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Death Legion Assassins

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Death Legion Assassins amount to over 200 strong.  These assassins are usually hitmen, 'muscle' or gangsters that are moving up into being mercenaries, assassins and/or professional trackers or hunters all under the employ of the notorious assassin's guild called Death Legion.

These assassins are all normal humans that use their skills and weapons to perform varying tasks, including lower-level assassinations (domestic murders, blue and white collar kills, 'accidents', etc.). These assassins answer to Deathmaster, leader of Death Legion, however, of late, he has delegated control to a new "Master Assassin " who organized and coordinates the assassins, known as "Terminal Ballistic".

All of these assassins are taught that if they are caught, to take a painless cyanide pill or face the results of a more-angry Death Legion assassin...who may now be nice about killing the assassin...or how painlessly it would be.

Most of these assassins train-up with Death Legion, make enough money to set themselves up for their own businesses and carry out a mandatory tasking of looking for and recruiting 'excellent' assassin finds to Death Legion...and no other assassin's guild.




Weapons vary from assassin to assassin, but the average  Death Legion assassin has the following:

  • Untraceable mobile phone

  • 9mm Pistol (typical shooting damage) x 10 rounds x 4 clips

  • 2 incredible materials steel knives

  • 1 Death Legion business card

  • Assassin Sniper Rifle that does good(or excellent, pending if exploding tip) damage with over 600 yard range and a +Accuracy scope

  • Death Legion Shades that provide typical flash protection and digital camera with remote control

  • Cyanide capsule (incredible poison)

  • Black Rose (1 per mark/mission)



  • Marksmanship (Professional)

  • Knife fighting (Proficient)

  • Hand-to-hand fighting (Proficient)

  • Acrobatics (Proficient)

  • Assassin/Mercenary/Hunter/Tracker (Proficient)

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