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Xavier Alexander Taxman





Widowed (x3)








Death Legion



Don "Major Deej" Finger

29 Sep 2017


  • Ex-wife(s) (x3) (Deceased)

  • 2 sons (names unknown, witness protection program)

  • 1 Daughter (Name unknown, witness protection program)




Xavier Alexander Taxman is a British citizen who, originally working for the the British government's tax agency called Her Majesty's (HM) Revenue and Customs (R&C). He was an Oxford University graduate in economics and one of the best revenue managers in the business.  Sadly, his family name, Taxman, and his duties as 'tax man' were cause for enormous ridicule and hyperbole.  A day didn't go by that he'd be exposed to at least a dozen people making unkind humor or statements about him and his name. Up until age 35, he dealt with it, but when he finally got married, his new wife instead wanted to keep her maiden last well as ensure that their forthcoming children would not use his last name for fear of the ridicule they'd receive. Xavier was, to say the least, mortified about this mandated arrangement of 'castrating the Taxman family name'.

Within weeks of their marriage, the last name issue grew to a boil, with fights nearly every night.  At this same time, Xavier's work was putting even greater demands on him, even going to far as to blame his new marriage for his poor work performance of late (Xavier prided himself on his work). 


On a dark, dreary English night, Xavier, on the brink of a mental breakdown, went home after a horrendous day at work only to find his wife with 'renaming' papers ready for his to sign so that she could change her last name back to her maiden name.

That was the last time anyone saw Xavier's wife before her body was found a few days later...with other dead associations of Xaviers.

The police did their due diligence in investigating her disappearance, only to find no solid evidence to prove Xavier's involvement.  When he went back to work days later, he was 'demoted' for his recent performance.

The next day, the man who'd replaced Xavier also came up missing, again with no evidence tied to Xavier.

Xavier was 'given back' his position (since no one else could do what he could do), all the while with the HM R&C abuzz with fear and rumor about Xavier's potential involvement with the disappearances.  It didn't help when the drunk wife of the man who was to replace Xavier showed up at the offices screeching for Xavier's blood, saying she knew, deep down, that Xavier killed her husband and that the police were inept idiots for not acting on what she considered the rule of common sense.  Security whisked her away all the while Xavier, unerringly, continued typing on his computer, doing his work, ignoring her outbursts.

Three days later, they found Xavier's wife, the man who was to replace him at work, and that man's wife all together in a torrid, cheap sex hotel, naked in the room with sex toys and sexual fetish devices...all dead.


The detectives and crime investigation team deduced that each of the dead were loaded with meth, had sex with one another and then killed each other in a bizarre three-way murder with one common knife. The only unusual thing found in the room was the stench of brimstone in the room, but since there was also 'brimstone-like' incense burning in the room, the evidence pointed a simple, tawdry 3-way love triangle, drugs and murder. 


A handful of detectives still believed Xavier was part of the murders, but again, there was no evidence to place him anywhere in this; all his alibis checked out and there was even video surveillance of him at work, working while all of this was happening. Due to his 'dubious' involvement in all of this, the HM R&C, saving face and posterity, gave Xavier a benevolent 'severance package' and let him go from work.  Xavier was rumored to have had a meeting with his boss the last day of work, whereafter, that same boss, months later, came up 50 million Euros short of his accounting...and was sent to jail. When asked where the money went, Xavier's (now) ex-boss simply replied 'taxes', with no recollection of doing anything wrong.

The truth of all of this was that Xavier WAS responsible for all of this.


Xavier's family were old-school students of death magic, a sect of magical societies that were never formally reorganized for hundreds of years. Small cult-like sects cropped up here and there, and Xavier's parents were actually death cult leaders for one such sect in London.  Xavier was 'ordained' a death-mage at age 30.  As part of his 'positional authority', he was given a special powerful magical talisman.  This talisman gave Xavier psychic and dark power control.  Xavier used the talisman's powers to restrain and hold his wife, coworker and the coworkers wife in stasis in a dark, unlit void and mentally under his control for days at a time.  The only physical effect the mental control shows on a victim is a degenerative neural pathway in the brain (only seen if a high-level brain scan is done), and then again, only for prolonged (greater than 20 day) exposure to said powers.  He used these magical powers to also teleport and stage the scene where the triple-homicide of all three of them was conducted.  Thanks to his mind control ability, he was able to force them to do whatever he wanted them to do, even against their will.  As such, he planned and performed the perfect crime...and as such, now had a taste for murder.


