Early 30s












Don "Major Deej" Finger

29 Jan 2017



'Mama June' Laveau (mother)

'Papa Whistler' Laveau (father)

Callisto Laveau (sister; estranged)



Born in the Bahamas, Leo Laveau was raised in a voodoo family, learning and practicing the white arts of voodoo.  His parents taught him to master the art, and eventually became the next Obeah (voodoo healer) for the family, as well as for the people of the Bahamas. 

Leo would travel from village to village, helping ailing Bahamanians and supporting them with spiritual cleansing and blessings.  Over time, he also realized he was able to easily 'empathize' with many of his patients and clientele, all based on his ability to 'open his mind' and utilize his family's prophetic and psychic capabilities.  These powers would, one day, be of exceptional need during a time when the Atlantic Kingdom decided to invade the Bahamas.

In the crux of the hurricane season, the Atlantic Kingdom decided to create a new underwater base off of the Bahama coast. Reports of tourists and scuba divers being attacked by 'strange underwater creatures' soon began to surface. The Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF), the only military of the Bahamas, went off the coast of Freeport to investigate; the Atlantic Kingdom, in response, sank one of the RBDF warships, the HMBS Nassau (P-61), killing all marines and officers aboard.

Hours after the destruction of the HMBS Nassau, the Atlantic Kingdom invaded Freeport.

Over a thousand Atlantic Kingdom troops came ashore in Freeport, blasting and destroying everything in their path.  The remaining RBDF ships attempted shelling attacks of the invaders on the beach, but only to limited results.  Leo, who was in Freeport providing a marital blessing for a friend of the family, was there as the invasion began.  He went from wounded civilian to wounded civilian using his miraculous Obeah's healing powers to stabilize the wounded.  As Leo's position was about to be overrun, Leo in a last ditch effort, attempted to use his powers to stop the invaders.  Taxing what he originally believed to be his 'voodoo magics', where instead a muted version of a psychic healing power that most likely was from inherited genetics from his grandparents who served in World War I and had been exposed to the mutagenic gas back at the start of the 20th century, Leo instead ignited his full psychic and healing powers.


Leo shot mental bolts outward to the invading Atlantic Kingdom troops, dropping them as they advance on him and his patients. When Leo realized his new powers (and again initially believing they were based on Voodoo white magic), he began walking about Freeport using his powers, focusing on the invading creatures, and again, using his new powers, felled troop after troop; dozens falling to the ground in his wake, unconscious.  After 20 minutes, the invasion was repulsed by not only Leo, but the local police, military and citizens.  After the Atlantic Kingdom retreated back to the sea, Leo collapsed, drained and depleted.  Witnesses identified that Leo was the true hero that defeated and repelled most of the invaders back into the ocean, all telling the authorities and the media what Leo had done.  Leo's unconscious body was then taken to the hospital, where he was allowed to rest up and regain his strength.

Days later, when Leo awoke in a Freeport Hospital, we was treated as a national hero.  He was given a new status title by the Queen of England (who is also considered the Queen of the Bahamas), Queen Elizabeth, and designated Leo as the "Hero of Freeport" and the "Champion of the Battle of Freeport".  Overnight, he and his family were lauded as a national treasure.  For all the festivities and accolades, King Dolphin, ruler of the Atlantic Kingdom, was displeased.  King Dolphin instead decided to attack Freeport once again, but this time with his super-powered Atlantic Guard, a band of powerful creatures and transformed humans with unique powers, all under King Dolphin's control.

The day King Dolphin attacked with the Atlantic Guard, Leo was brought to the scene by the RBDF.  There, Leo again used his remarkable psychic powers and in a quick skirmish, repelled King Dolphin and his Atlantic Guard in under four minutes, with no casualties on either side.  Leo had not only repelled one invasion, but a second one against even more powerful beings.  The Atlantic Kingdom never bothered the Bahamas again after that.

