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Aro, Arrow, Arcane Archer, Black Archer

Death Legion



Don "Major Deej" Finger

Original: (Aro) 2006;

Current: 28 Sep 2019


None known




Zestryas was born in an underground cave system as part of the Arkaenus magical cult, in one of their locations in Czechoslovakia a few years before the Soltan Star Invasion of Earth in 2000.  When the Soltans invaded, the went after all magically-inclined people and organizations, especially ArkaenusZestryas' parents were killed by the Soltans. Zestryas was tossed into a river by her dying mother wherein Zestryas floated for over 2 days before she was found by a woman in a remote village further downstream.  There, the townfolk took Zestryas in and cared for her until a few months later when the Soltans were driven off Earth for good.

It didn't take but three days after the Soltans left that a band of surviving Arkaenus cultists stormed the town, killed everyone in it, and took back Zestryas.  From there on, she was taught 'the old ways' about how to use her magics and how to kill with magical bows and arrows, as well as use dark magical energy to cloak herself and use as an additional weapon.  Every day was torment, pain and abuse for Zestryas, all of which latest for a decade and a half before she'd finally decided she'd had enough.

By the time Zestryas was 17, she was considered to be one the greatest Arkaenus assassins ever. At that same time, Zestryas decided that she'd had enough from her abusive magical sect.  On the day of her final test as an arcane assassin, she not only completed every task and was entitled 'Master Assassin' by the Arkaenus elders, but shortly thereafter, Zestryas went and killed all of the Arkaenus cultists from her Czech order...all 200 of them...dragging each of their bodies topside, leaving the Arkaenus' cultists' dead bodies to rot and be feasted upon by wild animals. Zestryas murdered them all - Adults...and children...alike. After she'd dragged the last body topside, she realized that she truly liked much so that she was now ready for the 'real' world.

Zestryas left for the modern world and immediately fell in love with it once she stepped foot in the (now) Czech Republic's capital of Prague.  The freedoms, the loose morals, the comfortable beds, and most important...the luxuries.  Once she realized she needed money to obtain the luxuries, and that obtaining money was done by 'working what you do best', she quickly realized that assassinating people earned a LOT of money.  After several assassin 'jobs', Zestryas was flush with enough money to do whatever she wanted. One such thing was going to America.

In America, Zestryas realized there were even more freedoms and opportunity.  Within several months, she was a millionaire.  Just as quick as she became rich, she also learned that the assassin business was just that  - a business; a business that hated competition.

After several run-ins with the competition, Zestryas quickly realized she needed an assassins guild to be part of, otherwise she'd be dodging assassins minute-by-minute just trying to earn a 'mercenary's money-clip'.  In her tangling with those out to kill her, Zestryas ran into the leader of one of the most prominent assassins guild; he called himself "Deathmaster", from the Death Legion guild.

In a long, drawn out fight, Deathmaster and Zestryas fought each other.  After 30 minutes, Deathmaster called for a truce and asked Zestryas if she wished to join Death Legion, to which Zestryas simply said, "Eternally".

Since then, Zestryas, who considers those in the Death Legion to be 'her kind of people', has became a master assassin in the formal assassins guild circles.  She has the greatest respect for Deathmaster and considers him the only person she'd fight beside, regardless of the situation.

Today, Zestryas, now code-named "Black Arrow" (she went through several names; this one stuck) continues as one of the top assassins in Death Legion, obtaining marks, professionally performing her kills, and returning for her payments, making her yet again, a very wealthy woman.

On a side note, Arkaenus has been looking for her for many years.  Once they do find her, she is expected to undergo trial and most likely receive the most inhumane and cruelest of tortuous punishments ever conceived in the arcane orders, involving conditions that would even make a psychopath cringe in terror.




Power Origin: Magic

  • Dark Armor:

    • Used to provide good protection from ALL forms of damage except magic

    • Used to provide excellent magical protection

    • When anything living enters the armor's field (2-3 inches from Zestryas' skin), it begins to die at a feeble rate per several seconds; prolonged exposure can kill a person or living being when this power is turned on.

    • Dark Armor feels icy cold to anyone touching/entering the armor's field, but it is NOT cold (no temperate damage)

  • Stealth:

    • Provides an excellent cloak of darkness, allowing her to hide in the shadows, but only if in a darkened space, location, or at night

    • Ineffective in broad daylight; can only provide feeble stealth in this state




  • Bow of Zestryas:

    • Magical bow that can be pulled/inserted from/into a dimensional void with either an utterance or a hand gesture.

    • Made of unearthly material; magically unbreakable

    • Can generate magical arrows made of same material, however, upon impact, will disappear from target within 2 seconds

    • Magical arrows are unlimited

    • Magical Arrows can be shot at a speed of 400 mph at a range of 400 yards and can be controlled remotely through head motion to change the arrows direction

    • Cannot be used to fire or control magical arrows by anyone other than Zestryas (other than be used as a blunt object or to shoot non-magical arrows)

    • Requires good strength to use the bow.

  • Cloak of Fear:

    • When activated, can produce good fear against all within 10 yards of the cloak.

    • Fear effect wears off after 10 minutes.

    • Will not work for anyone other than Zestryas.

  • Goggles:

    • Death Legion issued.

    • Provides typical flash protection

    • HUD display from Death Legion computer/tactical link & network

    • Video records and send streaming data to Death Legion computers

  • Earwig:

    • Death Legion issued

    • Full spectrum Death Legion encrypted communications transceiver

    • range 25 miles

  • Arcane Knives (6):

    • Arcane knives made of unearthly material

    • Designed to physically and magically cut (breaks through good or less magical defenses or shields)

    • When placed withing 6 feet of a magical ward of good or less strength, each knife can 'negate' said ward, but only for 10 minutes.



  • Assassin/Mercenary/Hunter (Master)

  • Tracking (Professional)

  • Swordsmanship (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Fighting (Master)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Master)

  • Martial Arts: +Initiative (Professional)

  • Knife Melee (Professional)

  • Savate (Professional)

  • Arcane Magic (Professional)

  • Warding (Professional)

  • Stealth (Professional)

  • Archery (Master)

  • Art (Proficient)

  • Arkaenus Lore (Professional)

  • Magical artifacts (Proficient)

  • Acrobatics (Professional)

  • Vehicle Driving (Professional)


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