Regardless, Xavier, now unemployed but living comfortably in a London penthouse flat, was hounded by the detectives for months thereafter, finally prompting Xavier to file a harassment complaint against the detectives from 'creating mental anguish in his daily life', thus placing a restraining order on each detective as well as a police-wide restraining order unless a formal warrant was established and authorized for police involvement with, or against, him.  With the police and detectives at bay. Xavier began attending charity balls, high society events and of course, expensive country clubs and organizations, wherein he 'socialized' with other rich people, all the while seemingly having people 'donate' to his new "Taxman Foundation' fund...a foundation created to help the disenfranchised...of course.

Over the next 20+ years, Xavier married an additional two women, both egregiously rich, had children by them and, in the end killed those wives, again, with a panache of the macabre and as always, no evidence. The detectives from his first wife's disappearance swore to never give up trying to prove Xavier was the man behind all of these deaths...and eventually, they found what they needed - evidence of mental manipulation and the same brimstone contents found at each of the murder scenes...and the same contents found in and around Xavier.

When the police were finally authorized to arrest Xavier, the first thing the detectives did was take Xavier's young children, who'd all been attending expensive private schools,  and hide them away in a witness protection program, wherein none of them would ever see each other again or go by their original names, nor meet any of their family members...nor receive their inheritances.


When the police barged in to arrest Xavier, Xavier used his powers for the first time in public and killed all of the police on the spot, or, more to the fact, made the police shoot themselves dead.  He got away, but not before an old French lady who went by the name of Angelica Demers (AKA Madame Libertad) mysteriously shadowed Xavier, eventually facing-ff with him. Xavier tried to control Ms. Demers mentally, but she using had her own mental powers, blocking him and instead tried to possess Xavier to make him turn himself in.  The strain on both of them was enormous, causing their minds and bodies to burst blood vessels and cramp up muscles and tendons. Eventually, Ms. Demers won, but only after she pulled a 'chess-move' of a mental flanking tactic that got Xavier to focus on not losing the one thing he loved the most; she expected it to be his children, but instead it was MONEY. The psychic backlash caused both of them to collapse.  Xavier recovered first and left the scene; Ms. Demers recovered, but was hospitalized for well and discovered that her powers were almost fully depleted now.

Xavier's mind however, did take some serious the point that his innate desire for money was now his prime motivator in all that he did.  For the first few months, he was like a gambling addict; he couldn't stop killing people for their money. Madame Libertad's last mental tactic unlocked Xavier's control over his greed, and as such, had nothing but desire to steal and acquire things from other people that were not his. Poor, rich; old, young, innocent, guilty - it didn't matter...they all became his victims, thanks to Ms. Demers dangerous tactic.

After amassing a kill count of over 100 people, Xavier was finally caught by a group known at the Protectors, thanks primarily to their psychic-powered teammate, PsimindXavier was placed in jail, the death magic totem taken from him.  For a year he was incarcerated until one night, a man known as Deathmaster teleported into Xavier's cell.  Deathmaster made an offer to Xavier - become a mercenary-for-hire for Death Legion (Deathmaster's assassin guild) or Deathmaster would leave and let Xavier rot in prison forever.

Xavier chose the former and joined Deathmaster and Death Legion.

Deathmaster teleported Xavier to a specialized vault at the GUARD HQ in Boston, Massachusetts and helped 'reacquire' Xavier's death-magic talisman. From that day forth, Xavier and Deathmaster became good friends.

Today, Xavier, now simply known as "Taxman", as a member of Death Legion, continues to up his body count...and his bank account, using his talisman to mentally control others and use the talisman's dark energies to bind, cause fear and worse yet, transport victims to a 'dark void' with no light...and no life, all of which smells of brimstone, all so as to extract money from them...or for them.  He currently has little interest in his children or their mysterious whereabouts, but expects the first time that Xavier's federally-locked-out inheritance is suddenly accessed and pulled from, he'll know to go looking for the one, or ones, that are trying to steal what he considers rightfully his...even if its his own children he has to kill in the process...