As time went on, Leo's status quickly began to wane as the only use for Leo was to help heal the few that would get hurt now and then around the islands.  As such, the Bahamanian government decided to coordinate with Leo and have him apply for the Commonwealth of Nations' new super-group, simply called "The Commonwealth".  Unsure of working with others from outside the Bahamas, Leo wasn't excited to leave his home, but with the encouragement of his family and from those that he'd helped at one time or another, he agreed to join The Commonwealth super-group using a new codename generated by the island nation's own people - "Doc Freeport".


Today, Doc Freeport is still a member of the Commonwealth.  He has now learned his powers were a result of mutagenics, however, some of his skills he'd learned with white Voodoo magic and just simply that - magic. He has become incredible fit and works out five times a week. Recently, Leo competed in a relay race position to represent the Bahamas in the last summer Olympics, but missed placing by only 0.05 seconds.  He's also become quite the lady's man, usually with a new lady at least every third week or month. Leo is an amiable person, but when in battle, he is focused on helping those hurt or injured rather than going on the offense.  He has a positive, good-nature soul, but is a devout white voodoo practitioner who also considers most of the other world's religions to be nothing more than 'cute'.



Power Origin: Mutant & Magic

Doc Freeport's psychic and most of his healing powers are based on his mutant biology, however, he has also learned several magical powers as an Obeah that practices white voodoo magic.

  • Healing

    • Amazing healing powers used to psychically and metaphysically mend broken muscle, tissue, veins and bones

    • Cannot heal brain injuries or severe critical ailments (cancer, brain-related disorders, etc.)

    • Can heal anyone withing 50 yards of his location

    • Can only heal up to 5 people at a time, and even them at a reduced level of healing beyond a single person.

  • Resurrection

    • He has, on three occasions, been able to heal a body of a dead person who'd died less than 10 minutes before, such that he was able to resurrect them.  This took extreme concentration and each time left him stunned and/or disabled for over 1 hour.

  • Voodoo Magic

    • Using voodoo, he's been able to augment and perform low-level healing and spells at an good scale, to include:

      • Detoxification

      • Removal of rare diseases

      • Removal of brain tumors and/or blood clots

      • Remove spells from other voodoo practitioners

      • Detect magics of good of better strength

      • Create 'love potion'-level confusion

      • Exorcism

      • Removal of zombie curses (if related to magic only)

      • Environmental awareness

      • Cosmic awareness

      • Precognition

      • Post-cognition

      • Protection wards

      • physical enhancements

      • Intuition and Pysche enhancements

      • Clarity spell (clears any form of mind control/mental block)

      • Nightvision (can place on self or others); spell = several seconds each

  • Psychic Powers

    • Psychic Assault

      • Remarkable psychic bolt (and with line of sight, he can 'guide' the bolt to the target vice a straight line shot)

      • 200 yard range max

    • Psychic wave

      • Can send an excellent mental wave out from in front of his brain in a 45 degree arc

      • 100 yards range max

    • Psychic Blow

      • When in physical contact with a target, can perform a mental assault on the targets mind, resulting in up to incredible mental damage

    • Psychic Paralysis

      • Can temporarily hold or immobilize a single or multiple targets (up to 10) with an excellently strong mental field

      • Can perform this on targets within 200 yards

      • Targets are normally allowed to perform basic motor functions when paralyzed, such as breathing, hearing seeing etc. (if Doc Freeport allows it) 


  • Costume

    • Jacket, Boots and backpack provides poor physical, energy, temperate, toxic/toxin protection

    • Jacket, Boots and backpack provides good radiation protection

  • Backpack

    • Carries a full field medic's load-out of medical supplies, drugs, bandages, compresses, etc.

  • Shades

    • Excellent material

    • Provides good flash protection as well as good polarized eye protection

  • Earwig

    • Telecommunications transceiver with unlimited range when within range of a cellular tower or satellites

    • 25 mile range without towers/satellites


  • Voodoo magics (Master)

  • Alchemist (Expert)

  • Voodoo Spells (expert)

  • Homeopathic healing ((expert)

  • Medical skills (Professional)

  • Bahamas Lore (Professional)

  • Bahamas government (Proficient)

  • Bahamas agriculture (Proficient)

  • Weed shop ownership/sales (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • English

    • Creole French

    • German

    • Spanish

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