Power Origin: Natural (no innate powers)

He uses a powerful Dark Magic Talisman to perform his abilities outside of his natural physiology and talents.



  • Baphomet Talisman:

    • Believed to be over 1500 years old, this darkened figurine, showing a head with two faces and etched horns, seems to contain incredibly strong dark/death magic.  The last recorded location or sighting of this Talisman was by the Knights Templar centuries ago, where is was said to have been transported to Great Britain from ancient Egypt.  Supposedly, when it reached England, it 'disappeared'.  It is said to be 'unbreakable'.

    • The talisman gives the person/being holding the Talisman the following powers:

      • Mental Control

        • Can mentally control others at a remarkable level.  The effects of the control, once engaged, last up to 30 hours before the control must be performed again or the target regains their free will.

        • Those controlled will do anything the Talisman's bearer asks them to do, even if its against their will or nature (killing one's self, for example).

        • When a controlled person or being is released from control, they will remember none of what transpired while they were under mental control UNLESS the Talisman Bearer orders them to remember all they've done (or whatever amount of that time), but must be done either 30 hours from the time of automatically release or before the talisman's holder verbally allows the victims release.

        • Power has a range of 300 feet.

        • Even if Talisman bearer is relieved of the talisman, whom or whatever was controlled with STILL perform what they were told to do unless the new Talisman bearer takes control of the person/being themselves.

        • Provides incredible mental/psychic protection/defenses.

      • Dark Energy

        • Dark energy of remarkable ability can hold, immobilize, cause fear or damage (energy blast) a target.

        • Range to use any dark energy is 300 feet.

        • Can use the dark energy to create a darkened field at a radius of 150 feet from the Talisman's bearer, encompassing all within the field to absolute darkness.

        • Dark Void/Teleportation

          • Can be used to transport and/or teleport the Talisman bearer and others within 3 feet of the bearer's location.

          • Can travel anywhere on Earth or the moon or in the exosphere and lower;l cannot teleport underground greater than 1 mile (magnetic fields cause dark energy flux)

          • Can open a dark 'void' of space (dimensional?) with unlimited spatial area that is entirely in absolute darkness that is routinely emitting a feeble cold temperature.

          • Nothing goes in or out of this void unless done by the talisman bearer.

          • Over natural time, those stuck in the void will die of either feeble cold exposure or starvation.

          • Taxman has used this void to store paper money and currency, as well as precious metals and other valuable items, all of which float inside the void (which he can dump out whatever is in the void simply by thinking of it).


      • The Talisman will not work for anyone/thing trying to hold the Talisman that has any form of holy magic associated with them/it.

      • If a person/being is blessed, has been anointed, sainted, or protected with white/holy magic or is the bearer of any while/holy magical device/item on them, the talisman will not only 'not' work, but will repulse them with an unearthly resistance.

      • The talisman however, if held by anyone/thing that does NOT have/use/bear white/holy magic CAN has the Talisman's powers against said white/holy magic persons/beings.

  • Death Legion Earwig

    • Guild-provided encrypted communications transceiver for use (on Earth) up to 25 miles of range

    • Ties into several critical frequencies

  • Glasses

    • Provides a Heads-Up Display with a data feed from Death Legion members that ties into the Legion-issued earwig.

    • Polarized lenses allow for typical flash protection

  • Satchel

    • Carries an over-the-shoulder satchel to put his money/stolen items in, as well as carry several varying weapons from knives, guns, grenades and/or frequency jammers, all of which have no greater damage than at a good level.​



  • Financier (master)

  • Accountant (master)

  • Tax specialist (Master)

  • Government organization (Professional)

  • Wealthy British Society (Professional)

  • Mercenary/Assassin/Hunter (Professional)

  • Marksmanship (Proficient)

  • Criminology (Professional)

  • Dark Energy Manipulation (Professional)

  • Death Magic Lore (Professional)

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